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Thermostat +853 That last kid gets it. +729
**economic rolled image ** *roll 6* +687 That last kid knows what is up. +613
**youlikeme rolled user elbrysobrony ** your going to heaven +604 but we are special for going to FJ. +564
**sackit rolls 6** I rolled 6 +532 **cantfindaname rolls 999,921** +457
bees are not the most majestic thats for sure +447 Implying you wouldnt have done the same with a fat women +444
That last kid. Respect. +421 Oh so this is what a car pool looks like! +411
Thiss looked like it was going to turn into fabulous and spar… +405 MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: "Were you just looking a… +401
Picture +389 "thx" +382
Picture +372 **matexius rolls 000** Here goes everything... +365
>Gave his grandmother's ring to girlfriend of 6 months … +336 **scorpidea rolls 999,789** +335
Oh this is not going to be good for the property values. +325 Thanks based last kid. +323
Meh The alphabet IS the order, that's kind of how it works… +300 pretending your special for going on 3chan and other websites … +295
Picture +284 always relevant on myth busters content +279
I honestly hope this petty little war never ends. It's abs… +272 muh paint skillz +270
Posts like this (The original anyways - about the internet tea… +270 **reginleif rolled tfw/funny-pictures/5195056/73#73">image *… +268
that's no bumble bee its a dumblebee +258 Thanks Based Last kid +256
Somebody has got serious jealousy issues. +242 All liquids that we drink turn to piss stupid +242
Picture +239 you angered the pirates reggie +238
that cat is touching his penis +236 Oh no, kids are struggling with technology older than them, b… +234
Bing was launched in 2009... +231 Picture +229
"My brother is dead, lets **** my roommates … +226 man the more interviews i see, the more i think working on the… +225
**blastros rolled image ** pirates are the cowboys of the sea +219 because guys totally don't do the exact same thing. +215
Picture +211 I like lady bugs +203
**entername rolls 7** Germany will score this many goals +196 Woods and Enjoyment. +192
*roll six* +192 Picture +190
change feminist to joshlol so the ladies of FJ will like me +185 huhehueh +184
Picture +182 Picture +172
>The last kid is Asian. >Nintendo is from Japan. … +165 No such luck. +163
Are....Are you implying people like attractive people? … +158 then stop looking in the mirror +158
This is some serial killer **** . +156 But... But my game shelves... +156
Picture +150 I hoped that saving this would prove useful +150
Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth, I wanna teach … +148 Picture +147
Where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +146 Picture +146
That's cute +144 Waking up to go to 8 am lectures. +141
**juha rolls 00** muh dubs +141 *Wilhelm scream* +141
cant trust anyone, not even myself +140 ...At least that meme is being used properly for once. +139
tried at home +138 I don't need this **** +137
It'll work if you die. +137 Picture +130
It can only end one way +130 Why don't you Tumblr down a flight of stairs? le fish ho… +128
Viggo is the man. Sorry if the text's a little … +128 Doesn't matter. Anal is anal. +128

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