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Picture +984 and then she found out she had a twin brother who was put up f… +663
HFW the crowd starts to rip off her clothes and violently gang… +535 Let's not get curvy mixed up with round. I'm looking … +441
actually this is a Hephaestus God of Fire, Metalworking, Ston… +417 Picture +403
there ya go +394 that's okay though because a 3rd hit will never come. +385
well when you are gay you do handle a lot of hot meat +322 im pretty sure the first used metal wasn't an alloy. +306
Picture +287 She's not being stiff enough and the people at a Katy Perry co… +272
They must both really suck at sex if they have time to smalltalk +271 "Good thing ripped shrek blew it up in that one anime" +253
always ******* ponies +243 well maybe if he wasnt going so damn fast this wouldnt have hapened +242
**littleliz rolled image ** my face when i have to socializ… +237 then a bit of color. and you're done. +234
Picture +233 They use evidence, not random **** . +228
Picture +227 **bakagaijin rolled image ** at first i was like "who … +222
Picture +220 BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO!! +212
If ******* can have names like Shaniqua or Dre O'… +210 Picture +205
Picture +205 Picture +204
** ************ rolled user steelwoolsheep ** … +201 **youborn rolled image ** Jail janitors fw broken pipe +200
Dumping Cringe here Feel free to add more … +197 Picture +194
mfw sex has become so mundane that people can have small talk … +190 "Curvy" = defined ass + tits "Round" =… +189
How do they not realize from this conversation that they're ac… +187 Picture +185
Picture +182 Skinny legs + big ass looks weird mfw a girl has… +174
Actually, this was the correct use of a circle, you wholegrain… +168 HFW +168
you punch her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her, and… +166 it's not that bad, all you need is to add a little bit of shading... +164
There is this kid I know from high school that is perfect for … +161 Wow I've seen this a million times and never noticed the bush … +161
The problem with the shield is it can only block twice +160 It's because she's a whore. +159
Please make this a wasted gif +155 <what I drew +152
**inuzukaa rolled user steelwoolsheep ** Who im marring with +147 What my laptop would look like with 100 mods running. +146
Picture +145 Because the first floor requires our crumpets and the ground i… +143
Picture +143 Actual funny in funnyjunk... It's the End of Times. +141
That description. +135 " ******* white boys" getting real tired… +135
Picture +134 she received the high impact sexual violence and became pepsi… +133
I didn't realise teenage girls liked carrots so much. +132 **anonymous rolled image ** mfw I have so much fart that th… +130
More blood for the blood Doge. +130 Her ******* name is Daenerys +129
Picture +127 Picture +127
I don't know how many of you will understand this +127 Picture +127
That explains why she kept running away. +126 **youborn rolled image ** what beeing gay feels like +125
Picture +125 for the average sized woman that's called being overweight. +124
For those who want it animated: +123 inb4 people go ******* with the monkey jokes … +123
That 70's Show: Beyond. +123 A woman. +123
a good pirate just makes a copy +121 mfw I need one year related experience to work as a Water Plan… +121
She probably sucked like 3 dicks while she was upside down +121 Picture +119
Buy him a blue shirt and some red pant. Watch him crumple into… +117 Picture +116

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