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American's fw this post +862 i bet you kiss books faget +610
Picture +603 No. +463
Bender spent so much effort and time attempting to be remember… +393 here you go +384
My dad sells pickles. Like, a **** ton of pickles… +348 Picture +346
**shadowrated rolls 420** +330 What Kenny says: Season 1-2: "I love girls with … +325
Lord have mercy on my arteries. +324 I've seen tons of interesting pork recipes but this one takes … +306
i tried to run like Ed in my youth ha +306 It's because they just eat fish over there. And fish have enou… +304
pledge of allegiance every day sounds pretty much like this +303 RIP black science man +299
if America sets the "standards" then why is it only … +258 Picture +252
Kid dealt with the situation in the most correct way. +245 Yeah, but there's also a plane in the picture. +245
I'd rather be in you +239 Shepherd's pie. You made him a shepherd's pie. +231
wow a bar like that would be a cesspool of autism, retardation… +225 Ride it into battle +216
Take stories like this with a grain of salt, you'll probably n… +214 Shes breaking several Muslim laws, and actualy proper laws in … +211
They're not attracted to the douchebaggery they're attracted t… +211 **anonymous rolled image ** anal +207
The goofy one .. That's too much +206 It's much better in video form +206
Picture +203 Picture +203
Picture +194 science +192
the first time I saw it in the anime I thought "that's no… +189 I always new Tumblr users were dumb but not dumb enough to no… +187
this car looks like a piece of **** +178 "OMG, Jackie, you can't just ask some question if they're… +177
That's pretty bad. But I kept eating my pasta. +171 Picture +169
"Naruto was put down as gang activity" oh god my sides! +166 nah I think James is just in the pool +166
inb4 everyone calls that woman a stupid bitch this is from… +165 Butters is the purest most innocent character ever +164
The first one is kind of philosophical...to kneel in front of … +163 Yes sweden. Allow all muslims to enter. … +159
You have drug advertising? +158 Plot twist, the remote control was for the van. +157
**youborn rolled image ** alternative girls in my town +156 >tweek has appeared how the **** is that a fact? +154
Get these photoshop skills off me please +153 fix'd it +151
We have a place here in Vancouver called EXP Bar and Grill mad… +149 Jackie! You can't just white out a question you don't want to … +148
I was born and raised in America and I find cheez whiz weird. +147 Picture +146
I value your opinion. +143 You wanna go, boy? +142
has this ***** even hit puberty yet? LOOK AT HIM.… +142 Hey, it's this guy! +141
Picture +140 little boy is alpha as **** +140
I liked school I'm in uni now, and I love it … +136 Then congrats for living in equalityville. +135
**benschien rolls 43** +132 "How high are you?" "Eight hours." +132
the dog must be thinking >i'll get you! i'll get you! … +132 Well **** you too. +131
Mostly just two nuts and a bolt +129 **youborn rolled image ** Two girls one chalice +128
Huh wait, what's weird about this one? Oh wait. Oh..... +128 soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer… +127
**newdevyx rolled image ** Then he accidentally picks up so… +124 1. We Americans like to eat, that's why we made Thanksgiving a… +123
Well, one of them is really advanced, has brand new features a… +123 *Added to the things you must eat that will cause you to die. +122
Vegetables. +121 Picture +120
jesus what a prick. +120 Legend has it, that if on the night of a full moon, after watc… +119

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