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NOW its anime water +632 It begins +504
implying weeb faggots bathe +474 when you get elected as president and ask the CIA if aliens ar… +413
this **** brings my piss to a boil +412 I will be hated, but this is fairly accurate. Hyperactivity do… +383
They did precisely what was asked, what more do you want? +381 the Swedish showed us how policing is supposed to be done. … +373
Picture +337 Blue is actually a more calming color from a psychological sta… +334
Picture +333 fefe +323
Picture +298 You guys are the idiots, see they will be looking for homeowners. +297
She's sitting on a valve +288 Picture +284
How would you know? are you the other person? +282 I thought it was going to be a dick. +273
What's the burning thing? The guy who lost the last round. +270 Nothing. In fact, it was f*cking amazing. +269
Picture +267 **loonyticthethird used "*roll picture*"** **loonyticthethi… +266
I'm....Actually taken aback by how accurate this is +265 dude..... +261
>2015 >not spending 99.99 on horse pussy ***… +261 man that would be a great law if they actually had sunlight +261
the friendzone is more like a guy applying for the job and tel… +259 Jew hands? They get ******* 25% Valve is the jew +249
Forrest Gump also had trouble recognizing a joke. Eve… +246 You cut off Thomas Jefferson's ponytail! +244
Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger standing next to Wilt Chamberlain… +243 Guy: "I demand trial by combat" Court: &quo… +220
Found the bad bait +218 >Jack >Key >Chain +206
I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready... for me money! +198 Found this gem +196
tree fiddy +190 How much does this mod cost? +187
Ellsworth Kelly (American, born Newburgh, New York, 1923… +183 "Glarg" +178
not disabling addblock for nexus? that's not cool +177 Huh, seems familiar +177
Jesus ******* christ. I dont know whats worse. … +176 Well played Dog, well played.. +171
Picture +171 I'm not an actor but at this point , I'm too afraid to tell +168
no, the "deface currency" law only applies to things… +167 kids FW he thinks they are going to keep driving and his mom s… +166
I like cold play. I thought people liked cold play. … +166 Look at all that funny +165
the asian teacher's way to treat ADHD students +163 "I hate funnyjunk, all of its content is the same reposts… +162
people who bitch about rules in streetball +161 he's a golden deceiver +161
Implying you had ANYTHING to do with your survival in that sit… +159 Picture +157
"you've seen this before?" "eleven times in… +154 Yes. +151
Last night I secretely bonded with the buns of your sister +150 Dat ragecomic hair. +147
"I'M ALREADY HEARING VOICES!" +147 Iron Oxide +145
Because humans have absolutely no capacity for inferrement. +143 Picture +143
Picture +142 If you would like to be notified of the next comp, thumb this … +142
So it conveniently fogs up around my intimate places? How conv… +138 You forgot mods. Yeah, this is a thing now too. +132
Picture +131 **gomugomuno used "*roll 1, 0-9*"** **gomugomuno rolls 0** … +129
For my fellow slow readers viewing pleasure. +127 The blow job was really relaxing. >Basketball American +127
Well, yeah..thats a weird direction where this is heading. On … +127 Picture +126
Reddit users should turn off adblock +125 i'm not against murdering certain people +125
The mental picture of the monkey riding the lion reminded me o… +125 Picture +122
Don't be sad Just picture Big ole' Andre up in heaven as a… +121 > E xtra A pple > EA +121

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