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Picture +568 How dare you have an opinion +555
Every Villain: I do bad things for the good of myself Ever… +463 Dogs especially. They have evolved to trust us and se… +461
an interesting proposal, but unrealistic considering the follo… +414 Filthy Frank on holiday +405
reminds of the middle school fags running like naruto +391 finishing the job and realizing you put the screw in the wrong… +385
*muffled ayy lmao +380 Picture +357
Did that kid just go out the ****** window +329 How they cook +326
I got a buddy who's sister keeps feeding their dog chocolate. … +316 >Admin implements this into site. >No one from tumbl… +304
Is nobody going to mention this?... +297 20 - It was hilarious! Lets have sex 1 - THATS IT JERRY IM… +291
>Turn on PC to play games >Realize I'm still in my u… +277 Wow, you tricked the girl... But why didn't he just b… +269
With their bombshell singles: "Flying my Plane … +255 Mfw I realized I'm actually concerned if a fake video game dog is ok +254
**professordolan used "*roll picture*"** **professordolan r… +246 Picture +243
while cool it would be awesome to see him then use the gun and… +243 "Stunt Jump Failed" +232
I wanted to ask why these still happen but then I remembered t… +228 Picture +226
Children: There's still hope to teach them. Adults: Basica… +223 Whoever said skooma was bad for khajiit, was clearly… +213
Picture +206 the difference? about 40 degrees of cpu temp. +205
My potions are too strong for you traveler. +205 If liquid was light. +202
**professordolan used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **professordolan … +198 The thirst, the hunger and the pride are all very real atm. +197
"What's that yellow thing in the sky?" +193 You lied to me OP +193
Picture +190 This image is photo shopped, Here's the origional +188
Picture +187 people ****** suck the the road to el dorado is ***… +187
just saw this before i thumbed +187 **** bro, he clocked her straight up in the face. +187
YOU were never funny! +186 Picture +184
Picture +180 Picture +179
Searched the word Manga First result was The Great Ga… +177 There isn't one to make people laugh, though. +177
Gordon doesn't hate on people that can't cook he hate… +170 Being a straight white male on tumblr is like +168
Pass on rolls, every time. +164 11 Hours later I realise I didn't upload the header..... This … +163
>Posting an image >2015 +162 Guy in choppers FW kill cam +161
This is the first time in the history of the world that people… +160 the **** ? the road to el dorado AND sinbad were box off… +159
When someone is about to open your internet history. +158 Picture +158
Photoshoppers......... +158 Picture +155
If you're going to prank someone, you've got to go all the way… +150 Time for the weekly fill-up +150
it just keeps looking better and better +150 gUYS I LITERALLY HAVE CANCER I'M STILL DYING +149
Maybe because its a real ******* rock? +148 fixed +148
Corrected. +148 And then your friends show you 9gag or ifunny +146
**unchaned used "*roll picture*"** **unchaned rolled image ** +146 Picture +146
See that's where you're wrong. The bullet was moving … +145 U lied to me +145
I've seen so many booties that it's gotten boring. That fl… +145 He's uncle died before he could give him his nose back +145
i used to be a welder/fabricator, and he could have done much … +145 Why is there a platypus on this PHP textbook? Are they say… +143
I love game physics. +143 u +142
oh my ******* god hotel transylvania is like my favorite move +141 Here's 4chan. +140

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