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Picture +920 ooh yesss my weekly fix, thank yo... wait a second...… +703
Picture +597 That's gotta hurt +520
Picture +486 had a heart transplant and still lean and muscular … +452
Picture +418 Picture +408
******* single gaming device faggot. +400 May the nine divines have mercy upon his balls +400
Postal 2 is a game from the 90's where the objective is brutal… +374 >mfw I didn't realize the bird was knitted until the post m… +373
Picture +371 Picture +355
Ive been waiting for this movie for a long time. +345 I really wish people like this would realize that they're maki… +336
this... belongs in a cringe comp. +323 Game Sphere Cube Master Race +315
Picture +308 I'm actually theroflcer on Funnyjunk #ThatIsAll +307
But that pussy game is probably ridiculous give sort of … +296 Picture +295
If you look closely you'll see that teacher's career disappear… +288 Waited a week and get this? +281
See you on the front page +275 It's all over, lawbreaker +270
But be prepared, pharmaceutical industries will hate you +224 He could eat ass and french kiss at the same time. +220
Hurr durr others are have it worse than you, so you can't have… +216 hello fellow native american, im 1/16th navaho. its great to s… +215
Lol, he finished high school and thinks hes done. +205 Picture +205
Just a joke not the end of the comic but a mind **** if… +204 Who cares about jobs? Someone lost their reproductive organs. +202
>It just means that chivalry isn't associated with opening … +199 Picture +196
so where are the pictures that he didn't send to his wife? +196 welcome +195
Enough blood to fill two humans +193 there's a morbid channel for a reason asshole +189
So glad that wasn't flipped around +186 **fappening used "*roll picture*"** **fappening rolled ima… +182
How did he manage to turn his dad into a baby for the picture? +182 Picture +178
On next episode of African Amreican Horror Story +178 but X is always in the same place? +174
Picture +172 It's the guy from Clock Tower +171
Drinking in public, eating with hands, yelling in places of fo… +168 Someone put an AKM magazine into the Mossberg 500's loading po… +168
the sheer amount of body heat emitted between that many john c… +168 male nudity you say? +158
you have power over ice but your significant other misplac… +156 All the girls are so eager, too REPLY NOW +154
Oh, i see now. I read "portal 2" the first five … +153 If your child is born on April Fool's day, and you dont give t… +153
Picture +153 I love how all these little girls are evolving into big burly men. +151
Picture +151 The knitted one is prolly smarter than the average pidgeon. +146
Looks like someone had their breakfast of nignogs Champions! +145 hfw +144
And people still think Patriarchy is something evil... +143 Probably because she's ******* Nazi +141
Spotted the butthurt democrat +141 hey **** you +141
someone lost their job. +141 White scum not responsible of the most rapid genocide? +140
YOU CAN'T DO THIS US MAN YOU'RE PLAYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS HERE +138 If you get insurance and never need to go to the doctor all th… +138
Gun thread +136 **fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 44** +133
aprul fulz +131 He seemed like a quirky, fun character when I met him on the s… +131
Picture +130 Picture +128
Please don't toy with my emotions like that ever again. +128 Picture +127
Picture +126 even china wont touch somalia +125

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