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and then they ate the dog. +706 with that i could buy a blow from your mom and still have $656… +560
The true Social Justice Warriors. +484 I honestly think it's kind of disgusting how we've normalized … +451
If you bet 100 dollars and then hold up an empty wallet, it d… +443 >Have sex with girl doggy style >Tell her you're abo… +395
Picture +392 Oh man. what is up with FJ lately? I mean I really a… +361
That's not how averages work. +342 ***** that ain't rare +340
A cutting edge technology. +327 "Honey you're not taking that cock deep enough, here I'll… +313
This pack is too dame filthy. +298 Picture +288
Picture +265 I'm going to college to become a cop so I can shoot a black ma… +262
I honestly don't give a **** if a woman breastfeeds in … +256 Poland inside France +245
Picture +245 >implying vikings didn't assrape your Island for over 250 years. +240
My fav +228 The more and more facts I read online the more and more facts … +228
that's actually pretty depressing +224 No you were the faggot that did the stupid penis drawing on th… +219
or 32 dollars if you sell to cash4gold +219 at least there's some cool fat people. +218
That Bioshock Infinite one should be a gif. +217 where do i auction off my virginity to the hottest bidder? +215
Never thought I would ever use this +212 that was nice +211
yeah but it's fine if they do it using make-up, angles, etc. … +210 **** +208
Picture +195 you tried, but too hard. +191
that first pic hurts to look at so much. Im glad the … +190 Im in for one hell of a nut. +177
No patrick, water is not considered a food +170 Picture +169
This show was great. +168 no electronics or masturbation for a week? I wouldn't survive … +167
when I saw the side shot of the car I thought it was gonna be … +167 meanwhile OP's company be like +160
Trevor Philips never gets **** for wearing a dress. +159 >There are people who still think communism will work +159
Disregard memegenerator watermark +156 **jasonseagull used "*roll picture*"** **jasonseagull rolle… +154
Huh, I guess she still charges a dollar an inch. +149 Me too. I mean look at the craftsmanship on that wind… +148
I'm 6'3 and I've never found a shower head that was lower than… +147 Hello darkness my old friend ♫ +146
Picture +146 Picture +144
I am so glad I waited on the second video +137 Bees can tan +136
"Joke's on you, I'm already black." +136 Picture +135
It's cause ****** can't swim. +132 You mean the whole 'side' thing is real and not a joke? +130
Pakalu 2016 +130 Picture +129
Good Luck. +129 very unprofessional for lorde to do this +128
Picture +128 "Blonde gets ****** by a Big Black Cock while Dadd… +126
one of the hard working "dentists" of Auschwitz +126 If that's gay then I'm the biggest faggot in the world +125
Astronauts are ******* hillarious +125 >Say that you have a foot-long dick >She sees that i… +125
I'm sure she doesn't have nemo on her dress? i guess you… +122 >TFW 5'6'' manlet +122
I worry for their safety, especially if they're just a couple … +120 you dont loot or riot cause every ************ is packi… +119
Picture +119 Still cleaner than half the dicks you take. +118
Picture +117 He was probably crying because he heard her music +117
Black tweets usurped by Indian tweets? As a black guy with Ind… +117 "95% of showers are designed for people under 5''5' "… +116
Yeah, no... I've seen what happens to you if you get that … +113 Maple syrup & pancake dlc only 9.99$ +113

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