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I wouldn't even care if they were killing the chickens with fo… +607 what an asshole +496
When I was working as an EMT on a rural ambulance service, I w… +474 In Civ 1, every leader had a number between 1 and 255 that rep… +456
Everybody ate Chris. +385 if i find a girl who likes eating ass then you cant tell me it… +379
best thing that came from this comic +367 Picture +352
Luigi's green shell game is too strong. +322 Why don't we just nuke Tumblr? +313
>Walking home one day in New York, surrounded by people. … +272 Picture +263
you can't even tell if I'm raising my hand or not you dingus +244 I'm willing to bet he knew that and wrote "Green Arrow&qu… +239
I would stop killing him if he stopped ambushing me *… +230 Picture +219
Well yeah, they're bikers, not SJW's or Westboro Baptists. The… +219 Maybe it's good that you don't DM. Discouraging fun is the wor… +212
how can i sticky content to the front page? +207 bitch thats not early, that's ******* 90% percent of th… +205
My personal Favourite +203 Dark demon overlordsFW talking with the hero. +195
The real reaction 1st time you drink alcohol +195 Mecca Death got me good +190
They like guys who have eyes +187 worst people are those "I'm a backpacker not a tourist" +184
Picture +184 Backstreet Bombs DJ Sharia Tenacious Jihad Blink 9… +183
That's what the guy paid the bill with. He basically paid 7 do… +178 idk what compelled me to do this. Forgive me He … +177
I don't know what to call this reaction. Maybe it's called… +171 Filthy Frank on holiday +168
"This makes me want to cry." What, really? … +159 **professordolan used "*roll picture*"** **professordolan r… +158
Picture +157 Picture +156
A real man would have swallowed +156 Wow, that's gotta be kinda hanoiing +153
Seriously, a cliffhanger... +153 HAH almost got me you ****** . +151
**Tusura used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **Tusura rolls 696** +150 Picture +148
Picture +148 Oh **** i forgot about the pedophile agenda. … +146
Sometimes you can't help but wonder how certain species manage… +145 Picture +141
Then suck him off and swallow his cum. +140 Picture +138
Microsoft's recruiting autists guyz ! +137 My first instinct when talking to Moira was "wow that voi… +135
Yeah, kids! just look at me! I used to be a broke tee… +134 Nobody loves Christiian +133
ive grown tired of theme accounts, but hey, some people have a… +132 Oh... +131
testicles +130 I know the struggle, i've been job searching for a while now. … +129
-40K +129 Picture +127
I guess she was really down to have sex with him. +126 And here I thought I be getting unbiased information from &quo… +125
Picture +125 Picture +125
Picture +121 Picture +121
Making friends 1st time +121 Picture +121
Jihad me at hello made me giggle. +119 How dare you have an opinion +118
Idky I bother fixing this **** +113 With their bombshell singles: "Flying my Plane … +111
Calling it, he never killed the parents. Just went back in tim… +110 Who the **** plays a ds at their grandads funeral? +109
I want to say he's wrong because that sounds like hippy mumbo … +109 Picture +108
Reposting because Skyrim stories: >In Skyrim, just… +108 Picture +107
**yourinvisiblegf used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **yourinvisiblegf… +106 what have you done +106
I'm starting to think that slippery slope IS a valid argument now +106 You think sucking dicks is enjoyable. Perhaps you're … +105

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