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"Oh no, my mouse doesn't work with this program. Better c… +491 "We completely and unconditionally surrender and will acc… +487
Ronald Weasley.... It's levioSSAAAAA +486 throw random personal information at them, thats what they rea… +440
rip in peace greatsofa's inbox +427 Only forty dollars? That costume deserves at least 3K +420
I #can't #understand #your #accent. +412 This **** ain't right It's left +409
What have we become +392 Picture +374
The look on his face. Nothing can bring you down when you have… +356 Turn on Adblock and call Oatmeal +352
I gotta say, it's pretty ******* incredible what … +348 Picture +344
Stupid Achmed This is not how you make a car bomb +300 Xbox 360 > 60 fps > 1080p lulz +290
Picture +287 >Play guardian/support >Always get no kills, tons of… +277
The bubble produces light because the incoming soundwave heats… +275 Hold on a second are you trying to get us to break out of our … +275
You don't need a condom if you're by yourself. +269 "Is my wife having an affair with my son"?! Jesus … +266
MFW That moment when you put the wrong kind of shell into your… +261 Then she claims he raped her Hfw +253
"God, my job is so boring and tiring" "… +247 "So you're telling me, that you chose the ginger kid over… +246
When a squirrel does that it's all fun and cute, but when I hi… +242 How about a system that values hard working students over thei… +242
She just insulted the person she was trying to "defend." +233 Oh you're so mature and have such refined tastes because you d… +227
i always assumed smh was shake my head +225 People like you are the ones who give themed accounts bad names +214
sidequests be like +211 Picture +210
Picture +210 At first, I thought that was a comic about Sad Keanu... and no… +207
i thought americans love the royal family they went a… +207 I... no +201
It's always easy, when you are good looking and extremely weal… +192 I'm in chemistry class. Dang you. +189
Admin Postingloudly Jackie Chan **** +188 I'll just leave this here. +186
Picture +182 Because I'm a faggot, I am deleting all comments made by troll… +179
Picture +174 "a thirst for brains" well i'm safe. +170
I have never seen this show before, I want to see this show now. +167 >ISPs are required to treat all data the same under Net Neu… +166
Anyone's a white straight male to them if this person doesn't … +165 Picture +164
>Girls like that on FJ I don't believe you. S… +163 1. No it's not. People got lost and other people had to call o… +161
**fappening used "*roll picture*"** **fappening rolled ima… +160 Picture +158
>knew a cockblocking dude and this one easy chick and they … +158 "PS, thumb up for all to see." You can't fool me Adm… +157
Picture +156 Picture +154
Why do people still care about racism anymore. Talking about h… +151 jetfuel because if they can't log in and comment like… +150
Picture +148 I believed you for longer than I am willing to admit. +147
I seriously cannot express my gratitude for everyone that put … +147 so much booty +147
Picture +146 Picture +146
Damn it he even looked at it after +144 That door one... jesus, I know the pain of getting my fingers … +143
"This ******* bitch" +139 So many improbable things just lined up. Holy **** . +137
"well whatever you do, dont suck my dick. that would teac… +136 Picture +136
Y-you too... +134 Evilhomers pickup line +133
he took it because it was on the ground which is gods will. +130 Picture +128
next time wear a ****** shirt +127 Picture +125
Something's telling me it just might be! +121 Woo, hell yeah! Go men! +120

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