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**imauserc used "*roll picture*"** **imauserc rolled image… +536 I should start resiume watching house again +513
felt like someone might use it +480 When the door opens I know it's spelled Frieza +441
When you talk to npcs in Oblivion +416 Isn't it kinda redundant for him to call himself autistic when… +390
> mfw it's my trun +385 he shoot himself with small caliber bullets and build an immun… +365
Picture +364 Picture +354
Because Dark-Age internet times were cancerous. +345 When your 3D modelling software ***** up +335
Vote John Cena 2016 and there will be no more crimes involving… +334 well yeah /fit/ makes you homo +331
Test didn't work, your gif is Frozen +331 It's like a milf-jailbait combo platter. +318
Well, paper beats rock, so obviously he can't get out of a pap… +316 Picture +310
**rollingpicture used "*roll picture*"** **rollingpicture r… +308 I made this awhile ago. Still not sure why. +302
Paper made from trees = grass bag is wet = water … +278 Picture +273
>foolproof You underestimate my inability to cook +267 Picture +267
joel2 yea,i didn't really like the last part. Kinda i… +257 Well, this was... different from the usual comps. Nicely job! +251
Actually its Tom Berenger playing sargeant Barnes... +245 The Feminists would lose because they would never willing work… +243
As long as you're not muslim, be my guest nah b… +237 My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials Can you say… +237
That's his MOM!? +225 Why was crazy frog ever popular? +224
"When your boyfriend's ******* you he's thinking o… +220 Metamorphosis complete. +217
All the the guys working there non stop thinking about groups … +213 That would be because the other two thirds have their junk bur… +210
Anyone want to talk about how the dude turned gay? To… +210 I'm Ameri-kin. This triggered me +209
Looks like your cat has better taste than you do, then +208 Remember when we had fanfiction that included heterosexual peo… +200
Look what I did +197 You gon' learn today +196
Calm down and have a bowl of Cheerios. +194 Picture +194
masterofromance.jpg +192 I once went to a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. That's all I'm… +191
Dragon's Dogma is also a good choice. You can change… +190 >implying japan didn't do the same **** proudly, eve… +189
SLAP SLAP SLAP CLAP CLAP **** +189 yep +186
Needs more oomph. +186 Is it so hard to type body visualizer dot com? +185
We all know what we'd wish to look like +181 Carlos is making the virgins unavailable if you know what I mean +179
Picture +178 Killing a dog +176
please tell me how Korea or Vietnam had ******* to do … +176 Picture +176
Picture +172 So the Germans prevented your cities from getting bombed and y… +172
check again brah +172 did you at least catch one? +171
Why do people do this? Why is this a good idea for pe… +167 Who ***** on a chair in a sperm bank? Guy sounds like … +167
I just realised your name could be "mrs now balls" +163 **kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +162
Mines been on one for 2 years and she's the healthiest shes ev… +160 Picture +158
I always hated that Jerry guy as a kid, but seeing him now, I … +158 The title is so fitting +156
There was an attempt at a chark. +154 Pfft, 1000 words. Git gud. +154
Picture +153 not cannon unfortunately +149
I don't she has, either +147 Not sure if cables are disorganised as **** , or someon… +145
Picture +143 Now we have a pansy no-name junior senator and soon to be a cu… +143
as if mate +142 Picture +141

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