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Nothing says social justice like plotting the murder of a whit… +516 Didn't you listen??? 15 minutes newfag +498
But the face is all right +443 "Well, I SHOULD look both ways, but because there MIGHT N… +437
**evandalegen used "*roll cah answer*"** **evandalegen roll… +389 "hurr durr police st00pid" Drug lords and smalle… +332
**** Zoe Quinn. **** Anita **… +329 Probally didnt even have bullets. +325
1. Buy an actual computer 2. Follow guide above +324 joe pesci +316
After that, my dad pounded the dog. I know, I'm an immat… +277 I feel this could go dark, really, really fast +260
well **** , kid grew up, but his ***** … +260 Picture +256
Every time I figure I'm just going to clear out a quick little… +253 "Most people plan to spend an average of 800$ on gift eve… +251
White girls after smoking weed for the first time +248 Picture +239
Yeah sure OP, you found that trick.. +236 STUNT JUMP FAILED +236
**evandalegen used "*roll cah question*"** **evandalegen ro… +225 The fact that they brought coulson back from the dead. Fury is… +221
what would she even hope to achieve? You can't move 190,000 kg… +214 eh, it was a pretty good joke, 9/10. +214
All of the **** Pokemon keeps changing (color, sp… +213 **deffy used "*roll cah answer*"** **deffy rolls Futanari.** +208
Playing dirty and illegally would only serve the purpose of in… +197 Picture +197
shut up nerd +193 cat > homeless deal with it +190
At first I thought that was a pile of sugar in the bag under t… +185 Merry Christmas mister fallout man. +181
The face of a ******* cunt. +180 **lolikikolik used "*roll cah answer*"** **lolikikolik roll… +173
nudes +173 Nobody gives a **** +171
**arikel used "*roll faggots*"** **arikel rolls Phanact** +169 Picture +167
Well then I most likely have hit on my own grandchildren, back… +167 Or busy trying to get their glorified calculator to work. +166
have you tried turning it off and on again? +166 Having a boring conversation? Masturabate +165
Cheats only look like that now if you are a disgusting casual.… +162 NOT ENOUGH FUNNY. COME BACK AFTER FEW YEARS WHEN FUNNY IS … +158
Steam sales don't affect me much anymore. ^Because I… +157 for those who are wondering Megaspoiler Su… +151
Found the dehydrated faggot! +148 Picture +146
i once rolled this as my spirit animal +143 They didn't **** up their most recognizable character. +141
Roast has been a popular topic for so long. I still remem… +139 Picture +139
Picture +139 How the **** can she still pretend she stands for… +138
Picture +135 Picture +135
Did not see that coming +132 I'm not proud of what I've done B… +131
Blackreach was one of my favorite surprises of Skyrim +129 Picture +129
**machetegeek used "*roll picture*"** **machetegeek rolled … +125 You know what would rhyme with that? Neurotoxin. +122
Picture +121 yeah no. nice try but no. +121
This show is actually one of the funniest comedies out there r… +120 Please let her go to jail. Please let her go to jail. Please l… +118
The opposite +118 **iaintevencare used "*roll cah answer*"** **iaintevencare … +117
KorraSalami? get this weak **** out of here … +117 I guess you could say he.... Crashed and burned ... +117
Rome.. .. heh... .. Rome.. ROME?! +116 "he's gonna look so funny falling over when I'll tase him… +116
I am an honest man, and as they say, an honest man has nothing… +116 When this post was ready, Quinn would share it with her follow… +116
Picture +115 atheists don't always announce it, i mean i'm an atheist and i… +115
Well this happened just about a week ago >Planning a ch… +115 wel well well... +114
Picture +114 Picture +114

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