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Anglosphere master race +771 ok i'm calling it. War on ISIS is officially over. face it, yo… +467
>my dolly had blonde hair Ungrateful **** +466 Picture +371
hi retarded, i'm biebergotswag +359 i am seriously running out of **** to say, so her… +354
the top two are for water temperature the middle one … +349 pockets full +348
i'm thinking it was better when the tumblrettes are still too … +334 were people really worried about korea's threats? +327
lol i dont care! +321 ANYTIME YOU NEED ME FAGGOT +294
something will come out. +292 **** how the **** did i forget.. +274
**myballsonyourchin rolled image ** I better get those cats +263 With oversteer, its possible to do a sick drift as you careen … +262
my car is just like my sex life I don't have one +258 Actually that's not a bad thing to do either because those kin… +257
it looks like a ******* latex glove that you blew… +222 Well people from 2012 aren't wrong, the end of the world will … +210
**ihaveapencil rolled image ** mfw trolls +210 Picture +207
Picture +204 postingloudly i call upon you. +204
Anglos ftw baby. +204 when the school year rolls back in +202
fix'd +201 One time in 6th grade I had to write a report on Nuclear energ… +199
Side Note: The re-entry to the new planet would be amazing +198 Picture +196
I never got my porn picture or link, my moose picture, or a d… +196 she's attractive +191
**meganheartz rolled image ** what my daughter will be +190 and they will not be shocked. +183
> white woman > darky man > mix raced baby … +177 Picture +176
that italian family at the next table sure is quiet +173 i hate it when my baguette comes to life. +172
***** the tree stooges, aren't cancer. +172 Picture +166
she is "CURVY" guys. #ALLNATURAL #S3XY #BEAUTIFUL +163 You can see it in his face. hes had enough of his own… +163
Picture +163 that would be a punch not a kick. +161
Obviously Robin +157 If she was a vegetable she couldn't say no. +155
Gamin? Dead? Darn. And i was just about to start Ultim… +155 Picture +154
I want a Plank phone case +152 Picture +152
I don't even like Dr. Who, but I'd watch it if he was the new … +151 Ha, you got me! You were only pretending to show your junk t… +147
Oh waow this is my first time on the front page! I'd like to t… +147 A dude released a blog post about his ex-gf. He mentioned… +146
Picture +146 Picture +144
Note the obvious decline +143 Wasn't that the plot from The Incredibles? +142
Looking at her spine makes my back hurt. +142 right here on the refrigerator, where everyone can see it! +142
I kind of want to see what the rest of the person looks like..… +134 As the air force takes off, the subterranean corps prepares fo… +133
This is far more accurate than i am comfortable with. +132 Take yer chinese cartoons and suzuki-saiyan somewhere else. +132
ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS THE TOP COMMENTS… +129 Good thing im out of school, free, timeless, jobless, uneducat… +128
Picture +127 It's because people love conflict, war, fighting, and meanness… +126
and now it's gonna be twice as much +126 well, "huge tits and a penis" pretty much describes … +124
Do your ******* homework. +124 Picture +124
His ******* clothes are generated by the speed fo… +123 A proud new dad sits down to have a drink with his father. … +122
>dropping shampoo bottle in the shower >when the mic… +121 bad news, we're trapped on a desert island and the only way to… +119
in a matter of days, this mofo has passed the majority of user… +119 The tucan at the end... +118
america be like +116 And that's why I can't have kids. +116

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