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Well **** them. They can die at 42 without acces… +696 What's wrong? Tumblr down for maintenance? +621
He shat a brick in season 1. Season 10 shows brick-sh… +560 Oh I thought it meant drive op to the other side of denmark so… +555
Hoe-mance. +506 My god that was really close to hit nope valley. +502
Picture +424 Statutory rape +419
Picture +387 "Long live the king..." +371
Cool story bro time: The first time I had sex with a guy was f… +364 Picture +363
Becky some ****** basic bitch +354 Did he at least recover the golden idol? +350
In the South Park movie, bill gates is shot in the head for ma… +332 The **** ive seen in this thread +319
Here is a transparent version I made. … +319 I think it will work out ok +310
Ah, yes, Totalbiscuit. He's an egotistical cunt, but he's an e… +305 Related news: water is a liquid +299
and the engineers would like to thank english majors. … +280 thats right bitch +273
This was clever, it took me awhile. +271 Picture +256
stunt jump failed... +250 No, victim blaming is when you blame the victim. Like if I wer… +248
I'll see you at the front page in a few hours +248 Raven is my favorite childhood character of all time. … +241
>taking advice from 4chins >not wanting napalm on yo… +228 Picture +226
>on my way to school >realized I didn't bring gym cl… +218 ******* got me +210
Picture +210 #cuttingtothechase +210
last one is why women dont get **** done +209 I love it when women think they're being clever by using sex t… +209
thank mr skeltal +208 Picture +207
no +201 Picture +196
Picture +194 who the **** uses a spoon for that??!! y… +190
I forgot that Marge calls Homer 'Homie' and I read that first … +190 Military contractors dropping ammunition off, the middle finge… +180
The last one is shopped i can tell by the pixels. +178 Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 4 : Sock Opera While … +176
do places have urinals where you're face to face with other pe… +175 you had to ruin it didnt you? +175
**dzimo rolls 999,903,423** +174 I like this comic. For the art, plot and punchline. +170
Picture +168 >hot samurai on shota action >tarnished +167
Picture +167 Picture +167
that dress mod +166 the urge to kick him from behind is too strong +165
Oh my sweet summer child. +161 No, OP thinks he is smart. This episode was about Cartman fall… +160
I would say **** Tyrone but we all know no Tyrone… +160 **** yeah Futurama content +157
Homer ugly? Blasphemy...... +156 My favorite +155
I kept telling myself no, but I knew I wanted it. +154 Picture +153
sarude- dandstorm +151 Not so cute anymore, huh? I have big respect of… +144
There is no bad religion, only bad people. +144 Punctuation not even once +144
you can't accidentally play with a snake +141 Sometimes they try too hard to be "nerdy" But ov… +140
* *joshlol rolls 999,999,999* * I never do well in these +140 Maybe in America, the UK had things a little different. Seems … +139
As my compatriot said +139 And somehow no Titty monster +136
[Unable to resist intensifies] +134 Spaghetti with a knife and fork? ******* plebs. +133
>Be twenty-three living in an apartment >Get a call … +133 I though for a second that this was some loser trying to steal… +131

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