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i guess he told her to bend doe ver +561 >Not fapping before your body produced semen +509
Make FJ green again +498 Picture +483
** *************** rolled comment #1736398 ** :… +467 oh deer +425
yea, she's too old for me too. +425 Vance Flosenzier. +398
I think someone should just go ahead and make a whole weekly c… +390 **anonymous rolled image ** what u paid to have sex with +360
Look at all that funny +352 We both got buckets of chicken. Ya wanna do it? +348
revive krillin... again +330 **iamslender rolls 394** +326
Workers face when told about their next project. Build T… +316 no gypsies are worse +300
Your mother in bed isnt on the list +295 I mean like.. Guys.. I know it's ******* funny. Y… +271
Picture +265 Sorry, forgot it doesn't work both ways. **** … +264
Picture +261 thanks +259
Picture +253 9 out of 10 times when you find free wifi anywhere: &… +228
Picture +225 Look at all that funny. +223
As someone who trains Taekwondo i can confirm these kicks will… +211 are you really that desperate in trying to break my heart OP? +210
******** . You'd think that because the attractive… +208 **beehummingbird rolled image ** My pick up line +208
i wish for white text +201 Wololo +201
How is that ********** ? They paid to get somethin… +197 "He sank the ship he worked on just to kill the captain.&… +194
>Asks a question >Gets an answer >"I don… +192 Picture +191
Picture +191 I'm the my big black penetrative daddy istrator of a website … +191
Picture +190 Picture +189
check this out. +186 When I read "In Japan it is legal..." I thought you … +183
Class is the tool of the enemy. +181 Picture +180
Bro, that is why leather armor and stuff like that existed. Sk… +174 i've never even seen the second version of scooby. +174
I don't get it +168 okaylol +167
You know what we want. +167 Dude you can't just render out the eyes like that when the res… +166
Picture +165 Ellie is a girl I would want for my gf. Apart from... you … +162
dude was clearly over the line definitely deserved it +162 Picture +154
***** you just went full retard. +153 Related. +152
Well, I guess if the other person understands the concept of p… +152 Ramparts is where a Hunter wins the need roll on Hellreaver ov… +150
**lyder rolls 66** +150 Picture +149
Picture +149 This ************ thinks I'm out on a Friday. +149
Are you asking to be include d? +146 >People in the comments saying "America is just as ba… +145
The first time I actually ejaculated, I thought I'd broken my dick.. +143 Contact every big party supply place, offer to be their sole p… +140
Beyond Blunderdome Season 11, episode 1 +138 Picture +136
**** I MEANT TO POST THIS +134 Picture +134
why the **** is everything about this goddamn fro… +131 >Scooby doo >Ready to take on some ghouls Y… +131
Yeah, get away +131 "We are European, we are cultured and friendly.....not li… +129
This is the funniest rape joke i've seen in a while. I wish I … +127 Picture +127
it's payback for all the damn random battles. +125 **enderwolf rolls 999,612,488** +124

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