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I refuse to believe that Felucia isn't the Vietnam war. +650 So basically what you're saying is, FJ nowadays is basically l… +606
Can you imagine the teacher? "Alright lads, wat… +604 Orange be like +485
SUPER BATTLE DROID TAKE IT DOWN +471 Well would you look at that it's a golden deceiver +441
gotta help the humans human gotta help us +408 This sounds fake as hell, but I'll be damned if it wasn't ente… +404
>be 20 in college >come home for family reunion … +394 We are out if reinforcements Their reinforcements ar… +393
not using it to text hot singles in your area. +386 MFW one more unarmed black kid not killed by a white police officer +368
"Looks like it's going to be one of those ******* … +357 2014 one. +341
Picture +333 Only 4 hours of game play. What are modern games coming to. +332
Fag. +320 Picture +289
>Wearing a forcefield. I ******* told them … +288 howdareyoustandwhe....png +287
Picture +275 I see they ordered double sausage . Can't say I blame 'em. +275
[Faint FOR THE REPUBLIC in the background] +264 Picture +262
Picture +257 Hug him and kiss him and call him George +250
THE ONE TIME I WANTED YOU TO POST A PICTURE. WHY DIDN'T … +248 I always read your name as mrs. noballs +244
Every mascot account's FW +243 Pretty sad that this is genuinely the first time I have seen s… +240
We know theres a Filthy Casual in here, and dont think we do… +240 Did you just state an opinion? Ho, ho, ho, ho! … +239
Picture +234 Picture +232
Aye, maybe. But they died with bigger balls than you. +200 Picture +200
The **** is this?! I asked for the new Iphone! gg… +197 This is a ******* joke BTW. I'm not banning anyone. I e… +196
Tumblr is so great when you dont actually get on it +192 I don't get white people +190
because they live in it. +186 Cory no House +183
Picture +180 What's up with the Necromonger hats? +179
"12 and up" Get off your high horse, I guarantee… +178 Picture +176
You say that like that isn't a great line. +173 Picture +171
>Come grasp the mighty penis of our leader New FJ … +171 I guess after ******* so many goats you start to look l… +170
Picture +165 On that day, hamsterity received a grim reminder... +163
>Knock knock Who's there >It's the police m'am y… +161 *Rebel soldier shooting already dead stormtrooper* +160
Picture +160 Part 19 is out! +159
Picture +159 ur getting a ticket sir that meme wasn't dank enough +157
reverse image serched the picture. ****** everywhere. i… +153 You roundhouse'd the big giga-bitch, then found the fatty's je… +152
True story, about 6 years ago my best friend robbed McDonalds.… +151 Picture +150
Picture +150 Such smart majestic creatures... +146
Ha! Peasants! +145 I tried +145
People talk **** about EA all the time but I think they… +144 when the parents aren't home +143
"Arrested after releasing balloons." It's a… +141 But holy goddamn is it worth it +140
Picture +140 thanks doc +138
Just go suck his dick then, I don't post content +136 Picture +134
I tried to think of a username that would get me notifications… +134 She also hit him with her car +134
Half life 3 confirmed +133 Uno dos tres cuatro! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP +131
dat face +131 If that's not the grimiest, foulest, most ruthless thing anybo… +127

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