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Comparing a Renaissance master with the common Weeaboo. +607 Dog obedience competition? Nah son, free food and toys. +519
Freedom of speech goes both ways, you ******* … +467 I assumed it was a white guy bathing next to an african child +386
Tfw putin at the end +383 "Hey, wanna go out?" "No" "Ok… +364
its a shower, AVG installed it to clean the computer +364 A yes fan fictions. Unnecessary, sloppy, messy, and fat people… +349
I saw that going somewhere else +338 So...do you come here often? +334
I think murder is bad, and anyone who murders deserves to go t… +324 my legg +313
**zeroqp rolled image ** what about this? please no H… +311 Makes me feel ****** for lurking +308
Picture +304 Picture +303
not worth cancer +275 Looks like someone just figured out how to use the bold fe… +272
Can't help but think of the numerous amount of outtakes. … +272 Said no one ever... +268
**serterazi rolls 88** +260 Picture +254
Any time a student sets their stuff up like this they become 1… +254 Picture +241
Buying a leash - $10 Renting Dog Costume - $50 Paying … +241 I masturbate to Elmo +236
Picture +225 How can one not be attracted to owls? +216
And here we have cat He still refuses to move +214 lets live in a generation where developers release games that … +211
and now the difference between being hit by a bullet or a fragment +211 I love bo burnham +204
And he hits a second car on his get away. +202 Picture +201
what the **** +200 For those who can't read it, basically, this fake account, Ope… +197
At the end +196 Is he a GTA character? How did he get out of the game? +185
Picture +181 Don't you just hate when instead of a funny and interesting co… +180
U.S. - Canadian Border. +171 I'm planning on this change: - shows your rank in 24 … +168
You don't have to outrun the zombies, you just have to outrun … +166 A-A-RON +163
My favorite anime is also my favorite drink...BLEACH. +163 Coming from an oppressive cishet white male scum, why is there… +161
My brother did this, and filled it with water and a rose, and … +160 1. push platform down with hand 2. get released 3. let… +159
Picture +155 It's okay, buddy, FJ is not a forgiving place Y… +153
Maybe she likes someone in that gym. Maybe it's you. +153 although now that I think about it it would probably shift to … +152
Ohhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhh, swiss content AND its not about Roger … +152 When the art styles are significantly different it may not be … +149
The fanfictions +149 Something that makes her look naked on camera but hides all th… +147
Those aren't your average everyday bunions, those are some … +146 Didn't even pay to play. He got a free banana. +144
Picture +141 Picture +140
you gimme dat dick +138 Punching a woman doesn't make sense, what kind of person destr… +137
Picture +137 Picture +135
Picture +135 "Battlefield = superior war simulator." "I … +131
you cant say anything bad to a woman anymore or else it's rape… +131 **littleliz rolled image ** mfw when bad parents. +130
I got banned from the forums on MMO-Champ for telling this guy… +130 You Are A Sandstorm - DarudeyTown +129
when he saw the all the food and toys +128 tumblr is becoming self aware. +127
Tumblr home of insecure pre-teens with idiotic notion… +126 *warning* don't buy if you're black +126
who he becomes after sex +124 Holy **** pokemon fans are almost as bad as weeab… +123
real life version +123 So many conflicting emotions +122

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