33. . Something horrible happened to me today. This girl that I liked walked up to me during lunch break, along with her fiends following her. I was "very nervo 33 Something horrible happened to me today This girl that I liked walked up during lunch break along with her fiends following was "very nervo
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Something horrible happened to me today.
This girl that I liked walked up to me during lunch break, along with her fiends following her. I was "very nervous already - I always an with girls- and could
tell from the heat on my face I was heavily blushing, which made me even more nervous. To add to that, her friends were laughing behind her shoulders, so I
smelled something fishy right away.
The worst thing that has ever happened to me then occurred. Never in my life have so miserable She looked at me with a grin on her face, and told me
that first off she never liked me, and was just playing with me for a laugh. Then, she added that I was ugly and that no one would ever want to be with someone
like me. Behind her, her firends were laughing and capturing the whole scene with their camera phones (w yeah, it was probably planned from the start, all to have a big laugh at me)
I didn' t even know how to react: so many people were around and looking at me that I just felt I was going to fall unconscious. I walked out of there mechanically -f was barely able to thinik- as quickly
as I could with tears I was hardly keeping and went to the bathroom to CRY. I hadn' t cried for years and there I was, in the fucking canteen' s bathroom crying.
I' m a fucking loser and I hate myself sto BAD. I hate girls andi hate humans. They rob you of every single piece of self- esteem you have for their own self enjoyment. How the fisk am I
supposed to go on with life when people are so horrible?
so you should totally go and beat Cho' s high some now seeing as you are probably a "underage/ t faggot still in middle or highschool_ oh yeah after you kill everyone go to a secluded area with
her dying body and : it on web cam and send it to her parents. that will show that bitch
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(03/22/2014) [-]
So there was this one person I liked, and let's just say it didn't go so well when I confessed; same gender and all that ****. I don't remember the year clearly, but that was almost ten years ago; I've never recovered. I lost my friends in a matter of days, and even now I have an amazing total of four friends.

And they still don't know about it, or anything else I hold close to my heart. Yet I'm writing it here; Internet ftw.

Whenever I see her I can still feel something, but it's replaced by hate fairly fast.

Some beautiful day, she'll pay; that day won't be so beautiful for her.