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I'm from China, and I can confirm that the one about us hiring… +836 Picture +729
Picture +616 I'm pretty sure Clint Eastwood made Gran Torino so that he'd b… +605
that's a quite ****** hitbox +449 Picture +440
I refuse to believe that Felucia isn't the Vietnam war. +419 not using it to text hot singles in your area. +381
Good boy +380 >Welcoming smile >Good work ethic >Fast servi… +378
Damn, if that isn't " If I'm going down then you're comin… +359 "Looks like it's going to be one of those ******* … +356
One of my ancestors was murdered by a neanderthal... … +333 Star wars battlefront II? **** yeah i love that game so much! +329
>eating ramen on a plate +312 Can you imagine the teacher? "Alright lads, wat… +306
...until we reach nirvana, peace iguana. +297 ******** . +293
SUPER BATTLE DROID TAKE IT DOWN +293 Loved the crap out of this movie +292
>Wearing a forcefield. I ******* told them … +286 Picture +284
**arschbombe used "*roll picture*"** **arschbombe rolled i… +282 he's actually not at all racist or old-timey in real life. it'… +280
Dogs are the best people. +271 This is the first account I made in this site. +270
We are out if reinforcements Their reinforcements ar… +267 QUICK! they're catching up on us! hit them with the cannonball… +264
... Seriously? Seriouly? He was born in 1930. He was like 80 w… +262 Boku no check the description or the tags +256
gotta help the humans human gotta help us +255 >be 20 in college >come home for family reunion … +253
"hypocricy" +238 Orange be like +236
"A leader is commanding our forces". +228 >Be vidya game journalist >See Bloodborne is popular… +218
words hurt +211 the absolute madman +208
inspired by my real name trent +206 2014 one. +196
The anime itself would basically be Watamote, but with a fat b… +195 Picture +194
Picture +191 This ones a keeper. +184
[Faint FOR THE REPUBLIC in the background] +182 Cory no House +182
Picture +179 This sounds fake as hell, but I'll be damned if it wasn't ente… +179
Picture +179 In my electronics class my group made a little lego mindstorms… +178
Picture +176 **szatan rolled user theaussiestig ** +175
Picture +173 I always read your name as mrs. noballs +166
Some comics leave us with a story. This.. this is one. The you… +166 why hello it is I Jimbles Neutronbo +161
Picture +160 surrealism: you have two giraffes. government force you to lea… +157
howdareyoustandwhe....png +157 I can't wait for Battlefront 3 +155
reverse image serched the picture. ****** everywhere. i… +153 I bet there was much butthurt to be had there. +151
WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR +150 Picture +150
Picture +150 fixed. +149
This is probably the most basic physics concept, and yet, it's… +149 Apparently, the freezing point for 80 proof alcohol (which wou… +144
Picture +140 "Arrested after releasing balloons." It's a… +140
Beautiful, I Approve. +140 How... how many of these dog stealing gifs are there? no… +140
Picture +136 this is a masterpiece. thank you for sharing. +135
Hug him and kiss him and call him George +135 Picture +134
**** like this pisses me off, doing this will just INCR… +134 Half life 3 confirmed +133
dat face +131 Stalinism: You have two cows. The secret police takes both of… +128

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