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All I see is a man in a sea of fine pussy that all make a dece… +869 >my son lost his virginity before me That could po… +545
I miss chilling with my bros and blowin' **** up. +525 Not sure how to feel about this; on the one hand the woman sho… +505
>get ambushed in Afghanistan >pinned down >w… +463 Pft, Obongo has no balls. +349
I have an indoor cat and its microchipped. I also have his paw… +346 At the risk of sounding weird, if she offered, id be her slave +338
If you jack off 7 times a day, yes. +324 I still feel like obsession over her is one of the cringiest t… +318
fair enough, fixed. +317 I can guess Anti Gamer Gate Retards Oranges +291
explain how your mom gave birth to you then +291 Noah was a free to play player who got gud +275
Picture +272 Pansexual +270
Picture +263 Picture +262
When he walks into class the next day +251 more comps of ridiculously expensive things plz +247
His face looks like they voted on a graduation breakfast and e… +247 ayy nudes of the girl to the right. Thank me later +246
Your that guy? you SUCK +237 i broke my bully's rib, no one had told me he had fragile bone… +213
Because then they'd know you're gay. +207 Picture +205
***** almost took my job. +204 Picture +200
I feel like I know her. She seems like the kind of person… +196 The anti-family pack? +196
you'd also probably be dead. +189 So a law firm +188
That's a comma +185 It just looks like russia has its mouth open with two front te… +184
>Everyone leaves their refrigerators open >Earth's … +181 ***** delicious. The **** y… +181
Like a bisexual +181 To be fair, that is the old model which now serves as backup. … +181
Forgot to add!!! the californium is 27Mill per gram!! +175 It really is true, what Lincoln said. +174
Isn't Sweden that country that is afraid to sing its own anthe… +174 What about the thing for shooting down police helicopters? +173
Asexual people **** popcorn in public? +171 When the neighbor calls the cat +170
22 years old, 18 years later, still virgin. pic related. +170 What kind of taco doesn't have good sauce? +170
Yes, because nothing says "I don't like to be the centre … +169 Welcome to brawl modding I will be your FALCON -God +158
Does the tinfoil hat give you better reception? +158 Incest ? More like insect +157
Picture +157 Picture +154
>month 6 >still thinking GG is a hate group +154 The true king of laziness +152
How is this a pun. +152 Correlation does not imply causation this m… +152
Well orange you glad I didn't say banana? +150 "Oh **** ****** what are you do… +150
Did someone say cockpit? +149 his father burned him so bad, that would probably have to cap… +146
Obnoxious watermark ☑ 1D insult ☑ Unnecessary and … +140 Special Forces +140
Picture +139 They won't cause you she is a ****** and the fat … +139
There's a difference between asexuality and asexual reproducti… +138 Picture +136
Picture +134 Picture +133
people will assasinate most of the kennedy's but they wont eve… +133 Something seems oddly familiar... +131
Daniel von Bargen, the guy who played Commandant Spangler pass… +131 Yeah...Health packs...Save points. +130
Picture +130 you accidently some words their m8 +130
If I had one of these I'd just go around the ocean kidnapping … +129 "Does this look like the face of mercy?" +129
Look out bitch. +128 Picture +128
Absolutely ******* savage. +124 honhon baguette +122

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