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reddit got like 100 million dollars of investment money, has a… +680 I hope they were sugar-free. +583
>joshlol >having a gf Pick one +481 He gets all the bitches but he really just wants a fag in his mouth +422
**dnallor rolls 888** +398 Someone on FB making a reasonable argument about modern sexism… +391
This picture is now more relavant +386 Picture +346
Thing is , they say **** like that to check for i… +338 Picture +323
The ability to roll blunts +323 Fat privilege is having the entire pool at the mercy of your d… +319
>press button >"I want to look like the guy all… +319 Last one. +305
That's all I have Translation: that's all I feel lik… +298 Picture +298
You would just be giving him more armor. +297 ur mom lol! +291
This is right before Dumbledor slays Smog the dragon, and Tyri… +291 the heart of a horse +286
If the show was about Lilo and Mertil it'd be called Lilo and Bitch +284 you're god damn right he can. +281
forgot this one OP +281 **dnallor rolls 22** +279
Good music my ass. +278 These photos only make me feel good that people take care of t… +275
**anonymous rolls 7,777** HAVE SOME QUADS. +256 Superman must be in the closet, giving all these Batman relate… +253
**lemonpepsiking rolls 3** +253 Picture +243
anybody who fights over which site is better is just part of t… +240 it wouldnt be called ''VG cats'' (videogame cats) if it wasnt a cat +238
**madcoww rolled image ** MFW I'm feeling RED +238 Dirty Megablock peasant +235
he says he wants some good ol fashioned cola +233 OH BOY HERE WE ******* GO. I used to g… +221
Equalism you say? Yes, i like that. That wou… +219 I don't like multi-panel gifs. +214
Picture +211 no. +209
Picture +209 ok +206
the michelin man is ******* hot +204 Russian Roulette type of roll. You roll and there is a 1 i… +201
**monkofwar rolled image ** MFW I licked gf's assh… +197 Finally you're commenting on one of my posts. I have been wait… +196
Picture +194 You remind me a lot like myself when I was younger Ki… +187
Picture +186 hue hue brrrr gib money plox heu brr brr +179
I cant see how that would be fun. +166 same reason i got with pizza +165
you can fold a five dollar bill to make pancakes. +165 **bloodmira rolled image ** +164
he realized that his bat-shaped throwing knives are nothing sp… +163 These funny texting stories are less funny when they're so bla… +162
> ask people what they doing on monday night > its m… +161 Next time on I Didn't Know It Was Homestuck +161
Lawyer here. The laws vary from place to place, but in cross-e… +161 you say it like it's a good idea +161
banana for scale +157 So is there anyone not freaked out enough to give an explanation? +155
What would happen if somebody threw a tennis ball? +155 please refrain from answering here and just click the "Hi… +155
Picture +155 Picture +154
This is bad a good for these reasons: > It showed … +152 you could take a frozen **** slap toys r us on it… +151
The mental institution obviously did a horrible job if he went… +146 **ryjed rolled image ** my ideal body +144
Wins all around. Or you could use your powers for good or … +144 im fat and I found it funny +141
Its essentially an average sized planet with a giant ass atmos… +140 the outcome +140
I apologize to anyone who did not want to see that, I was not … +139 "With all the wealth you're leaving behind, you're ances… +139
that's a chick. +138 he's been pretending for so long, he forgot who he was +137
Doesn't sound like no regrets. Come on, open up to your Fu… +135 Praise admin. He might be a fag, but he's OUR fag. +134

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