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Do you like sketch comedy? How about video games? How about sketch comedy ABOUT video games? (amongst other topics)

Well, that's just what we're bringing you with this new show "8 Bits" that will feature 8 short "bits" per episode.

The characters are flat, pixellated "video-game" characters in 3D environments, a whole new, unique look to the world of animated comedy.

I'm looking to collaborate with anyone who can contribute substantially; writers, voice actors, animators, musicians, WHATEVER. Just message me at www.twitter.com/mussonman1 if you would like to be a part of 8 Bits in one way or another.

In this episode: Pac Man releases his inner urges, a Stand-up Comedian introduces his girlfriend to video-games, and a Pokemon Trainer misuses Pikachu.

Views: 1727 Submitted: 05/09/2014
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