24 Things You Didn't Know About Beer. . THINGS YOU MDN' T KNOW ABOUT C The study or bee: and new making. the we particular ingredients may in the brewing . The  funny Beer Cars drunk Crash Pokemon fire Guns games Money doge meme k black lol tags
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24 Things You Didn't Know About Beer

C The study or bee: and new
making. the we
particular ingredients may in
the brewing .
The alias written recipe: tit
ever discovered by human beings are tar
making on stone tablets over
over 5, 000 was ago, JV
in the term or songs.
adorned with at 'Ci; V
woman holding two coolers and - _ - ' ti
is inscribed with the caption P A
Drink we Bear -thet beef - J
with the heart or a lion!"
2000 BC - the first
recorded drunk
driving incident.
in ancient Emmi an resonated
used _lrr beer charioteer is after
iue m the q running down a Vestal virgin of the
r goddess neither. The culprit is
omitted on the door or the tavern
that sold him the been and his
Domes allowed to hang there until
scavengers reduce It to bones.
tmi" ocean
vanes. mm moon to and
ms . This
created a new smear some other
Extra DUNANI India
File Alas (twist.
There are 400
type: of been
has he MOI! maxim:
be an dot t C
The agriculture revolution
was started because
beanie needed a wall (
Wells Eon Sectors. make more bash This led
This my is so expensive to inventions such as the
that is only sold in one Blow, wheel. and
bar. . in London irrigation systems.
G) Beer made with spit:
Masai moan gais we we would chew comma a pulp like
consistency in their mouths, then spit the we out into huge
vets or warm water to " far several weeks. The viscous,
cloudy. lumpy spit tilled mixture would be later strained.
W# new Munich.
rounded more than nine centuries
ago in the year 1040.
we or we
Drinking id tor
adults children a so
consumed beer as a
source of energy and
mum tameem compared to
Beer prevents
kidney stones.
A may published in America's
mums! or Epidemiology round
that “beer consumption was
inversely associated with not of
kidney stones on middle aged
AIG' i' t men. Each some of beer
consumed per day was estimated
to reduce risk by 40%."
Beer strengthens m
your bones.
According to a study Published In the
American Journal at Clinical Nutrition,
my “protects density
because of Is Nah lavas of Simon. This
allows the deposit of catchum and other
than bone tissue.
mind that . who
imam in Mwut. Gemany
our a do; mas the new m
to their children. Fan Mar prevented
men tram selling
and making been
Don' t forget!
Drink your daily
ration of beer!
one the oldest laws in the
world to be passed s related
to been Babylonian Hammurabi
decreed that each person was to have a daily ration
or been determined by their social status.
He then went onto say that women would be drowned it
they served bad boar.
Thirsty China.
The Czech Rebublic drinks
more beer per manila than any
other , For the past
two years, chine dome more
V - beer than any other country
use million ).
W _ China is the fastest
new market in the world. The
United states ranks number
is pack to go 24
The hm new cans were
produced in 1935. Drinkers
wee no longer going to
taverns, and breweries .. Mll. M. 1
needed to get been We the
homes. The smaller packages
made it much easier to get
seer home
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