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The face of a broken man +562 This is a common creative technique. To create the mi… +495
I've never seen this Hutt before. Is she a crime lord too? +458 >meet spaghetti girl >try talking to her >for… +450
I have nothing against fit chicks. I think most, if not all, a… +444 since even the admin is misreading this: I only poste… +413
That clock placement . . . +409 >I can sit up unassisted That's supposed to be a … +403
one of these is not like the others +393 Skate zoned again. +384
The feathers are cheating, the plastic bag has mass as well! +351 he actually did it the absolute madman hahahaha! +346
Picture +346 Picture +339
Just brute force it... last 7 digits of pi; that means their p… +303 Picture +301
[delusion intensifies] +287 Me. Fit women are hot as **** . Feel free to s… +286
**Elk used "*roll picture*"** **Elk rolled image ** me wh… +283 The "working week" knot. +282
I'm really very curious what would happen if Tumblr just shut … +277 I think simpsons just explained gender studies +263
Picture +255 rude, at least im not anime trash +255
HFW his friends are trying to cut him up +252 why did we need to know that +228
He got really detailed with that fifth drawing +228 Picture +226
Thumbed a comment up to 200 from like 5 but it didn't show...i… +216 Behold +212
This bitch actually exists in the world. Just think about that… +209 Picture +208
I don't know what good music is, but I know what I like. And t… +206 Admin needs a new profile picture +204
"thats rude ted" "it was a WHOLE CHICKEN! +203 mfw im debating to masturbate or not +199
not cringe. hats off to her. she knows she has a problem and i… +199 A woman president would be fine if it wasnt Hillary +197
Picture +191 Picture +190
Ah **** , I can't believe you've done this. +188 My dad asked me this when I was 7-8 years old, and my initial … +187
It's because you're trying to thumb your own content from anot… +185 Pretty sure Thor grabbed Tony by the throat the minute he foun… +184
Picture +180 This **** makes me sad. People need to realize when the… +177
Marge is actually kinda hot with this hair-do. Never car… +176 >pop the bouncer in the face is how you get in +173
RIP in pepperoni "Hoe From Math Class" +172 If a pig is born in a horse stall, is it considered a horse? +171
I'm guessing maybe........... Scottish? I might be wrong +171 >be little kid in line >see some loser with socks an… +170
When you live alone and a hand comes through the door to give … +170 >Implying that male feminists actually get laid +167
I must do all of these now. +156 Picture +156
When your city is famous for a tower thats a bit wonky. … +155 Native American mentioned. Swell with casinos, reserves, and a… +155
When a new meme starts spreading +153 Picture +152
Picture +152 Finally, a waifu worthy. +151
See you on frontpage good sir. +151 How the **** am I supposed to rinse/wash dishes in this… +149
Picture +148 Some people are just real lucky +147
why are they laughing in english? +146 mfw I read the last one 5 times. +143
"Kill them all" Hmm, sounds somewhat familiar to me... +143 I_tried.png +143
its like trying to explain equalism to a feminist +142 >sci fi weapons >no glorious needler How dare you +142
That gif. actually makes me feel sad for the girl. +141 Picture +139
Picture +138 If your fat and you love your body, then good for you. But… +136
Picture +136 that picture belongs here +136

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