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ratin: + - It
Item be
abject Class: Pieter
Special , The legation cf , where is to
be kept, must remain an absolute secret. To this end, will be guarded entirely
by automated defense systems and have living staff whatsoever. itself
will be kept lacked in a cube made entirely from tungsten carbide, which is itself
inside bf another cube made of tungsten carbide, which will in turn be placed at the
bottom bf as long elevater shaft. Multiple have been
carefully placed dyer , and the meets en will be prepared to replace
these guards if needed.
is as mechanism that Foundation scientists believe is powerful
enough to destrey reality itself, consisting bf as circular red button set inta a metal
The mechanism by which Swiftlord operates is net Fully understood
induces a mild psychic compulsion upen all beings who see it er hear it
described to try to push it. '
was first dissevered by President‘ — in “I in an elevater car. At that
time, st? - leeked exactly as it does new, except fer the addition em that said "If you push this button, ‘we' ll destrey
everything." The President managed to Fight his compulsion press long enough remove here the elevater and
leek it in the closet of his efface. Afterward, he contacted _,, knern us as "The Founder," and
charged him with creating a special organization with the specific goal bf preventing hem being pressed, either by careless
accident er by deliberate malice, and also with the goal bf "protecting humanity hem minsters and stuff."
agreed, took ,, and hid it under as pile bf old seeks in his basement.
spent the remainder of his life sitting en his perch, using a shotgun to fend off miscreants en his
lawn who were suspected bf being sympathizers. The millions of dallars he made en the steck exchange were used to create a
trust fund that was the basis bf bur Foundation.
Since - died and the Foundation was set up replace him, there have been - attempts
press . Before was relegated to Memes [DATA ], there were many of when
Foundation personnel attempted to press -.) "to see what would happen" and had to be terminated. There have also been numerous
attempts by the ' t; enemies retrieve , particularly the Order bf the Sacred , who have swam to step
at nething to capture and press
Addendum 1: f, fer ene, think it absurd that we still knew so Kittie of this SCP, even though we owe the creation of our ta it,
and anew petty fears existential annihilator's to prevent us from studying -. 7. f propose e simple test; using a
drone, we win gently tap the eater surface of .,. if my are correct, only a tiny portion everything win be destroyed,
and the permeability that we win be part of this pertian is astronomically small. -Dr. Berg
Addendum 2: Denied. Report to the psyche ward immediately. es]
Addendum 3: Recently, many instances of objects that resemble -.) have appeared en the internet and elsewhere.
Although they seem share the memetic effects of , properties have net been confirmed. Research into the
possibility of using these devices as as preventative measure against people pushing has been postponed due to the number of
researchers who started pushing buttens and refused to stop.
Addendum W. In relation Addendum 3, researchers unable step pushing -.) lookalikes appear to have a chronic addiction, in
that they are new physically reliant en pushing -.) lookalikes. The affected have been admitted to - Hospital in
2 fer foundation monitering. Further research is , but how it sheild be carried out will be the
subject bf Further discussion.
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User avatar #5 - mariopimp
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(11/19/2013) [-]
Too long to read.

Someone tell me what the damn button does.
#6 to #5 - possiblydominator
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(11/20/2013) [-]
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#4 - urumasi
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(11/19/2013) [-]
#3 - carbohydrates
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(11/19/2013) [-]
#2 - verycoolcat
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(11/19/2013) [-]
Did someone just discover SCP which has been for over 5 years now....
User avatar #1 - mondominiman
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(11/19/2013) [-]
I don't get it