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SHE GOT TRICKED, AND HE GOT THE TREAT +901 I don't really see why you'd want that but here you go. +463
Picture +441 ït's pornhub +435
DAD?? +404 Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just a bandwagon thing. +338
Picture +335 Oh look, a female comedian and her act about sex. Gee, we sure… +325
When someone asks you how to nod +322 Well I'll be here. That's for sure. +274
it's a win-win-lose >dick sucked 7 times >… +260 These poor innocent women have obviously been brainwashed by t… +259
>attractive woman wears tight shirt/pants >walks thr… +249 When Facebook comments are talking more sense than most other … +240
Huh, It's almost like the president is a person. It's gr… +231 Yet they still complain when we stare. +228
More like seven hundred years of increasingly piss-poor manage… +226 The last place I wish fj was relevant respect the classi… +221
nice try admin, you're just trying to get me to turn adblock off +220 **youlikeme rolled image ** If I didn't know any better… +220
hows the 8th grade treatin ya? +217 "pls don't" +211
what kind of scrub are you? king size masterrace! +209 **bluwizard rolled image ** my tastes +203
They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that … +197 ****** =/= negro chink =/= chinese beaner… +194
There should be a comp of this. Gifs described literally. … +194 Pls bring back DJadmin +190
Picture +188 he didn't even break his stride +181
"No, NOO! It's JUST A PRANK!!" *squish!* &qu… +179 Picture +179
this picture +178 The key is to sound convincing. Doesn't matter what ***… +177
>Reading Mangas >Ever touching a Vagina Choose one +169 Parents really do suck with technology don't they? &g… +166
respect +165 >2014 >Not emailing yourself copies of important papers +160
"if you really think that the environment is more importa… +157 A DAMN SHAME +156
A UFO! let me pull out the Hubble telescope from my prosta… +148 No Mcdonalds for you. +147
impressive animation +147 That was ad libebd by The Rock and that's why the other Africa… +145
Probably my favorite from the World Cup +140 Picture +138
Picture +137 Unless you're a skeleton. Then you're just organic matter that… +137
Then the Apple CEO sues the Samsung CEO for stealing his idea … +136 inverted picture, it actually looks like youtube +135
Picture +133 *bounces off self destruct button +133
>womyn Back to tumblr you go. Quit bastardizin… +131 **yunnie rolled image ** this post gives me a good feel thanks op +130
Just show Bart the big book of British Smiles +129 I never felt upset in this game, until someone harassed me by … +129
>his glorious double chin you gun get banned, son +129 Why are people proud of their sexual orientation? It's somethi… +128
Picture +126 you die twice, once when you stop breathing and again when you… +125
OP is virgin +121 Picture +120
It's simple +118 Why would you buy a megaphone for a kid? look at post… +117
Such as spelling? +116 Picture +115
"When you're at a rave and somebody asks you when the rav… +113 That's why they win all e-game turnamets, they have build in t… +113
damn, he moves faster on stubs then I do on two legs +113 Yay dota +113
Picture +113 Still Colbert gave her free publicity and attention. She … +112
Picture +112 I'm always here +111
Picture +111 Robert Oliveria- business man, political blogger. Links are re… +108
this is the look of betrayal. Hfw: +107 Picture +105
Green army is the worst, Red is about fun +104 Seriously, is there some legit reason why people don't like jo… +104

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