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>tumblr >reputation >boyfriend +701 c +570
Picture +497 Picture +418
I feel this should be shared with FJ +401 Picture +393
Picture +374 ...this is the most hipster comment I've ever read on FJ +355
Implying Mexicans are real. +329 Picture +302
Picture +294 101 Damnations +282
Picture +268 The machines are truly taking over. They know what we do for a… +264
Picture +264 Because none of those people were actually wed? +260
yeah im pretty sure sitting like lady comes from the fact that… +259 I did, they were confused since I live 1900 miles away and it … +251
i love how hes like "that worked out pretty well" i … +241 Even after seeing his eyes I still want to believe that there … +238
sigh - yes, I'm a fucking Viking God / thumb-whore +237 1 Broken condom out of 2 disappointed parents. +235
Picture +228 These are the pioneers whose bloodstains serve as a warning fo… +226
statistically speaking, it's retarded not to believe in aliens +225 #4 is incorrect. You see his eyes if you complete Halo 4 o… +214
shooting babies into a sock face +213 Picture +207
or you could just ask for money to make a potato salad +198 **stadlerman rolled image ** get this hairstyle +195
that older woman crying was too much. +193 This nigga looks just like me, I can't even wtf dude +192
looks like you ate pussy at the wrong time of the month there, mate +192 "If you ever think mythology is boring, just remember thi… +182
Why the long face? +180 you are gonna marry a girl? faggot +179
Isn't it weird that kids these days are born in a different Mi… +176 America has really conflicting views on sex, they don't mind s… +175
You don't go to one store, you go to THE-M ALL. +174 God forbid they speak Italian in Italy +173
>At a sleepover >Asleep by 2am Fucking casuals +172 MFW through out that video +168
eww that gif is nasty +168 canada mentioned..... swell with anal +167
Bank of America +167 He's as casual with his comentary as cR1tIKal is... +166
Picture +165 Invented literally everything. God these people are deluded. +163
Picture +161 I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. He kills aliens and doesn't… +159
Are you new or something OP? Boobs will get you anything on th… +156 natural lube +155
I've always wondered: Does he just wake up in the morning, ope… +154 do you do meth? +154
ITT: People who think gay marriage is the single most importan… +154 It was. +152
Picture +151 I think most people know this show because of the hentai. +150
Picture +148 try this one don't ban me pls paint skills +148
For anyone wondering, yes, there was a laugh track after every… +147 Didn't JB say to Orlando somthing like "say hi to Miranda… +146
Picture +144 it stinks he didn't connect, doubt Justin will change since he… +142
fucking entitled kids. I had a nightmare yesterday, I didn't g… +141 Holy shit that was awesome. How the fuck did he calculate the … +140
The age of the centaur is upon us. Mythical times are… +137 steal your friends bike. sell it. buy clothes. +137
Picture +136 Picture +134
White people have invented formal logic, linear perspective in… +133 Picture +131
'DAD! DAD! LISTEN TO THIS JOKE I JUST READ ON THE INTERWEBS, I… +130 >Mutual first time with girl > super nervous as a r… +129
Hey, Have you ever tried frying bacon without your daedric arm… +129 Picture +127
Okay everyone, the game is Trackmania 2 Canyon +124 What I dislike about it is that, if you did the tutorial you w… +122
Take the hint +120 I didn't laugh till i had left the page. It struck me how abso… +116

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