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Happy sober birthday +917 ''Give ya lamp a good ol rub.'' hehe boi.. +778
If this gets top 3 and he doesn't make a video doing it Admin … +648 This was so intense +522
Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did. +457 The best one +443
So if you trip on the beach you're ****** +438 Picture +409
See you on the frontpage ******* +385 I had a friend name Santiago who had trained in MMA his whole … +360
My Ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same? +353 At least he isn't injecting marijuanas +337
Are we rushing in? or are we going sneaky beaky… +329 Funnyjunk version. +326
the man in the picture, prince Al-Waleed bin talal Al-Saud, th… +321 Things I wish my ex had understood. ******* Disney … +299
>It doesn't take too much space. I'll keep it >It's … +283 Piccolo, is that you? +268
**acivcrusader used "*roll 3, 1-99*"** **acivcrusader rolls… +266 Read it backwards for a different story +265
tfw no pure asian muslim waifu +261 **neos used "*roll picture*"** **neos rolled image ** MFW… +257
Imagine a thousand-armed demon playing this on the apocalypse,… +255 **skymochi used "*roll picture*"** **skymochi rolled image… +253
Now make a John Cena edit. +250 PLAY ****** GOLF INSTEAD +250
heres a better song +249 Picture +249
This kills the baby +248 BIG IRON ON HIS HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... +234
When it's the end of the Blowey Joey but she keeps on Goey +225 Picture +225
It never ends +224 his love for lady death symbolized his deepest desire to commi… +221
even if he has a good point, that smug ******* grin mak… +220 **admin used "*roll picture*"** **admin rolled image ** +217
MFW I remember how good knuckles smell +215 No tumblr, I don't, because I realize we are all real human beans. +214
[Scared Beethoven noises in the distance] +210 >turkey mentioned swell with ignorance 'cause I dunno j… +208
"Hey what instrument do you play?" "I'… +208 Not sitting on the side of the screen that your character is. +206
this wasn't that funny and sounds very fake +204 >scuse me love >yea? >tell her to go ****… +199
That's my favorite too +199 Yea boyy +198
Not uploading MLG version.... +196 Dude, this kind of stuff goes to **** ! Banned. +195
and to think, i had just forgotten about it +194 Picture +194
Picture +193 This is quality that we don't see often enough +189
Picture +184 No wait, here's the final version. +181
With all that money you're going to get wasted. Here's my reco… +179 >She'd make me approach the apocalypse with a can-do attitude +179
Texting her is a privilege i wouldn't mind not having +178 Exactly what people said back than. +174
Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. +172 **majordegree used "*roll picture*"** **majordegree rolled … +172
Ricky Gervais is the worst kind of athiest he's the t… +171 I tired a little bit +163
Moore's law applies to storage too +161 Ford Sandstorm +155
he should also get a restraining order. +154 Love me some medusa +154
**paludan used "*roll picture*"** **paludan rolled image *… +153 Picture +149
Picture +145 >Implying that that Enclave soldier would not shoot that mu… +145
Yanet Garcia. Oh hot damn. +144 He's not your 4 year old, joshlol I've done all you a… +143
This anti-Liberal circle jerk stuff would be tolerable if it w… +142 Mirrors are green. +142
>generalizing females >redrawing a someone else's comic +141 Just use minus symbol to subtract what you dont want to see, o… +139
worth it +137 this upvote number is way too high already +136
Someone needs to put a stop to me, I've gone too far. +134 **yuuji used "*roll picture*"** **yuuji rolled image ** +130

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