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**hornyllama rolled image ** +926 Why would he marry some kids? Isn't that illegal? +679
Picture +664 I gave a relatively vague description of a hentai I only saw o… +585
Unrealistic, he would have been shot already. +565 You need to get them checked if they morph +479
And here's her roommate. +447 Last time I let you in my house, creep. +413
I hope he's taking her to an asylum, where she belongs. +402 TSF Monogatari +399
fukin fell for it +395 I saw this one hentai that was about this girl so heavily addi… +393
''Countries in Europe really like each other'' Yeah sure +350 Cops come later. TFW +348
Really why make fun of a kid that's just making faces? Ev… +319 Why is she ******* her dad? +318
"You see Ivan, when speek the English like me, the Americ… +314 Links or GTFO +303
#ProbablyMoreDicksT... +291 Picture +291
Don't blame black guys on the fact that you are too ugly to ge… +273 10/10 Still pretty disgusting that a sibling would po… +268
ok MSNBC +265 lel +262
i just hope nobody trolls him hardcore. he doesn't de… +253 Guess who's getting a promotion.... not me. +250
Wait.... does he... speak? I thought he only communicated by m… +249 He's doing something I am quite respectful of, and that's stan… +246
She and her boyfriend had a legal agreement that if one of the… +239 Literally the first thing you see when you go to /b/. +235
Picture +234 A summary of why: Interviewer: "Have you ever been sl… +232
I bet you hear that a lot *bada-boom tish!* (Sorry bu… +227 Picture +223
Very good. +220 You look in the mirror and see what you saw. Grab the sa… +219
Picture +218 **serballer rolls 77** +216
Picture +215 How do I get good ratings on my new indie developed game? +211
Well at least she didn't get naked Good job +205 For those who don't seem to get the title. +205
No! He was about to tell us the release date of Half-Life 3! W… +203 i dont even know y i did +201
#NotReallyYourSiste... +197 up up down down left right left right B A.....Orgasm achieved! +196
I've seen more tits than a roman bathhouse slave. And… +194 I would show her my morphballs +193
Since Jesus is the son of Mary.... +193 Picture +192
People are actually using those things as a method of seeing i… +189 Picture +189
Because she's not ******* you +184 Yeah I totally did that on purpose +182
Picture +181 Wait, you're telling me there is a full-size model doll of Emm… +179
Except the internet knows. +177 Bears are natural and perfectly safe for you, I crack one open… +176
**zdawg rolled image ** I logged in just to thumb and fave +176 your thought visualized +174
Picture +171 Picture +170
i imagine people liek this dude have to put up with his friend… +170 Picture +168
If you don't have a cousin you would bang then you're a liar +168 **** . I lowered the shield because this … +166
bro get the next one up fast im dying to read more +165 **lionxroar rolls 99** Lesson 1: don't put a space behind th… +165
Picture +165 Then why the **** did you walk up to the club you… +164
Picture +164 What the **** did you just ******* s… +164
here you go +163 Implying the gamecube controller ins't the greatest controller… +163
**** me it's so small +162 welcome to funnyjunk +161
**legitimacy rolls 69** First +161 tfw you will never be able to ravage entire indigenous populations +161
Ha +160 Picture +159

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