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Is Funnyjunk the last bastion of free speech on the internet? … +783 PEOPLE TO AVOID: -people that use tumblr +703
I guess you could say... … +644 thank you old woman with big boobs. was that a bit misog… +585
I don't know why I made this +561 Read "meanwhile in Japan" every time. +514
>dealing with Hipsters with degrees in Cultural studies … +458 This is true feminism, not angry women hating on males becuse … +447
>everyone's fw first day at practice. +435 Picture +391
That one girl was doing fine until the other bitch ****… +360 Picture +344
It´s so damn clichéed and cheesy, but damn - it looks cool e… +341 >milf >does not ramble, straight to the point &g… +327
Actually more like "Lets put my key down here and take a … +326 he remembered to thank mr skeltal but not mr fleshtal +325
>mfw i find out op isn't trolling +322 Did those two seals just ******* fuse? +310
Picture +304 It's like a cringe comp, but without the funny reactions in th… +302
"Eighth grader Tommy Smith told reporters, “We play wit… +297 "Money is the root of all evil." ***… +296
Picture +276 On second thought let us not go to Japan, it is a silly place. +271
shutup joshlol +264 With all due respect, you most likely wouldn't stomp anyone. +259
No one gives a **** . +254 I don't like ******** on America but pretending i… +254
tunnel snakes rule +251 Picture +250
this kind of content > kit kat lasagna diabeetus content +248 Mfw "The n word" +248
**zeroqp rolled image ** +245 lol +238
Computers in India? +235 This is the best idea for stickying as of yet. Highlighting th… +233
MFW +226 Picture +222
Picture +220 Yes, yes, and yes. This video makes me so happy, particularly … +215
except the seagulls +205 I would just like to take a moment to thank admin for not givi… +204
Do tha monkey with me!! +202 He just straight up nailed that fish with his rock. That's som… +199
just like ur dick. +199 >Black guy >Willingly lose basketball game +199
Picture +196 A huge upgrade from the iDamp. Of course. +194
**zeroqp rolled image ** ****** dogs +193 Picture +193
Picture +192 Kinda similar +183
Nyet, Vladimir +175 Yeah sure, how about 1000 red thumbs? +173
I, mrskeletonman, remember the first day I got true sapience. … +170 Moot is censoring all GG content so everyone doing GG stuff is… +170
Youre already -400 and you keep going? +169 Apparently Shrek was a customer. +168
oi m8 ur trucking too fast oh foks sake m8 m… +166 Our admin is Kim Jong-Un. We get all the free speech we wa… +165
**sphyrch rolled image ** +165 You're a hazard, Harry +163
Picture +160 *not hard enough +158
Picture +158 Picture +157
"The old switcheroo" reminded me of a 4chan story wh… +156 What happened to the internet I knew as a newfag... +156
What the **** are you even saying? +155 What charity is stupid enough to invite him in the first place?? +155
**krynax rolled image ** +154 Oh, you had a single bombing threat, good for you. +153
>all these people not realising it's edited +153 how is this impossible +151
Picture +150 >Goes to pick up >Kicks into hole +147
Picture +147 I like the type of guy that comments on the newest uploads. +143
Funnyjunk traffic +140 Picture +140

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