they probably wouldnt be salty if not for all those tears +695 21 stones = 133kilos = 301 pounds +659
If your friends don't routinely insult you, they're not your f… +617 This is how hipsters determine the age of "the scene"… +518
Silly cloud woman, the bald guy is obviously in need of a cure… +478 "You know, they say Destiny becomes a completely differen… +473
he only gets angry at adults who pretend they can do **… +471 Kick it twice, then. +427
It's just that when people see an image of hitler doing someth… +376 Why would he get mad for that? Seriously i would have laughed too! +372
Ya seriously **** you storm. There's a kid in the… +357 woo fat shaming works! keep it up, men! +346
Picture +343 this does a happen due to water is afraid of colour green +324
>couldn't balance a coin on her cock +321 Gotta love how he supports the kids +314
When you go on fj and a ***** shows you his mixtape. +299 Hows about dis guyo here? +282
>OP >she +280 Picture +264
Here's black vs white edition. I honestly don't find these as … +263 >one time I had a dream I was some where creepy as *… +256
Derude to el Sandstormo +251 Picture +249
I like this dragon, this is a nice ******* dragon. +248 Picture +248
maybe its because no one actually gives a **** ab… +246 So Wolverine was when the military tried to weaponize gay peop… +245
Picture +241 If she had them! +241
Just like your mom +234 Picture +234
It's an old gravity experiment - I remember doing it at school… +234 Picture +231
That's..a big dildo she's got up there.. +230 You can't grab and save it if your house catches on fire. +230
this **** is not cute you dont become gay at 7 wh… +230 Nah. The last time I threw a hot dog down a hallway was with y… +223
Yes = Yes Oui = We Si = See Ja = Yah = Slang … +221 The ending is the only really cringey bit. +219
holy **** I'm glad I scrolled down +211 Picture +208
Admin's drunk again +204 Picture +204
Im pretty sure that guy just shot himself +202 This is your alternative +195
Picture +193 or girlfriends.... +193
Picture +192 I am way too ashamed for how long it took me to figure out wha… +191
>TFW no cum sock +190 That was actually pretty clever. +189
Picture +185 Picture +179
people are gonna thumb me down for this +177 Picture +176
I bet that creep watches CP +176 you expected a relevant post? no chalkzone +175
your mom lol +174 I laughed way to hard at the "its my dick" part +172
Those things are enough to completely derail the train. Which … +171 when she says shes almost there... +168
love that man +168 make fun of joshlol +167
And people said I was racist for not wanting to **** … +165 Eat babies +161
lol +161 compare myself to phannact +160
I will raise my donger and the world is much brighter +160 That last one remind of this. +158
Picture +153 I can tell where the fourth reich is beginning. +153
Oh good, im not the only one +153 Tingly in the donger +152
*was +151 you cheeky cunt +148
put tour dick in it +148 Can you feel it now, Mr. Skeltal? +147
Like i have the downs +146 His daughters always cry in the kitchen? I wonder why +146

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