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Picture +668 The cat's name is weird enough, but who the hell names their k… +621
Picture +586 I tried +581
Picture +561 technically she was right +485
I only watched like 7 episodes of GOT and this situation baffl… +456 This is actually pretty sad when you're reading injustice +455
Picture +449 Didn't make her eat all the eggs 0/10 +417
That is a lot of wasted orange. +410 Picture +409
God damn. That that REKT so strong it transcended cultural bou… +408 Picture +405
Remember when this happened. I lost my **** and haven't… +365 10/10 visual metaphors +357
It hits even harder when on video +337 Doctor: What seems to be the problem Patient: I'm coughing… +332
**** . Yo. **** . +299 "I have a cough" "Here take this and pass t… +282
Cmon and slam and welcome to detention +281 that's covered up because work was being done on it. here's a … +267
Haha, these are hilarious. +266 What +262
Yes it was. Don't even ******* pretend it wasn't. +256 You do dogs? +249
IT'S ******* RAW +247 Picture +245
> pick up girl hitchhiker > she faints that… +240 WHY AM I SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS +239
I thought she was fat +239 Maybe useful? +238
It was always cancer. +232 you got me good. i guess that's what i deserve for assumin… +227
A lady came into the store one day asking for a birthday cake.… +223 he kinda discredited himself with the communist remark. Easter… +221
Are you sure he's not +218 "Oh yeah, do you like my orange peelers baby?" +216
I never asked for this... +213 Picture +208
NORMIES! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE +203 I hate you so much, but the pussy game ridiculous. +203
Picture +202 I emailed him and he sent this back +198
and then he ruined it so yes, we have every right to be mad +194 Picture +193
Well everything else is right, except Kakashi +193 Picture +193
well that was disturbingly fantastic +192 If things like this are so easy to get away with because what … +192
The champ can't believe she said that either +189 I looked it up, apparently his son's name is Mingus. Mingu… +189
Get ready for an unpopular opinion but: I just watche… +186 fixed +182
okay, can we get some testimony from someone who didn't invent… +181 If this guy was American he'd be president. +180
Happy dog stories are best stories +177 Those aren't mountains... +176
Picture +171 admin story: my mom had gestational diabetes when she had me. … +170
Picture +168 Mein shaft was pretty clever +167
actually no, the sentence needs it to make scents +167 So beast did and didn't give a **** at the same time. +164
ur a lil cheeky cunt m8 I'll give u that +164 Since I got such positive feedback on this I'll be making a fu… +161
Picture +160 Except zoos aren't 'holding animals captive.' Those animals ar… +159
well, you cant have taken it when you were older +157 Don't leave **** out and accessible that you don't want… +156
Picture +155 Bestiality? +153
obligatory +152 >levvy >valid oppinions +150
I'm a simple man. I've spent my entire life's fortune in pepe … +150 I wonder how many times it took him to screenshot this to get … +146
Philly Fanatic is best mascot +146 Picture +143
Talk about passing a stone +143 Alright. Cool. +142

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