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So basically what you're saying is, FJ nowadays is basically l… +903 Well would you look at that it's a golden deceiver +733
I refuse to believe that Felucia isn't the Vietnam war. +655 MFW one more unarmed black kid not killed by a white police officer +638
Can you imagine the teacher? "Alright lads, wat… +607 I see they ordered double sausage . Can't say I blame 'em. +490
Orange be like +487 SUPER BATTLE DROID TAKE IT DOWN +474
This sounds fake as hell, but I'll be damned if it wasn't ente… +458 Did you just state an opinion? Ho, ho, ho, ho! … +409
True story, about 6 years ago my best friend robbed McDonalds.… +343 2014 one. +341
Picture +338 >Knock knock Who's there >It's the police m'am y… +330
One should make it the other way around - take Main Kampf, cha… +295 ur getting a ticket sir that meme wasn't dank enough +292
People talk **** about EA all the time but I think they… +291 Picture +287
Picture +278 Picture +276
Pretty sad that this is genuinely the first time I have seen s… +252 Picture +243
If it makes 180º turns +241 We know theres a Filthy Casual in here, and dont think we do… +240
It's like a mirror +216 this is kind of sad..... +215
Picture +214 **cocosmama used "*roll picture*"** **cocosmama rolled ima… +213
Picture +209 Picture +202
Aye, maybe. But they died with bigger balls than you. +200 I don't get white people +190
In case someone wanted the original video +189 No, he wanted to use her handsoap can't you ******* read. +185
There, I did it for you. +184 casuls Back in my day, as soon as it got dark, that w… +184
Picture +181 What's up with the Necromonger hats? +181
Picture +179 "12 and up" Get off your high horse, I guarantee… +178
That last one +176 Picture +172
>Come grasp the mighty penis of our leader New FJ … +171 I guess after ******* so many goats you start to look l… +170
On that day, hamsterity received a grim reminder... +165 Picture +165
Picture +161 Part 19 is out! +160
reverse image serched the picture. ****** everywhere. i… +154 Dat face. +152
That's why they are called cinematic trailers, and not gamepla… +150 TWF no gf +147
Picture +147 Such smart majestic creatures... +147
when the parents aren't home +146 how dare you yadda yadda yadda +143
She can see into your minds, but she can't read them. +142 inb4 exclusive reload animation micro transactions +141
Picture +140 1)logout then logback-you'll be able to see the front page aga… +133
You landed a roundhouse kick... while plastered... +132 Wake up america +131
The desert eagle one is so much better with sound. +126 Beep beep beep beep...beepbeepbeepbeepbe.......BLEEP +126
I wanna know when the **** Prince William started hangi… +124 I just watched all 6 movies in chronological order on saturday… +122
sonk the hehlog +119 I dun did a draw 4 u bby. +118
Let us love you. +117 Picture +116
Picture +116 It's a little funny actually. Hitler never said anything nearl… +115
Picture +115 stream yourself playing a game, and allow us to heckle you as … +112
Better hold tight to her hand, Satsuki. She has an uncanny abi… +112 Picture +112
I found them! +111 Picture +109
yfw the alarm automatically notifies the police station and th… +108 Seems fair enough +108

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