Isn't it obvious? To rule them all. +869 Picture +788
When you jokingly talk **** in the chat right bef… +555 He also have a video where he says something along the lines o… +492
It's the principle of the thing. +429 "Oh my god, I'm getting such a raging clue right now." +423
You should tell your friend to be careful around lava pits and… +383 Just because I'm a themed account doesn't mean that I will act… +375
I ******* hate ducks +369 Picture +353
The "correct" guy is going to drop it, the incorrect… +342 >Americans >Saving others from evil God da… +339
The option to report people for hate speech is probably just t… +331 Picture +317
**sirstupidpanda used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **sirstupidpanda … +303 The flying snake has glided 336 feet in the air. Th… +292
Picture +277 sokka's fw he discovers his incest fetish +276
How can alligators be around for 150 million years if the Eart… +275 i can hear it +262
I got a pair as a gift and to be honest they have good sound q… +258 Memories... +255
They won't allow peanut butter in a classroom if a student is … +245 I was born in it, moulded by it +244
Picture +244 All those men and she's still thirsty... +241
First rule of genies, cant wish for more wishes. Don'… +235 Holy shrimp, this scampi happening. +232
Go back to Tumblr, pic relevant. +226 looking at old **** like +220
Picture +219 WHO THE **** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! +218
Looks like a planet being eaten by a giant space worm. +214 good +211
Smithing increased to 4 +209 afraid to press play +207
replace don't chase +195 hfw he realizes it's his own. +192
No one said anything about Americans, you damn communist +192 Picture +191
Everyone knows THIS is the real Thor +188 "hey guys look at this argument I had lol" +185
The sauce +183 am i the only one who feels that people who made/like this pic… +183
Picture +182 Here is the real one for those that want it +179
We gonna do this? We gonna do this? We're doing this +178 Oh gee I'm so clever, gee, gee, so intelligent, gee … +178
The mobile industry is obsessed with games where you run fast … +177 Meanwhile, on Call of Duty! +175
Picture +173 Picture +171
Ron Swanson is the best thing to be introduced in this world. … +170 LOL +170
And then there's TROGDOOORRRR!!!!!! +160 They didn't have to ******* ban him pricks +158
Picture +157 >Plastic sole sneakers >Poor lifting technique &… +154
I don't know, that dude in from with the green shorts might be… +154 A rousing game of duck duck gook +154
searched "katara" wat +153 Admin's picture confirmed +149
Where's his belly button? +148 Oh don't mind me I'm just gonna repeatedly run my fingers acro… +147
You've had vaccines too. Unfortunately in your case, … +147 Alright you guys i did the math It starts in roughly 9 and… +146
if computer is close then who was comment? +145 Picture +143
This is more like a demographic census than a charity survey +142 well we can prevent all diseases from every happening in the … +142
Picture +141 Doom is the best Marvel villain to date. +139
He didn't follow the train 0/10 +139 And now come the people with no concept of EV training. +139
He has no power, he can't use the internet. +138 seriously though, if im next to a volcano you bet your ass ive… +137
MFW people talkin bout MURICA +137 No, but although the world hates the US - the world as we know… +131

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