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Exhibit a, first comment +1046 Picture +709
I close a funnyjunk tab because I'm bored, only to reopen it s… +613 Im on here almost 24.7 +548
Most punchable face of the day. +506 Whether he has a crush or not. +496
Picture +488 She could have just said no... +470
if she didn't appreciate that, she's not worth the effort. tha… +462 people brains when they're scared +419
Dad Jokes! Now with surround sound! +389 Picture +389
>Crossbow. >Clearly states longbow. Your gif is … +363 **ojezcola rolls 88** +345
Kid: "I'm hungry" Dad 1: "Hi Hungry, I'm da… +338 But then they would outvote the straight man right away.. It s… +318
Picture +317 "You'll never find someone like me again" "… +306
Give every user except joshlol an item badge "not joshlol… +299 Picture +292
... No job, one online class, haven't left home in 5 weeks, ba… +281 **anonymous rolled image ** the future +271
Don't forget deaf musicians. +268 When the "Let it go" kicked in. +263
Gay....is a race? +246 first he has to install adobe flash player +244
holy **** I got here from the ******* … +244 They hired him because he obviously didnt want the job … +239
he had me until skyrim.. +232 Picture +231
I'm sure uploading proof of refusal to comply to a court order… +230 my fav toy +226
Picture +225 Picture +224
I like the kid, he's instantly like: "Damn, that's so coo… +221 Picture +221
the seventh one +220 I spend more time on this site than i do masturbating... … +218
ugh what's with all these themed accounts +207 Picture +205
Put this in morbid channel next time, you bastard. +201 Picture +196
yeah, that's why I don't have a girlfriend... hehe +195 Picture +195
>MFW i find one of these things +194 Looks like they're about to drop Hogwarts' hottest new single +192
How about put in some small flash games which users can compet… +191 Well it does say that +190
now put the toppings on a second pizza. +189 **graboidzero rolled image ** what it really was +186
> students would take the toasters and bring them in their … +181 Picture +174
I guess he was barking up the wrong tree. +174 I would have loved to have a gay dad. Do you remember at schoo… +172
You all laugh at this guy but you know he's a ******* … +169 He forgot to put the cap back on the little one +167
just as correct as you usually are +165 Picture +163
Picture +162 I have a friend who has a youtube channel with 40k subs. It ma… +160
"C'mon printer, let's get outta here!" +157 Picture +155
That takes some discipline and dedication. +152 Picture +151
I like the background it's easy on my eyes +150 I'm kinda sad that it took me thirty seconds to realize it was… +149
Original is still the best doe +149 A little piece of me died reading this. +146
SJW Feminist ******** in a nutshell! +145 you seem tired, go to bed. +144
Picture +144 why would i ban myself +143
**kakaraka rolled image ** Who i'd rob a bank with +143 So I just scratched my balls. Then without realizing it I put… +142
are you trying to be the next thing +142 Picture +138
Picture +132 It's actually possible that the child just has down syndrome, … +132
sorry, but that is clearly a triceratops +131 >make 1000 clones >make 500 the sexy jutsu form … +130

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