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Wait for the birth, euthanize the mother and use the organ har… +579 BRB crying. +486
Picture +449 He was just there to tell him that his brother died on his way… +440
Picture +433 Whoa slow down there Megatron +419
>Has muscle definition >"Looks ill" … +400 I don't really see how showing restraint and being civilized s… +396
**reican used "*roll picture*"** **reican rolled image ** … +386 faggot +364
The ******** is strong with this post. +363 nice cringe comp +361
Yall are fukken weird +352 please stop fatshaming larger computers. +347
He wouldn't have let her get that big in the first place. +342 "Come in ******* we're going to Atlantis!" +337
Picture +333 Picture +328
The perfect loop of the bottle... +312 Meme warfare What a time to be alive +304
I told Will to put his popsickle stick under Jada's strap and … +301 I love the fact that there are members of our species that can… +299
**theycallmesatan used "*roll picture*"** **theycallmesatan… +295 Gode boye boboy foce +280
super old anyway even reddit hates reddit cuz that f… +269 Scalies have their perks +268
159 likes 159 likes +267 You knew this picture was here when you scrolled down. +266
Why the **** would he being flying it underwater to beg… +261 The arrow one is actually a true story. During battle an e… +261
Bruh. +249 Then it be Eh 0K! +247
Let me guess, they check her heart and find something extremel… +247 Picture +235
i thought it was an asshole at first im ashamed of myself +230 I feel like this belongs here +228
Of course it works, can't you see it moving? +223 thanks based evilpapagali +221
Yeah like I'm gonna trade all my drugs for a probably drug add… +219 A perfect flip! +210
"German handbrakes" refers to engineering (brands li… +210 **darksideofthebeast...... used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **darksi… +208
Picture +207 Picture +207
these people are so fat so when they see a fit person they thi… +205 aww, and they were having such a blast +201
Should've moved to somewhere at absolute zero. Then i… +199 Picture +198
Picture +196 one stupid ****** has never played a super MARIO BROTHE… +194
Picture +191 Thor isnt a silver tounged bastard +190
How would being a NASCAR driver make you a good getaway driver… +188 This is sad, even in his fantasy he didn't land the trick. +187
>Clean dishes 8 hours a day, nothing else. >Get bit… +182 >Ohla +180
what the **** +178 Picture +177
>dishes dishes dishes try and make it a little more bel… +169 -Hey Ahcmad, I found another twins we can destroy. -Oh swe… +167
Picture +166 That went from cute to delicious very quickly +166
Its hard to make a loss when the film costs $5 to make +166 Picture +164
Don't raise your voice on public +163 God that movie was 30 minutes of pure greatness. < My p… +163
Damn todays episode of GoT was kickass +162 Getting real tired of your **** john +161
Yaaaaaaay! Yet another comic which takes a show we all love an… +155 Reddit doesn't have this. +154
"Making my way downtribe, walking fast, zebra's pass and … +154 This took me an abhorrent amount of time, and I don't regret i… +151
sell the macbook and buy a pc +149 Our lady and saviour Anita wouldn't be pleased with this content. +149
*hello alchol my old friend* +149 Guess who's not going to NY, ever. +146
That's what happens when you inject pot, it goes straight to y… +139 Wow josh. You'd make a great commenter +139
"North Korea is not technically a communist nation" … +139 I bet this was the person wanting the pickles. +138

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