A few Killers. I found this to be pretty interesting, some of the quotes were good . Who Nickname Jeffrey The Millay- Dah met kee Monster The Plain- Ed Gein Eli
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A few Killers

I found this to be pretty interesting, some of the quotes were good

Who Nickname
Jeffrey The Millay-
Dah met kee Monster
The Plain-
Ed Gein
Andrei The Hastier
David Sonof Siam
lingon for Active kill [aunt Where?
Staring body parts 1978- 17 ius, Ocity 8, 4 Male
In his fridge. 1991 I
Making heme furnishings 2. l '-',
from ' body parts;
ins paring Psycho, Texas
Chainsaw Massacre and
Silence of the Lambs.
led ta her killing every
wanna prettier than her.
Being SD dan gerdusis
insane he had be
caged during his trial.
Murdering a hunch at
peeple in New Lbrk In
the The
Staring almost an
corpses in a crawl space
in his heme.
s were Admitted ta j, ths.-
i 1957 2, convicted , Wisonsin
5 Anywhere i,
5 mm between so 2 Hungary
f, and sea. 1
ll I
was I i
ii, man 53 r Ukraine
ii f
1976- r
i 1977 6 C. ths, NYC
1972- l'
f, 1978 In Chk: arto
l’ Elinore
f, ‘Wisconsin i, priorities.
We men.
I his neighbor' s
Got made
fun of in high
Got dd, last
He couldn" t
get it up.
pr c amatuers
l should have
gene Into real
Denied haying
sex with corpses
because they
smelled tee bad."
Had seat with the
i Devil after being
Impressed with
his genitalia.
During his execute-
en:“ Den' t New my
trains tout] The
Japanese wantto
buy the mi"
l! Satan Gad ferzairo him
him thaugh
Got hit in the
head with a
after he became a
bornagain Earl-
Au ful-
fee i: new.- cleans I
can get away with t
d ******* terrifying.
That' sjust ****** op
victim escaped and
ran he police, tithe Nat “Hanna Is t
laughed and retur- "gm ml; “hi.” I
ned him ta Dahmer. gym run
Gave human Saur- q ageist, tatt'
ta his neighb ms. i
Bathed In her “MINE! I The hat tmii are
bk" eepurl', wtt her i, usually crazy.
1 Male impotency
Threw “GDP at l indeed causes
theguyy. ll intense firstr: -men.
Released twp ll
The Charm ii
is rows, with Dild 1 yau can get
Berkowitz. i ngith anything.
His last wards were i am“: ',',
kiss my ass." I y
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Submitted: 03/31/2014
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#1 - idontlikethisname (03/31/2014) [-]
**idontlikethisname rolled image** Mfw
#2 - friedgreenpomatoes (04/01/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Y'all mudafukas better listen up to the story of the sickest ************ of all time, Albert Fish. Here's his stats:
3 known victims, 7 suspected for a total of 10
Born May 19, 1870, executed January 6, 1935 at Sing Sing.
He was put, in early childhood, in Saint John's Orphanage of Washington, DC, in 1875, where he was sadistically abused and eventually grew to love the pain. In 1880, his mother got a better job and was able to pull him out of the orphanage. 2 years later, he started a relationship with a telegraph boy who introduced him to urolagia (pee drinking). And coprophagia ( **** eating, literally). He began visiting public baths where he could watch boys undress, which he often did. By 1890, he lived in New York and [so he claims] became a prostitute and started raping young boys.

Around 1898, he worked as a house painter, continuing to molest children, mostly boys under six. Around this time a male worker took him to a wax mueseum, where he became fascinated by a bifurcated wax penis. It was this, so he claims, that got him into sexual mutilation. This same year, he entered an arranged marriage with a woman 9 years his junior, with whom he had six children, none of whom were officially victimized.

At the age of 41, during his stay in St. Louis, Fish began sexually molesting an intellectually disabled man named Kedden. Fish started to mutilate the 19-year-old with a pair of scissors after tying him up, but the agonized look on the man's face frightened Fish and he fled the city after binding the wound and leaving him a $10 bill. In 1917, his wife left him, and he started to have auditory hallucinations, among them one where he wrapped himself in a carpet, claiming John the Apostle told him to do so.

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