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**anonymous used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **anonymous rolls 11** +497 Picture +459
Behold the Vlad Tepes of birds ! +395 Neo nazis are generally ignorant, skinhead trash. They are no… +387
so he gave up halfway through designing the character +365 How they cook +346
Picture +332 I know exactly why I got this boner +327
Why not just read the alphabet? +305 Well there's a huge difference between a minimum wage anime fa… +296
That's what the KGB wants you to think +295 Very good, but the lyric is actually "get it through to y… +294
" "Do not come any closer," God said. "Tak… +277 Children: There's still hope to teach them. Adults: Basica… +275
I couldn't resist. +266 >Free DLC confirmed >Third and First Person Pespecti… +253
to give everyone my aids? +245 i found a way of cheating. it involves memorizing the stuff th… +245
Her grandma had some of the best lines in the whole movie +244 Picture +237
Picture +234 Picture +233
Picture +231 You lied to me OP +229
My potions are too strong for you traveler. +222 YOU were never funny! +216
Gordon doesn't hate on people that can't cook he hate… +214 Picture +212
I somewhat enjoy the game +212 Now everyone in China will know you're queer. +207
Picture +201 Picture +197
I'm a lot more understanding of like Nazi types who are 6 foot… +196 Looks like a mix of annoyance and playfulness. Like … +191
Picture +191 Picture +189
Picture +188 blink once - miss out several words in the sentence +188
Piss on the hammer. +187 Picture +184
Maybe because its a real ******* rock? +183 Wonder if that's why he has dickfingers? +180
My girlfriend whom i've lived with for 3 months caught me mast… +174 11 Hours later I realise I didn't upload the header..... This … +174
I think that AI is fairly realistic. I've seen enough videos … +173 Picture +173
>Posting an image >2015 +171 i used to be a welder/fabricator, and he could have done much … +169
u +169 Picture +167
Actually, it kinda does I think it's actually a cospl… +166 Bugs are nasty, I dont touch 'em. +166
my fav +165 at where in the show does timmy call his dad mom +161
Aubrey Plaza If I didn't totally **** her name. … +160 YOU ******* JEW +158
Picture +158 Picture +154
but my memes give you aids +153 Thank god he had that umbrella. +151
If you're going to prank someone, you've got to go all the way… +150 Picture +147
Oh boy, between Star Wars and Batman v Superman we've got the … +147 **unchaned used "*roll picture*"** **unchaned rolled image ** +146
No you don't... +146 Picture +140
Only a few can make Gordon proud +138 Picture +138
Picture +138 Picture +137
rekt +135 Do you browse the newest uploads very often? Oh, what… +135
Picture +135 Picture +135
i finally got around to reading the dictionary turns out t… +135 >Be OP >Create account >Post first content … +134
If you didn't wander "what the hell is a dakimakura?"… +131 Picture +130
rip dade +130 Picture +128

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