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....defeated by a speed bump in Dublin. +856 Frontpage material, +591
Haven't explain accounts been made several ************… +511 Picture +455
I used to wait until everyone else had a group, then join what… +445 But can it lift OP's mom? +442
Well **** +417 >Food company wants to make money >Implying they wou… +398
All I see is a man in a sea of fine pussy that all make a dece… +373 Picture +363
Picture +349 im not racist, but my dick sure is +331
Picture +330 Direct hits can't melt foam beams +328
Picture +324 Just imagine if they actually blessed the entire ocean and the… +322
I still feel like obsession over her is one of the cringiest t… +318 blacks steal things box is black box steals health +297
I can only get hard to interracial porn if its a white man doi… +294 **** that guy, he endangered the lift operator an… +291
I said alive cows. +291 ******* plebs +285
Not sure how to feel about this; on the one hand the woman sho… +284 But can they lift our feels? +277
Feels like forever ago, that we had the last Scandinavian figh… +275 I bet he didn't see it coming +273
fair enough, fixed. +261 Hot cross buns One-a penny two-a penny Hot cross buns +258
**** on the hammer +255 >my son lost his virginity before me That could po… +254
1 hour ago 2 thumbs cmon buddy hang in there +250 Pft, Obongo has no balls. +249
<Tired> of the 5 seconds it takes to take your shirt off… +238 I once refused to join a group and said I could do it alone, t… +234
ayy nudes of the girl to the right. Thank me later +232 Wait what? +228
I miss chilling with my bros and blowin' **** up. +226 Umbrellas are ******* scary tho +225
When he walks into class the next day +214 >discussion It's not a discussion, it's some peopl… +212
>Maths because there are more than one of them >Math… +211 Suppressor* +209
**ministermax used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **ministermax rolls 7… +206 Picture +205
You're acting like false accusations are on the same level as … +205 Picture +199
Your that guy? you SUCK +198 more comps of ridiculously expensive things plz +197
iCarly started running in 2007. That's 8 years. If you're 20 n… +196 Ted stole it +194
False. Everyone can pick up your mom. +193 insane people have strange logic Given that 4 presidents h… +186
i like this guys atitude better +182 ***** delicious. The **** y… +181
>Everyone leaves their refrigerators open >Earth's … +181 1st panel +181
He has pretty high perception +180 >get ambushed in Afghanistan >pinned down >w… +180
Where's the karma in this? D: +178 What about the thing for shooting down police helicopters? +173
Don't steal my **** you lil **** +172 It pisses me off nonetheless. Of course it's ******* … +171
Picture +170 i broke my bully's rib, no one had told me he had fragile bone… +169
This is a boat version of "I'd rather break my arms than … +169 Isn't Sweden that country that is afraid to sing its own anthe… +167
I have an indoor cat and its microchipped. I also have his paw… +166 What a dickhead. +165
At the risk of sounding weird, if she offered, id be her slave +163 Here's a screenshot from her Facebook. Pretty funny she made … +162
Ah, yes, a doughbag. +160 I love jesus +158
i love easter eggs like this +157 If you want a thing to bitch at pharma for you should be bitch… +157
***** hot yo +155 Basically, after they failed military victory, they decided to… +152
TARZAN DIDN'T HAVE A BEARD BECAUSE HE LEARNED HOW TO SHAVE FRO… +151 "Oh **** ****** what are you do… +149
To be fair, that is the old model which now serves as backup. … +148 the pope can bless whatever he wants +148

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