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Paul Walker Simulator 2014 +850 "It's a prank!" lol no it's retarded. +708
Picture +422 Racist jokes straight to the ****** face Ba… +391
So where are the other four +386 she's got 5 +380
It's almost as if someone wrote this down for him to read befo… +379 The internet doesn't know what a prank is. Being an asshole in… +358
Picture +356 Picture +347
Picture +334 Picture +333
Picture +297 Picture +285
Black dude in a white batman suit, It's the opposite day +285 man i love these, have a waffle thumb +282
That'll buff right out. +279 the slim jong il +273
not cool brah +273 This fits the description perfectly... especially the part abo… +271
I think he's calling her ugly. +267 Picture +260
This is isn't some small kwibble man. This is an actual issue … +259 skills off the chart +249
I'm proud of Admin for not just censoring and banning people o… +245 Picture +245
>poke the legbeard nest ahahhahahahhah +231 So it's stuck in a rock? +229
darth maul lived got robot legs got ****** up and… +226 "It's a prank!" No, you're an asshole. … +224
My great-aunt is about 25000 in debt to the back, shes 90. Her… +218 that went real dark real fast +216
Just so you like... know +212 ******* white knights. +212
>Mom +210 Picture +207
The men mind-raped her, which should be just as illegal as phy… +192 I wasn't born in 2000 but am still not worried about forgettin… +191
It scares me how easy it is to ruin someone's life via the internet +189 Nothing direct. But he's been tweeting about it. He's an avid … +188
Picture +188 A gif I didn't make. +187
did she **** you too +187 >People who have poorly deep perception +187
evolution, baby. +179 so many good gif-comics on fj today... +174
More realistic than most others. When have you seen a game whe… +171 Just to add to her embarrassment, here is a nude photo of her.… +165
Picture +164 The Frozen Effect - Where no other good movies were made at th… +163
I named mine Obscure Reference. Because no one gets it... +161 the camera you were taking the picture with" + witty insu… +158
Is this dude a douche? yes. But all these nignogs… +157 **fiftyshadesofgus rolls 4** here. +153
Picture +152 Picture +151
The guy on the left celebrates like a girl. +151 leggo my eggo +150
mfw this thread +149 Picture +149
Picture +148 False, ones a transgender. No matter WHAT ****… +148
"no plance" +147 ok. that's the most ******* awesome thing ive see… +147
Fallout content everyday, is fallout content the right way. +146 I'm sure this could somehow be made relevant +144
Haha yeah I was on the fence if to include that bit, but I'll … +143 **drololol rolled image ** That ass. +143
Zoe, you cannot penetrate our wall of ECH. +143 im European and i can assure you that french people are gay +142
Will the real slim shady please stand up.. +142 I hate Banks in general. I hate society, I loth Peopl… +141
whenever my sisters pinned me down to tickle me my cat would c… +140 Picture +139
**rejakted rolled image ** Other guy's wife. +139 "Go away, mom..." +138
Probs, unless she dies during 9/11, but I don't see that happe… +136 Read as "normal" +135
Picture +134 A 'real gaymer gurl XD' makes a ****** game, and … +133

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