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Picture +678 >wake up >take a shit >get out of bed +601
>years streaming down my face that is quite a poet… +518 When you are trying to get evidence of people doing horrible t… +441
C'mon, mate, this is the US government. They'll just plant som… +377 double meat should be double meat bro. If two scoops together … +318
>He think the blast radius is equal to the destruction radius +277 >wear trench coat with lots of pockets >have enormou… +269
big deal, I'll start my own FJ with Blackjack and Hookers +259 I'd cry too if my 13 yr old sibling was getting more action than me. +248
Picture +241 Well, you have cancer +240
The wallpaper +239 Rappin in the Vatican droppin beats like Christ on the cross again. +237
>wake up >masturbate >go back to sleep +236 **steffenengan rolls 999,299,792** yes pls +227
Gob's fw your best mate comes over. +225 later that night +221
Having a porn folder in plain view never felt so sweet +220 Shovel knight did it right. +215
wake up call joshlol a faggot life goal fulfilled, tim… +213 >If FJ shuts down >start spending my time on more pr… +205
**crellow rolled image ** What I find hot +199 No need for that since I visit funnyjunk every 5 seconds +196
Picture +193 nigga this shit is gay +187
Picture +186 Picture +184
**swordmansfire rolled image ** <- this +183 **dejax rolled image ** +182
Son, you are four month old now, here, have these grocery bags… +179 Picture +178
I feel like having a Deadpool morph suit allows you to get awa… +174 it's chicken technology +173
The first one. +171 >7 am waking up in the morning >gotta be fresh &… +169
Picture +167 Still gotta practice yo stabbin' +165
"What are you gonna do, arrest me?" +164 Best cinematic yet +161
**betesta rolled image ** +161 "observe the phenomenon." oh you lewd… +160
Look at all that funny +158 MFW someone tries the fake baby one on me +157
Did you find it yet? +152 I'm thrown off by the times at which each message is sent +151
I'm not going to lie. My finger was in my mouth befor… +151 Picture +151
We must conquer Saturn's Moon and harness natural flight capab… +147 Picture +146
Picture +146 you are of stupid +145
The fun part about this content is that literally everyone who… +145 man, Tumblr have no idea how to use words correctly +139
Soon after FJ shuts down.. +135 Picture +135
**arthurmitchell rolled image ** +132 Social acceptance. +132
Stop that OCD Shit. Most of the above aren't even remotely OCD… +129 **spidurman rolled image ** what i would draw +129
Fixed... +128 now she'll never know +127
You managed to completely obliterate my trust in all people wi… +126 But does it have Battleto-it has BattleToads. Good. … +126
Good job, ma nigga +125 Picture +124
''Can't polish a turd'', they even proved it on mythbusters th… +124 Do this in California Massive earthquake Die laughing +123
dont use that one... its wrong +123 Picture +122
I tried and I don't know why +121 Real men only make one trip... +120
I'd never make a woman make me a sandwich. Bitches wish their … +119 Picture +118
Picture +117 **therealpeterw rolls 999,809,175** +117
let's see... +115 Picture +115
Picture +114 Picture +114

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