Adam Stories #2. Part 2 of many more.. Adam Stories #2 Hi, guys! I' ll cut the crap and jump into the story. Something I like to call Skype Holocaust sstill a s adam the asshole

Adam Stories #2

Part 2 of many more.

Adam Stories #2
Hi, guys! I' ll cut the crap and jump into the story.
Something I like to call
Skype Holocaust
sstill a sophomore.
een a while since Slenderbob Scares His Friends Away.
Eevery day, Adam reveals even more about himself.
out Adam is a raging atheist.
3' Ihe kind that don' t want you to go to Sunday School.
he hates religious people with every fiber of his being.
sthat'' s how he actually is.
wants to start religious **** with me.
he starts to lose an argument, he' ll bring religion into it to make me seem wrong/ stupid.
then proceeds to blame me for the arguments
lairs I bring religion into it.
Host I don' t, because I know he is an atheist, andi wanna respect that
doesn' t deserve respect from anyone, though.
sthis happens constantly.
llot relevant to this story in , just letting you know what goes on between these stories.
to topic-
like to go outside.
never shut down my or log off my computer when I do, because ain' t nobody got time dat
Knever set Skype to "offline' or "away''.
sthis greatly disturbs Adam' s timmies.
3' We have same lunch.
Tbells me I need to start logging off or setting status as "away''.
him what I just told you
sadam ain' t havin' it.
him fine, I' ll try to remember.
sstill going on like aim guy eating at
him it' s no big deal
3“ Forgive "
sadam is still angry, he says: andi quote
3? guess we should just forget about the Holocaust then, by that logic"
look in his eyes.
just compared me not turning off my Skype to the Holocaust just so he could try and win the
call him out on it.
massive Great Wall of China of an ego protects him.
knows what he did
still means it.
End of story 2, more to come if you guys want them.
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Submitted: 04/05/2014
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User avatar #3 - Anonomousthirteen (04/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I request an immediate link to the first, despite the fact that I could probably find it within thirty seconds of searching.
#1 - donated (04/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
How many .avi and .gif must you use in each story?
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