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Of course he can read your mind, he's Asian. +667 no amount of money is gonna give that guy his life back. he pr… +627
Admin, what do you have to say for yourself? +463 Picture +423
And then a dickbag sets the forest on fire. +382 So abstinence than. +372
you must have been very bad at sex for a vibrator to add that … +333 **economic rolled image ** So you're saying we gas the jews? +331
MFW, he didn't stack them in color order. +305 >hot >canada +296
2 years later "I want to give my respects again to my… +295 No oil there. +283
How do you think Dumbledore knew where the kids were? Magic? +281 Thanks for finding this guy, his channel's only a week old but… +281
ur mom +279 Picture +277
Shinies have existed since GSC. +276 Picture +270
**senglish rolls 999,380,428** +267 pussy ass ***** +258
sometimes I don't know if I should feel sad for these people (… +258 >have gamergate sponsor a blood drive >gamergate fur… +253
Picture +239 **jizzeverywhere rolls 22** +234
darude sandstorm actually fits the description. +230 most guys dont +230
Picture +225 repost or not, i haven't seen it yet and i'm glad i did +220
ITT: People complaining about ************ while … +213 I want cr1tikal to be my narrator. +207
instead of a funeral your going to your family tree +201 i make homoerotic advances on my male friends to make their gi… +200
safest way of preventing sex? fe… +197 You wanna know how I got these scars? +192
memes. +190 "honey, i'm scared" "why?" "T… +185
Picture +183 In coming English student who actually read and studied J.M. B… +182
"This place is getting to you" +182 I'm probably going to get hell for this, but it needs to… +177
What's wrong with a little genocide? +171 And on that day, Bikini Bottom received a grim reminder. +171
**royrogersmcfreely rolled image ** black guys fw +170 I thought mike was a kid. Like another trayvon martin… +163
Picture +162 I bet the father is adopted +162
I'm enjoying the game so far! +162 M8 of mine sent me the source (along with more), posting as An… +161
He's bending his arm with the needle still in it. +160 "Sir, this is a math class. And we're 12" +155
I like how people are pointing out that pluto isn't a planet n… +153 Picture +153
Picture +151 Im thankful for FJ, so i can get away from IRL jerks and get h… +151
It will be a forest of feels. +150 **moonmist rolls 8** please be an 8 +149
Actually, I've read this story a few times. He followed his dr… +149 Picture +147
Yeah they'll think "huh maybe we should bully this k… +144 have some more of him +143
No man, you're thinking of Bee Boo Boo Bop, Boo Boo Bop +143 Shhh Shut up, do wanna get hanged? +141
happy ending: he got to pursue his football dream pic related +140 Who wouldn't do the same? Little bastard would probably start … +139
Apparently Venasaur can learn mean look now cause in this he l… +138 basically when girls see you danglesaurus you try to cover it … +137
Picture +136 Picture +134
firered and leafgreen +133 and for all the people that need the extra encouragement: +133
Picture +131 NICE TRY Joshlol, but you circled the wrong box. +126
That is the first picture of Stevie Wonder's eyes I have ever seen. +123 **rakogoki rolled comment #10116207 ** : READ ****… +122
Picture +122 ir8 this b8 a 1/8. sorry m8, no h8, just not that gr8, go bak … +121
Try masturbating to this. Tell me how it goes. +121 "He then started jacking off... again.. good gawd why doe… +119

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