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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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1. Season 1, episode 2: "Bart the Genius" 2. Sea… +587 Robin Your story is getting weird +502
Picture +501 He's a programmer, not a linguist. +490
Related. +471 i can live without pie, so yeah... +311
**fourtwentt rolls 77** +311 Which was written by Shakespeare. +310
Picture +310 Burns paper Paper is white Jamal must be Black Bla… +309
A tinder, but for people that want to fight someone. +305 Picture +300
Deaf peoples fw +285 Depends if the balls touched when you got home and ****… +279
The man who is protecting the galaxy. +275 She's not that attractive +270
OP's FW (for " cleaning " that **** ) +260 Grandad died of Alzheimer's. I never knew him when he was healthy. +256
Mfw the ass is fat Mfw already nutted but s… +249 And this is a woman who hears sound for the first time in 2 years. +247
I've made my choice. +245 >one of us I see ellen thinks highly of herself … +240
The sniper one is called the Coriolis Effect. Basically any ob… +237 Thunder throwing rats I'm actually very scared. +236
I never eat pie anyway. +234 And the cat just goes +231
mfw I entered the **** section this moring +231 Picture +225
Only the best 'hacker' could come up with this master plan. +224 My Gramma had Dementia. I remember the last time I had a 1 to… +222
Guys I am the real 4 chan it was me all along what do I do to … +222 yfw +216
"I feel it" +214 Picture +210
Picture +203 related, and similar +199
Is.. is it possible? Is Gone With The Blastwave updating again?! +199 I think I'm the only one that kinda enjoyed Fable 3. I mean, s… +196
4chan is hacking the hexagon as we speek we need to stop him +192 Pay attention to how that women behind Jennifer in the purple … +192
"you see vladmir, when you have forehead like mine … +192 "Dentists hate him" +190
> german army +190 That moment when you think you're done with school ..… +187
He saw his hand was there and didn't move... He wanted it. +186 You picked a poor name. +184
Gif stands for graphics interchange format. Thus G makes the &… +182 Picture +180
So that's where this face is from... +174 93 thumbs and no comments, i guess people are really committin… +172
I give you the sand cat +171 meanwhile at tumblr +170
>Choose pink coffin. >go 200 years forward >r… +169 "I feel insecure about my weight and appearance, I will g… +169
"don't let go, jack.." +169 "Do what you must, I have already won" +166
militant atheists win +165 Picture +165
Actually, I believe this is anime for adults. +164 I'd motorboat that +164
Dang, Grandma must have lost her memory after little Timmy gav… +162 The US kicked the VC's ass up and down the jungle. The only re… +161
Barry sounds like the best rival by far. +160 In PETA the E stands for "ethical" but we don't pron… +159
I´m kinda split on the matter. On one site I can´t … +153 Let it be noted that I fapped to those leaks like my life dep… +151
He's making the joke that he keeps forgetting what he just sai… +151 "games need to stop empowering the player" … +149
Picture +149 hmm +145
Guardians of the Galaxy +143 I canceled my ******* Fallout NV collectors editi… +143
Picture +142 > Cat smells like pot +141
happy fapping +138 That disrespectful ************ . +138
An app that makes the phone continually vibrate as long as you want. +138 God I love technology and the science that makes stuff like th… +138
Here's a video she took +138 So he started the "thirsty" games +136

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