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ive already met someone through funyjunk i turned off adbl… +1138 **biscuitsunited used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **biscuitsunited … +744
I was expecting something similar to this +671 Wasn't this the plot of an episode of the Walking Dead? +589
>unalaq >not a useless cunt +584 "That was fast" "But I was making love to y… +570
The problem has resolved itself +525 Ok, it's solid again +468
Sup baby +421 "you too" +367
MFW no car crash +327 Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. +322
Picture +319 Peeps don't know 'bout my obsidian. Not only are the cuts it … +314
RIP truck driver. +307 The medical trubbush is so ******* brutal Made of b… +301
We need more Lord of the Rings facts +297 Last time Germany tried to improve Europe you Americans had to… +283
Just the fact his face could the color red should have been en… +283 "See how the face of the watch is directly in front of th… +273
This is why I feel bad for people whos' relatives aren't cunts… +272 Picture +270
Picture +266 Picture +261
Picture +249 **hoeschy used "*roll picture*"** **hoeschy rolled image *… +238
Picture +236 Don't sharks have to keep moving to breathe? +234
Well, no **** , it's a baby Yes, I know what you mean +222 u can do it lil ***** +221
Please don't be dead, please don't be dead, please don't be de… +214 a bigger version of the picture +206
Picture +205 Yep, those were the good old days +204
the reward is a car +204 It's not on a loop +202
The day has come, and much sooner than we thought. +201 Not to be a nitpicker here, but it was Ukraine, not Russia. +194
Thats not even the worst. The people who buy a new phone,… +193 felt that this was needed +192
I'd run Crysis 3 on normal +188 no homo but why are there so many good looking people on fj? +184
Picture +181 Just look at it not only does it have a giant needle filled wi… +177
Bruh +176 OP why are you showing us a blank space? +176
my favorite abstract art exhibit +172 Picture +170
I like horses. +165 It's not funny, not because it's a racist joke, but because it… +164
Not only could axl rose sing higher than tina and bey, he was … +160 I almost cut myself on your edge. +160
See you at the Front Page . +159 When I was 16 i worked in a McDonalds with a cunt bag called P… +157
surgeon's fw +154 Or at least ended up in a relationship, I hope +153
First time ever lasted over an hour. ******** . +152 I just listen to anything that's on... Music is subjective +147
>Oil filter >Two Years You can tell a compu… +146 I have a few from that set. Kagney Linn Karter is her na… +146
White people try to integrate with other cultures: Cultura… +145 Imagine it. "Hey little bee. How are you." … +144
>Making mocking Putin memes illegal >Implying anyone… +143 Picture +143
Picture +143 That was always one of my favorite milestones in life. +140
The Rock seems like such a bro. +140 Goodness boy, can't you let those two poop in peace? Clear… +139
Picture +139 Picture +138
Not sure why they needed to, but they shooped the picture to m… +137 "ooh das a keeper, put eet in da skin box" +136
I don't know what sort of cutting you do, but normal people do… +135 Was he a cake designer too? +134
Picture +134 Look at all that funny +133
That would be ******* sick if nintendo did this for a f… +133 >be me & gf >first time for both of us >p… +133
"No it's not Tatooine its just a carbon copy desert plane… +131 Your next project +130

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