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Navi seal copypasta +759 ITSTHETIE FINALY PUT ME IN A COMIC +584
Various "Roll" buttons for comment window. +525 Picture +525
So, when are drunken revellers going to start taking the cone … +498 I think this is the smartest thing R-Money has ever said. +454
read my favorite greentext admin-senpai +403 Picture +391
Picture +370 >Meninism Guys the word is feminism because it… +361
Read comments to us like a bedtime story ¬ +356 Now there's only one thing left to do... +352
Go ask africa. +349 Picture +335
I've decided that I'm giantkin, my preferred pronouns are Fe, … +324 Also, why are there two sets of share buttons? You can save sp… +320
>not getting rock hard from tackling another man to the gro… +309 "Seal is cuddle, not clubble." +308
Picture +293 Disable the Left and Right arrows for navigating through conte… +291
Old joke is old, I know... +290 **agentmoleman rolled user phanact ** +284
>playing as Germany >build up massive tank and infan… +277 Picture +274
Enjoy the unpopular opinion +240 We've had one, yes. But what about second Steam Sale? +239
Read 50 Shades of Gay Grey +229 badidea +204
Whoever you are, however drunk you were... Be proud +199 If it sucks as bad as the grammar I wouldn't let my kids play … +198
Picture +192 Looks like itsthetie will need to find a new dealer +190
"We're still gonna fight about it tho" >hfw +188 God, it's like that scene from Idioracacy. "Your… +187
maybe its because you're making semi-dank memes at work +185 >Europe >Keeping their history and culture … +185
Picture +185 Picture +184
Picture +179 Y-you know what astronomy is right? +178
fixed +177 I prefer European American. +177
will someone explain to me by what inconcei… +172 Read the terms and conditions of iTunes. +171
Fix this **** you ****** . +170 Dress codes are to teach responsibility and pride in self upke… +169
Aww yeah +168 don't forget this one +167
Picture +163 From the very same episode. +162
Picture +162 But in the NY case, the guy was selling cigarettes. A far cry … +161
Its tinder you mongoloid, look it up. +155 Jesus Christ, the cringe is cancerous +155
1. Season 14, Episode 17, "Three Gays of the Condo" … +153 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I don't have the gif, but I'm s… +150
You could probably tell her you have a 15 inch penis and get a… +150 Picture +149
How the **** did you escape the horror that is &q… +147 Why the question mark on the second line? That should be a sta… +144
would anyone like this? if it gets a lot of thumbs and views … +144 TFW +141
Can we add this button? I just feel like it is necessary and w… +137 when I try it and have to pretend I like it so I don't insult … +136
I feel my Songbird rising +136 you're welcome +135
I dont need meninism because im not a little bitch. go eat… +135 Victory dance. +134
gimme a minute, I think I got an adapter around here somewhere...... +133 If you aren't willing to take risks for freedom of speech, you… +132
Picture +130 Picture +129
How about putting icons on content thumbnails to show that it'… +128 I actually saw this episode. He didn't get all "… +127
Pls do this, i miss masturbating listening while you talk. +127 The US is married to Canada. Mexico is the side bitch. And we … +126
yeah seven inches deep in your MOM +126 >Implying flaccid dick length is a reliable measurement of … +123

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