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and then she found out she had a twin brother who was put up f… +1117 Picture +1031
HFW the crowd starts to rip off her clothes and violently gang… +699 actually this is a Hephaestus God of Fire, Metalworking, Ston… +491
They must both really suck at sex if they have time to smalltalk +478 **littleliz rolled image ** my face when i have to socializ… +445
If ******* can have names like Shaniqua or Dre O'… +428 Picture +425
you punch her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her, and… +408 Someone was gonna do it. It may as well be me. +401
there ya go +397 im pretty sure the first used metal wasn't an alloy. +368
She's not being stiff enough and the people at a Katy Perry co… +367 mfw sex has become so mundane that people can have small talk … +343
It's like watching two enraged caterpillars fighting for alpha… +321 "Why didn't the boss drop any loot" "OH DEA… +316
Picture +289 **mrsnowballs rolls 44** +276
Picture +267 itryed.png +255
mfw I need one year related experience to work as a Water Plan… +253 This movie is unique in that it's one of the only movies out t… +248
well maybe if he wasnt going so damn fast this wouldnt have hapened +242 Her ******* name is Daenerys +242
Picture +241 Picture +239
This guy walks up to you in a club and slaps your GF's ass. Wh… +238 Picture +222
**bakagaijin rolled image ** at first i was like "who … +222 "Look Kazooie, there doesn't appear to be anyone here.&qu… +222
HFW +214 Skinny legs + big ass looks weird mfw a girl has… +211
If they rolled any father they would have hit the kid +210 Wow I've seen this a million times and never noticed the bush … +207
"deleted from the internet" +207 Picture +205
Trust nothing, trust no one!!! +201 **youborn rolled image ** Jail janitors fw broken pipe +201
>thing looks like a hybrid of young Lindsey Lohan and Lorde… +197 when I wanted to learn Japanese so I didn't have to watch epis… +192
How do they not realize from this conversation that they're ac… +189 This time it was toast, this time... +188
Picture +184 Actual funny in funnyjunk... It's the End of Times. +182
"Why did the tutorial just give me a tip on how to run?" +180 Picture +177
Well don't eat it FFS! +175 wouldnt recognize her without the blonde hair +174
well someone pays for your internet usage everytime you use wi… +171 " ******* white boys" getting real tired… +171
And the police chase begins! +171 Actually, this was the correct use of a circle, you wholegrain… +169
This family is the greatest family ever. +169 "His penis literally inside my ****** "… +167
WELL TOUGH **** ORCA 167 THIS IS NOT A FREE WO… +164 So the moral of the story is only to have rich, white friends,… +164
That 70's Show: Beyond. +161 It's because she's a whore. +160
Picture +159 Drugs are bad M'kay +159
I can give you 3 fps +157 She probably sucked like 3 dicks while she was upside down +155
Picture +155 heh eheh, ahahah hhahaha hahahahahaha mwwahahahahhahH… +154
Obligatory I guess +152 Picture +150
for the average sized woman that's called being overweight. +149 Sometimes I fantasize about someone breaking into my house and… +149
I saw a few jobs for ENTRY level Office Assistants and they wa… +149 Always gets me +148
Oh look, chest high walls. everywhere +146 Because the first floor requires our crumpets and the ground i… +144
Stop thumbing down these pony posts you stupid ***** … +144 Then you fart in the car and you blame it on him. +144
Picture +141 Picture +141
>Tumblr >A penis inside a ****** &g… +140 Picture +139
SCRAMBLE DA FAIRIES!!!! +136 There is a band called 'Imagine Dragons' that this is referrin… +135

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