A Guide to Life Part 4. And the final installment of the series. Hope everyone enjoyed it! Find part one here; www.funnyjunk.com/A+Guide+to+Life/funny-pictures/
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A Guide to Life Part 4

And the final installment of the series. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

Find part one here; www.funnyjunk.com/A+Guide+to+Life/funny-pictures/4853025/
And part two here; www.funnyjunk.com/A+Guide+to+Life+Part+2/funny-pictures/4853026/
Part three here; www.funnyjunk.com/A+Guide+to+Life+Part+3/funny-pictures/4853032

Things They Don' t Tell You
But Should)
A Guide to Life
The only thing worse than tooth decay, emphysema.
and liver disease is old age. so go nuts!
Kym talk too much they' ll make fun ofyou.
Ifyou don' t talk enough they' ll make fun ofyou.
If you laugh too loud they' ll make fun of you,
won never laugh they' ll make fun of you.
If you smile all the time they' ll make fun ofyou.
If you never smile they' ll make fun ofyou.
too nice they' ll make fun of you.
If you' re too nasty they' ll hate you-
but at least they won' t make fun ofyou.
Car size is inversely proportional
to the intellect ofthe driver.
There are more than six billion
one on Earth, so route not
actually unique or special
but we like you anyway).
ffyou want to be truly different,
you' re really going to have
to go out of your way.
Ifyou evenly divide the planet' s wealth, we each get a couple
thousand dollars. lg have more than that because all the people
in Africa have about five cents. oh, but don' t feel live
thousands of miles away and you' ll never have to meet them.
Ifyou don' t like your house, you can get a new one.
Ifyou don' t like your city, you can move to a different one.
Even if you don' t like your country, you can emigrate
to another one whenever you like (usually).
But Wynn dont like your planet, you' re out of luck.
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Submitted: 10/22/2013
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User avatar #2 - agrofenlas (10/23/2013) [-]
To that last sentiment: **** you.
Borders are normally enforced, and trying to cross into a country is like trying to get a degree.
#1 - secretmouse (10/22/2013) [+] (2 replies)
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#4 to #1 - stupu (10/28/2013) [-]
gotta love misha collins <3
User avatar #3 - smithforprez (10/23/2013) [-]
Africa is poor because ****** corrupt leaders decide to "share" the wealth equally, at least among their buddies. Individual property rights and decent governing are necessary ingredients for the creation of value (ie: **** you want, like food, housing, drugs, maybe some books... nah), corruption destroys wealth, and africa is not an easy place to live in regardless, malaria and heat will make life hard.
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