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No macdonalds for you +740 I wonder what that sneaky sun of a bitch was up to for those 2… +692
booom +541 Actually, its dressing. +532
I'm working on Pretty Woman at the moment +491         、ヾ:、ノノゞ,.,、   … +485
Picture +412 Picture +386
I love these "grown up" versions +374 I lost a chromosone reading that description. +355
Of course you were fired. 'The customer is always right' +336 I did something similar. I looked in a mirror and though "… +292
Found this yesterday +286 The last Christian party was pretty ******* aweso… +282
Picture +277 Picture +272
"I'll have one sandwich... with EVERYTHING on it." +264 what a beautiful moment +260
"What're you looking at, smooth skin?" +253 I just love these things +250
those are glorious +241 i ******* the eyeball for THAT? … +240
Sorry. I had to. +237 that's quite a big blue circle you drew for yourself, boy +231
this guy is stupid +230 Its really not that difficult to tie a tie +230
Picture +229 Oh the joys of being white male CIS scum. +220
Japan made its own sun to match their flag. +220 htw he now has to go out and play versus grown ass men +215
Picture +214 Picture +208
While I am gay and have no issue with pretty much anyone of an… +198 wow ok +197
Wow theres a lot of dicks in that sandwich +196 Picture +192
Picture +191 That concentration though...you just know how choreographed th… +190
**volugs rolled image ** Dis mah favorite Anime +188 Dispatch we are looking for a red bmw. No make that green … +187
Picture +180 Like this? +173
You got a bit carried away there And I love it +171 I don't have a dad. +171
Picture +169 **fuccthedevil rolls 888** am i doing it rite +169
Picture +168 "lol now the cops will never get me" MEANWH… +165
Picture +163 you're facing the technique that's been passed down the Armstr… +162
Picture +161 Picture +161
There's a site called were they have yearly contests for lemon… +156 something you can't touch +153
HIS NAME IS TOOTOO AND HIS NUMBER IS 22, THAT'S AWESOME YOU GUYS +152 In related news, Russia is now a planet. +150
What's he dressing for? A funeral? +150 You know he will +149
Picture +149 Fuken women tried to rape him +147
"Whoa there hot wheels where you going? Remember the last… +147 The ol' lickaroo +146
Picture +145 Picture +144
Picture +143 Picture +140
You're supposed to smack it Play the game properly +139 one time I sucked my bro and I didn't say … +138
Love Otto +137 you see she took the men outside so that the wind would lift u… +135
What's the matter? You can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman? +135 >robosexuality >heinous Hey m8 don't judge other… +135
Picture +135 Krokodil "i just wanna look and die like a d… +133
Monks when picking weapons. +133 Picture +133
Picture +131 What if they make girls jeans with fake pockets so that they a… +131
Picture +130 hfw +129

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