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ive already met someone through funyjunk i turned off adbl… +864 **biscuitsunited used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **biscuitsunited … +732
Wasn't this the plot of an episode of the Walking Dead? +490 I was expecting something similar to this +444
You mean GTA: Saudia Arabia Women can drive in Dubai +377 "you too" +365
Sup baby +351 >unalaq >not a useless cunt +350
i hate admitting the fact russia is a poor and corrupt land ma… +346 Picture +322
**kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +304 no one is taking my pepes away +302
Abusive parents, both physical and verbal, are truly the scum … +289 "That was fast" "But I was making love to y… +283
Yours cuts off halfway through. I found a full version. +278 Holy **** , that got dark. +278
Last time Germany tried to improve Europe you Americans had to… +267 But if it were a sign saying celebrate black history it would … +262
Picture +260 >business was **** anyways >tries to drum up … +255
Peeps don't know 'bout my obsidian. Not only are the cuts it … +252 We need more Lord of the Rings facts +248
Ok, it's solid again +234 me after this comp +231
The problem has resolved itself +230 I imagine that the surgeons reaction to the hanged man was som… +230
Picture +228 MFW no car crash +225
Well, no **** , it's a baby Yes, I know what you mean +221 Picture +216
The medical trubbush is so ******* brutal Made of b… +214 You can never be too sure on these things. +213
a bigger version of the picture +206 I tried +206
*Metal +205 felt that this was needed +192
This post made me realize Josh Hutcherson's jaw game ridiculous. +190 that is all +178
RIP truck driver. +173 >make male character >steal a car >6 stars an… +169
Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. +169 Picture +168
Don't sharks have to keep moving to breathe? +168 Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me +168
I dont think it works like that +166 amazing how clark kent not only looks like superman, but he al… +164
This is why I feel bad for people whos' relatives aren't cunts… +163 Picture +161
u can do it lil ***** +160 When I was 16 i worked in a McDonalds with a cunt bag called P… +156
Maybe? +152 The day has come, and much sooner than we thought. +152
Picture +149 no homo but why are there so many good looking people on fj? +146
White people try to integrate with other cultures: Cultura… +144 Picture +143
Not to be a nitpicker here, but it was Ukraine, not Russia. +142 Picture +142
Picture +142 Bruh +136
Was he a cake designer too? +134 Picture +133
I like horses. +133 Picture +131
Not only could axl rose sing higher than tina and bey, he was … +129 mfw I don't have the diabeetus +129
Picture +126 Please don't be dead, please don't be dead, please don't be de… +126
* Dwayne "The Mineral" Johnson +125 I don't even care how much of this story is true or not, I sti… +125
Babysitter one. Talk **** , get rekt, childhood trau… +123 I have a few from that set. Kagney Linn Karter is her na… +121
Picture +120 Let's think feces positive and celebrate BMs +119
Technically speaking, no one had made a controlled, self-power… +119 some say they can get raped tho +118
Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIIIIIIIVE!! +117 surgeon's fw +113
Picture +110 >Making mocking Putin memes illegal >Implying anyone… +110

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