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Chill out +974 Because swallowing is gay. +654
"anon" +543 If it was against fatties they'd be crying discrimination this… +542
Too soon? +526 great. Comparing yourself to the forbidden city tank man. So h… +494
>SJW fight for social justice >Says we own you … +489 Not all animals feel. But cats and dogs? The… +440
Assassin's Creed 5: White Flag +426 i tried... paint... +408
Picture +401 Mr Skeltal In honor of the Halloween season +395
Considering how old that guy is, he probably was a witch. +391 "hey mates, wanna go to that pub with all the fat bitches… +376
let's not sexualize one of the few respectable people to publi… +349 Basically if something is done for the "feminists"… +343
Hello darkness, my old friend..... +316 It's a parody of this video for anyone wondering +301
yeah, I know it says "man". +296 Under Quarantine +295
you dont +294 Picture +294
Picture +291 Picture +289
Picture +285 Support gamergate and instantly become a white male! privilege… +275
At least this is one time when Android users can't claim that … +267 JUST RECYCLE ALL THE CANS, SAVE THE EARTH AND YOUR PC +265
Picture +264 Feminists are fighting for equal treatment for women. Unfortu… +260
>when you reach down to lift the cover but it isn't there +257 This. ALL of it. You are a ******* hero and a per… +256
Picture +255 awesome animation, but furries and poopy music +254
Jesus **** op... Jesus... **** ... +249 "Look at these kids, trying to do my job with their fancy… +244
My dog was hit by a car about a month ago. He had a broken jaw… +235 "Trick or Treat!" "Oh, that's a gorgeous co… +235
Only thin people could slip through +234 I HAVE THE WEIRDEST ERECTION RIGHT NOW +230
the king part turned it from a 7/10 to a 9/10 +225 **gormless rolled image ** +221
Picture +218 you've never seen my crotch it's laughably small +214
Adminions +206 I don't know why I felt the need to do this +202
**shallowandpedantic... rolled image ** killed wrong baby +202 Or alternatively thank Him for the loss because you become a b… +197
Cause they're black. +191 some people will want to look at 14 yo in underwear +190
Picture +189 Last one seems like a decent idea, but then you'll get the ass… +188
Its not begging, its just a tradition that we don't have that … +185 Picture +182
pro tip: be naked. +181 Hmm, i like cutting my toe nails, such a satisfying snip. But … +179
tfw +177 "Pumpkin Spice season son" +175
>sudden urge to smell again >still smells like ass +175 Fixed. +174
Picture +174 love me some theoretical chemistry which works out pe… +173
>using cup of tea as unit of weight +170 You know, out of all the themed *********** accou… +170
part of me is kinda hoping there's gonna be an episode where d… +169 This can come in handy for trolls +168
I like how the other team actually helped him put the guy down… +167 god damn it ross +165
im asking you for sex +165 Picture +164
This is the most autistic thing i've ever seen +161 Ken M +160
And bingo was his name-o! +159 Picture +159
HA. Here, i assumed some of you ******* would wan… +158 It's the perfect murder. +158
I'm sure it's delicious, but seen like that it really looks li… +157 Picture +157
U forgot some stuff m8 +157 Picture +156

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