4chan Feels. I'm sad now.. U no teii@ itb) 14 55 No 553881564 _ squeegees »55933; » Hen we me Hae We VEST ere renier year ere sophomore ppretty cool chuck games 4chan Feels I'm sad now U no teii@ itb) 14 55 No 553881564 _ squeegees »55933; » Hen we me Hae We VEST ere renier year sophomore ppretty cool chuck games
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U no teii@ itb) 14 55 No 553881564 _
squeegees »55933; »
Hen we me
Hae We
VEST ere renier
year ere sophomore
ppretty cool chuck games watched the same n wens ere
were he a veer beforehand beaning ewwy sophomore
mm day at her house perms reek her a year ere brotherood rte cream and karate
e'er parents knee oneone ere we but here really cared an long es r used protectin
we nee en the an an new the shad teen r someimes gambled
we rars rem a prawn story
be alone In her house weening the notebook er same we that she nearer to watch he a long Mme
Pplaying league en her laptop at the tlmb
Spuddenly lust " rm about to get a km rt shuts
men up super _
ewes naked
Shay anon r hare something to tell we
e rm thoughts oh god shes eerie to say she we we abort freerun now
we kannst the we bullsht In medschool
Mu teens we erryones
yen what rs It?'
e dlet rocket hep we masturbate
Greene rs harem year old we blood hound
News arms!
D Ananymous( ) Gr/ 31/ 23 39 Ne 559882565 _ _
Mn was wee (V
wittedy Greene out by In general wan cheong out she ere rt worse
roper's my laptop warn to go hackle the game
me shuts rt warn
want to have a threesome wth rocket?"
wen he rm good
r' please rs my Fantasy"
r' seiously he
stop preying here to get anon
thats reekris wwd he rm nothong to do rt‘
dont he anon
ween rm her Mnid
ere you magog fun howevr
he rm sayang rs reekris wand that you make your dog re. your sheen _
he was rt _
hen the reek would you know?"
he keeps eeing rt
stop bang an asshole are
imjust amped the reek out
me wen takes the reeking laptop and throws rt at the wall
eh chm out
no want to watch yew dog be forced to wk sheen next gene to
tell we re you let mm reek you"
me gees e'er
were you fuckig we
r get lonely seperates
we we get to reek you when r we We ten generes away?
eene want to bothering
wth sex
me stays e'er
met up and go downsies rummage through furrow
we a pack the good caster: kane reek yes
arr down In her we mum watch N en herrer semen
Mar parents loaded
aways bought we we Wuhan! we even swung
mime " (awry Lends err bad rrerr wener oh well
aabout we generes later r hear e'er sobbing
drern he dealing wen rars we today
turns Into walls
New he wands bad maybe r am a drew
spuddenly gees e'er
nnerr shin came down seen enough
Mays e'er he we. we were generes
mmaybe sharers asleep
met up and walk
wwhen r get to the e'er r hear a repping nurse
e swarm god Warm: dung what r trunk shes eeing
mutant were fur a rm were seconds
turns We weening and wwd grining and
Know berm In earney
snerk In en herrer gang balls deep
yep rm gene
when waw
me wee to get up but the dog lterally reekris growls and pm: halal e bed
mmind we rars rs We a the as blood hound, and shes only maybe 5' 5 we pounds
ashes kerrang reekris raped by her own dog at rars pawl " r walkign the sierra
at hertog r hear sreeping and were
pram but start here " reek down the Starr:
Nun eying en the new
gget up and go grab were new snacks rm her pantry
Meme Havana return
Freons out her parents came home We an seconds ere r M
ccan only them walkng w en goddaughter bang raped by a dog
Burner there' s were
an home go lay down w my bed sun almost all rage forgotten
w/ serrie
doorbell Hug
wrongs warn
VI heehahe e'er open
to my mum
the reek
an up and go we my nowthat r keep w my closet
reekris bow em
and reeking serprize we wuss get raped by dog
ere yen walk w
your parents let we n anon We' re e reeking dck'
averse my parents
Shamans: r worldclock we and /murdoc?"
because We laughed at w
you gee mm en we her main: blue ball people, km
sshe starts CH/ mg. suddenly starts spening about hen her parents walked In and she nee so embarrassed she
ran away
wee Wanna place they' re gonna new
THE GRAVEYARD? l" we screams nee that a serum: reference"! oh god rars new hes me rt
stanag at we re rem and seen es reek
are you breaking epyrrb we anon'
he she sherlock"
spuddenly gets rars ward as reekris gm. nodding slowly
okay she says rt We ten reeking Mme: reekris " she gees and slts en my bed, stanag at we
nobody hes dumped we before anon (V
Swen wees a everyting
e'er keeps reeking smang at we
you need to leave (F
we spreads her legs and starts to Myer Herman:
you Know you want we anon
have [urs"
sarees rm pretty sure shes broken at rars pawl
dont you dare get It"
VI lust turn around and smut out ewe mum fur sahre master she put maker Maud w we
superr the e'er
we the parents
tthank reekris god
we We here anon?'
yeah thepost shinee up
appear nerine we
whatt gang on?"
km reekris crazy'
tthey all look at we
we we my mew she' s gene ewe deep and
tthey all go to my mew
superr the e'er and rhe that shes raying to Jump out er my but cant open rt
were back a geogre
spuddenly peeks up my bow was to draw rt back but cant we a pen my pound drawback)
says reek rt. armrest grabs a broadleaved arrow we GOING To KILL we ANON"
yyou hickok- wart what
me group ornaments ere In the way both dads grab her WM: my mom and her youjust Land: reek at
my mom phones farms perm
tthey wen up and ergern her
VI lust Mud: to en he a walk shrine perm took my statement and she rm out the dog renreg her
part mostly fur her sake
gheyer sen her warn Mariner
The end Hope you guys arrayed
OP' s Girlfriend
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#5 - notisac
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(08/04/2014) [-]
"tries to draw bow (60 pound hunting bow)" guys it worth the read! ******* hilarious
#4 - notisac
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has deleted their comment [-]
#3 - meunlu
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(08/04/2014) [-]
>laughs himself to tears as her dog is actively raping his gf
>but then has to take a walk after the whole ordeal?
biggest one
>says no to sex
#6 to #3 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(08/04/2014) [-]
Don't put your dick in crazy, friend.
User avatar #7 to #3 - jinxter
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(08/04/2014) [-]
#1 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(08/04/2014) [-]
Can someone sum this never-happend-story up cause Im not going to waste my time reading that ****
#2 to #1 - drickz
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(08/04/2014) [-]
It's worth the read, trust me.

OP can't deal with GFs beastiality
Dumps her
She goes looney
Tries to kill him
Police takes her away
Never seen again
#8 to #1 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(08/05/2014) [-]
Dog at chips off of girlfriends butthole. Anon came while watching, parents walked in.