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Someone was gonna do it. It may as well be me. +685 If ******* can have names like Shaniqua or Dre O'… +510
They must both really suck at sex if they have time to smalltalk +489 So the moral of the story is only to have rich, white friends,… +453
**mrsnowballs rolls 44** +427 you punch her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her, and… +413
It's like watching two enraged caterpillars fighting for alpha… +397 "Why didn't the boss drop any loot" "OH DEA… +396
She's not being stiff enough and the people at a Katy Perry co… +367 mfw sex has become so mundane that people can have small talk … +353
Drugs are bad M'kay +333 Picture +323
when I wanted to learn Japanese so I didn't have to watch epis… +280 If they rolled any father they would have hit the kid +278
Picture +266 Her ******* name is Daenerys +264
"Look Kazooie, there doesn't appear to be anyone here.&qu… +261 itryed.png +261
**teranin rolled image ** my spirit animal please no … +250 Picture +242
This guy walks up to you in a club and slaps your GF's ass. Wh… +241 ...Pretty sure I'd choose 100 pennies. +240
THIS IS TRUE THANKS MY ARYAN FRIEND HEIL HITLER +229 Breaking News, just in: A corporate tycoon recently c… +224
It's not a matter of education. Kids really are just stupid. … +218 "Why did the tutorial just give me a tip on how to run?" +212
i reject your logic +210 This family is the greatest family ever. +207
Deleted from the internet +203 Brilliant OC, itsthetie, again +202
I never really felt like a loser. I watch anime, mlp, and … +199 >Be me >Watch first episode of Evangelion >Co… +196
wouldnt recognize her without the blonde hair +196 This time it was toast, this time... +190
Picture +186 Picture +185
And the police chase begins! +183 **mrsnowballs rolls 00** +183
Obligatory I guess +182 Picture +177
I don't even know what the **** was going on but … +176 "His penis literally inside my ****** "… +174
heh eheh, ahahah hhahaha hahahahahaha mwwahahahahhahH… +173 I saw a few jobs for ENTRY level Office Assistants and they wa… +163
That 70's Show: Beyond. +161 Red Orchestra 2 is free on steam for 24 hours spread the word. +159
MOTHA ****** ATLANTIS THE LOST EMPIRE … +158 I can give you 3 fps +157
That girl just looks like Frankie Muniz with a ponytail. +156 Sometimes I fantasize about someone breaking into my house and… +153
Is the dad a cop? +151 Picture +151
for the average sized woman that's called being overweight. +150 Picture +150
People, it's psychology 101. Children ages 3-7 are no… +149 When not even McDonald's would hire me. +148
Stop thumbing down these pony posts you stupid ***** … +147 So that explains why I've been sick for months. +147
Then you fart in the car and you blame it on him. +146 >Tumblr >A penis inside a ****** &g… +145
>she left me recently. I went from a smile to a fr… +145 You were adopted +143
Picture +140 The girl watched the car and the dad come at her from the top … +140
Grand Theft Auto Great Britain +137 don't ban me for showing a giant ***** +137
SCRAMBLE DA FAIRIES!!!! +136 You can't flim-flam the Zim-zam! +135
It's okay, as long as they say 'no pedo' +134 **indulge rolls 9,065** Is pretty close to 9000. +132
Picture +131 > Comrade calls me on phone > "Pepsi is kill&qu… +129
A woman. +128 Nonono Hot guy turns down fat girl - feminists lose t… +127
**mewcubed rolled image ** My spirit animal +120 I'd settle for just one Penny +120
mfw +119 >grammatically correct 1) 'Imagine Dragons' is the… +118
Picture +118 but khaleesi ain't a name... +117

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