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**mrdudeface used "*roll picture*"** **mrdudeface rolled i… +591 You had one job +576
Looks like the ghost lumberjack from gravity falls. +566 Nobody died of cigarette overdose either. The negative effects… +460
If there is one thing I can make it legal, I will make beastal… +449 ||| [something normal] ||| [something normal] ||| [som… +431
Picture +419 So you need to see... The saucerer? +395
For real though, I would buy that mug in a heartbeat. +395 The superior caucasian genetics on show yet again +394
>Nearly all of those are nowhere near as commonplace as in … +390 Picture +388
i thought it was spelled with no L +384 Jesus, this is the kind of art I aspired and gave up to ever g… +367
am i doing it right? +351 "We have technology +347
Picture +345 Picture +314
>Release Raven >It flies back the way they came. +296 here, guys, have this +296
So i gave the bitch a tentacle, bitches love tentacles +296 Save me from this dog and I'll hold your oath fulfilled +283
Picture +281 >Girl starts talking to me >We get to know each othe… +269
But you don't know OP like I do. +267 "It'll be just like a sleepover! Only we'll be sweaty and… +259
Hi, My name is affix, and i'm addicted to black tweets. +241 Like all of you I agree that this entire "hurr I'm offend… +238
The original +235 This is just one humble Christians opinion, but I thi… +225
Picture +225 Picture +222
Picture +221 pretty sure the little girl is wendy too +217
Which one +209 I live this life.. +207
The problem is those people then go out into public and start … +206 Picture +206
Picture +204 The cat has a clip on his scruff. Supposedly they go still whe… +204
Picture +203 It can also mean that you're being hunted. +200
Picture +199 Add a quick "Heh" with a follow-up smirk and she'll … +199
"Sandy's a girl?" +192 Picture +191
To be fair, I imagine the entire concept of Shrek started out … +187 OP's a faggot, apparently I'm blocked because I have before po… +186
I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was headed in a completely d… +184 never forget where we came from, FJ +183
"Aaaaaaand pelvic thrust!" +177 if it wasn't by the description i wouldn't have notice the guy… +176
There, NOW it's art. +176 Mace was obviously a black Jedi. +175
Picture +175 What an anti-climactic story this was. +171
alpha as **** +169 teach you kids how to play GW wargames they won't have mon… +168
I once started flirting with a teacher during a presentation b… +165 then insert it in a models vagina +162
Download a car +158 I have a mug I must hand wash because it breaks everything it … +156
Picture +155 I am german and i can confirm this. +155
Just go to the Winchester +153 Picture +153
yep. +153 Picture +152
Can confirm that's what euro buses are like +152 It's official guys! We have a new, dank meme on our hands! +150
waiting for half life 3 +149 why...why do you remind me of this? +149
You probably smell like weed and hospital sheets. +148 mfw only 1 more comp to go +143
After you, OP, I incest +143 welp... better stop vaccinating then. +142
No girls send nudes to boys especially without even asking. If… +139 words of wisdom +139
not holding the door +137 Picture +135

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