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So I told my brother to graduate.. he actually did it the abso… +896 *Triggered* +619
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +610 The fact that they used the exact same shot of the ball going … +513
Must suck to lose so many rocks from your rock collection +399 Picture +353
I thought the last guy was pretty funny +352 Picture +328
oh yes, 4chan so kewwll amirite guise theyre reel badasses, ju… +328 actually its الله أكبر i know because im swedish +324
**papaspipi used "*roll picture*"** **papaspipi rolled ima… +319 Tug of water +308
██ ██ ██ ██ ✈ ██ ██ … +286 I love comps like these. They always end in some bad ass war … +260
see this is the kind of animal human stuff that is alright. Th… +257 Fixed that for you +251
Where in Australia did you get it? +216 Skeletorexplains is a crossdresser? +215
He still threw the ******* bear though. +214 **chokinandtokin used "*roll cah answer*"** **chokinandtoki… +213
I thought this would be dumb, but it was hilarious. Each one g… +210 The kickass fact here is the husband drinking in the bar for 1… +203
That would imply she knew their fathers. +201 i know +200
The only problem I see is choosing the universe you want. +197 Sure I've got a 12 inch strapon I'd love to put to work +196
gifinator 5000 +196 just sayin forearms should be green +195
I tried +193 row row fight the powah +191
But, which show was great? +191 oh boy its time, green on red, what a way to start my friday +188
Picture +181 Not being first. +180
Really? Cause from what I've seen, it's more like < this. +175 Hard G all the way +173
Picture +172 I'd probably make a dent in my student loan +171
I remember when they first invented chocolate...I always hated it! +161 Picture +157
He's shooting a ******* rifle in space at a Bee nest fr… +154 **superblade used "*roll cah answer*"** **superblade rolls … +154
Picture +153 I've never understood reddit, their website must be one of the… +151
I don't care what gender or age you are, if your father gifts … +150 All these people bitching about BBC are ******* 12 year… +149
>Was able to stop light completely Wow he discover… +148 Goddamnit +147
look at it +146 Picture +142
being first +141 Picture +141
Just keep watching to the end of the gif to find out. +140 Good to see he didn't get butchered like Scooby +140
Because land dog is too low, and water is too deep, it's me, T… +139 Black Tweets can melt dank memes +135
> be black male living in small black town > have 8 … +134 Now's my chance! +133
He actually did it the absolute madman. +130 Really ****** ? Tug of water? That ain't even clev… +130
yfw +126 Picture +124
Picture +124 Especially if you like gender-bending outfit robbers. +124
And Jeremy Clarkson was kicked off of top gear. This … +122 #cutforZayn +122
An engineering feat that was under budget? +121 I ******* love this logic. You don't wanna bang me… +120
"Go hard or go home" +119 Picture +119
██ ██ … +117 Picture +116
At least you're not a mod +116 Picture +113
Then his friend texted him "thin **** " and he… +113 Why was the last one in a Cringe compilation? ****** ab… +111
i tried +108 Picture +108
>Be about 13 >Go on school trip to Austria (from UK)… +107 A perfect world with no infidels, no bacon, and no alcohol +104

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