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"We just checked and it tastes like plastic." … +1011 As the ancient hawaiians once said; "He who acts like… +900
I'm a 20 year old cis male. Privilege is my weapon. +546 Picture +482
I used to have that problem, so I trained myself to reflexivel… +467 God the fedora in this comment section is so bad... … +454
To the two soldiers +431 "young offender's institute" She's an adult. She… +398
Ending fedoralover's life +339 The groupon employee needs a ******* raise. B… +334
Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing… +334 inb4 jokeexplain +329
MRW i read your name +321 There's the only reason why. +311
Picture +286 Whoa bro. Your fetish is 21 year old blonde women? Your a … +283
I was expecting a giant swastika... +270 Picture +269
I told Ivan to bring all his guns and he actually did it. … +263 You could also say hitler was being himself ya' know. … +259
Yeah but at least now he won't accidentally kick a garbage can. +259 ******* westaboos, dressing up as their favourite carto… +259
Ya'll ************* need to read the codex. Pretty much… +255 She only got 2.5 years Honestly that's not enough +253
No one cared who I was until I locked that door +247 MRW that Groupon employee. +244
I made it into a comic instead of softcore porn. +242 The 2 people, Louis C.K. and I believe it is Robin Williams, a… +238
Picture +234 Picture +234
Picture +231 Picture +231
I'm a BRRRRRRRRRRT and BRRRRRRRRRRRT is my weapon. +230 **** you op +230
really? cuz i saw a 4chan thread where theyd become the missin… +228 Picture +219
Dear god did I try. +215 i think that bull is only trying to help. +211
It ******* froze right here **** +209 Bet you didnt think we'd see shrek there huh? +205
The first image search result for "varguba" I got is… +198 The company my brother works in has their IT in a different bu… +196
What about Spanish people? You know, from Spain. +195 m'lady +191
Picture +190 >heaven >black people pick one +180
ottergaren op +177 it doesnt matter the american school system will just move him… +176
hfw +174 your sayings have gone down hill since you started using again tito. +170
Because they finally found a home for all their anime +169 so is your waifu a garbage can or a small child? +167
Can't have enough of these +167 Picture +164
**jonjohn used "*roll picture*"** **jonjohn rolled image *… +164 They say what? Lift or elevator? +163
Picture +163 Oh god, that one got me good +163
But getting upset over tiny things is basically all they do +162 Picture +161
he should have said: I think you should have just as many righ… +160 Kiwis can do it just fine. +159
this **** is why i just stay at home and masturbate all day +159 Mjölkia. +158
david is ******* based as all ******* hell … +158 Picture +156
Insert dick. +154 As the ancient hawaiians once said; "What do coc… +150
u cheeky cunt i'll give u that one +150 Konami really stabbed themselves in the foot by firing Kojima +149
Picture +149 Thumb this comment up for gif Thumb fedoralover's comment … +149
Picture +148 Picture +145
They did that on Futurama, dood. +141 Assassins Creed 0.5 +138
Not really. The bones and tendons in girls hands develop quick… +138 **evilhomer used "*roll rpg race*"** **evilhomer rolls furr… +137
************ got Rekt! +134 Lana, he remembers me! +134

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