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OC, funny AND about Hitler 10/10 would thumb again +824 Degenerates the lot of ya +714
I don't see how this could backfire in any way. Go for it. +578 As the ancient hawaiians used to say; "When hooking … +562
you needed a good firm beating +421 Picture +347
HURK SMOSH +335 Seriously you have to be hella gay if you're into any sort of … +334
A double bit axe has two different edges, one edge is thicker … +333 Hey guys, OP here, I'm so ecstatic to be getting all this supp… +325
Should've used the banana bunker to keep that antenna up … +306 Picture +284
Picture +284 I don't know why I did this. +272
Picture +269 Funny? Check! Sexy? Check! Hitler? Check! 8/8 +267
**arschbombe used "*roll picture*"** **arschbombe rolled i… +265 I like to fap to naked women +259
Picture +257 Picture +247
>find cave >go into cave >find mob spawner … +246 Anon failed on both accounts +243
**** , I actually remember that episode. They warned us … +236 Picture +235
quality posters +234 Picture +231
Picture +230 Picture +228
Picture +226 Picture +224
it's finding its lost half! +223 Picture +221
mfw +216 Not being sexually attracted to someone is shallowness? I don'… +212
Dudes face when. +210 Picture +207
Picture +207 If I know any one thing about women, it'd be this. Never, ever… +205
I can almost hear the wilhelm scream. +200 Gee Bill, TWO milkshakes? +199
Never trust a Malik +199 Picture +198
Picture +197 Picture +194
Mmm yeah, take that webm you dirty slut. You know you wa… +191 The last quote +186
The .gif that made me join the Soviet Union +184 A mix of spankings and timeout can help teach a child about so… +181
at least he wasn't a ****** +178 females +177
We have to dumb ourselves down in order to communicate with you. +176 > greates vocalist to EVER LIVE > Freddy Mercury … +175
Picture +174 you lost me at trans woman +174
"Tried to convince the history teacher that Taylor Swift … +173 Picture +173
Picture +172 >your wife has self esteem issues >give her a shirt … +171
<the shop doesn't even do black science man justice conside… +169 Picture +169
A Feminazi would still be ******* offended at this. +168 This is one of the coolest and strangest communities. You guys… +168
two cigars +168 **pariahlol used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **pariahlol rolls 000** +167
"Have you simply tried turning off the TV, sitting do… +164 Anime in a nutshell. +164
dank u means thank you in Dutch +163 Is your girlfriend single by any chance? +163
"no guy has ever treated me as nice as you do" &… +157 wtf is beautiful about a 400 pound bag of skin and fat bouncin… +156
Gel Gym Gem Gyp Germ There's a few more bu… +156 Thenewmemesarein.gif +153
come to my party in 20 minutes if you want an ass kicking +152 Who the **** eats just half a pizza? +152
''quads'' and he got them impressive +151 ******* brutal.jpg +148
"this man did something already expected of a woman but g… +146 This is not my creation, but I would have putten this one for … +146
Picture +146 Fixed... +144

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