21 stones = 133kilos = 301 pounds +666 I like this dragon, this is a nice ******* dragon. +615
Admin's drunk again +535 Picture +499
Picture +498 Picture +418
much better than modern ones which just have 'an xxx parody' o… +368 >couldn't balance a coin on her cock +363
G ay people A re all Y usually gay +353 If all the Blacks left America (keep in mind blacks o… +318
Yoshi. +311 So it's either cooking meth or have a billionaire friend...see… +305
>eat meat >gain gains >drown in pussy … +305 When you go on fj and a ***** shows you his mixtape. +302
Picture +277 That was actually pretty clever. +269
MFW penishands +267 that dragon is nice +265
this **** is not cute you dont become gay at 7 wh… +263 And then remember that you are NOT Mozart and get working. +263
So Wolverine was when the military tried to weaponize gay peop… +260 That's a feature +257
Picture +253 me +252
brcause u hear with ear hear = 4 letter cor… +243 Jordi's twitter is best twitter.. +239
9/11 confirminado +238 Picture +237
Picture +235 Frontpage material right here. +231
Picture +231 Picture +225
Picture +220 Picture +215
Picture +213 Picture +212
Picture +212 beautiful mate. i suggest using text instead of pciture text t… +211
All that effort and then he's using a GTX 590? C'mon man … +211 Now i'm reminded of how unfunny I am, thanks addy. +211
what a dastardly deed +210 Picture +208
Picture +205 "oh fun, RACISM." What the **** … +202
The surgery was a success +201 Picture +201
I've only had one girlfriend, but she knew a lot of positions. +199 MFW I was internet pals with a chick for 3 years. MFW I to… +198
The look on his face. +196 Are you sure it wasn't your spelling +192
Picture +192 that oyster one.... +190
To bad that smile was just another mask +190 When mom fights back with a force you've never seen before +180
Picture +180 Well to be honest, Orlando Bloom is pretty sexy. +179
>No feces-covered spikes at the bottom Are you eve… +177 Even if she was my cousin. I have a romantically unh… +176
Neutral check? Justified. Don't wanna stall and look like a du… +176 Picture +174
I love the movie and I'm not trying to make a point, but imagi… +171 Ive never had a girlfriend, or even kissed a girl. I thi… +169
You're a bit late to the rage fest, friend. +165 Picture +163
If you pay for sex and put it on camera, you'll need a license… +162 Picture +162
THATS ME HAHA +160 Yes +157
Picture +154 His daughters always cry in the kitchen? I wonder why +153
he really wants a hot dog +152 Yeah, but the amount of Black Twitter content would probably g… +150
I see no difference +147 Can you blame him when his gf's titty game so strong they tran… +146
I did a great job, didn't I. +145 Here's something funny instead +145
Well don't ******* drag me into this. +139 Picture +137
Picture +137 Picture +135

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