A tale of swedish Reenactors. 4chan fight: www.crackedsorcerer.com/post/1602/4chan-fight. Chalking home hem party late ene evening guys were fallowing me. as my
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A tale of swedish Reenactors

Chalking home hem party late ene evening
guys were fallowing me. as my drunk ass managed to piss them off by existing
to walk faster- to he avail- as We drunk as ****
scatch me in some random college student neighborhood
c:) a( **** . my ass is be beaten
Sstill in talking phase
Alights flick on in the house
Mthree guys in full musketeer garb walk out
Pleader is some blond guy with a beard. eyepatch. and segue weirdness accent
What sort m ruffians would be accessing sameone outside em residence? Stand and deliver!"
start yelling at them to **** off, that I deserved to get my ass beaten
v" Very well. then. Draw steel. you blackguards"
wall three ofthem draw rapiers on their belts
HI know not why those fem men sought your harm, but come and tell us the tale, stranger?'
append remainder of evening drinking mulled wine with lunatics
nch en‘ Swedish We there
guy is actually missing an eye: lest it in a machine shop accident
home completely drunk with a hat
l have we idea Em like that . had the may to rent: a .house.
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Submitted: 08/01/2014
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#1 - krasnogvardiech (08/02/2014) [+] (1 reply)
>not posting the full version

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