A Guide to Life Part 3. Part three of the series, enjoy! Find part one here; /A+Guide+to+Life/funny-pictures/4853025/ And part two here; /A+Guide+to+Life+Part+2 a Guide to Life Part three
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A Guide to Life Part 3

Things They Don' t Tell You
But Should)
A Guide to Life
If you turn out to be pretty, people will view you with
resentment because everyone assumes that attractive
people are just charming through life and
are thus a bunch of parasites. You will
not find any sympathy, because everyone knows that
attractive people have perfect lives. This will result in
a bitter, lonely existence.
won turn out to be ugly, everyone will like you because
you' re than them. However, nobody will
love you because you' re than them.
This will result in a bitter, lonely existence.
Almost everyone in the world watches television, and millions
of people are involved in television production, and yet there is
not a single show on TV that accurately depicts real life. This
will doom you to a life expectations as you have
already spent about 30% of your existence watching sitcoms.
To be considered "a success", you must slave to simultaneously
meet or exceed the expectations you ever meet
throughout your entire life, and then constantly maintain an
upward trajectory until the day you die. To be considered
a failure", you must do the opposite (: nothing).
Guess which is more fun...
Each Mus is merely one of trillions of organisms upon
trillions of planets within trillions of galaxies within an
endless and infinitely spiraling universe, and yet you
will still meet people who consider themselves to be
important." These people are known as "men" and
women." You may want to avoid them.
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User avatar #3 - agrofenlas
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My expectations are lower then dirt, I do nothing, and I'm ugly, this is pretty accurate.
User avatar #2 - genderless
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(10/22/2013) [-]
platypus aren't ugly

However, these guides are good.