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Do you want Charlie sheen's? Because that's how you get charli… +1155 But we did win. +1120
>Likes her boyfriend more than pizza Bitch, what a… +566 I have no idea why, but when i was younger, I thought Pearl wa… +559
"If I were a boy, I'd be loved by everyone no matter what… +534 Punctured lung Several cracked rips Exposed skull … +496
....and off it +496 it does, they're just not going to tell you that. per… +453
fixed +412 We didn't do jack. We won a battle that didn't exist. +382
>Judging men on their appearance I'm feeling prett… +341 Nice try Batman, but you can't hide from me. +332
k +324 Masahiro Sakurai's original name was yellow squinty faggot. … +315
More edges than Crocoite +314 I mean, the salmon was dead and It's his job to take away the … +303
Watermelonium +299 Picture +297
I think this plot was plagiarized +271 First time anyone has posted in my channel in over a year hooray +269
I heard somewhere that the voice actor for Gordon Freeman died… +252 Picture +249
Reeal ****** clever +239 Picture +238
Picture +236 If you'd were a boy... >you'd have to suck it up if you… +234
"Damn it... He's back. I'll have to do think another plan" +225 Genghis who? +219
Hah yeah I can totally relate, for sure... **** … +217 So, in order to get revenge for being called a faggot, he gets… +212
oh also, hot Asian chicks so..... +208 Very funny OP.. very funny.. +204
Picture +204 Here we see the natural breeding grounds of the rubix cube +203
Do you not just ******* wipe? That's disgusti… +203 Thompson was called a traitor, but because he reported what wa… +202
My view during reentry +200 Jokes on you, the Earth is round, that line isn't straight at all. +198
And I've managed to disappoint each and every one of them. +195 Jason Todd walked in to a bar and the Joker is bar tending. … +192
"he left the plane before it arrived at its destiny " +190 this has less lag than real life +188
>Roommate is female >Uses faggy peppermint body wash… +188 My favorite +188
Picture +187 Picture +180
Here's the main: Here's the Anna brain surgery. It'… +176 Picture +172
Picture +170 When girls draw themselves as slightly chubby, you know they'r… +164
This is how the world should work. No safety labels. If you hu… +163 Ants in december? probably. +163
Picture +162 That's not a CoD hitmarker you doofus. +161
Geez thats cheap, ******* bargain. +160 Sort of related I guess +159
What kind of sick degenerate **** do you have to … +159 Picture +158
Picture +152 Dead cats are no laughing matter. Dead people? Hilarious! But … +149
"I demand you stop selling burgers!" "What?… +149 Picture +147
**** you, we keep the bloodline pure +147 Atleast he came out of the closet, to admit he loves cocks +146
"Pray not for an easy life. Pray to be a stronger man.&qu… +143 The new Payday 2 DLC looks great +142
Picture +140 "Cant stand the sight of a strong nord woman?" +139
Why would you want it to stop? +137 Picture +136
Someone is happy about finding one beautiful flower, appreacia… +135 At least she's not a teacher anymore. +135
i tried to click it... +133 I love the joker +132
dammit +132 Pink piece of **** , can't you read? +132
Astronauts are some of the most ballseist people on earth. +131 Pretty sure American ancestry would date back to Europe +130

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