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45 Comps and still going strong congratulations, I've gotten b… +715 You had me on full plate +632
It's a sign +609 the blue part can melt steel beams +599
So everyone agrees she's not fat. +543 So here's the plan. #50 will be the last daily comp, and it wi… +500
**kingdaniel used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kingdaniel rolls 99** +463 fixed +372
1st on the mirror tracks too baby. Oh yea. +349 Moar pls +346
Picture +334 Am I the only one who sees potential in horse drifting here? +333
Picture +329 Look at all the funny +326
***** that's kinda gay +313 Just enjoy the feels you fag +311
I love these edits +300 kid is playing hide and go seek with his brother and he gives … +300
throw random personal information at them, thats what they rea… +293 Picture +287
Picture +286 i know, i know, amazing paint skills +284
Picture +282 That's all well and good... but the Chinese had their tea hot too... +280
Picture +279 Hands up don't shoot he dindu nuffin +277
The bubble produces light because the incoming soundwave heats… +274 Picture +273
Picture +262 That may be true, but diabetes statistics are objective while … +249
Your gonna need to run pretty fast to catch up to the bandwagon +249 >not forcing your parents to watch the entirety of the sex … +248
**ccosenza used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **ccosenza rolls 67** +246 Tumbler isn't actually cancer. We just export the most cancery… +246
Picture +246 Relevant on most content here nowadays +243
When a squirrel does that it's all fun and cute, but when I hi… +240 MFW Reading Black Tweets. +237
literally nobody was impressed by your dick +232 She just insulted the person she was trying to "defend." +232
fixed +228 he made a petition against kotaku and polygon to fire biased j… +213
Picture +212 I #can't #understand #your #accent. +211
Come for the bull? +210 sidequests be like +210
"Oh no, my mouse doesn't work with this program. Better c… +206 Xbox 360 > 60 fps > 1080p lulz +203
obliga... wutever +202 Who would honestly treat their catgirl poorly? +201
There is some strange people kicking about. +199 GTA V released on PC +196
Since nothing really gets removed, the internet is already ful… +195 HFW +192
Turn on Adblock and call Oatmeal +186 Yes. +183
Picture +181 The chimney sweep +180
NO. THIS TIME I NOTICED. +179 I wish you would be hanged and quartered, i simply love dead p… +178
"Is my wife having an affair with my son"?! Jesus … +176 In b&m walk round the shop to spy bitch's spot 9/11 lass, … +173
this just disgusts me. i cant believe this guy would even thi… +170 Fun fact, because of their love of tea and the subsequent use … +170
Just leaving this here. +168 It's always easy, when you are good looking and extremely weal… +165
i always assumed smh was shake my head +164 He could have at least Putin a little more thought. +162
I never use one and I fix pc's for a living. Just touch some … +162 My ancestors ran around the bogs of Scotland naked, covered in… +161
Toward the beginning of the war he was a close friend of Hitle… +160 Ohohoho, you've got nothing to worry about. Trust me, "Kr… +159
Picture +159 Your bitch when reading about Shadowdagger the hedgedragon +157
No, he didn't +156 >Play guardian/support >Always get no kills, tons of… +154
"We completely and unconditionally surrender and will acc… +154 **destroyerofcheese used "*roll cah answer*"** **destroyero… +153
2009 was 15 years ago. Feel old yet? +153 I just get really anxious whenever my phone rings and I don't … +153

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