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>abled are you insinuating that doctors dont study sick… +553 sick of yo **** , laquisha +444
"Well, I SHOULD look both ways, but because there MIGHT N… +435 kanye is special +383
Picture +380 Nothing says social justice like plotting the murder of a whit… +358
No, 'cause I'm not some faggot that plays mobile games. +342 Didn't you listen??? 15 minutes newfag +324
Too lazy to crop out the rest. Also best conversation. +308 Well, based on some good old jokes on all parts. AMD's drivers… +305
Me: God damn I hate that reference. *goes to thumb down" … +302 hay, some useful informaion that im probobly never gonna really use +297
that's because she's a 45 year old male geologist from colorado +296 Bitch, her name is traffic and I'll have you know I'm all up i… +292
Probally didnt even have bullets. +285 But the face is all right +263
incase you wanted it +253 **evandalegen used "*roll cah answer*"** **evandalegen roll… +239
STUNT JUMP FAILED +236 **** Zoe Quinn. **** Anita **… +230
well **** , kid grew up, but his ***** … +225 what a bitch +222
The fact that they brought coulson back from the dead. Fury is… +221 White girls after smoking weed for the first time +219
After that, my dad pounded the dog. I know, I'm an immat… +218 This went on for a long while +216
Picture +213 eh, it was a pretty good joke, 9/10. +212
already happened, look at africa. +209 Picture +208
"Most people plan to spend an average of 800$ on gift eve… +206 I love this site already +197
If you were a vegetable, I wouldn't pull the plug. If… +195 That's because you call it petrol. +191
By all means, Kanye West should be a person I hate, and yet he… +188 Yeah sure OP, you found that trick.. +184
best couple +184 So... Joker finally won? +184
Picture +183 joe pesci +183
what would she even hope to achieve? You can't move 190,000 kg… +177 At first I thought that was a pile of sugar in the bag under t… +176
Farts are ******* delicious Also they m… +173 All of the **** Pokemon keeps changing (color, sp… +171
Nobody gives a **** +169 1. Buy an actual computer 2. Follow guide above +160
The ******* bark got me +158 Steam sales don't affect me much anymore. ^Because I… +156
''Where was that whale when my mom moved out'' She m… +150 You know the rules of the internet son, if you have a claim li… +149
10/10 +148 Picture +145
Picture +145 The face of a ******* cunt. +145
Picture +144 harold is love harold is life +143
Cheats only look like that now if you are a disgusting casual.… +139 Picture +139
How the **** can she still pretend she stands for… +138 Picture +138
Picture +136 And since I ran out of characters let me sum up my biggest iss… +132
Picture +132 says the man named cumfartz +131
I'm not proud of what I've done B… +131 To be fair, most of the stuff I know about the world comes fro… +130
nudes +129 "hurr durr police st00pid" Drug lords and smalle… +129
**evandalegen used "*roll cah question*"** **evandalegen ro… +129 more korrasalami content. joy. +128
Fixed +126 Picture +121
Playing dirty and illegally would only serve the purpose of in… +121 My mother fed me the permanent record thing for most of my lif… +118
for those who are wondering Megaspoiler Su… +118 **lolikikolik used "*roll cah answer*"** **lolikikolik roll… +118
The opposite +118 **deffy used "*roll cah answer*"** **deffy rolls Futanari.** +117

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