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Argentinian tears +505 >Gave his grandmother's ring to girlfriend of 6 months … +485
Thanks based last kid. +420 Thanks Based Last kid +338
"My brother is dead, lets **** my roommates … +337 Oh no, kids are struggling with technology older than them, b… +322
**entername rolls 7** Germany will score this many goals +316 Picture +315
then stop looking in the mirror +273 I cropped out the reaction image if anyone wanted it. +255
Are....Are you implying people like attractive people? … +251 Picture +239
>The last kid is Asian. >Nintendo is from Japan. … +236 Doesn't matter. Anal is anal. +200
It can only end one way +197 I hate it when person A cheats on person B but acts all sad an… +194
huhehueh +186 Actually yes, the moment his consent stops, so should the sex.… +186
Picture +184 **aizeinstein rolled image ** roll decides what i'll do to him +183
Now THIS is what I consider modern art. +183 black guy dies best comic ever +177
**ubercookieboy rolls 69** Put it up you're butt +175 Picture +169
Surprisingly enough, this scenario is not far from reality. In… +166 Picture +165
Picture +165 This is my time. GREATEST THREAD EVER. +160
Actually, the modern English alphabet goes all the way back to… +156 That's not how u have fun +146
...At least that meme is being used properly for once. +141 The only real conversation I had with another human being toda… +140
>see wall >run headfirst into it because you want to… +138 Vulwulf maed dis. +134
That's terryfing +133 Did you know that that wasn't a gif? +131
Ur moms ***** +130 Danm i wish it was true, still epic tho. +129
There is no excuse for cheating on you're partner. +129 ***** you act like rolling up bread and cheese is… +127
Now all it needs is a fleshlight and his life will be perfect. +125 And then funnyjunk users have as much game as a console launch. +124
they always have the best offers +123 It's like the old one and the new one teamed up. +123
Picture +122 the mix-up with you're and your is pretty annoying and fabulo… +121
it's football admin... +121 thx +120
Picture +120 It's kind of amusing that you couldn't bring up more effort in… +119
Of course he follows you everywhere if you got a leash on him. +119 >rage face on FJ +116
You know listening to dumb ***** everywhere you r… +115 BURN HIMMMMMMMM +115
Picture +115 u just mad cuz i'm memin' on u +115
Picture +112 Picture +112
It's a pawn shop. It's a pawn shop it's a pawn shop it's a paw… +111 The riddler strikes again +109
"I'm a vegetarian" "Who the **** … +109 my big tittied mommy loves fabulous and sparkly from toes… +109
Picture +109 I can confirm this....though once a month the power grows too … +108
>blow up megaton >give the hobo at rivet city some w… +108 Another man's dick was in you're butt? Let me eat it. +108
You can put Yaranaika on almost every picture in this comic. +105 **indonesia rolls 0** and argentina score +103
what'd you expect, he's asian +102 Picture +99
1. what the **** 2. It doesn't hurt them, the… +99 That last kid +99
I love how tumblr thinks it's this huge war, and 4chan is just… +99 It's a joke. Why are you taking it seriously? +96
He didn't +96 Picture +96
***** +96 4chan isn't not the first generation either and what … +95
Oh yeah? +95 if you don't fix the damn your - you're thing soon my big tit… +95

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