A bit of cringe for you guys. Yeah, the "kitty has claws" is cringy as too. And yes, I did take this off imgur, better me than pikachupetter. Christop cringe Fedora neckbeard gentleman game of thrones kitty
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A bit of cringe for you guys

A bit of cringe for you guys. Yeah, the "kitty has claws" is cringy as too. And yes, I did take this off imgur, better me than pikachupetter. Christop

Yeah, the "kitty has claws" is cringy as **** too.
And yes, I did take this off imgur, better me than pikachupetter

Christopher Ryan 2
Are you the kitty who works at hot topic?
Do I know you?
Christopher Ryan 2
I met you wednesday.
Trenchcoat, fedora, bought geoffry and legolas
Christopher Ryan:
Do u remember me?
Christopher Ryan 2
on right!. Sorry, Isee a lot of people through there. Idon' t
remember giving you my last name, were you a little sleuth
through the Hot Topic facebook page?
Christopher Ryan:
Yes... was that okay.
Christopher Ryan:
Christopher Ryan
You ever gonna message me back?
Christopher ' _ 1 .
so here is what I have been thinking. You haven' t blocked
me yet. And you haven' t deleted your account either. So
you aren' t too creeped out by me tracking you down.
Now Iwill say Twasn' t quite honest about how Ifound you.
Turns out we have a friend in common. or at least someone
I know also knows you. They gave me your last name after I
did try and get your attention on the Hot Topic facebook
Now not expecting much but here is what Ithink. You
are beautiful. Cute and Adorable. And a geek. (I prefer
geek to nerd) You are like a real life version of Felicia Day or
Chloe Dykstra. Not that they aren' t real, it' s just that In never
meet them.
If you were a fictional character you would be Ramona
Flowers. And Iwould be a fool not to at least try and see if
you are interested. not much but Iwould worship you.
Let me guess. Hardwell?
Christopher Ryan
Yes. BM I didn' t come in yesturday to bother you or see
you. I came for pops alone. It Just happened a friend was
coming to greenwood.
Christopher Ryan:
You won' t have a conversation with me? lam a nice guy
we have similar interests.
i' m watching game of thrones season 2 right now.
Yeah, I Just wanted to know who it was that was giving my
name out to strangers.
Listen, buddy. You don' t know me. You don' t know anything
about me, and from the obliviousness Ne witnessed here I
doubt you' d know your ass from a hole in the ground. trn not
your Felicia Day, I' m not your Ramona Flowers. rm not your
manic pixie dream girl. an actual, real live human being
and you' had a single five minute conversation with me.
You can take your little derbygirl fantasies you' so
thoughtfully projected on me and shove them right back into
the box of tired, worn out Hollywood tropes you pulled them
out of.
And let me tell you another thing, now that we' established
that you' re talking to a stranger, that I may be less friendly
outside of my workplace, and that Kitty' s got claws. I don' t
need to hold your fucking hand and walk you through the
process of rejection. Most people, thinking logically, would
assume being ignored represented a lack of interest, but you
apparently can' t take a hint unless some poor girl has
deleted her entire Facebook account to get away from you.
You know why I hadn' t replied to you? Because I just moved,
and I don' t have internet in my house yet. But seeing the
Mod of shit you' sent my way, I' m glad. Because being
told by, I stress again, an /absolute stranger/ that they would
worship me is easily the creepiest thing to hit my new year
so far.
And one last thing to leave you with, bucko. If you have to
tell somebody you' re a nice guy, you' re doing something
wrong. or you' re not actually a nice guy, you' re a pushy
fucking creep living in a fantasy world where girls fit
whatever cute little mold you decide they should.
You ever want to buy your collectibles in my store again, deal
with another associate or Md it within yourself to treat me
with the respect and distance you' d afford to a stranger
whose pants you DONT wanna get into. Creep.
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