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Picture +412 This battle was over before it even began +404
ït's pornhub +385 My dog was hit by a car about a month ago. He had a broken jaw… +366
I don't really see why you'd want that but here you go. +280 These poor innocent women have obviously been brainwashed by t… +257
Well I'll be here. That's for sure. +256 Picture +254
When Facebook comments are talking more sense than most other … +239 Huh, It's almost like the president is a person. It's gr… +229
dude, have some ******* limits you worthless piec… +222 hows the 8th grade treatin ya? +216
>attractive woman wears tight shirt/pants >walks thr… +213 DAD?? +213
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just a bandwagon thing. +211 what kind of scrub are you? king size masterrace! +208
**bluwizard rolled image ** my tastes +202 They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that … +197
Barley. +196 nice try admin, you're just trying to get me to turn adblock off +191
oh glorious Cromartie Highschool I love this show so much … +187 Pls bring back DJadmin +180
Picture +179 "No, NOO! It's JUST A PRANK!!" *squish!* &qu… +177
The key is to sound convincing. Doesn't matter what ***… +177 Uhh oh okay.. +175
I like it, nice job. +170 Picture +169
I also wan to know who looked at a chicken and thought "I… +164 >Reading Mangas >Ever touching a Vagina Choose one +162
respect +160 Oh look, a female comedian and her act about sex. Gee, we sure… +159
it's a win-win-lose >dick sucked 7 times >… +151 A UFO! let me pull out the Hubble telescope from my prosta… +147
Picture +146 impressive animation +142
The last place I wish fj was relevant respect the classi… +140 9 out of 11 - would cock-block again. +140
That feel when you absolutely hated someone from high school e… +139 Picture +138
"if you really think that the environment is more importa… +138 I find it hilarious that in every other Colbert video, he leav… +137
the Cul-de-Sac kinda reminds off this homely place. +137 Picture +136
*bounces off self destruct button +133 >womyn Back to tumblr you go. Quit bastardizin… +130
**youlikeme rolled image ** If I didn't know any better… +130 >his glorious double chin you gun get banned, son +129
Why are people proud of their sexual orientation? It's somethi… +128 **** I just cringed super hard. I get what you're… +123
inverted picture, it actually looks like youtube +122 Weapons of mass distraction +121
There should be a comp of this. Gifs described literally. … +121 Picture +120
It's simple +118 When someone asks you how to nod +117
Such as spelling? +116 realistic pokemon +115
Yay dota +113 Still Colbert gave her free publicity and attention. She … +112
damn, he moves faster on stubs then I do on two legs +111 ****** =/= negro chink =/= chinese beaner… +111
this picture +109 She's hot. The one on the right is decent too. +108
I'm always here +107 Picture +105
he didn't even break his stride +102 2spooked2login +102
"pls don't" +100 I tried. +99
More like seven hundred years of increasingly piss-poor manage… +99 Picture +98
Yay, I was not in the best of spirits after watching that inte… +98 Damn those tutorials what force you to buy some stuff as well. +98
Picture +98 Picture +98
>join isis >get gang raped by sand monkeys +98 I'm loving the skeltal content lately +97

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