:/. source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PAYsUb8du4#t=228. The bad people are looking for you and please run away." l , I' n afrotc of that day N are eaves Afghanis
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The bad people are looking for you
and please run away."
l , I' n afrotc of that day
N are eaves Afghanis
It means we are done.
They' re going to
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Submitted: 07/12/2014
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User avatar #3 - youregaylol (07/13/2014) [-]
If we utilize their skills to fight the *********** then we should be responsible for their protection, simple as that.
User avatar #59 to #3 - oaaaa (07/13/2014) [-]
but that doesnt work. esp not when a fat, 24 year old virgin on the internet says that while tipping his fedora.
User avatar #60 to #59 - youregaylol (07/13/2014) [-]
not so good lady please, I look better than the rpg character you wish was you.
#7 to #3 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
US don't even care about americans after they leave their military , who cares about some sandadmins. Whores, they **** you and dump you.
User avatar #12 to #7 - youregaylol (07/13/2014) [-]
Bull ******* left wing ********* .

I enlisted in the Navy when I was 18 to pay for college. I became an HM and handled real medical emergencies first hand. After that I managed to get a full ride for medical school, plus a guaranteed residency with the military when I graduate.

Plus veterans are three times more likely to be employed than civilians.

you're either a retarded paper clip who can't adapt to the real world or you're a never was who just talks to much.
User avatar #46 to #12 - toxicplague (07/13/2014) [-]
hey umm, left wing here . How am i involved in this? I am not really sure ...

Pardon my ignorance...
#11 to #7 - youregaylol has deleted their comment [-]
#1 - almightysourcerer (07/12/2014) [-]
**almightysourcerer rolled image**
User avatar #21 to #1 - megaton (07/13/2014) [-]
the one up front is litterally injecting herself with something that looks like drugs. it kinda uncutes the picture
#50 to #21 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
Do you know nothing of Bioshock, numbnuts?
#4 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
In New Zealand we brought all the translators who worked with us back to NZ, apparently they are doing well
#13 to #4 - urapooper (07/13/2014) [-]
did they actually somehow do it? I remember watching it in the news and there was a problem or two?
User avatar #62 to #49 - gatorade ONLINE (07/13/2014) [-]
All he has seen for a government is his corrupt and near powerless Afghan government. The US is a beacon of light and hope for him, because all he has seen is digestive end product, blood, and death.
User avatar #68 to #49 - demandsgayversion (07/14/2014) [-]
Oh no, Mr. 2% installed low flow toilets in all his factories and kept the difference!

Like he said, they're gonna cut his intense bodyloveking head off.
#51 to #49 - pimpelipom (07/13/2014) [-]
User avatar #52 to #51 - mrdudeface (07/13/2014) [-]
hey man, chill out.
User avatar #54 to #49 - wimwam (07/13/2014) [-]
itsjustblaze Hhman I just watched the source video and screenshotted it. Why the red pinkies?
#55 to #54 - Hhman (07/13/2014) [-]
Been on this site for four years and this is the first time my name got rolled. Thank you.
User avatar #56 to #55 - wimwam (07/13/2014) [-]
you're welcome
User avatar #63 to #49 - mrtwilightsparkle (07/13/2014) [-]
I think what he means by saying the US government isn't corrupt, is that it's infinitely better than his. You have to keep in mind that a lot of middle eastern governments (Syria, Afghanistan, Iran) are terrible to their people, allowing groups such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban to do whatever they want, or, in the case of Syria, flat out murdering them.
User avatar #69 - christheace (07/14/2014) [-]
it makes me happy to actually see a documentary from vice as opposed to some digestive end product eating little kid telling jokes he/she doesn't understand for 10 seconds of "fame" or two inbreds talking about how they just intense bodyloveed
User avatar #17 - levonmazode (07/13/2014) [-]
intense bodylove
digestive end product
not so good lady
female amusement-system
just testing
User avatar #64 - nthmetal (07/13/2014) [-]
Ha, he thinks the us government isn't corrupt.

He's in for a surprise.
User avatar #65 to #64 - redrecruiter (07/14/2014) [-]
The government may be corrupt, but most of the troops arent
#71 to #65 - ilikepatatas ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
are you serious?
don't you intense bodyloveing know that everyone can join the army?
User avatar #16 - herecomesjohnny (07/13/2014) [-]
and now for this to be hilarious contented at every argument by american teens defending intervention in any country whatsoever
#18 to #16 - GuitarRage (07/13/2014) [-]
My god... that sums it up perfectly.
User avatar #22 - lequigley (07/13/2014) [-]
he believes the U.S. government isn't corrupt...poor guy
#83 to #22 - lequigley (07/14/2014) [-]
woah didn't expect the red sea from that. i just meant he shouldn't put so much faith in a government that doesn't seem to give a digestive end product whether or not he gets he head cut off. Honestly i would rather flee to a different country than this one
User avatar #29 to #22 - BowChickaBowWow (07/13/2014) [-]
The US is less corrupt, and more incredibly inefficient.
User avatar #26 to #22 - pokimone (07/13/2014) [-]
See, the whole thing isn't whether its corrupt or not, there ins't a single non corrupt group of more than 5 people in the whole god damn world. People are backpassages, the question is if our government is more corrupt than his, and the answer to that is no.
User avatar #43 to #26 - i got bnned (07/13/2014) [-]
Yesher??? Gib me de serses det led yu 2 yer cunclushun.
#19 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
He's a filthy Middle Eastern scumbag and deserves to die. intense bodylove the middle east.
#31 to #19 - jengafag (07/13/2014) [-]
that's the truth
User avatar #36 to #19 - helgheimftw (07/13/2014) [-]
okay you should be put down you raceist piece of digestive end product. you just think that cuz they have another color on their skin. you are i filthy human being
#37 to #36 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
No I think that because the Middle East is one big digestive end producthole. We're better off killing everyone there and just repopulating the area.
User avatar #45 to #37 - helgheimftw (07/13/2014) [-]
okay then you can go there with and try to do that you anonymous pussy
#47 to #45 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
Oh no we have people to do things like that. If we get all the super powers to agree on this then there's really nothing that can stop us from doing it lol
User avatar #48 to #47 - helgheimftw (07/13/2014) [-]
pussy you want people to die just so you can fap to the crying mothers holding their dead child you intense bodylovetwat.
where u from anon-female amusement-system ?
#53 to #48 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
Where the hell did you get that idea from? I don't want to touch myself to pictures like that... the intense bodylove is wrong with you?

I'm from the USA.
#78 to #53 - helgheimftw (07/14/2014) [-]
i intense bodyloveing knew it. you are the kind of person that give america a bad name. you are the kind we should kill since you are an ignorant,raceist pice of sh1t.    
from eeryone here who is not a total intense bodylovetard
i intense bodyloveing knew it. you are the kind of person that give america a bad name. you are the kind we should kill since you are an ignorant,raceist pice of sh1t.
from eeryone here who is not a total intense bodylovetard
User avatar #80 to #78 - helgheimftw (07/14/2014) [-]
#79 to #78 - helgheimftw has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #24 to #19 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
plop that crater over your house and we're getting somewhere
#28 to #24 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
No it's perfect the way it is. intense bodylove the Middle East.
#35 to #19 - helgheimftw (07/13/2014) [-]
you inbreed intense bodylove
User avatar #20 to #19 - vomitjar (07/13/2014) [-]
he was fighting againts the talibans. and he deserves to die?
#23 to #20 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
He's still middle eastern so yes, he deserves to die. They're all scum over there.
User avatar #25 to #23 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
i bet you believe in Jesus
#27 to #25 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
... what the hell? Where did that even come from? How did you come to that conclusion?
User avatar #30 to #27 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
clearly a yank full of nationalist fervour

most likely worships a dead arab on a stick
#33 to #30 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
Actually I don't worship a dead arab on a stick... no idea what your talking about but alright, good guess.
User avatar #34 to #33 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
no idea what you're talking about
good guess

#38 to #34 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
I have no idea what this dead arab on a stick that your talking about is but it was a good guess that you think I worship it.

Are you honestly that confused? Really?
User avatar #39 to #38 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
but how do you know it's a good guess if you don't know what I'm talking about?

It could be a terrible guess
#40 to #39 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
It was sarcasm.
User avatar #41 to #40 - listerthepessimist (07/13/2014) [-]
I'm sure
User avatar #66 to #23 - mytomanenbre (07/14/2014) [-]
If i had one thumb left to give i would thumb it to this comment, could not agree more. Everybody who doesn't hate admins man-ape hybrids or those goddam muslim terrorists are blinded by the truth and refuse to confess that it's true. Poor people, i hope they too get blown up by terrorists and raped by admins so mabye they will understand some day.
#74 to #20 - wellshitshitshit (07/14/2014) [-]
have you even watched the video where these pictures originated from?
User avatar #77 to #74 - vomitjar (07/14/2014) [-]
I am op.
#81 to #77 - wellshitshitshit (07/14/2014) [-]
so what? you watched a short documentary on interpreters without knowing what a interpreter does?
User avatar #82 to #81 - vomitjar (07/14/2014) [-]
I don't really understand you. You asked me if I even saw the video. I said: yes, because I capped it. And now you are asking if I know what an iterpreter does. Well, I think they used to help the troops. Anything else?
#84 to #82 - wellshitshitshit (07/14/2014) [-]
yes and help the troops how? INTERPRETING not fighting...
#6 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
Maybe you shouldn't be a treatcherous bitch and betray you're people. Bitch.
#8 to #6 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
#9 to #8 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
sometimes it's y o u r.
#15 to #9 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
my big tittied mommy change them when you type you're
#44 to #9 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
If you want y o u r, type y o u ' r e
If you want y o u ' r e, type y o u r

you're = if you type y o u r
your = if you type y o u ' r e
#10 to #9 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
#14 to #6 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
you think everyone in Afghanistan is a ******* terrorist? dunno if trolling or dumbass.
#72 - ilikepatatas ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
im testing something
" intense bodylove " " digestive end product " " dick "
" backpassage" " intense bodyloveing " " digestive end productting "
just go on, nothing to see here
#73 to #72 - ilikepatatas ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
dammit, anyone else see censorship here i mean , like, not curses?
User avatar #76 to #73 - thenewgizmobox (07/14/2014) [-]
it's just filters, addy does them all the time.
User avatar #75 to #73 - mapleknight (07/14/2014) [-]
Nope. I see regular curses.
#70 - londontoedinburgh (07/14/2014) [-]
Meanwhile, in notourproblemistan...
#67 - bluwizard (07/14/2014) [-]
**bluwizard rolled image** when I leave
User avatar #58 - huzibizi (07/13/2014) [-]
Source pls?
User avatar #57 - irhaddy (07/13/2014) [-]
The guy on the left looks like André Schürrle.
User avatar #32 - EdwardNigma (07/13/2014) [-]
I considered watching the show this is from, Vice.
Still might.
LOOKS LIKE SOME HEAVY digestive end product.
User avatar #42 to #32 - i got bnned (07/13/2014) [-]
Yeah, they have a lot of good material.

Their coverage of the events unfolding in Ukraine is a bit one-sided, though.
User avatar #61 to #42 - biomedic (07/13/2014) [-]
it was good at first then I think simon ovstronsky picked his side when he got kidnapped and beaten. Been a bit biased since then.
#5 - Elemental (07/13/2014) [-]
Ain't that some ******** .
#2 - anon (07/13/2014) [-]
give em there visas obama!!!
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