US military feels. This is for all the spineless basement dwellers who call U.S. troops murderers for oil. They are human beings who died for you and your right american soldier child feels
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US military feels

US military feels. This is for all the spineless basement dwellers who call U.S. troops murderers for oil. They are human beings who died for you and your right

This is for all the spineless basement dwellers who call U.S. troops murderers for oil. They are human ******* beings who died for you and your rights. This is all for you. I don't care if I get red-thumbed to death for this, but you all need to remember them.

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Submitted: 10/18/2013
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User avatar #81 - pompladouche (10/18/2013) [-]
Little misunderstand fact: No solider, airman, sailor or Marine dies for their country. They die for the soldier, airman, shipmate and Marine fighting with them. Not for country, your rights, mom or apple pie.
User avatar #82 to #81 - pompladouche (10/18/2013) [-]
#101 to #81 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Really? Because I'm enlisting this fall, exclusively for the rights of my countrymen. I don't need to do this. I'm a straight-A student from a middle-class family. I want to for my nation.
User avatar #133 to #101 - pompladouche (10/18/2013) [-]
Everyone joins for different reasons. But if/when you get into a scenario where you are engaging an enemy force to stay alive mom and apple pie are the least of your thoughts. When told/asked to go on patrol and you see your comrades going, you will go because you know they need you.

Thank you btw. You are the 1% and part of an elite group. Most people will never understand the pride you will have.
#136 to #133 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
I absolutely understand that everyone in there wants their squad mates alive more than anything, but most do still care about the country their fighting for. You're one of very few people on Funnyjunk who care about the struggle soldiers go through, and it's people like you who I'll fight for.
#42 - yofutofu ONLINE (10/18/2013) [-]
User avatar #125 - trojandetected (10/18/2013) [-]
They are human beings who are fighting for oil because of the old ***** who comand them.
#83 - anon (10/18/2013) [-]
The soldiers arent the ones hungry for oil, they're just used as the pawns by the people that are.

I always believed soldiers were the men and women who took up arms to protect the people's liberty and freedom from tyrants.
Sadly, they are half a world away for someone's personal agende, while my rights are being violated on a daily basis. And the word privacy all but vanished from the dictionairy.

I'm just disapointed these soldiers turned out not being what i thought they were.
#79 - Edensfire (10/18/2013) [-]
Who's rights are they dying for? Is someone invading the country? No?
User avatar #78 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
Except I didn't ask them to die for me. The government decided that it would be a great idea to let them die for me and then proceeded to bribe them into willingly sacrificing themselves.
#102 to #78 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Bribe them with less money than they make on welfare?
User avatar #118 to #102 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
Bribe them with the promise of honor and defending freedom, even if they have to kill innocent people for it. Collateral damage my ass.
#119 to #118 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
You see, you say that while sitting at a computer wasting your life on this site. Level 306 holy **** , have you ever seen the sun?
User avatar #120 to #119 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
Ah yes, the "wasting your life card"...I'm 29 years old. I work at a book shop in my town. I'm engaged to a beautiful woman (at least I think she is, most people on this site would refer to her as ugly because she's got curves) who's six months pregnant. If "wasting your life" means "not joining the army" to you, then yes, I'm wasting my life. But I'm happy with it, and holding a gun, not to mention shooting people with it won't change that for the better, I fear.
#121 to #120 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
You're almost thirty and you work in a bookstore. Be honest, how many hours have you spent on this site? Clearly enough to go to content just to stir up **** .
User avatar #122 to #121 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
I'm just voicing my opinion. You're the one acting like a little bitch, as you do in most of your postings, because you can't accept that not everyone here is pro-military.
#123 to #122 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
I've made two posts. No, not everyone is, but I expected some to be. This site's just to full of pussies.
User avatar #124 to #123 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
This site is full of people who aren't impressed by a person who is trying to justify the fact that he's nothing more than a hunting dog. Go fetch boy! Bring us the bodies of our enemies! Good boy, now hold still while I put the leash back on!
#126 to #124 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
They're a hell of a lot braver and smarter than you. What have you done with yourself? You're thirty years old and work in a ******* book store. Now go fetch me some Shakespeare, dog.
User avatar #127 to #126 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
I work in a book store, because books are the thirdmost important thing to me after my soon-to-be wife and my daughter. Concerning Shakespeare: What do you prefer? His sonnets? ComediesĂź Dramas? How about a quote from his Timon Of Athens?

"Follow thy drum;
With man's blood paint the ground, gules, gules;
Religious canons, civil laws are cruel;
Then what should war be?"
#128 to #127 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Well, we can agree that books are fantastic at least. That's something, although I don't actually enjoy Shakespeare all that much. Hamlet and Macbeth were great, but A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet are just stupid.
User avatar #129 to #128 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
You've read Hamlet and Macbeth and you still thing being a soldier is a good idea? You must be one ignorant bastard...
#130 to #129 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Hamlet has nothing to do with soldiers, it's a book about revenge. Macbeth was a soldier at the start, but also a wealthy nobleman who than seizes power. That too is about politics. Actually, all the best characters in Macbeth were the soldiers that fought him.
User avatar #131 to #130 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
Hamlet is about becoming the thing you want to destroy. And Macbeth is about a power-hungry monster, willingly sacrificing everything he holds dear, just to be king of it all...
#132 to #131 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
How does anything there have **** to do with military life? What, so if I join the Marines, I'll lose all my morals and immediately become king of the United States?
User avatar #134 to #132 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
No, but you get a taste of what it means to rule, by going into a ****** up, war-torn place, acting like king **** , free Mars Bars for all, thank you very much. That's what the military's been doing since ages. "Don't like how we secure peace? Tough **** , you're our guys now!"
#135 to #134 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
What. The. **** . What did you just type? Phrase that so it doesn't sound like Charlie from "It's always sunny."
User avatar #137 to #135 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
I'll rephrase that, especially for you, dog.
"No, but you get a taste of what it means to rule. By going into a ****** up, war-torn place, acting like king **** : "Free Mars Bars for all, thank you very much." That's what the military's been doing since ages. "Don't like how we secure peace? Tough **** , you're our guys now!"
#140 to #137 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Can't reply to your comment, so allow me to explain this to you. You're a dumb piece of dog **** , and I want nothing to do with you.
#138 to #137 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
That was the exact same sentence. It's still incoherent. Dumb ************ , the last book you actually read was the very hungry caterpillar.
User avatar #139 to #138 - ZeGerman (10/18/2013) [-]
See, that's the kind of attitude people hte you for: "Duh, you're not fluent in my language, you must be dumb."
Have a nice life. Actually don't. Get your face blown off. Goodbye.
#25 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
About the child in the tags, there was originally another image that uploaded poorly that included a young girl at her father's funeral.
User avatar #1 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Well,thats what the government makes them do.
#2 to #1 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
They're volunteers man. Look, I get it if you don't understand, but as soon as I can attend OCS I'm joining the Marines. I want to protect what this country stands for, regardless of the government in charge.
User avatar #5 to #2 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
"what this country stands for"

So what this country stands for is obliterating other countries in a war over resources and then accusing them of being evil and wanting to kill us all? Yeah... that seems about right. Good thing I'm moving to Canada, **** the U.S.
#22 to #5 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Canada sent troops to those wars too.
User avatar #26 to #22 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
As was requested by the U.N., not the U.S., because we started a war that we didn't need to be a part of and the U.N. wanted their troops on the ground as well.
#29 to #26 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Who was gonna do **** if not us? Europeans never have the stomach to fight. I know several Canadians who served proudly for a cause they believed in, and they're good ******* guys.
#56 to #29 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
the europeans (just in the last century) were pretty much kicking americas ass almost and were the biggest thread if not for combined efforts to stop them (nazi germany, stalins soviet russia, just saying...)
#61 to #56 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
We were never getting our ass kicked. We never had a real major defeat in Europe except Market Garden, which was at the end of the war. We beat all those countries, either with weapons or ideology.
#64 to #61 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
yep. with united efforts of other countries.

the us only got into the world wars for example after years of ongoing battles and they didnt do it alone. nazi germany was conquered because stalins men attacked from the east, french and english men helped ..
its not like the us won alone.
and russia afterwards was one hell of an enemy for the usa for decades.
#66 to #64 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
I never said the U.S. won it alone, I said we never were getting our ass kicked in Europe. Also, the period before the U.S. entered was stagnant, and France did dick (though the Soviets did the lion's share in Europe). Then we beat that "hell of an enemy."
#69 to #66 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
just compare nazi germanies army at the beginning of the war to the us army. and you will see what i mean.
#70 to #69 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
That was before we mobilized and had any engagements. So we weren't getting our asses kicked.
#71 to #70 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
it seems i wrote it not clearly:
the european nations could have kicked americas ass often in time.
it was a mix of good timing and allied efforts that made the us victorious in the ww2, not them simply beeing better.
#73 to #71 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, our mobilization and production won the allies the war. Now, had we invaded D-day style in 1940, yeah, we would've lost. That wasn't something we were going to do though.
#76 to #73 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
if a party stays out of the war for years and only jumps in once all the others are exhausted its not that much of a big deal that their mobilization and production was better...
#87 to #76 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
It was a year and a half out of 6 years, and no one was near exhausted.
#90 to #87 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
different opinions on that it seems.
#94 to #90 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, that's a fact. If anyone was depleted, it was the U.K. Japan wasn't touched, and Germany was still gaining strength.
#100 to #94 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
us soldiers stepped on african ground 3 years after war broke out.
european ground was touched even later.
just saying...
but lets stop this, ok? we have different opinions and we have different sources about historical happenings. it seems it's quite a different view on world history.
#103 to #100 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Uh, no Allied European forces were on the continent until D-day (Russia's in Asia). Africa wasn't all that important, and you just completely ignored the entire Pacific war.
#110 to #103 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
the pacific war has no european countries... i was talking about european countries from the start.
and germany and russia busted a lot of materials and soldiers against each other, while the uk and germany bombed each other.
and as you say: no us soldiers until d-day, and then was that? quite some years after ww2 broke out... (just as i said too, a few years the us werent directly engaged in fighting such big powers as nazi germany or soviet russia, after ww2 russia was a big threat to the us, leading to the cold war era...)
#53 to #29 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
there have been quite a few wars in the last 20 years...
just remember serbia, kosovo, georgia...?
#55 to #53 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
The U.S. was involved in Kosovo and Serbia and the UN didn't intervene in Georgia.
#57 to #55 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
who gives a **** about the un?

i only mentioned it because you said "europeans never have the stomach to fight" while they are clearly butchering each other up every now and then... pretty roughly to be honest.
#58 to #57 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Fighting isn't the same as butchering people who can't stand up to you.
#60 to #58 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
you do know that the serbian army fought against mujahedin, the croatian army, and so on...
yes there were civil casualties, but i wouldnt say there was noone who couldnt stand up and fight. it was a war man...
#63 to #60 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
That's why it's called the Croation-Serbian Genocide? And they fought the Bosnian Muj, not the same thing (there were about 600 people.)
#67 to #63 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
it seems you're jumping topics... or maybe i didnt state it clear enough:
you said europeans never have the stomach to fight -> i tell you they have quite a few wars every now and then -> you say they just butchered people that couldnt stand up to them -> i explain there were different armies fighting against each other -> you say "thats why its called genocide".
i dont understand it.
it was a war with armies, yes you are right civilians got killed, yes it was systematicaly, but that doesnt mean that there werent regular troops that fought a war and fought each other...
#74 to #67 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, I can tell English isn't your first language. When I said that's why it's called a genocide, it was because it wasn't two standing armies fighting. I was using sarcasm.
#77 to #74 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
sorry. good that i tried to reconstruct the arguments. you're right, i didnt get that it was sarcasm... hehe

so my questions is: do you admit now that europeans fight too? that was basically what i wanted to prove. the sentence europeans dont have the stomach to fight just somehow seemed... so wrong to me that i had to point it out.
#86 to #77 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh, no, sorry. What I meant is that the European governments in groups don't tend to fight (like the EU or UN), because there isn't a solution to please everyone, so all they do is litigate. Then pass useless resolutions. Germans and Brits can both fight very well, and I'm sure others can too.
#93 to #86 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
well... the us usually take wage war because they have a lot to gain from it, of course its harder to find a few countries that have the same goal or the same benefit from attacking someone.
#95 to #93 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Yes, we lost trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. We didn't gain **** , the Arabs did.
#106 to #95 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
yeah sure... the afghany and iraqis got soooo much.
just consider the fact that saddam was going to get the oil price linked to the euro instead of the dollar shortly before iraq was invaded. and do the math how much it would have costed the us if that was done...
then consider how much of drug money america gets through the businesses it has now (through special operations) with the drug farmers in afghanistan.
and then reconsider what it has gotten through having two countries now that are basically puppet-governments and do almost exactly as the usa say.
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#117 to #106 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Not anyone who says anything about the CIA, just people who make up false things with no evidence. Word for word, what you said was "there were no Europeans in the Pacific."
#113 to #106 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Well, I can't respond to your other comments now, but I will ask if YOU know any history. England was involved in the Pacific, stories about the CIA are passed around by ******* morons like you who think Japan had nothing to do with Europe, and we won the cold war.
#116 to #113 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
it seems you misunderstand me.
japan was allied with germany, but there were no europeans troops fighting against america in the pacific war.
and if you just consider everyone that says something about the cia deals to be "a moron" its no wonder you can see your country as a clean good-guy.
just a little list of come stories, not even the real big ones and without good sources and material. its not that hard to find that stuff... its common knowledge outside of the usa but it seems the system works pretty nice in your country for commonly known information are not well spread in your country.

its no different to talking to someone living in a dictatorship who's never heard of the crimes of their own government
#109 to #106 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
What, you think the U.S. is a drug dealer now? ************ , we're not England.
#111 to #109 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
do you seriously not know the history of your country?

i dont want to sound arrogant, i'm really curious.
can you really not know about all the stories that have been on the news about the cia deals for almost a few decades now?
User avatar #31 to #29 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
"Europeans never have the stomach to fight." Tell that to the Germans, the nations of the Baltic Peninsula, the Italians, the French were one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world for almost half a millennia and still have some of the best soldiers in the world today, the English still have one of the most powerful navies in the world, the Spanish have fought wars all over the world. Wow, you really think you're intelligent, yet you have no idea of what you speak.
#34 to #31 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh yeah, France and their defeat after ******* defeat. England's good, sure, but hardly large enough to resolve such problems. Italy switches sides in every war, and Spain has been weak for two centuries. I think you just listed the European countries you know.
User avatar #36 to #34 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
.... I think I'm done trying to talk some sense into someone who appears to be a complete brick wall of nationalism and stupidity.
#37 to #36 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
This was clearly a U.S. military post. It's in the ******* title. You only came here to start **** , so I would call YOU stupid.
User avatar #40 to #37 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh, I understand that it was a military post, and believe me I love the military with all of my heart and the good people that serve in it, but I despise the fact that they blindly fight for the fools in the U.S. government. "Classy british speak" must be slang for proper English. I can throw a few insults in if I please. Especially after You're a ******* coward. I'm calling you out bitch, I can tell you're some pathetic pussy who lives at his computer screen and has a Napoleon complex about stronger men. Also, they did attacks us. Remember 9/11/01?" Good day, sir.
#50 to #40 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Yet again. "Good day, sir." isn't proper English, it's pompous. Although we can agree on one thing, the government isn't very adept. The military defends the country in spite of our leaders, not because of them.
User avatar #43 to #40 - sethbean (10/18/2013) [-]
Howdy doo there partner, I normally avoid commenting on posts like this not to sound like an asshole, but I'm a soldier in the army, and I think you saying "Blindly fighting for the fools in the US government...", was really ****** up.

It's not as if the soldiers get a choice in what they fight for, once you join the army, you do what you're told, when you're told, and how you're told. You don't get to pick and choose what you do do like, 'Oh, I hear Afghanistan is nice this time of year, maybe I'll go there for 9 months'. No.

So don't start spraying **** out of your mouth when you don't even know what you're talking about, if you haven't ever served in the military then you have no place whatsoever to talk **** .
User avatar #44 to #43 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
I know hundreds of soldiers. My Sergeant Major in ROTC served the military for 50 years and says exactly the same thing I do, same thing for a lot of my friends who are in the Marines and Army, some of them even in the Rangers, who originally joined purely because it was the only career choice for them. They hate the nationalistic ******** in the military, but they can't leave because there are no other options available thanks to our economy, which is, sadly, getting worse as time goes on.
User avatar #45 to #44 - sethbean (10/18/2013) [-]
ROTC as in...high school ROTC? Youve got to be ******* kidding me.
User avatar #47 to #45 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
High school ROTC is called JROTC, I would have said that if I was talking about it.
User avatar #46 to #45 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Actually, college, and I've been a member of Civil Air Patrol since I was in high school, but still that's besides the point. I went to military school for high school graduated and almost went to the Citadel, but decided against it in favor of another college that also had an ROTC program but allowed me to be slightly relaxed in my daily activities.
User avatar #142 to #5 - dsrtpnk (10/19/2013) [-]
Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Canada likes to join in on "America's Wars" BTW so you'll still go to ********** but you'll be wearing a different uniform.
User avatar #143 to #142 - asheskirata (10/19/2013) [-]
If you look at some of my other comments, you'll see that I have no intention of joining the military.
User avatar #144 to #143 - dsrtpnk (10/19/2013) [-]
I know, but we're all being sarcastic assholes right now.

I'm just happy to see someone say, "screw this place, I'm out" AND ACTUALLY LEAVE.
I hate people that bitch but never do anything to make themselves happier.
User avatar #145 to #144 - asheskirata (10/19/2013) [-]
Believe me, I agree with you.
#80 to #5 - mrtbb (10/18/2013) [-]
I've been looking at your arguments and will let you know that I'm on your side.
User avatar #14 to #5 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Where in canada?
User avatar #15 to #14 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
British Columbia.
User avatar #16 to #15 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Nice,im From Vancouver,but i live in Saskatchewan now. It rains all the time out there man,heads up
User avatar #17 to #16 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
My girlfriend lives in Vancouver, lol, I'm going to be moving there myself.
User avatar #19 to #17 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
-canucks suck-
User avatar #41 to #19 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
lol, I'm not really that huge of a hockey fan in the first place
#9 to #5 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
You're a ******* coward. I'm calling you out bitch, I can tell you're some pathetic pussy who lives at his computer screen and has a Napoleon complex about stronger men. Also, they did attacks us. Remember 9/11/01?
User avatar #13 to #9 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Also, I love the string of insults you came at me with. Shows how brainwashed and stupid you are.
#20 to #13 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
My I.Q. is 160, call me what you will, but stupid is incorrect.
User avatar #11 to #9 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Yes, actually. I do remember that. However, that was not the act of a nation, that was the act of a small few Saudi Arabians and Afghani, there was no reason for us to attack Iraq at all. Also, it's been 12 years since that event occurred, no other country cares anymore and America needs to quit bitching because if it had happened anywhere else, we wouldn't give a flying **** . Also, our military is busy "freedoming" other nations at the moment, when they should be on the home soil dealing with a DOMESTIC enemy called the U.S. government. I used to want to join the Marines too, in fact I was planning on joining fresh out of college, as infantry. Wanna know why I left that dream behind after having it for most of my life thus far? Because I realized that it's pointless to die in a war over nothing. Old men start wars so that the young can die in them.
#18 to #11 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No other country had 3,000 of it's citizens murdered that day. A small few? AQ has thousands of members still. Saddam Hussein had an ethnic cleansing that killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds. You never would be military. Read Terminal Lance, it's always "I was gonna join the Marines but _". It doesn't matter what the but is, you're a coward.
User avatar #24 to #18 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Let me put it this way, if it isn't affecting our country, we don't need to be doing anything about it. Saddam Hussein did nothing to us and it is not our job to be the World Police. That is the U.N.'s job. Whoop dee ******* doo about the 2,967 dead. Yes, that is an exact number. MORE PEOPLE THAN THAT DIE EVERY DAY YOU STUPID CUNT! I'm a coward for wanting to live my life away from war? No, I'm human you stupid son of a bitch. Your I.Q. also does not affect your intelligence. It is your gradient for learning. Which you have obviously wasted on becoming a brainwashed, gung ho, nationalistic prick who has no concept of the realities in the world.
#27 to #24 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
What does the U.N. ever do? Name one crisis they've resolved without the U.S.
User avatar #30 to #27 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
We're a part of the U.N. it's expected of us to help. However, we started an unsanctioned war without any prior approval from the U.N. I also like how that is your only retaliatory point.

here is a complete list of all of the U.N. sanctioned peace keeping missions.
#32 to #30 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
America was involved in nearly all of those.
User avatar #33 to #32 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
You didn't read my statement, did you?
#35 to #33 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
I did.
User avatar #38 to #35 - asheskirata (10/18/2013) [-]
Then you obviously didn't understand what I was saying, therefore you aren't nearly as intelligent as you believe yourself to be. Good day, sir.
#39 to #38 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
I love how you alternate between classy British speak and "YOU STUPID CUNT!" You're just trying to make yourself look smart.
User avatar #3 to #2 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Im Canadian and i aspire to enlist,but the government makes them do what they're told. The troops do what they're told and that happens to be "Go over seas and kill for oil" well,essentially
#4 to #3 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
It's not for oil. We get most of our oil domestically (world's #1 producer) and the rest we mainly import from you guys and South America. Europe imports far more ME oil. Canada's in the same wars, and I have undying respect for all your soldiers, they sign up for noble reasons.
#48 to #4 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
It is for oil the USA is the 1# CONSUMER while the 3# PRODUCER. Usa imports the oil from arabia.
#49 to #48 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh my God **** off. This is a post about the US military. Get the **** out if you don't like them.
#84 to #49 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh my God **** off. This is a comment criticizing the USA military.. Get the **** out if you don't like it.
#85 to #84 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
It's my content. You only came here to start **** .
#88 to #85 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
You made this content to start ****
#89 to #88 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, I made this content to thank the men and women who gave me my rights.
#92 to #89 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
So US soldiers went to a poor as **** 3rd world country to "give you your rights". Yeahhhh sure
#96 to #92 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, in this case they protected my life. Several terrorist groups had plutonium and could, if given time, make a dirty bomb in New York or Chicago.
#98 to #96 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
I dont see how by stealing their oil and angering them you will stop them from bombing th USA
#104 to #98 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
We don't anger them, we kill them. Also, in terms of oil, Afghanistan has very little, and doesn't produce any. We don't import much oil from the Middle East,
#105 to #104 - eusemaster (10/18/2013) [-]
So you kill civilians in Afghanistan that's a very honorable thing to do
#107 to #105 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, we kill terrorists. Of course civvies get killed in every war, but the Taliban killed far more than we did.
User avatar #6 to #4 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
you're military is seen publicly as oil chasers,but if you want to dedicate you're life to your country,i understand. i really, really do. so kick some ass when you can man.
#7 to #6 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Thanks man. It doesn't matter to me what they're seen as. Europeans are the worlds biggest criminals, and they say all kinds of bad **** about us. Also, you'll probably serve with U.S. troops if you enlist, I'm sure you'll see that they're good guys.
#51 to #7 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
uhm... why are europeans worlds biggest criminals...?
#52 to #51 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Oh, you know, centuries of genocides and subjugation of every non-european nation in the world.
#54 to #52 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
and the usa didnt do such things...?
#59 to #54 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
We freed our one colony in the Pacific decades before the Europeans, and never had colonies in South America, Africa or Asia. Also, the United States has never committed a genocide. That's not ignorant either, if you read a list of every genocide, there is not one committed by the US.
#62 to #59 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
i wouldnt so simply declare that the indians, the vietnam war, the use of uran ammunition (even though its forbidden by international law), the use of atomic bombs and so on should be so easily considered "no problem" or "absolutely correct".

there's quite a lot of countries that have trouble for generations because of americas way of fighting with radiating stuff and chemical toxins.
the work of the cia getting presidents of other countries down and new systems isntalled that benefit the usa could be considered a kind of colonialism too...
#65 to #62 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
The Europeans killed over 97% of the natives, the Vietnam war was actually a war, and this is a direct quote about uranium ammo "There is no specific treaty ban on the use of DU projectiles. " Took 3 seconds to look up.
#68 to #65 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
1) the europeans... **** , americans are mostly europeans. how many are over there that are native in their third or fifth generation?!
2) yes it was a war, just like the yugo-war or ww2, doesnt mean that the us army didnt kill a lot of innocent civilians (almost systematically)
3) about the du projectiles:
The requested UN working paper was delivered in 2002[41] by Y. K. J. Yeung Sik Yuen in accordance with Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights resolution 2001/36. He argues that the use of DU in weapons, along with the other weapons listed by the Sub‑Commission, may breach one or more of the following treaties: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the Genocide Convention, the United Nations Convention Against Torture, the Geneva Conventions including Protocol I, the Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980, and the Chemical Weapons Convention. Yeung Sik Yuen writes in Paragraph 133 under the title "Legal compliance of weapons containing DU as a new weapon":
#72 to #68 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
And an investigation into Yeun's findings found that no treaty expressly forbade them. The europeans (mostly Spain) killed the natives hundreds of years before the US was founded. Show me a modern war with no civilian casualties.
#75 to #72 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
declaration of independence: July 4, 1776
just search for indian massacres after that... you will find quite a few (on both sides)

and sure, the us declared that their weapons are not against treaties... its still a weapon that gets further generations in countries they attacked to be radiated and sick.
#91 to #75 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
It's DP, there's no radiation. Yes, massacres in smaller groups, not a systematic genocide.
#99 to #97 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Those are all incredibly biased sources. It's not what my media says, I was just wrong. It turns out it just has much lower radioactivity.
#108 to #99 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
than what? a nuke?
its still enough to harm civilians and radiate for generations... and thats another reason why the usa seem so bad to other countries.
just imagine it yourself (please do it once, without anything else in your mind):
some other force enters your country, tells you that they are freeing you and then your kids get sick of cancer and stuff... and afterwards you hear that those who liberated you used poisonous weapons on your soil, got big parts of your economy and then even want you to be gratefull. please tell me (and i'm serious, imagine it and then answer honestly): how would you feel towards that force?
#115 to #108 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Still can't respond to your comments, so I'm going with this one. The US would be much better of had 9/11 and the wars never happened, and there was totally a genocide and WMDs (WMD applies to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, the only one of those Saddam didn't possess was nukes.)
#112 to #108 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
No, than regular uranium. Are you really so ******* stupid as to think that the U.S. made money of these wars? We lost trillions. Also, if I were a Jew in Europe, or a Kurd in Iraq, I would still be cool with it. I live in the U.S., a country invading us and saying "you're free" isn't the same thing because we have a democratic government and aren't being gassed by the government.
#114 to #112 - kanedam (10/18/2013) [-]
yes i am so ******* stupid. please learn your economy and take the informations you can find from internation sources.
take your economic reviews, the energy sector, the prizes of oil and the need of it for the us economy, than consider again how many politicians are connected to these sectors and how much money their companies made thanks to the "liberation" of these countries. and then just calculate how americas situation would be if it had not invaded these countries...

also, if you forgot it: the reason iraq was invaded wasnt some sort of "liberation" of the people or a genocide. it was the "danger of them having mass destructions and using them against the us" that was used and publicated. years later it was said "oh, no they never had any and the proof for that was fake." so do you still consider that the people in charge did it without any ulteriate motive?
User avatar #8 to #7 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
I Plan on doing a three year tour with Canada and may add on to that. I Want to make JTF2
#10 to #8 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
They're some serious ************* . If you're JT-2, you'll definitely fight with U.S. troops. I've already qualified physically and mentally for MARSOC, so that's where I want to go.
User avatar #12 to #10 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Well Im Training to enlist in two years,making sure im prepared. alot of people really dont want,or dont understand why im joining,its an honour thing,and i want to die young or atleast say ive done my part.
#21 to #12 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
There are cowards in Canada who'll say the same **** to you as the cowards in America say to our troops. Chin up, man.
User avatar #23 to #21 - austoboyko (10/18/2013) [-]
Its mainly girls that dont want me to do it,and theres one girl i would not enlist for. other than that,im off to kick some ass.
#28 to #23 - glegory **User deleted account** (10/18/2013) [-]
Good Luck
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