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Humanity received a grim reminder that lunch hour. +693 **mrsnowballs used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **mrsnowballs rolls 55** +679
You're 50 Cent, aren't you? +586 i had pretty much this exact chance once. a friend of mine bac… +503
Bitch please +439 its not a matter of strength tho, you just have to be worthy o… +433
Anyone who has spent 5 minutes in retail knows customers are m… +432 I like peanut butter. +430
Savage move, Floydweather is gonna be pissed when somebody rea… +421 last one +392
I feel the same way about dank memes +377 Having been an extra, this gives a slightly new perspective. D… +374
>Dissing a man's Star Wars collection +350 Picture +349
Ayyyy lmao +328 Picture +325
And then there's 4chan +318 Oh my ******* god, stop being a pussy +315
I was actually pretty surprised by the portrayal of this villa… +310 Picture +309
It costs 400 000 dollars to own this extremely rare animated p… +299 "Oh yeah those weren't mints, those were ecstasy pills" +294
Common Pepe +276 Picture +258
"Put the hammer on an elevator." "Elevator goes… +257 That plan to attack must've been quickly hatched. +255
How would YOU know its ifunny content? Do you happen to browse… +248 Picture +247
Picture +243 I was involved in the episode of 'Bang Goes the Theory' on BBC… +242
Picture +236 you're not very bright are you? -said they're not mine … +232
Picture +228 That truly isn't attractive to me. +224
"Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclea… +223 I hate her, she's not funny. +220
I played Smash with my girlfriend and won 12 times in a row wi… +219 Wise men roll dubs on demand. **totallytito used "*roll 1… +212
Picture +211 **morelazors used "*roll picture*"** **morelazors rolled i… +201
Oh my god. I always thought that "I didn't do nothing&quo… +199 I respectfully request that you log in and say that. +195
I used to be a real asshole. Still kind of am, but mostly 'I … +194 Sir, I've got something on radar +190
Picture +190 You're late +190
Managed to sneak this bad boy through border control. +189 This is all the info you give us how dare you! +186
We just not gonna talk about this? +186 Picture +182
This place is slowly becoming more like /pol/ +180 Picture +173
Well, the attack was well eggecuted. +172 "Stunt jump failed" +171
Picture +171 I SAVED HER! +170
I'll keep trying +169 On the one hand, this job sounds amazing. On the other hand, i… +164
Most of these I can agree with, but the one in an empty parkin… +163 That's a rather wasted skill. +161
haha yeah i read that part too +161 I never realized i needed porn of this +160
atleast hes not mouthing obscenities +157 rip mrfefe +156
Car jackers just keep getting more and more clever. +154 Wrong Opinion +153
Picture +151 I don't understand all the fuzz about Emma Stone, she looks li… +151
dat ass tho +149 ************ , Nick Fury in the movies is based off of t… +146
and then fails miserably you know, cuz… +145 It's almost like society changes and hardships are relative. +144
I had some free time. +143 >mfw cant rape the willing +143
******* NORMIES STOP EXPOSING PEPE TO THE OUTSIDE WOR… +143 I ******* hate when people take the tip money. Like on… +141
Isn't that the guy from supernatural? That guy would look good… +140 Picture +137
Picture +135 My favorite +135

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