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Picture +804 Yeahhhh I'm not going to take the word of someone who was lock… +545
Plot twist, Black Widow is able to lift it. +525 Shmengels made this gif a few months ago btw so credits … +420
Picture +403 Fight Club style. +384
>WARNING! its porn thats not a warning, its a… +370 They're cyborgs but they're called androids so it's cool +356
how can she write to him when she's blind? +344 ur mum is ****** +342
Right behind you +321 mayweather was supposed to hug his wife and fight pacquiao but… +318
How about this. Vegans eat foods from vegan sources, and leav… +315 A shotgun that takes three minutes to load, and a smg that tak… +306
Picture +304 Picture +293
First let me call in my buddy, he's an expert in hand written … +287 I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT TO SETTLE THIS DISPUTE. +287
100-0 real quick +281 The first applicant to leave is also friend of the guy at the end. +279
lol those idiots talking about slavery as if it was a "wh… +279 Since you didn't specify what you were asking for examples of… +275
Picture +270 winner of a dick in her ass. +267
Picture +263 Picture +259
look on the bright side, you wont have to worry about financin… +256 "It doesn't needs it's skin anymore" he sounds l… +241
"Stuff is just things. It don't make a **** ."… +233 Do you guys remember the Back to Africa movement? Ahh, those w… +232
That cat can't be yours, thats obviously a drawing +230 ayy le ******** +227
the new jojo's bizarre adventure arc looks great +224 hey kids you wan sum kandy +222
what is the argument here. i dont quite follow. +221 Picture +221
Picture +214 "sneeze volume increased by 7 decibels" good to know… +210
Picture +205 Look at all that funny +205
Mr. Rogers is one of my biggest role models as a teacher. +202 Im not green. And that's a guy. +197
Picture +191 Nicest human being to ever exist. Still dies in the most horri… +190
Why does Mexico suck at the Olympics? Everyone who ca… +188 idk man, after that episode where they all became kids, i susp… +188
The start of a loving relationship. +181 You....I...you.... +175
as always +171 were not who you think we are, now let me out of my jacket so … +170
Natalie pls +169 **feindmachines used "*roll picture*"** **feindmachines rol… +169
Anime 2015 +167 ready for the red +166
Must be hard. I bet $he'$ really $uffering. +166 You should get some bouncy balls +164
Keep the stable, boring girl and show her the wonders of life.… +162 "The city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots...I… +158
Picture +156 Greatest scene in tv history +155
in internet terms, its basically goku vs vegeta +152 His revenge was so sweet that he got diabetes +150
Picture +150 plot twist: he is the schizophrenic one and made all these people up +149
at least 5 +148 If you believe for a moment that any one of the stonebrained c… +146
SOME WHERE IN THE MATRIX +146 Picture +145
Deadpool's through-mask grin is so dick hardening awesome +143 You can get seriously ****** legally for doing that. +142
Must not fap +141 Save +141
My elementary school rhyme was (to the tune of joy to the worl… +141 Liquor retail much better: No kids No returns I k… +141
Picture +140 I know it's just an animated show and it's a joke but I actual… +140
I mean, it also heavily used magic, so give em some slack +139 Picture +133
Picture +132 Dwight I hate you so much but the penis game ridiculous +132

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