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#8 - kikiubo
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(04/05/2014) [-]
**kikiubo rolled comment #1082 ** :
Haha, more hypocrisy. "omg racism es rong", yet you continue to preach anti-Americanism. Oh man, I love it when subhumans contradict themselves. And actually, I'm older than that.
It's funny when Eur-apes think they're superior and the beacon of good/hope in the world, yet they're responsible for more deaths than any other people on the planet. Colonizing my people then pretend they're completely not responsible for what happened.

"Nazi attitude". Lol, go ahead and pretend there's nothing wrong, despite the fact it's been proven multiculturalism, "tolerance", and globalization are complete failures. Go ahead and pretend race "doesn't matter", even though genetics say otherwise. Ironic that you claim you aren't a libtard, yet you talk like one and even defend it claiming it's a great thing. Yeah, ********. The white race is so pitiful sometimes.

Btw, you misspelled "ask". Just goes to show how "great" and "intelligent" you try to pass yourself to be. It's fine, once you realize your ego is false, you yourself would commit suicide. Unfortunately, your fat would make the noose break.

LOL. "white". Guess what? I'm a mestizo, sorry to break it to you, but not everyone who isn't a left wing hippie is white. "Oppressive". I prefer a system that enacts discipline to it's people and keeps outsiders out. I pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals who want "equal" opportunities and rights for others, yet want to take away the ability to speak freely out of fear of hurting someone's feelings, who could possibly make up 1% of the population. And I still find it funny you label anyone with right wing views as "nazi" like a retard. You don't need to be white or part of the German worker's party to support national socialism. "communism". Yeah, further evidence your IQ is below average. That's expected from someone on fgay.
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