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You threatened to nuke America once or twice +654 Picture +513
Conclusion: Be an asshole. To everyone. … +505 We are reaching the dangerously cheesy spectum of furry here. +487
Want me to buy you some mouthwash? +419 You can tell this is bullshit because there aren't 20 months i… +405
Picture +391 tfw i'll never have to worry about this +344
>years streaming down my face that is quite a poet… +341 **amusingusername rolls 10** +336
he was delicious +302 My anus is; ☑ Prepared ☐ Not prepared +297
Picture +290 "it tastes like ketchup" fucking ash ketchum +289
If you've ever been to a city with a military military base, y… +264 when nautilus showed up +249
Picture +248 Picture +240
i logged on to funnyjunk +225 Calhoun was meant to be a man......that explains so much. +224
i thought they couldnt take a joke, but he impersonated an off… +224 your fj name describes everybody in Honey bobo's family +221
later that night +221 I watched a kid on a bike stare at me so he forgot to dodge th… +217
Rolling a ten and getting to pass my friends +215 Picture +214
double meat should be double meat bro. If two scoops together … +214 these fuckers last forever. had mine since the 5th grade and h… +204
>wear trench coat with lots of pockets >have enormou… +204 Did you hear about the mexican train killer? I hear h… +198
There once was a man from Japan Whose Limericks could neve… +192 if some bitch ran up and tossed a baby at me i would try to ha… +188
nigga this shit is gay +185 Does this not make anyone hurt on the inside parts? +182
Picture +181 I once said I didn't like dickbutt +180
Just according to Keikaku. +178 Picture +175
you are a gigantic faggot +173 Picture +173
his instinct to slap a ho was too strong to overcome. +171 The first one. +171
I feel like having a Deadpool morph suit allows you to get awa… +171 why wouldn't you keep him? It probably thought you were it's m… +170
Picture +166 And then you die from infection because the Indian Doctor acci… +161
Dumb and Dunmer +161 I love the thumbs up that Weapon X Deadpool gives. +159
Best cinematic yet +158 must take after his brother +157
Shovel knight did it right. +157 i like to masturbate +156
One of my friends in 3rd grade tried to turn super saiyan and … +154 Finishing Spec Ops: The Line +153
Picture +152 big deal, I'll start my own FJ with Blackjack and Hookers +150
People always think they are impossible to pickpocket. +149 Thanks Robama! +147
Fuck off anon +146 Picture +146
Picture +145 you are of stupid +145
Picture +144 Picture +144
I don't mean to butt in, but I have a suggestion +143 The prick deserved it. +143
>wake up >take a shit >get out of bed +143 she sold her family +134
Picture +133 I wish I was that flexible +132
You found this out through xbox live, didn't you? +130 cant help but notice ur carrier +130
>Wallet on ground >check inside front of pants for w… +129 Picture +124
He bought a flower crown for goodness sake... +123 Good job, ma nigga +123
Draven got seriously owned in that one +120 there's a difference between wanting everything to look symmet… +120
**betesta rolled image ** +120 MFW someone tries the fake baby one on me +119

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