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" Where u lookin at? " +939 is that really the 8chan owner? if so he's a badass, … +681
I knew I chose the best place to waste my time +534 Tfw biebergotswag is talking sense +496
FJ after all this SJW stuff is over +487 4chan: The new way to browse funnyjunk +481
Love how he turns around for a moment before continuing +478 Picture +462
>Capitalist That was the cherry on this cake, … +456 Picture +443
Picture +437 Wow, what a gentleman. +427
no spinach, 0/ ******* 10 +425 pepsi max +411
Even in games you get that feeling when someone is staring at … +407 didn't even take an hour to process the shame, Must have b… +399
That guy knocked out his wife, and then dragged her unconsciou… +397 that's exactly what someone with a tiny dick would say +380
See you in the next cringe comp, faggot. +372 Thanks for this image themurrey +369
>Men have rights too >tumblr >pick one +352 Picture +330
Muslims??? being light hearted and not intense ??? +326 It has to be josh lol.We need a virgin sacrifice. +313
mfw he paused to look around at the player +312 Must have been a great idea when he was high. +307
I like these kind of pranks, the ones that don't harm people, … +300 It is nice seeing Muslims be human for once. +289
I'm on board with supporting 8chan, but >commu… +277 hfw +270
bitch got ******* told +252 **xwhitewingx rolled image ** ****** **… +250
2 years. 2 years I've had it active. Now it lays ther… +248 That **** site, responsible for half the stuff on… +244
ps, if i ever become a media, attention seeking little bitch w… +241 Who's with me? We can split it. +237
It's being directed by this ************ right he… +230 **divinexve rolled image ** mfw half life 3 finally gets co… +229
That's actually useful information for normal drivers for when… +219 That's something worth remembering +216
You're on FJ now, it's not called downvoting anymore. +216 Picture +216
so you agree mlp is better +215 This pleases me during these dark times. +214
A link to the original source would be nice, believe it! +212 HEY.. hey. Its a PONY TAIL +208
4Chan's FW +207 Picture +205
We aren't in the 40's +205 A new decade of peace is upon us! ...what? 4chan got… +199
Or the whole feminist thing. Or the whole '4chan is kill' thin… +192 A typical turn based ERRR PERRR GER +185
gif ver or you can just upload it as a webm in comments no… +184 i wanna **** Tomoyo +183
Picture +182 Picture +181
joke doesn't make sense why would you want to be a bird ju… +180 inb4 ''i wanna **** Tomoyo'' comments +180
I always wanted the rest of you to come here, but not like this. +179 Picture +175
Whitelisting FJ. Ads are a go. +170 top kek +170
I lol'd. 2 EZ +170 **anonymous rolled image ** >moot the betrayer &… +170
Picture +167 is he pregnant with an ipad or something +167
Am I really the only person who sees this guy's posts and thin… +167 God, I swear all this 'small penis' ******** is w… +166
Is... is.. admin really Kim Jong un? +164 What if the guys name is 'Christian' and he's just top bloke? +163
**tffan rolled image ** ****** ****** … +161 **bjornkrage rolled image ** admin 2017 +160
all in favor of Admin using the money he collects from amazon … +158 What if the whole 4chan just faked it to make fun of FJ? +157
Oh my ******* god, please ******* no… +157 Complete the set by putting it in her daughter. +155
holy ******* **** , in the midst of a… +154 THE ARM +151
Boku no pico +150 Funnyjunkers dream +146

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