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you go on fj because this is how you make money i come her… +876 i achieved internet fame on one website by live streaming myse… +525
but if your dead....... how'd you post this +505 yes but the key difference is that crash bandicoot was a good game. +496
you sound like a hostage are you okay? +414 FBI be like +397
To be fair, at least one of em got what was coming... +370 once a girl hugged me and i though about her for 2 years roman… +351
still have the mp4 hot dang +335 That means you're retarded. +313
I can't even get first That's how autistic I am +306 "We're proud to announce Fallout 4 Online !" +305
man i don't know why but i teared up while reading this stuff.… +305 Here's another bus full of potatoes. +293
she's so hot, i'd let her fart on my face and offer my hand in… +281 >An abusive midget sees the poster Plan flawed +274
lol neither do i +261 That was the most inspirational thing i've ever read +255
"First I bang this drum Then I bang your mom" +255 What if we say breathing is discriminating agains people who h… +248
Picture +234 I think she's pretty okay. Not a fan of her music, bu… +232
But her foot is sticking out, so she's going to die +230 Keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there. +229
>Plane gets caught on parachute ropes Just a couple wee… +222 i love them +221
>Not posting the video faggot +220 Olivia Jane Cockburn i see why she changed her name to Wilde +219
Picture +211 The Allahu Ackbards +210
Picture +207 Because someone had to do it. +199
puzzles in dark souls. +199 "Please do not say mean things about yourself, that's my … +194
I'm a mod on FJ. You can't be a bigger autist than that +182 "Your call is very important to us." +182
I can't exercise because society and the government and my fam… +180 I think your son needs special education classes since you can… +176
Related +175 I have actual autism +169
I was unaware of this miracle +168 Immediately came to mind. +165
Naughty. +163 I laughed. I thumbed. You are good poster. Ha ha h… +162
Actually, in the books, when they give it to Harry they say th… +161 Actual human vaginas scare me. Never see one irl and really do… +160
fun fact: the reason the democratic party's mascot is a donkey… +160 Picture +157
Joke's on him: The tattoo artist actually wrote inspirational quote! +157 His expression is one of the most heartwarming things I've eve… +152
this is literally a male version of tits thumbwhoring. t… +152 Picture +151
meanwhile in real life +147 Picture +147
"guy fawkes rapist" #notallfawkes +146 Picture +146
Surprise. It's a penis, kids. +145 Picture +145
Nice. +143 no exceptions +142
Holy **** , my sides I genuinely laughed, not… +139 Picture +139
Alternatively +137 MFW I'm about to lose to a foolish samurai with a magic sword … +136
Picture +136 This is so ******* dumb. I've been half suicidal fo… +135
Memorial day is an american day to honor american soldiers who… +135 i think you missed the joke or 3. +132
Morocco mentioned: Swell with Mint tea, blue and white buildin… +132 Picture +130
God-like +127 Jarvis would translate everything for everyone +125
I read a theory that it was Sidious that actually killed Padme… +125 He told everyone that the CIA has been torturing people and on… +125
Picture +125 if your dad had to wiggle a butter knife under the lid to open… +123
This is her now +122 eh +121
after She's pretty dope, and doesn't smell too bad … +121 VLC Media Player +121

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