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Picture +1090 No one will believe me, but I played the Alien in this commercial. +719
Still the best comment response I've ever seen +690 apparently one of the things you learned wasn't how to count t… +534
No one will believe me, but i played the Flag in this commercial +475 you blow it just as you enter? +474
Picture +455 Finally we have got our precious! +454
Picture +444 This dude doesn't really look any remorseful. +428
What teens really want are pictures, pictures of Spiderman! +365 I believe you. Your mother played the moon right? +361
top lel +357 I once put 3 locusts into my beardies cage, I came back an hou… +317
Picture +310 A feminist learned that men and women are equal, and ended up … +310
That hairdo though. +297 Alien got a fistfull of freedom +291
Picture +285 >Didn't fell off the chair 4/10 would only fap twice +273
Sounds to me like someone forgot to thank mr skeltal +267 This guy is a fraud. I played the Alien. Proof here: +266
Picture +263 >2014 >not recognizing Emperor Palpatine as the one … +256
5 things I learned while being regular user: 1. Admin… +248 Picture +248
Never post oatmeal on funnyjunk. +241 >oh god the pain >i'm losing my anal virginity to a … +238
5 +235 "My autism senses were tingling" ***… +234
Picture +232 I'd imagine by the time he constructed this, the soup was prob… +232
Here it is without the troll face +232 >be 12, middle school >had an incident in public bat… +226
You can. A friend of mine is a cellist and she takes her cello… +216 george clooney was always a real ***** -… +212
Picture +211 ** ***************** rolled image ** +209
This glorious pic is relevant again. +208 Pretty much sums up my sex life +207
Picture +204 HFW +201
Every single bitch in the first photo is uglier than then other +195 I think you need to be in Creative Mode to do that. +195
An hour in Dark Souls +193 Time to get mad +188
Picture +186 **quatre rolls 99** +186
No this is not a Canadian Forum, THIS IS BEST COUNTR… +183 All of the above +180
This is an accurate description of how logic works in college. +176 Krakatoa? +175
A moist owlet +174 91 thumbs 111 favs +172
take notes from biebergotswag homeboy, he knows how to do it +169 Picture +167
Son.. now that you are a grown man, it is my pleasure to pass … +167 >impregnate her >stop bitching bout u being the only… +166
Picture +164 admin promised me colored text +161
I'm just happy the warden let them all stay together. +161 No one will believe me, but i srsly said "glass of juice". +158
Solid gold ************* magikarp > Red shrimp… +156 You just saw it ***** +156
Picture +154 They want money, not to take a life. +151
BANNED +150 Picture +149
Thanks to I know that is down and it's not just me. It came … +148 Howards fw +148
Hold up... +147 "I knew i left my oven on" +145
this one took a bit of a stretch to relate it to Gaben. … +145 I agree, apple-watch sucks +144
Mothurbating +143 "You're not mankind!" +139
Implying any kind of icecream is **** tier +137 New Zealand mentioned. Swell with decks and sheep. +136

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