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Anglosphere master race +631 'waste management' is used in the italian-american mafia as a … +470
your welcome +434 it doesn't need to become more popular it's already t… +400
ok i'm calling it. War on ISIS is officially over. face it, yo… +368 Picture +354
Picture +299 Does she know? +294
Biebergotswag did you forget which account you were on? +268 "Wait, did you hear something Mikhail?" "I … +258
When you are trying out new type of porn +248 I regret this roll with a passion. +241
I read too quickly and thought she said Gandalf +236 whos the lucky guy +234
Cute. 9.5 quintillion kilometers. +233 pockets full +218
Jurassic Park. … +214 **witchofsand rolled image ** The man my son will be +211
**myballsonyourchin rolled image ** I better get those cats +210 Well I tried +209
"Blue telephone booth" ***** , … +208 Picture +207
i'm thinking it was better when the tumblrettes are still too … +203 Actually that's not a bad thing to do either because those kin… +202
my car is just like my sex life I don't have one +200 Picture +199
With oversteer, its possible to do a sick drift as you careen … +194 watch the entire thing ******** +193
Admin, is that you? +184 Well... TECHNICALLY they prevented the suicide. +180
Anglos ftw baby. +171 **** how the **** did i forget.. +166
that bob ross one had me laughing my ass off. +163 dat ******* guy at the end +160
Random D&D story time! >In campaign with my friend.… +159 hi retarded, i'm biebergotswag +158
oh sorry bro It's the fastest way to cook ravioli tho +155 Bravely bold Sam Biddle Rode forth from Gawker Media. … +155
I want a Plank phone case +152 I never got my porn picture or link, my moose picture, or a d… +152
BYEEEEAH +151 Picture +149
Did ebola good score? +145 Picture +145
Your on your own bitch +145 i am seriously running out of **** to say, so her… +143
fix'd +142 What if you were walking along that side of the street to begi… +142
Picture +141 Picture +140
all spaghetti is pasta, but not all pasta is spaghetti +139 something will come out. +137
It's tough. +135 Did you get change back? +131
What's sad about this is the obvious troll account is pretty d… +131 The bars are down for a reason, you ******* cockh… +130
Obviously Robin +130 ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS THE TOP COMMENTS… +129
**meganheartz rolled image ** what my daughter will be +128 Dude, being a Swede I can personally say that Americans are so… +126
Says the sonic fan +126 well, "huge tits and a penis" pretty much describes … +123
I don't even like Dr. Who, but I'd watch it if he was the new … +122 she's attractive +122
Picture +119 Picture +119
This confused the hell out of me. I read the whole thing … +118 And that's why I can't have kids. +116
One of them is like a 1 000 000 years old (cat years, 16) and … +114 Picture +113
Alright, now these are just getting out of hand. +113 Picture +112
Picture +111 "Condensation" +111
is that not illegal? +111 Note the obvious decline +110
Take yer chinese cartoons and suzuki-saiyan somewhere else. +109 tfw winning it +108
Don't worry, your butt will get looser. It won't hurt as much … +107 Soccer already is very popular. +106

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