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Oh my god i did not expect that +769 Why the **** would you leave a comment about funn… +758
The wife and daughter are hidden in the anime by Hiroyuki Kato… +596 Picture +521
So this mother ****** gave her a new car, but wou… +507 what kind of le 9gag faggitry was that? Just screenshot and s… +491
Guy who stabbed the bird = Cringe You saying "I'… +488 9/11 ******* did not see that coming +469
Nicolas cage them. +447 Can I call it a cunt? "No! That's just a derogatory t… +421
What's a Nonbeliever to a taco? +415 Hes stupid, they'll be looking for army guys +387
I did gud? +359 when the whole squad hittin it. +352
so it took them 2000 years to graduate? +349 Picture +339
False, Women are man's problem. +337 Man, I never realized that Hades was white and gold. +320
Picture +319 in western porn the girls act too slutty and try to overplay h… +306
From my understanding, the guy playing the guard wasn't aware … +297 >bb gun >9mm i dont see the difference +293
Picture +288 Go back in time. Convince US that slavery is a bad idea that w… +276
That's actually Snoop Dogg's true form. +273 because every ******* person is getting a degree,… +270
The name's Pon. Tam Pon. +266 "i'll give you 1 million dollars for that hat" +262
"one of the most clever things I have ever heard" … +259 Where the **** is the Autistic Faggot option +258
My first thought was one of the early scenes in dumbo. +254 I don't think so +252
Picture +251 Picture +243
Slut in English means someone who can't control their whore-mo… +239 Picture +238
Picture +226 >Be software engineer > Got job in field 2 years bef… +225
The guy that created an account to see what was on **** +220 This scene is so great because the actors were just lowly paid… +216
Confirmed. God is an ass man. +215 this feels relevant +214
Pikachu's pussy game is ridiculous. +213 she probably feels worse than he does +211
When I post stuff like this, I always get "Banned" +209 I thought you were being serious and I was about to feel bad. +203
Picture +199 Picture +196
Picture +193 i work out and i still get out of breath +192
That's not a problem, as i like them young. +191 It's about time to stop browsing. I actually laughed at someth… +190
Picture +190 I had a friend with no hands once and this same problem hit hi… +187
MFW joining a game on Cod that needs 1 more kill to end +184 the 3st is real +181
i think futurama hit on the biggest problem with shrinking &qu… +176 ****** casual didnt even wet her tshirt properly\… +174
He looks like he has a lot of time on his hands well… +174 "fj is down" +174
When you tryna beat yo black twets addiction +174 Telling people "I'm gonna put this in one of FJ's Cringe … +165
Tumblr is good for one thing and one thing only. Porn. … +165 You all don't get it. The white males speak last to c… +161
Maybe Andy was nearby? +158 I know you have never seen a girl in person so this may be har… +158
That movie was surprisingly not kiddish and just really funny. +157 I tried +155
i wonder if it tasted like butter +153 "Calm down dude it's a prank" +151
Because you want to **** your mother, that's why. +151 Picture +149
These are even more ****** up than Joan Cornella'… +149 I had that same dream. I was in class. You were naked. +149
If anyone's wondering why it was page 711 in the British versi… +147 Absolutely manly. +146
I tried therefore nobody should judge me +145 "I made it with my tears" +145
**fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 69** +143 Picture +140

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