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**anonymous used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **anonymous rolls 11** +618 Picture +616
I know exactly why I got this boner +410 Behold the Vlad Tepes of birds ! +397
Neo nazis are generally ignorant, skinhead trash. They are no… +390 That's what the KGB wants you to think +387
Well there's a huge difference between a minimum wage anime fa… +379 Why not just read the alphabet? +378
Very good, but the lyric is actually "get it through to y… +368 so he gave up halfway through designing the character +365
How they cook +346 " "Do not come any closer," God said. "Tak… +341
>Free DLC confirmed >Third and First Person Pespecti… +337 Picture +305
to give everyone my aids? +303 Picture +295
Children: There's still hope to teach them. Adults: Basica… +275 YOU ******* JEW +271
I couldn't resist. +267 Now everyone in China will know you're queer. +265
Picture +256 Piss on the hammer. +249
Looks like a mix of annoyance and playfulness. Like … +247 Picture +246
Picture +235 blink once - miss out several words in the sentence +232
Thank god he had that umbrella. +230 You lied to me OP +229
Picture +227 My potions are too strong for you traveler. +222
Gordon doesn't hate on people that can't cook he hate… +214 at where in the show does timmy call his dad mom +211
my fav +210 Picture +207
Picture +199 I'm a lot more understanding of like Nazi types who are 6 foot… +198
Picture +198 My girlfriend whom i've lived with for 3 months caught me mast… +193
It might not be black twitter, but still ... +191 but my memes give you aids +190
rekt +186 >his owner's was he a slave? +182
i finally got around to reading the dictionary turns out t… +178 Picture +176
>No trolls What a hypocrite. +175 11 Hours later I realise I didn't upload the header..... This … +174
If you didn't wander "what the hell is a dakimakura?"… +174 He'll probably die before he dies +173
I think that AI is fairly realistic. I've seen enough videos … +173 >Posting an image >2015 +171
Do you browse the newest uploads very often? Oh, what… +170 Bugs are nasty, I dont touch 'em. +167
rip dade +165 Because this guy already won +162
>when you staking out a heist +161 Aubrey Plaza If I didn't totally **** her name. … +160
goddamit i hate it when i miss trainwreck comments +160 That's cool and all, but I'm more interested in that guy... +155
Picture +154 They already revealed his true face +152
If i had a dollar for every woman who didnt find me attractive… +152 Whatcha watching? +151
No you don't... +147 > Level 12 > Dragonrend wut? +146
I would draw my brother because i miss him +143 Picture +140
Picture +139 Picture +138
Only a few can make Gordon proud +138 Picture +138
>Be OP >Create account >Post first content … +136 Picture +135
Picture +135 Oh dear sweet lord. Thank God they don't. Could you imaging th… +134
our russian brothers and sisters need memes! +134 Picture +131
Age : 46 Occupation : Actor Problem : It all started i… +131 Picture +130
Picture +128 Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. +125

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