4chan does home cooked lobster dates. enlarge it, TRUST ME. suecide now is mytine eset up a time for herto come overdo my p mgonna cook her a romantic dinner an

4chan does home cooked lobster dates

enlarge it, TRUST ME

suecide now is mytine
eset up a time for herto come overdo my p
mgonna cook her a romantic dinner and ****
Ashe seems excited
bit before she comes over I flvto /cki
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**** you Eek! **** you **** you **** you
you didn' t tell me this would happen
I thought cooking was supposed to be fun
I' m never doing this ******* ******** again
obe total retard in the world of cooking
athis one fine bitch I wanna slam says she likes it when guys cook for her
ollaan what I can in 30 minutes about cooking
suecide I know enough and wanna boil some lobsters
ohelo ******* yeah
we overdo the market and get four lobsters
aread somewhere online to bring a chillychu
odo just that
around the store with my delicious fri
adon' t know how dumb I look
oaring them home
ahave a bit ertime before girl comes over
st to lobsters in
ends in their new chilly home
suecide to make some biscuits as an appetizer
aread somewhere that as a fun family game you can put coins inside biscuits and have people breakthru open
Hoink I' m gonna get lucky so I put a condom in hers
olol I' m so suave
Ashe arrives
ttell her I' m just about to boil the lobsters
Ashe' s obviously the high art
conform it must be done while they' re alive
Ashe' s really upset
fissure hershey feel no pain
oput two of' em in a pot bywater
of boiling
iwant them to boil quickly so put flame on high
bleave the kitchen so we can chat it up on the couch
few minutes pass
oppenent hurwitz the biscuits
ttell herto break hers open for a surprise w
Ashe does
anothing in hers
Hake a big chomp of mine
ink wink
othe most disgusting taste of rubber and plastic fills my mouth
djesus christ it baked into the biscuit
ewhat was I thinking
Anonymous ( Fri) "
ihigh pitched screaming coming from k
Ashe freaks the **** out
oases ofthe lobsters are screaming
osay "ifyou were being boiled alive, wouldn' t you?"
oqhy the **** did I say that
ismoke starts coming from kitchen
ooh ****
iremember I left the paper bag with the
Miy in there
lobsters out meurthe burner
iwater is on a rapid ******* boil sending hot ass water everywhere
opener bag is on fire
ooh ****
oonly one lobster is ash
othere were two
uwhere the fuc-
oone ofthe lobsters is clear in the hell on the other side ofthe kitchen
oit' s rolling/ running around to avoid ihome and boiling water
agirl starts screaming
orun upto lobster
ostrep on it
m wearing my cleats
ogirls stops screaming
othe room is covered in ash and lobster
ashedust looks horrified
olook overdo her
suecide nojust go for it and say "bon appetit, wanna **** ?"
Ashe slaps me and leaves
atolls all furfriends who tell all my friends
ffriends now call me chef
jesus ******* most
Anonymous ( Fri) 2061 "
orun upto lobster
ostrep on it
m wearing my cleats
swearing my cleats
omy cleats
who the **** where' s cleats inside?
Anonymous ( Fri) 20: 56 "
because they were black and the closest thing I had to dress shoes
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