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no amount of money is gonna give that guy his life back. he pr… +1051 you must have been very bad at sex for a vibrator to add that … +554
"honey, i'm scared" "why?" "T… +507 >hot >canada +496
repost or not, i haven't seen it yet and i'm glad i did +432 Picture +429
most guys dont +414 I thought mike was a kid. Like another trayvon martin… +374
>have gamergate sponsor a blood drive >gamergate fur… +348 basically when girls see you danglesaurus you try to cover it … +325
MFW, he didn't stack them in color order. +306 **moonmist rolls 8** please be an 8 +304
Picture +302 happy ending: he got to pursue his football dream pic related +294
Thanks for finding this guy, his channel's only a week old but… +283 Actually, I've read this story a few times. He followed his dr… +276
Picture +271 pussy ass ***** +260
That audience member totally wasn't planted! +251 Picture +245
He's bending his arm with the needle still in it. +241 Picture +241
Picture +240 You did what we all wish we could have done +236
Obviously it went fast. +235 **jizzeverywhere rolls 22** +234
Picture +227 more like +220
instead of a funeral your going to your family tree +219 and for all the people that need the extra encouragement: +218
Apparently Venasaur can learn mean look now cause in this he l… +213 I want cr1tikal to be my narrator. +212
i make homoerotic advances on my male friends to make their gi… +202 Not all jokes are funny. I think you're a good example of that. +200
This is so accurate that it hurts... +197 safest way of preventing sex? fe… +196
Picture +194 By those standards you could say sandwich. +194
Russia Joseph Stalin, read the books +191 memes. +190
I'm sorry, quick question. How'd you get the hand on … +189 Picture +188
i just sharted a little +188 Not anymore you don't. +187
Reading graphs is not your strength. August vs October is … +183 "This place is getting to you" +182
There once was a thug named Brown. Who bum rushed a cop wi… +180 i see no difference +178
I'm probably going to get hell for this, but it needs to… +177 Picture +172
What's wrong with a little genocide? +172 pshhhh, this sounds so fake. nobody will ever believe this. +169
After playing Dwarf Fortress for an hour. +168 gonna need something for scale here +166
but vaccines are bad. how are you gonna control the human popu… +165 hfw +162
If lily potter had an abortion, who would have RELEASED voldem… +161 I'm not going to tell you to post nudes or whatever (don't und… +155
Picture +151 I get it now. It was driving me up the ******* w… +150
No man, you're thinking of Bee Boo Boo Bop, Boo Boo Bop +149 Oh, I thought pizza guy was trying to make people feel like fa… +148
more people equal more electrical usage, you heard it here fir… +148 Picture +147
Picture +147 have some more of him +146
If it's obvious Canada is so much better than America, why do … +146 you have a penis? +144
The Anime-hating starter pack +144 Yeah they'll think "huh maybe we should bully this k… +144
Picture +140 Feels like she got off easy, since she probably won't ever act… +140
that actually makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside … +136 ******* ****** , I'm glad he got his … +135
Yep Google is awesome. +134 Picture +134
I read "A week before Kennedy was shot he was … +134 firered and leafgreen +133
Picture +130 Anyone ever play the gayfurryalliance drinking game? Every tim… +127

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