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Debatable +682 What's the point +667
There I am, Gary... +624 **** You. +509
whats funny is after Attack of the clones mace windu got like … +493 Shots fired mostly at natives +429
After prostate exam +404 Plot twist: He didn't have sex with her, he just really suppor… +401
It´s purple because he´s pimp as **** . +362 Picture +350
The fact that the runes are misspelled makes me angrier than i… +348 Most likely you just masturbate enough to where your body does… +340
Nobody died of cigarette overdose either. The negative effects… +337 Picture +337
I like dominant women +333 You must be Quebecois. +329
Glossy news isn't a real news outlet. +324 Another weakness +313
>Vomit on her sweater already I was sure this was going… +294 Technique 4 is the one that got me fired from Starbucks. All I… +290
I've aged for 20 years and I'm still practically useless. Give… +288 Now with sound! +285
reading into things harder than an english teacher +275 Stuff like this is why restaurants charge for ketchup now. +268
>Girl starts talking to me >We get to know each othe… +264 You missed one. +259
||| [something normal] ||| [something normal] ||| [som… +259 nigerian fag here. please send money for confirmation. +245
>Release Raven >It flies back the way they came. +237 Wrestling's fake this gif proves it +235
woooooooww +233 thanks for censoring the word "cock". wouldn't want … +232
Oh you've done it now. +226 TUNNEL SNAKES RULE +218
Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time,… +213 That or hire roof koreans. +212
The other night I had a similar dream >Being raped by s… +210 Or ya know...no hands. Kinda puts a damper on a hand based action. +206
HA! More like WW2 Opinions Comp am i right? +206 John Candy's been dead for 20 years, so he would probably be u… +204
Picture +203 No. +201
Okay OP, I need the story behind Nicholai and his desire to an… +201 Eh, might as well > I come back to the site, sonic… +190
So you need to see... The saucerer? +188 The superior caucasian genetics on show yet again +184
German humor +183 But.. It is Meow Meow! +181
If there is one thing I can make it legal, I will make beastal… +180 I saw this a while ago, the dude came under a ton of flak from… +179
Picture +172 Picture +170
Picture +168 When I was like 13 I had a wet dream where I was pulling spagh… +166
obligatory +165 i wouldnt know +165
Get your game on! +163 *watching for the plot intensifies* +162
Amerifag here. Can confirm based on all these Germans confirming +161 >denny's meme team +158
Dark Souls 2: Roll/Backstep out your animation and punish (Bac… +156 >Went up to Canada for a friend's wedding >3.14pie r… +154
Mace was obviously a black Jedi. +153 YOU ASK HIM NICELY in case you missed it the … +150
Picture +149 No I went blind in it slowly and now its being removed because… +148
Picture +148 Should I be concerned that I'm 20 years old and have never had… +146
Got my foreskin forced in the door hinge +143 This is the movie you're looking for. +141
Add a quick "Heh" with a follow-up smirk and she'll … +139 Picture +138
So **** it, lets just go bowling, cousin! +138 OP's a faggot, apparently I'm blocked because I have before po… +138
I know I don't knock it out of the park every time but it isn'… +138 No girls send nudes to boys especially without even asking. If… +138
I don't know why I did this +138 Looks fine to me! +136

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