(4) tumblr can be funny. . damn mats one at my Emile pasts here. was for men to be square shaped realty pisses me tatt Illnes glad that gnu all understand. another unrealistic standard for men
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(4) tumblr can be funny

damn mats
one at my Emile pasts here.
was ******* for men to be square shaped realty pisses me tatt
Illnes glad that gnu all understand
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Submitted: 04/23/2014
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#1 - spittersplat (04/23/2014) [+] (2 replies)
another unrealistic standard for men
another unrealistic standard for men
#25 - TehFunnyMan (04/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
#4 - soundofwinter ONLINE (04/24/2014) [+] (27 replies)
6'5 glorious god tier master height
Holy **** does my spine hurt, lord help me
User avatar #14 to #4 - xirbitzy (04/24/2014) [-]
6'8 here, short people will never know the fear of short doorways
#62 - ghostofgemini (04/24/2014) [-]
I'm surprised. No one bitching about here only being 2 doors, and not one for the weird-nonexistent-sexuality they refer to themselves as?
User avatar #40 - useroftheLOLZ (04/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Doesn't the same go for men though? Like ******* seriously, you're going to tell me that society isn't shallow either, and expects men to be either GI ******* Joe, or ******* Christian Bale? With all the aspects which are viewed as shallow, regardless of gender, those being being a 10/10 in looks, rich as **** , sexy as **** , and so on. Why does it have to focus on women? Because there's a "Patriarchy"? I'm ******* sorry if Vogue or some of the other retarded as **** , women's magazines, pressure you into how what they believe is the ideal form, gee whiz, better get mad at all those FEMALE WRITERS AND CEOS WHO RUN THE MAGAZINE, BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUSLY MEN THAT'S TELLING WOMEN THAT THIS IS HOW THEY SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

I know it's Femenazi Tumblr logic, but god damn it, the sheer absence, no, it's the complete opposite, the fact that this goes against all logic, it doesn't just ignore logic, it goes into the negative territory of logic, just amazes me.
User avatar #49 - Blackrain (04/24/2014) [+] (10 replies)
Being only 5'6 and male, this is what I've found:

It's much easier being fit/built than being tall
Good looks still go a much long way
Girls my height and smaller love it, when we hug, their face is next to mine or right under it, where as if the guy was tall, it would be at the guys chest or stomach.
Girls like kisses more as the guy doesn't have to bend so far down/girl doesn't have to tilt their head 65* upwards
I mean, it always helps that I'm rich.
#64 - cocacolapop (04/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
But I'm 6.2"...
User avatar #68 to #64 - thegoodgatsby (04/24/2014) [-]
Don't worry, tall brethren. There's a toll for men under six feet. We get through for free.
#27 - trevanman (04/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
what if you're a dude taller than 6 ft?
User avatar #77 - thatdamnllama (04/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
5'10'' but not square shaped
User avatar #78 to #77 - auan (04/24/2014) [-]
6'0, shaped more like sickly tree than minecraft character.
User avatar #41 - tallwhiteperson (04/24/2014) [+] (9 replies)
im 6'4 tall, and im white, hence my username ;)
User avatar #33 - dancingdoggy (04/24/2014) [+] (4 replies)
I'm missing something
Why does the comic have the "undesired" required size for a man to get through, and the "desired" required size for a woman to get through?
User avatar #39 to #37 - reginleif ONLINE (04/24/2014) [-]
Eh I don't think they bothered to cover all their bases, it's a tumblr comic. :/
#32 - reginleif ONLINE (04/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
**reginleif rolled image** MFW realizing I'm 5,10 after posting this. :/
User avatar #24 - Waro ONLINE (04/24/2014) [-]
Not our fault we're attracted to healthy bodies.

(I know that shape doesn't necessarily mean healthy, but it's what's implied)
#2 - jewfrosdsd (04/24/2014) [-]
You forgot about the lasers that **** you up if you are ugly , weird , awkward, or don't have a 6 pack or are an introvert.
#81 - imalex (04/24/2014) [-]
1 cm away from being 6'0   
pic related: me if i never grow to 6'0
1 cm away from being 6'0

pic related: me if i never grow to 6'0
#73 - anonymous (04/24/2014) [-]
girls just want a man that's teller than her, we don't knecessarily have to be tall, just taller.

we're in luck : )
#70 - anonymous (04/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
4'11" here
im going to kill myself bye
User avatar #69 - christhexplorer (04/24/2014) [-]
Go ahead and be fat then...
#3 - anonymous (04/24/2014) [-]
5.11" So close
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