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Picture +1194 Picture +835
technically, jfk died from acute leadpoisoning +770 legend says that man still doesnt know what to do with the cap +629
Except you can't grow epic beards, and your voice barely chang… +543 Just admit that if you like something with a cock then you're gay +499
No man she my waifu +451 **secondfunction rolled user skeletorexplains ** +442
to this day i still believe that lola bunny is the reason furr… +409 Are you by any chance a Dwarf? Because they are known for fine… +406
I don't think doctor who is cannon in the dc universe dude.... +394 ask your parents. +392
You didn't get this from me. +369 Users of the product have the right to criticise to point out … +363
are we just gonna ignore 50 cent then? +344 I grew up thinking it meant pussy cat, like 'scaredy cat'. I d… +316
Picture +282 Picture +279
technically, Maude was killed by the pavement +276 By god I checked, it's not ******** , this is legit. +274
People forget Flanders is ripped as **** , at least has … +271 Dat debut tho +271
I'm sure a simple hug would suffice. +268 Picture +266
Tonk +263 Picture +259
Picture +259 I can maybe melt a 1.5 inch steel beam. My forge runs on coke,… +254
Anybody who somewhat understands boxing knows that Mayweather … +253 This hasn't been posted yet? Warning: Feels. +243
wig on a dog +243 Picture +243
We're all going to hell now +242 WTF OP posting the photoshops as comments to get more thumbs... +239
Thats once per 7.85 seconds. At least she's dedicated +233 "You probably can't tell, but I used to be a girlscout" +231
what episode of lazytown was this? +230 Any requests for the next build? Within the relms of the possi… +223
Get back to me when you've been raped repeatedly and then forc… +223 "be wary stranger, Khajit does not play these games" +221
And somehow British food is still ******** +216 Picture +212
Picture +212 my fantasy game +211
basically how to adult +209 I GOT YOU BROS +206
>Skulls carved into geodes These skulls were carved so … +206 >pushes gf back into corner >positions himself betwe… +202
Little acts of kindness like this make me feel better about th… +201 Picture +199
But the only way this works is if you're handsome. I'm not com… +198 You diddly-done ****** up +188
im satisfied with how steam handled their situation though. +186 Picture +182
What are you? a filthy casual? +176 It's a meme, you dip +173
You blow up and die? +173 Picture +173
My opinion on metalwork? I think it's pretty brutal. +167 Picture +165
Picture +164 " **** brah" "dont call me brah"… +164
Both after titties +159 Behold: pure, untamed bliss. Or death. It might be dead. +158
Looks legal to me. +156 Macburt +155
Picture +154 Big whoop, but can you melt steel beams? +154
mfw I've totally done the sex +153 Picture +153
Picture +151 She's cute +150
what it feels like to have kids +149 How does this relate to anything? +148
Dude looks like a monster of a ninth grader +145 Jokes on you, I'm a total faggot anyway. +144
>Picks up lots of dirt >Puts it over there … +144 Muslims +143
play times over ************ +140 but if that happens to me, my helmet gets ruined. i dont want … +139

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