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I guess she was late. For a very important date. +705 please tell me this is 1-2 years old, otherwise I really worry… +643
**prohibullion used "*roll cah answer*"** **prohibullion ro… +608 LIONS TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY +581
trying to hard +554 never thought i would use this +551
IN THE WOT? THEY HAVE A WOT? U WOT? +502 Can't wait until she resorts to porn. +481
learn to get national healthcare and no more of that ******** +462 We don't hate you, we just feel sorry for you +451
Fixed. +449 Picture +437
That mom though +435 Someone had to +416
Picture +414 Picture +382
Picture +381 According to the article, they still need to perform this in a… +359
I'd buy a mod for that +351 i mean, if he actually knew the loto number, why the hell woul… +329
The worst part She's still ******* hot after a… +320 Picture +304
But whales can swim +292 how the **** is dean cringe worthy? hes an absolute mad men +289
You're the only girl I notice +285 Despite it's shortcomings, America is still my favourite third… +278
People who drink a lot of water are diluting themselves. +276 At first I was worried that this would be a Feminazi rant. … +269
Picture +254 If Valve repeals it within a week or so than all of this conte… +251
I will never not post this +251 I wonder how effective this god tier pick-up line is +248
these brits are just too much fun +243 Picture +243
my dog died today, i didn't need this, why op, why? +238 I thought it was pretty realistic +231
Courier be like: "You won't hear from him again? Oh boy d… +226 Picture +225
As a victim of actual physical rape I honestly think the tumbl… +218 game sphere master race of course +213
and you don't have to have surgery in an operating room bu… +206 Nobody knows I'm masturbating. +205
(Occupied again) +203 this was on twitter for a while and i hated it because so many… +202
Picture +202 he's having fun with the students in his class, it's better th… +199
Ant's fw +198 The person who made this is now at a point in his/her life whe… +195
You actually have to pay... to give birth? What? +194 Dammit NASA, you can't just go and accidentally break physics. +194
I'd play that. +193 The splenda guy probs died when they were making fertilizer. +192
In the manga they have a child +191 Then he gets executed for having such **** taste in movies. +188
I'd play that. +187 Every man needs hands to write down his story with. +185
Picture +184 I made a killing in middle school because I knew how to use Am… +184
I'd play that. +183 Picture +183
Tfw having a **** pc +182 I'd play that. +182
Picture +181 Picture +179
girl became overly attached girlfriend meme, she finds out… +176 That sounds like a legacy I want humans to have. We s… +176
I'd play that. +176 Picture +174
Picture +173 I'd play that. +172
teacher's FW +172 First of all Mojang did nothing to mods, neither planned nor d… +172
he tapped her for her life force so he could stay 10 forever +170 Picture +170
Hitler: The third wheel +170 NO NOT THAT ******* CUM JAR AGAIN +170
Picture +169 1865? There's no way that woman would live to see cell phones. +169
Sure hope no innocent guys were wrongfully locked up in there. +169 Time to **** things up +166

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