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Picture +521 Picture +509
Picture +499 Edison was one of history's biggest assholes and if not for hi… +490
He doesn't need a hug; he needs a ******* medal. +480 "damn retarded kid is gonna kill that guy holding the bow… +474
which one? +442 no sanitarysan, top hat is not a gender +368
God. damnit. Yamcha. +352 How are you even slightly in doubt about that? +345
Yes, she is a whore. But goddamn if she isn't the BEST whore. +342 Has sonicschall intimidated you, admin? +334
I live in Oregon and this is not true. +333 I work as a gas station pump attendant so here's a couple shor… +333
Question when did I get a cat +295 That ended up a LOT better than i though it would. +287
>TFW claustrophobic +285 "Do you feel like a hero yet?" +269
Possiblity 11 You take the red pill +269 Almost as fun as playing spot the vegan +261
Alright! Yamcha, this is your chance! +259 Use my training! +245
The floor is brown and the slav is squatting on a chair. +244 **** every idiot that does this **** +242
Things that actually happen at 4 am Thinking about … +242 Hoemance +240
x=12 x=-15 +237 A boy plans to take his girlfriend to prom. He works out t… +236
Shower curtain. It felt smooth but it ended up giving me the w… +231 Picture +228
> Tommy Turner He's the modern Teen Wolf. +225 dont fink i didnt see u m8 cheeki little wotsit +224
Picture +222 **rollingpicture used "*roll picture*"** **rollingpicture r… +221
Picture +209 Phew, there's still some sense in this world, now someone plea… +208
I need more of this +207 The British had some major badasses in WW2 +205
Or he's not a southerner and can handle a little frosty weather +203 mcburd +197
I hate ever hearing people talk about furries as just a fetish… +190 Leaving someone over certain habits is perfectly acceptable. F… +190
<Real American Hero +187 Yes, yes! Destroy each-other you psychotic fascist ****… +186
>MFW people actually give a **** what retail e… +186 Picture +186
Picture +183 blacks kill more blacks than the Klan +182
>Basically a laser shotgun >Jamal is on fire but now… +180 **** you Jeff I hate you but the pussy game ridiculous +174
Picture +172 OP's FW +171
I can finally post this. +168 Pretty sure they did, it is in its original quality, and lucki… +167
I was gonna thumb up but then I saw the cat ears and the tail. +165 I once tried to download an episode of the simpsons and ended … +164
Everyone might think this is gay, I thought it was a beautiful… +163 Sounds like the perfect set up for a foursome plus incest... +163
to be fair, jet fuel can't melt steel beams +161 Asking xskullgirlsx if skullgirls is any good +160
keep going +158 there are at least 3 human/snake porno's on the net, don't ask +158
I like how there is not ******* citation. Who eve… +157 I think that's udderly fascinating +157
REAL scientist BRO +154 Directed by Michael Bay +154
You would think the guy would stop after the first few hits fr… +153 School is for nerds, the board is life +153
Possibility 11 It's the jews It's always the jews +151 IVE BEEN A LOW KEY GIRL THIS WHOLE TIME, COME AT ME BIG BOYS +151
Picture +151 MFW I'm an Oregon resident and totally agree with this. We are… +150
>> #2 , >> #1 , Here you go, guys! +147 Fear my Dragon and my balls +147
Pwetty please? +146 Picture +145
what a dogebag +145 this ************ from Australia will sprint at y… +144

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