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I can't express how crazy happy I am right now this i… +784 ITS NOT WEED YOU PIECE OF **** STONER! +686
It's all fun and games until.... +618 Picture +513
Picture +497 that **** looked so dumb until he pushed the hot pocket… +458
As long as you say 'no pedo' its ok +454 But he gets more pussy than you ever will +447
Who would we have to cheat on? +415 that absolute madman +408
you ******* NORMIIIEEE REEEEEE +394 no one needs to know +388
God Lindsay what happened? +380 guy on watch hfw. +372
Picture +347 I completely agree sexy. wanna **** ? +347
Picture +346 5. +345
itsthetie be all like +341 cant fool me admin +339
*Turns in direction of camera* *Doesn't blink* *Finishes* +335 "African-American" +330
********* example ever, because in poes books they real… +329 Not even on the same line. 0/10 +325
Real tiddies > Tiddies on screen +319 Picture +309
******* poetry gold +309 Yup! Which is probably why he has the implant. +288
"The battery was always full until anon messed with my ph… +283 **cocosmama used "*roll picture*"** **cocosmama rolled image ** +270
Picture +252 the new season of HIMYM has potential +248
What's the difference? +243 tfw my halo 3 edition was stolen last year +238
Picture +231 Picture +231
I think I did okay. +230 this is my life +225
Picture +223 Does this happen to many people? please tell me I'm not insane +222
They never get a "bad" picture of him, even though t… +221 What the **** is going on there Look at the lo… +220
3XL = Smallfats ******* what +220 Yeah, I probably would. +218
Picture +216 The piano wouldn't have been any lighter if he played it. Not … +209
You forgot one +208 Picture +207
That looks like a Sprite, but I'm sure there's some coke in it. +203 If you think Auschwitz looked anywhere near like that, you nee… +203
Picture +202 you don't have to be smart to have common sense +201
In a real fire, that ************ is getting thrown the… +200 Picture +199
Taking lying down on the floor to a whole other level... Watch… +199 And? How is this humorous? It's not even interesting or relate… +197
**courageexplains used "*roll picture*"** **courageexplains… +194 We're working towards bringing "Time not playing video ga… +193
bodybuilding on a budget: 20 lbs of chicken legs = 5… +192 Picture +192
thumbnail....... +192 "But you're clearly working" "No, i'm a vol… +191
Why have you got your asshole out? +191 I never forget +189
Y'think being friendzoned is bad, being relationshipzoned and … +188 Picture +187
Picture +178 The only sensible solution +178
I saw this episode. This man cooked fantastic meals for he… +176 ''Are you a spy?'' ''No'' ''Alright, you're in.'' +176
You can afford a fancy ass watch but can't afford better than … +175 Xbox 420 +174
Yup +171 What did one orphan say to the other? Get in the Bat… +170
Picture +170 Otherwise. +167
Not worth it you cunt! 18 minutes late! +166 MFW he actually did it +163
WEED +161 They're also great singers +159

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