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Ayyyy lmao +526 Picture +464
Bitch please +443 its not a matter of strength tho, you just have to be worthy o… +436
I like peanut butter. +430 Picture +426
It's almost like society changes and hardships are relative. +337 I was actually pretty surprised by the portrayal of this villa… +329
Picture +327 Common Pepe +322
I had some free time. +305 Picture +302
It costs 400 000 dollars to own this extremely rare animated p… +300 Car jackers just keep getting more and more clever. +296
I SAVED HER! +284 On the one hand, this job sounds amazing. On the other hand, i… +284
"Stunt jump failed" +260 "Put the hammer on an elevator." "Elevator goes… +260
Picture +251 Picture +250
My personal favorite is Ant-Man bus stop +250 Funnyjunk would be a feeding frenzy +248
There's no way those slaves could have teeth that shiny. +247 When you're Karthus and a 5/0 pantheon ganks your lane +235
Picture +235 That truly isn't attractive to me. +226
Picture +224 Guess where this is going +205
**morelazors used "*roll picture*"** **morelazors rolled i… +201 > Ran away with a man named Sega and come back with Lupus. +195
I used to be a real asshole. Still kind of am, but mostly 'I … +195 No.. Torture is perfectly legal. +191
Sir, I've got something on radar +191 As little as this was needed, I made it anyway. +191
So we ******* shoot bacon into people what a t… +174 Wrong Opinion +174
haha yeah i read that part too +174 Well I mean, it's not like the porn stars have anything left t… +169
You son of a bitch +168 welcome to the real world. +163
I keep thinking Lupus is like a werewolf disease. +162 You haven't done anyone. +162
Well I'll be jiggered. I would have sworn this was made up, c… +158 atleast hes not mouthing obscenities +157
that ******* greentext +154 AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA +154
dat ass tho +152 I don't understand all the fuzz about Emma Stone, she looks li… +151
I tried +148 My dearest +146
************ , Nick Fury in the movies is based off of t… +146 A new era dawns +145
Picture +138 Picture +137
Peanutbitter we need you again. +137 My favorite +135
fuk u +135 anonymous +134
Apparently neither am I +132 >have tinnitus from fireworks/firearms >constantly … +131
Ohh yeah... +129 introducing tumblr to +128
I hope someone rolls this. +128 Sounds like it's time for her to get the hell out of , +128
Great comic, but you kinda went all Ray Rice on your wife there. +127 You know, if you wait in the car before driving off in GTA4, N… +127
Good day to you too! +125 Sure, it's cute and funny when a dog does it, but when I do it… +125
The artist is plague of gripes. These are all I could find of … +124 Preeeety sure that's a heart. +124
Oh cool a Detroit comp. +124 started off as cringey neck beard stuff ended with me… +122
...ok thats what i call good advertisement. +122 They say we become what we despise the most. That be… +122
Battletoads: Age of Sandstorm +122 Picture +121
>when you roll a critical success on bluff as a bard +121 Picture +119

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