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I got some pretty big tits when I hit puberty but sadly I am a… +709 I'm from China, and I can confirm that the one about us hiring… +498
Picture +479 The traffic jam +459
sleeper agents yo.. they were probably going to send ten milli… +448 > 2015 > Not knowing the Queen is actually an immort… +392
>wood is better than nothing >nothing is better than… +382 i'll question how i have an 18 year old daughter when im 21 +370
mfw this comment section +358 Here's a close up of that hot poontang +353
Justice. +340 you were supposed to say out of this world +335
Picture +329 "honey i really wanna have sex but i accidentally glued m… +328
Nope. +307 Picture +286
ah, forgive me... mfw i saw the sousaphone with the tuba +281 **pariahlol used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **pariahlol rolls 000** +273
i'd give you an answer but FJ comments have a character limit +269 Green birds. +260
psycho ex be like +240 that's so gay. +240
Picture +231 Ummm... no. It's rape if it's without consent. How hard is it … +225
When you purposefully type Tis instead of Its +221 But did they get an A? +216
And this, kids, is why you cut your fingernails so they don't … +215 "Here's to milk, eggs, bread and cinnamon." … +214
YFW the old man walks out speaking German +208 Jesus Christ... +207
I'm a huge thumb whore. I'm such a whore for thumbs I'll do … +202 Just wtf is going on in this comp... Even the ***… +202
Picture +201 I've actually heard that last one before. Why did Nixon say no? +192
i know thte name of that force.....comic book authors +191 Picture +187
Get to know him personally instead of judging him by the way h… +185 Yeah its been shown that you can use another Monkeys body to k… +182
Bro my post isnt even a day old lol +179 She's tougher than Charlie boy will ever be +178
Picture +178 i think the idea was that they did have sex +176
Man. He didn't just stick his dick in crazy, he tried to put … +172 Skyrim belongs to the Nords... but my heart belongs to you +164
Seriously? Use anything to make fun about it! Rap… +155 what puberty did to me +151
That's a simulation. -You can't actually see the ocean fl… +148 I looked it up, came back and saw the description, i feel fool… +148
you're going anyway +147 When you accidentally type 'yesh' instead of 'yeah' +147
Will you KGBe mine? +147 I honestly feel horrible for the guy. Having someone you cared… +146
Okay so a girl turning out to be a guy is a trap, so would a g… +144 Ooooh, I know exactly why I've got this boner. +141
Eduardo's FW +139 I went to England for 8 months. The first time I skyped home a… +139
I tried to hit the play button. +138 Picture +138
Huh, these are some pretty interesting statisti-SWEET LORD OF … +137 it's nearly 10am faggot +134
Dolphins are the real culprits +132 >The guy was British >Taliban Soldiers are not innoc… +127
psh, diamond. +127 You make a convincing argument, really you do. But invading Po… +126
Man, this is depressing. I hate newspapers, they ruined mankin… +125 [Popular User Circlejerking intensifies] +125
I really enjoy slowly pulling out my string of Semen out of my… +124 Now, would you kindly thumb this comment up? +123
first one. +123 You know the drill. We require photographic evidence otherwise… +122
Picture +120 if its for children how come theres so much porn of it che… +120
Nature facts with gaybird. Millipedes: Bros. Centipede… +118 PINSIR used Guillotine! +118
"Biocunt" My dictionary has expanded. +117 In my electronics class my group made a little lego mindstorms… +117
Picture +114 Picture +113
I love how she's just smoking afterwards like that was the sex +111 Ask ur dad +111

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