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Picture +932 Picture +669
You've had me at "air for you" +610 Picture +551
I'm honestly not convinced I think everyone on tumblr and all … +534 I can draw better than that. +449
Picture +442 Done +441
here you go buddy +425 You joke but I wouldn't be surprised if some **** like … +400
I think he's pretty smooth. +386 Picture +384
The only constant in all of his relationships was him. +370 ur mum is ****** +342
Funny. Without slavery the majority of them would still be in… +296 lol those idiots talking about slavery as if it was a "wh… +278
Pretty interesting. +270 Guys, I don't think black tweets are bad in any way. In fact, … +266
Picture +265 Picture +258
Picture +251 Picture +250
He got nothing on my man Paul +242 If a woman approaches you for sex there's always a 99% chance … +229
Picture +228 mfw the graduation party. +227
look on the bright side, you wont have to worry about financin… +225 non smokers dont understand smoking let me clear the air f… +222
Picture +221 what is the argument here. i dont quite follow. +221
the new jojo's bizarre adventure arc looks great +221 she put it on. hahahaha whats an absolute madwoman +217
"Idiot found dead with two gunshot wounds. Witnesses repo… +215 Mace Dindu +214
Anyone watching the new Daredevil? ****** so cash … +208 Picture +207
Look at all that funny +205 That cat can't be yours, thats obviously a drawing +204
Picture +204 Picture +198
And then they pull out the receipt. +198 Picture +192
At least now we know who's the mom's favorite +190 bow and arrow: > silent > doesn't jam > a… +189
First let me call in my buddy, he's an expert in hand written … +188 Why does Mexico suck at the Olympics? Everyone who ca… +187
"It doesn't needs it's skin anymore" he sounds l… +182 >WARNING! its porn thats not a warning, its a… +179
I like when they shop the original picture to match the art +176 Thats a slow cooker pot, hours of work gone. +173
how can she write to him when she's blind? +170 This one didnt upload for some reason +169
Yeahhhh I'm not going to take the word of someone who was lock… +168 They're cyborgs but they're called androids so it's cool +167
Floating in the wind? +165 Plot twist, Black Widow is able to lift it. +165
You should get some bouncy balls +163 Keep the stable, boring girl and show her the wonders of life.… +162
Picture +161 "The city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots...I… +157
Greatest scene in tv history +154 Picture +153
Right behind you +153 Picture +150
That's great I hope your ass will recover eventually. +149 in internet terms, its basically goku vs vegeta +149
If you believe for a moment that any one of the stonebrained c… +146 When I see that someone asked the question like 7 years ago, a… +145
Deadpool's through-mask grin is so dick hardening awesome +143 Obligatory +143
Shmengels made this gif a few months ago btw so credits … +143 Picture +143
Do you guys remember the Back to Africa movement? Ahh, those w… +143 idk man, after that episode where they all became kids, i susp… +141
That face at the end <3 +141 The Possibility of Finding a tribe of inbred Turks down there … +141
2 motorcycles, madly in love decide to quit their career in mo… +139 The man seems very pleased with the trade +135
Dwight I hate you so much but the penis game ridiculous +132 Hopefully long after you die. +131

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