4chan builds a robot. . File: rsbot. ipg (73 KB, 500x500) Today something weird happened. I was building a robot, it' s more of a hobby than something professio 4chan builds a robot File: rsbot ipg (73 KB 500x500) Today something weird happened I was building it' s more of hobby than professio
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4chan builds a robot

File: rsbot. ipg (73 KB, 500x500)
Today something weird happened.
I was building a robot, it' s more of a hobby than something professional. Although I hope I can one day make money em of it. So while I was attaching one of the arms to the body, my mom walked in to my rnsm. I told her to please knock befire she enters. She asked me
what I was doing. I told her to get em of my room, because it' s not worth even telling her about what I' m doing. She doesn' t understand it, not even the basic concepts of robots or engineering. Some people just dent understand technology, I' m sure you know someone like
that. She told me to watch my attitude, or I' ll be grounded. Like I care, Ijust spend time in my room anyway- but I still felt frustrated that she wouldnt leave me alone. I tried coming up with a way to make her leave. A plan farmed in my mind. "Mom, Isak at this robot I' m
building''. She said "sh do you neverwet tired ofthose tays?" It' s not atzy, it' s a killer machine. I didn' t tell heath's though, but he has flamethrower built inside his arm, fueled by I stole hem sufferage- "Youjust check it out", I said. "It can dance when I
press this button." She leaned in closer, clearly I had peaked her interest. I laughed quietly as she studied it, and I pressed a button on a remote control. Aget Chame erupted hem the rsbot.
Now I only really meant to scare her, but the cardigan sweater she was wearing caught fire. Not Knowing what to do about it, I hsze. In seconds, the fire spread across her entire sweater. She screamed, and the scream took me out of my paralyzed state.
Frightened, I ran into my closet and closed the doors behind me. I don' t know how Usng I was in there, but that' s a place I always gs when I want to ferget the rest of the world around me. My peaceful place. The stench eventually got too much, and I had to leave
my clas . Her bu mt carcass was lying the floor, smudges of smoke rising hsm the body. Now I don' t know what to do. My dad will get really mad at me when he cames home hsm work. Should I remove the flamethrower hsm my robot, m can I leave it ,
and perhaps install a fire extinguisher the ather ami?
I Anonymous ( Tue) 01 I
I Anonymous ( Tue) 01 I
You need help, DP.
I Anonymous ( Tue) 01 :: 22 I
tunstall a fire extinguisher
laughed my fucking ass sf.
Op do an hers-
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