Picture +809 "Are you tired of forgetting your kids in the oven?" +575
'don't look at her tits. don't look at her tits.' +540 I love these. +538
heres all of them so far guess who makes a cameo? +536 HFW +502
**sharkpunch used "*roll picture*"** **sharkpunch rolled i… +494 Picture +480
"I hope nazism catches on because I like german chicks" +467 What is it with rich people and curling their upper lip? Does … +465
Why is your girlfriend still coloring cartoons op? +448 Her panties dropped and dragged her down with them... +436
She had ariel rough day +391 i like knee and thigh high socks! +390
Picture +359 Oh yes another comment about inhaling black tweets +355
Picture +308 "Oh my god, I'm getting such a raging clue right now." +306
Obligatory +302 Isn't it obvious? To rule them all. +294
infomercial! +293 because it's quite the spectacle to see a streaker run the course +292
Must go quick +288 Mfw the comment section. +285
Anyone? +278 Remastered ish +275
That last one. +274 Anna have been in the game a long time, nothing she cant handle. +269
Picture +267 Listen here you bespectacled little **** ... +263
This will be useful someday. +256 When you jokingly talk **** in the chat right bef… +251
no stick RPG? c'mon man +250 *Should have As in "You should have paid more attenti… +248
**ppheadbuttface used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **ppheadbuttface … +245 I DON'T NEED YOUR PATH +244
Infomercial! +243 if you are feeling lazy, just remember the greeks thought thei… +243
>european plugs >european beer nice try eurofag +242 I don't know who told you that they have a beef, but they were… +230
Picture +229 Picture +227
See this is the problem and its NOT that simple ... as anyone … +222 You stop that I don't wanna be a furry +219
I like the way she has a creepy mother but a totally normal fa… +217 To everyone who does not sort through comments. This is not Oc… +216
Was the soap necessary or just instinct? +215 Oh for **** sake, those are Cooling Towers. They'… +215
Or... yeno... why you should just not cheat on people in the f… +210 >i flagged all your comments for hate speech enjoy you ban … +208
Picture +208 Picture +204
Picture +198 Picture +196
Their fathers will hear about this. +192 **sirstupidpanda used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **sirstupidpanda … +181
the fourth +181 Infomercial! +179
Picture +173 lovely technique +167
Picture +166 Run fast, run fancy. +165
Strangely enough he looks like Raj and Sheldon's love child … +164 You should tell your friend to be careful around lava pits and… +163
>Bird not mentioned Triggered +161 Michael Cera confirmed responsible for holocaust +160
"I've only played with one penis - mine - and I *… +157 Picture +156
What a tite teacher +156 Most special requests I got from girls when I delivered pizzas… +155
Madness Interactive was my favorite flash game. +148 They're getting a raging clue. +148
Picture +143 I like Ellen Page, my favorite movie she did was Beyond Two Souls +140
[sound of ovaries exploding] +139 Picture +138
I don't know what to feel. is this suppose to be cute… +135 Picture +134

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