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Dear lord, that last one is a whole new level of burning. +632 I ******* love this logic. You don't wanna bang me… +571
THIS WILL COME IN HANDY +469 You do realize that getting fit is not all just healthy eating… +406
I looked outside and I saw a van driving away... +382 I've never understood reddit, their website must be one of the… +353
Sure, as soon as fat people stop being fat. +334 Picture +323
Picture +320 mfw that last one +317
>Be about 13 >Go on school trip to Austria (from UK)… +313 **chokinandtokin used "*roll cah answer*"** **chokinandtoki… +313
Uh, why did you upload a blank post? Is there a joke here I'm … +312 An engineering feat that was under budget? +310
fix'd +274 Picture +267
Picture +258 Awww yiss Bioshock Infinite content. Elizabeth is best g… +254
It is cosplay, whether you like it or not or whether the quali… +245 **superblade used "*roll cah answer*"** **superblade rolls … +243
Picture +242 Which part of "Help spread this around see if we can get… +236
The fact that you have to write it a different way to show how… +229 Not being first. +227
Where in Australia did you get it? +219 Just keep watching to the end of the gif to find out. +213
Because land dog is too low, and water is too deep, it's me, T… +204 it looks good but has no graphics card, its a ******* p… +199
Really ****** ? Tug of water? That ain't even clev… +193 > be black male living in small black town > have 8 … +186
As the ancient hawaiians once said: "It is okay to lo… +185 **EdwardNigma used "*roll cah answer*"** **EdwardNigma roll… +179
Kanye Breast +178 This accurately represents the Ideals of America. You get what… +177
Fat shaming friday on FJ? See you on the front page +176 im so ******* high right now +175
Picture +173 On one hand, not a pony, on the other hand, glorious batle beast. +172
being first +171 "Don't hit anyone (that's stronger than you) period"… +170
Picture +169 Looks like he got the point +162
As long as i get three other people and a dog to come with me … +160 Look at some of those thirsty ***** . Would you date a g… +160
The sad thing is that I like Gardevoir due to it's moveset and… +159 listen here you little **** +156
I wouldn't mind getting eaten by Mr. Skeletal. +156 No he's just there for the cancer. +155
Picture +155 You still exist? +155
**kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +154 Aren't you on FJ instead of ******* horses? +154
I hate perverts like that. It makes you feel uncomfortable ju… +153 Picture +152
Picture +148 look at it +147
More gravity. Can't enough fast. +147 At least you're not a mod +145
Picture +145 Picture +143
Picture +142 **chokinandtokin used "*roll cah question*"** **chokinandto… +141
"Massive grey scientist" is actually a rhino trying … +140 Good to see he didn't get butchered like Scooby +140
The co-pilot is an hero +139 Picture +136
We will insult you and mock, anons will call you all manner of… +136 One Direction +134
No one will remember him because even tho he tried to help, he… +134 Picture +133
Picture +133 Gets me every time +129
Picture +129 ***** so black he been charred by that mixtape +129
This women is spreading the truth and the crowd goes with her … +128 yfw +128
Picture +128 no thats a north american brown bear that has earned its right… +126
**incognitoad used "*roll cah answer*"** **incognitoad roll… +126 Picture +125

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