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>my son lost his virginity before me That could po… +556 >get ambushed in Afghanistan >pinned down >w… +528
Did someone say cockpit? +499 If you jack off 7 times a day, yes. +367
I have an indoor cat and its microchipped. I also have his paw… +352 Im glad to see these again, but dont start on 51 to pick up on… +335
Picture +316 So a law firm +312
I miss this good old samurai. +300 explain how your mom gave birth to you then +298
I try not to be racist but they make it so damn easy +290 Picture +278
What kind of taco doesn't have good sauce? +264 I swear to God, this clickbait ******** is gettin… +263
Picture +263 Picture +257
The things I would do to LoZ:TP's Zelda +251 Picture +250
people will assasinate most of the kennedy's but they wont eve… +246 One time I decided I'd do a group project with a bunch of frie… +241
This guy worked for NASA and has a degree in physics … +240 They won't cause you she is a ****** and the fat … +229
The anti-family pack? +223 The true king of laziness +220
Picture +218 ******* +209
i sometimes imagine alternate universes where i get godlike po… +207 Picture +206
***** almost took my job. +205 MFW a few days without Black Tweets +204
I don't care who she is, but that's a dick move man, lik… +200 I love the arc that takes place from Levels 1933-1945 with… +199
I'm sorry to inform you that this is a dog. +199 >month 6 >still thinking GG is a hate group +197
Same drug, different dealer +190 Picture +187
"Article author written by Dr. Obot" +184 those were the good old days +182
Correlation does not imply causation this m… +181 you can't tell me you didn't see this coming +175
Asexual people **** popcorn in public? +171 How is this a pun. +170
Well duh, Washington wasn't trained for combat he was a survey… +167 Picture +165
I'll admit, as someone who studies politics, specifically glob… +164 I guess you could say He started getting to the point +163
Picture +163 If you start laughing at somebody trying to have a good time, … +159
You do know she didn't show emotion in Twilight because that w… +152 Statistics are often used as evidence because they are evidence. +150
This is obviously shopped. You can clearly see england and the… +150 Dogs do not question the physics of doors +150
**brasssquire used "*roll 1, 0-9999*"** **brasssquire rolls… +148 his father burned him so bad, that would probably have to cap… +147
I don't get it. Someone left a pair of Uggs in the middle of … +145 **hubahuba used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **hubahuba rolls 69** i… +143
lets be honest here people. what cop would have the balls to … +141 Obnoxious watermark ☑ 1D insult ☑ Unnecessary and … +140
Felris is love, Felris is life +138 How the **** is the Ring visible on the shadow? +137
#51, You're not felris +134 Apparently twitter went on a search for this guy to give him s… +133
you accidently some words their m8 +131 Something seems oddly familiar... +131
Picture +131 "Does this look like the face of mercy?" +130
It's a trick, he's using mirrors and smokes and stuff. +130 Picture +128
Picture +128 I just... I just really like German tanks okay. +127
>be finishing classes at college for bachelors >had … +127 odd, this is the second post on mall kiosks today +126
That ain't no marine. +126 Picture +124
Here's the problem folks >A majority of African America… +124 He talks faster than the man who sold his great-granddaddy. … +123
"We do not support Gamergate." You could've just sta… +122 Picture +122
ur mom +122 Crab is not deterred by magic barrier, good crab. +121

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