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please tell me this is 1-2 years old, otherwise I really worry… +787 never thought i would use this +704
**prohibullion used "*roll cah answer*"** **prohibullion ro… +683 IN THE WOT? THEY HAVE A WOT? U WOT? +656
Can't wait until she resorts to porn. +589 That mom though +576
Picture +524 But whales can swim +480
According to the article, they still need to perform this in a… +457 We don't hate you, we just feel sorry for you +454
Picture +447 Picture +422
Picture +407 The worst part She's still ******* hot after a… +390
The one that survived. +373 i mean, if he actually knew the loto number, why the hell woul… +369
I'd buy a mod for that +355 Picture +339
Picture +334 If Valve repeals it within a week or so than all of this conte… +329
nvm I found it +325 First of all Mojang did nothing to mods, neither planned nor d… +324
Picture +317 Picture +315
Picture +309 Picture +304
this was on twitter for a while and i hated it because so many… +281 game sphere master race of course +280
Despite it's shortcomings, America is still my favourite third… +278 my dog died today, i didn't need this, why op, why? +268
Most civil resolution I've ever seen on the internet. +267 Picture +267
Dammit NASA, you can't just go and accidentally break physics. +264 Ant's fw +259
Picture +259 In the manga they have a child +255
**** you, this one actually got me +250 And they say chivalry isn't dead +249
Courier be like: "You won't hear from him again? Oh boy d… +238 Not yet. It's only been two days. The fire has just begun +237
Picture +236 Picture +232
That sounds like a legacy I want humans to have. We s… +232 Picture +231
Those two actually getting something right? +222 Hitler: The third wheel +221
he tapped her for her life force so he could stay 10 forever +220 As a victim of actual physical rape I honestly think the tumbl… +220
Fix'd. +218 I do +216
Excerpt from one post on the forums there: "Dr. … +212 girl became overly attached girlfriend meme, she finds out… +210
They may be the worst bad guys, but they're okay good guys. +207 and you don't have to have surgery in an operating room bu… +206
Then he gets executed for having such **** taste in movies. +202 and here folks you see the difference between ****** an… +201
Picture +200 Picture +199
he's having fun with the students in his class, it's better th… +199 Picture +196
The person who made this is now at a point in his/her life whe… +195 You actually have to pay... to give birth? What? +194
I'd play that. +194 At least he'll be an Avenger in the future. +189
So she is basically a professional meme +189 I made a killing in middle school because I knew how to use Am… +189
Picture +188 "W...why don't you take a seat over there." +186
Runescape here is an image of me in Varrock square +186 Every man needs hands to write down his story with. +185
So… do we win? +184 Picture +184
1865? There's no way that woman would live to see cell phones. +183 He looks like he fetches the mead. +179
Now I've seen quite a few real life near death or death accide… +172 Won't be long now until we can explore the dark corners of the… +172
teacher's FW +172 Picture +171
**roguehazzard used "*roll cah answer*"** **roguehazzard ro… +169 four twentieth burn the maryjuwana +169

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