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I'm Ameri-kin. This triggered me +663 Isn't it kinda redundant for him to call himself autistic when… +579
SLAP SLAP SLAP CLAP CLAP **** +470 Because Dark-Age internet times were cancerous. +458
**ryix used "*roll picture*"** **ryix rolled image ** … +456 She should be happy. Most black girls dont even get one dad. +419
When you talk to npcs in Oblivion +419 fj's relationship with transgenders is... complicated to say t… +381
My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials Can you say… +381 Mr. Freeze has to up his game since theres a new meaning to ic… +359
Crazy how nature make dat +356 Picture +355
Test didn't work, your gif is Frozen +332 It's like a milf-jailbait combo platter. +331
Why was crazy frog ever popular? +319 Ruthless. Just as her father in the ring. In ca… +312
I take it you're in high school or never experienced the wonde… +309 **rollingpicture used "*roll picture*"** **rollingpicture r… +308
I made this awhile ago. Still not sure why. +306 >implying japan didn't do the same **** proudly, eve… +304
**kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +298 That songs not exactly a lullaby. +297
It'd be nice if his son was in the same scene and he's the one… +289 'Drawing our prophet is a holy sin against our religion punish… +287
Picture +282 It bugged me that the whole thing was grey. Normally I w… +270
Means you were her back-up plan / fallback / decent guy she wa… +269 Black man play smart, keep at range, win fight. Yellow man mor… +267
Savage move, Floydweather is gonna be pissed when somebody rea… +263 Remember when we had fanfiction that included heterosexual peo… +258
He has a point , a ******* glorious one at that. +256 I always hated that Jerry guy as a kid, but seeing him now, I … +256
plot twist: it was just a mint coating. it's actually Seroquel… +255 Dragon's Dogma is also a good choice. You can change… +254
did you at least catch one? +248 hfw the wife finds out +240
That's his MOM!? +238 OP made it up.. +235
So the Germans prevented your cities from getting bombed and y… +230 Good job paul. +228
"Don't know many Nords, do you? Oh, what am I saying, of … +224 This man is a hero. Clearly, they need to make a scoreboard fo… +224
"don't you care about the children in iraq?" that's … +218 Do you see where our rage stems from padawan? +216
That would be because the other two thirds have their junk bur… +211 Picture +207
Called me a sympathizer but I don't think publicly instigating… +207 Genuinely laughed. +198
Look what I did +197 What dad? i don't see anything but a floating beard and a floa… +191
"Hoomin let meowt." no, im taking a pictur… +190 Picture +190
When you play the next game in a series and they dont update t… +187 Needs more oomph. +187
What surprises me is that everyone seems to deny that there wa… +187 But why is it a video? +181
Four inches of what. +181 Carlos is making the virgins unavailable if you know what I mean +179
I smoked for 15 years. Then I got a vape. After only 3 month… +178 Not to burst anyones bubble, but those animals were put into t… +177
Shes a minor. Minors aren't allowed to refuse life saving trea… +176 Picture +175
Picture +174 There was an attempt at a chark. +169
yea, its stan lee, everyone ******* knows it, but guess… +167 Picture +164
loved that show and their crazy gadgets +163 mfw one of my friends in league is called TehGreatAutismo +162
I know this is besides the point, but anytime I see someone sa… +160 Well, if they could do it with the Hunchback of Notre Dame I'm… +159
Picture +158 not cannon unfortunately +158
>Person who identifies as a horse breaks their leg >… +155 God bless Texas +152
Picture +149 I don't she has, either +147
He should have gotten a Boxer +145 Wise men roll dubs on demand. **totallytito used "*roll 1… +145
Picture +144 How would YOU know its ifunny content? Do you happen to browse… +144

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