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The face of a broken man +830 I've never seen this Hutt before. Is she a crime lord too? +752
>I can sit up unassisted That's supposed to be a … +742 **Elk used "*roll picture*"** **Elk rolled image ** me wh… +585
The feathers are cheating, the plastic bag has mass as well! +520 one of these is not like the others +514
That clock placement . . . +509 This is a common creative technique. To create the mi… +498
he actually did it the absolute madman hahahaha! +475 [delusion intensifies] +463
>meet spaghetti girl >try talking to her >for… +452 Picture +450
This bitch actually exists in the world. Just think about that… +429 since even the admin is misreading this: I only poste… +413
rude, at least im not anime trash +378 why did we need to know that +371
A woman president would be fine if it wasnt Hillary +356 Picture +347
HFW his friends are trying to cut him up +322 >Brave >Irish +312
This **** makes me sad. People need to realize when the… +305 Admin needs a new profile picture +303
"thats rude ted" "it was a WHOLE CHICKEN! +303 He got really detailed with that fifth drawing +299
Some people are just real lucky +296 In that situation my ass would pucker hard enough to produce d… +288
mfw im debating to masturbate or not +280 My dad asked me this when I was 7-8 years old, and my initial … +272
"This is what I get for being adopted by crackers " +263 When you post some dank Black Tweets +262
I'm guessing maybe........... Scottish? I might be wrong +258 Picture +254
yeah, its called fishing. +252 i love how every sjw has the same ******* pitch in thei… +252
and all I got was this lousy mention +252 Picture +251
Picture +243 >Red handed Heh. +242
"Most men say blue so im gonna say blue" +241 Picture +235
Kids are now being taught guerrilla warfare thanks Obama +226 Picture +221
Ah **** , I can't believe you've done this. +220 its like trying to explain equalism to a feminist +219
Pretty sure Thor grabbed Tony by the throat the minute he foun… +219 And FJ gave me cancerous autism. +214
Might be a unpopular opinion but I think, for the most part, a… +213 Voice actor's FW reading script +211
SCOTTISH. THAT CUNT IS SCOTTISH. +207 ..i fully expected that the kids die +206
You ***** aren't gonna be laughing when I'm the only on… +204 first 6 letters of your username +202
23$ per hour in montreal i dont know about you but its not bad… +200 >sci fi weapons >no glorious needler How dare you +199
yes +196 The Western Lowland Gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla R… +191
She's trying so hard to try to show off she's not that fat … +186 It's because you're trying to thumb your own content from anot… +185
I have no problem with a female president. I have a big probl… +179 "You expressing your opinion about my opinion is patroniz… +174
Picture +174 Picture +174
RIP in pepperoni "Hoe From Math Class" +172 >When you look up the voice and you learn he/she has a resu… +170
Construction Worker: "That nutjob Sweet Tooth is gonna po… +168 >Implying that male feminists actually get laid +167
Picture +163 Wow ******* savage. +162
obligatory Why did they put the same image next to ea… +157 Huff using logic am i in the right Universe? +156
Native American mentioned. Swell with casinos, reserves, and a… +155 Picture +153
what the flying **** +153 why are they laughing in english? +153
I think she looks kind of cute +152 Picture +152
Picture +150 Repost, an experience I had on PS3 like 2 years ago. … +149
Stab a man? in the middle of a Train? In front of god knows ho… +148 Sly Cooper? On my FJ? Today is a very good day. +148

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