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Her FW she wanted a refrigerator. +676 Picture +506
Barber: what you want fam Girl: give me that 3 star h… +502 I think he meant that he now shares a room with his boyfriend … +399
When someone wakes you up, but you live alone. +393 those letter are making a queue behind the Q +387
The **** is wrong with you? +380 >shove it up your ass >facetime your friend >… +369
**ccosenza used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **ccosenza rolls 44** +352 On the list of things I wouldn't do, that is one of them +333
>falls +299 Picture +291
I'm in canada, with stage 4 Endometriosis. After waiting for 6… +277 Of course you wish for more mystery boxes. I mean, a genie is … +274
Picture +269 moredoors* +265
"Do you feel like a hero yet?" +263 Scuse me bithk? +253
the hell is this supposed to mean? +243 Whoa, I've been straightening my hair this whole time? +241
look at that hat next to him...is...is that arale??? +235 I think thats pretty cheap for a ******* island +231
Wait, do people still believe that? +231 *gasp* what an adorable gravity defying puppy +225
Just one problem...you can't pass. +223 This sums up mine +222
THE DARK LORD IS HERE! +221 Picture +216
When everyone in the room disagrees with you but you have a co… +209 Picture +208
none plz +205 Its near her food. +195
The people in the US who regulate firearms (ATF) classifies th… +192 im already a white male. no need +189
s secretly w we a are g gay +189 Friend of mine invented a legendary item while DMing, "Sa… +185
Too Manly +181 the vice versa is just as evil +180
You know what, admin? I will make my own site, if this is th… +178 something like this happend to me in dishonored, where you hav… +178
see tarantulas are actually pretty chill of spiders for what e… +177 >"how much is your body worth" >doesn't li… +175
mfw trying to shove it in +174 Turns out, they weren't her parents, she just froze up because… +171
Picture +168 Heyo. Just like to plop this here. It's not pre… +163
I have never so completely disagreed with someone in my life +161 Pretty much me after leg day +159
Your parents have some strong gay genes. Or you know, internet… +154 DO IT POST RESULTS +153
>TFW claustrophobic +152 I came to college freshman year with a box of condoms … +152
"I trusted you" +148 Directed by Michael Bay +147
I think you need to take some advice from your username. +145 the owl is like "ohhhhh nooo I hope it´s not broken, it… +145
That's ******* teamwork! +145 When you done meeting yo side chick +141
Picture +139 The jews did it. +139
>joshlol +135 Or maybe it has wheels +131
Hoemance +131 S secretely w we a are g the spanish… +129
Picture +129 Say what you want, but I think that looks pretty cool +129
maybe she should just **** off and let him keep h… +128 Nobody will ever be that happy to see me +128
only the sxy ones +128 I don't know... may take us a few hours to find you on the map… +128
Picture +127 Picture +126
Picture +126 **datblkkid used "*roll picture*"** **datblkkid rolled ima… +124
I don't like it when people actually die Like that gu… +124 Picture +123
ah. yet once again, mcburd found drunk her ass off on the … +122 Picture +122
Yes, both have guns. No, it's not the same thing. … +121 Picture +120

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