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I thought that the nonstick bottle was the first one and was t… +876 No......... Shot placement is crucial +694
>has a girlfriend >has millions of followers >… +693 paintskills off the charts +692
Picture +629 left or dead a game about nascar +623
Picture +599 use your ******* leg +570
Great job! +553 > Kill man with phone > Call 911 with shotgun … +543
Picture +501 he got me +495
Close enough. +493 Holy **** , I was all like "That's obviously … +461
This guy couldn't be more salty. +446 Picture +416
Picture +401 tryharder/10 +394
uchihalover we've been expecting you +392 So what you're telling me is not only are their … +384
Picture +377 People make fun of other people because of their shoes? Kids a… +372
Picture +367 Biosock The story of a forgotten jizz-sock that slowl… +359
And again the terrorists got what they wanted , a pretty sad day . +350 I understand if you don't feel like being flirted with … +339
yeah but what if you accidentally knock it over t… +334 the average person *says they have sex 89 times a year +333
Picture +329 Can I add one letter? I really want to play Goat Stimulator +316
What? I can't believe it, that has to be a troll. +300 i dont understand all those country comics and i don't find th… +292
Picture +289 as a former wrestler i can tell you about these situations tha… +285
can somebody post the original? +280 You should also probably get a new corpse. +276
legal on the front, 12 in the back, good combo. +272 While I don't really care for his humor, the guy raises a ton … +269
Picture +259 So i guess that "we don't negotiate with terrorist" … +257
*roll torture method* +255 It's like Drake is the CEO now +253
Suddenly +247 Your comment +242
Picture +240 You'll be so close to the flames, it'd feel like you're in Hell. +239
Trailers be like +238 thats how we got eminem +236
Various "Roll" buttons for comment window. +234 >Girls are insecure about their bodies >Because they… +233
Picture +231 Magical midget man spitting that real talk **** +228
Picture +224 Now clean the sink. Seriously, the amount of dross that wo… +211
Picture +210 I think my sink is clogged.. +207
Yeah its almost like he follows a script specifically made for… +202 Picture +199
Picture +197 "I have a boyfriend" "So does my girlf… +193
I love this kind of humor, very simple surprise moment and jok… +192 You know what really grinds my gears? The Steam comme… +191
Picture +189 Tinder dump? Tinder dump. +187
MILF Mom Step mom +186 Nonsense. If there's one thing being surrounded by engineers a… +185
Picture +182 It might have helped if I used the word blood. That could've b… +178
Read comments to us like a bedtime story ¬ +177 what a cunt +176
Picture +175 Picture +174
When the guy's messages are 3x longer than the girl's +173 Captions of TV shows > all the *********** , … +170
Picture +169 Some guy who always poses like that in front of peoples buttcr… +169
Isn't that what these bottles were made for? +169 Picture +168
Maybe the man didn't see the difference. +166 Picture +166

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