Two rooms are in front of you. You must enter one. … +1378 My mom refused to vaccinate me to prevent autism. Then I ended… +893
>Be me >have friend over >"Hey anon, whi… +725 this is reason, not "fedora" how'd you like… +622
I played this game once, every time my government ran into sev… +604 Picture +568
"I sleep in the attic and like it warm." "C… +465 anonexplains +410
Shut the **** up +378 "Most retail workers know what'll be on sale next week. A… +370
Picture +360 I almost tried it before I realized what I was about to do +320
I knew I'd get to use this. +314 I'm a Christian, and I now know the reasoning behind Atheism. … +306
The email of this account already exists. +295 Picture +293
You have no idea how psychological abuse works. +276 believe it or not i actually saved an amateur pot grower in my… +270
Could be of use to anyone but me +269 Plot armor +266
getting tired of your **** stephen +262 Picture +261
I made a thing for this, enjoy. +259 I thought orange was the new black. +258
freddy mercury sucked dick +252 >implying that would stop him from fapping +251
YOUR NAME. WHAT YOU WATCH ALL DAY. THIS PICTURE. SI… +250 yfw your dogs like you a little too much +250
so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute omg +246 And again we need to explain how the economy is not a zero sum… +241
**sharkpunch used "*roll picture*"** **sharkpunch rolled i… +234 Picture +223
bro.. too many words +222 Picture +217
They said it couldn't be done. They said I couldn't party whil… +209 i have a split uvula, so it forever looks like i have a ballsa… +206
ha, this is good +205 xskullgirlsx has been here for a month and shes been in two of… +197
Yeah **** the man! +193 sex sells, but so does mcdonalds doesn't mean its not … +191
HFW she leaves him for a black guy with a horse dick to stuff … +188 Picture +186
Not to be a downer, but I've come to FJ casually for a few yea… +185 I had a verbally abusive girlfriend. Made me feel like … +185
Damn, accidentally posted the second section of the comic twic… +184 Wow, I honestly thought no one would see... +172
masturbation +166 Picture +166
Picture +163 Name them first +162
I made this. +162 Picture +161
Picture +161 I wonder if the two girls ever seen this comic Or wor… +160
On one hand, she's exploiting stupid people, which I very much… +153 i feel horny and uncomfortable at the same time … +152
"lol nice fedora" comments on **** like… +151 ok, story time >be me >be dreaming >… +148
this comic was good trip from start to end! +147 I have kept my brothers phone activated for that reason... … +147
>Playing ROB +145 Picture +144
I feel it +144 Picture +144
Make 4th reich as Germany. Removed every single non-white pers… +143 Fixed it for you Joshlol +138
Picture +137 Come on and slam, and do the jellyfish jam! +136
Me right now. +134 look at all that funny +132
Once charles get the throne he is gonna abdicate and give it t… +130 We are trying to humor here. +130
but they made eye contact, they have to fight +125 Picture +125
Sadly that doesn't apply tp their logic. Their logic is claimi… +125 the girls... +124
shut +123 The Plot of every FPS ever.gif +122

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