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Picture +628 An hour in Dark Souls +542
A feminist learned that men and women are equal, and ended up … +507 But......................... everyone and their grandma alread… +500
Friendzoned, brotherzoned, and twinzoned at the SAME TIME. +473 I have a suspicion that Destiny is overrated and nobody will b… +469
Will they just **** already +425 >no twincest >sad end >artist has yet to make… +309
take notes from biebergotswag homeboy, he knows how to do it +301 Picture +299
inb4 this man is guarding our galaxy +282 Rare use to make great ******* games, starting ar… +273
Sounds to me like someone forgot to thank mr skeltal +269 It's patient 0, the ebola thing on the news is just to mask up… +263
What is it with DC and tragic backstories? Even Harley has one… +252 You can read the full comic on this guy's imgur: The… +245
wait holdup, so minecaft has a chance to go on oculus rift again +243 Here it is without the troll face +235
British=the fanciest ******* men alive Americ… +231 dont care, game still good +226
2nd most reliable news reporter in the US first is S… +226 I like how the water steals the guy's pants +221
** ***************** rolled image ** +209 **stefangan rolled image ** MFW playing Dead Space +208
HFW +201 So When i was a kid i was fat, and went to a fat camp as well.… +194
It still doesnt work +192 spy's family. +190
Sell the game, buy a camera, and get me pictures of Spider-Man! +185 Putin riding the coolest thing he could ride. +183
And the little idiot is just wagging his tail LOL +183 Are we ******* or what? +183
Good job. let's hope your storms don't have any rain +182 FIXED +177
This is an accurate description of how logic works in college. +176 But..I like Destiny +175
Howards fw +174 Whats the percentage one should use when tipping and orange peel? +171
Picture +171 An hour of fallout +169
yes +166 yeah, i remember the beverage "dedsi" +162
what the **** who brought moonmoon along +161 Picture +160
No one will believe me, but i srsly said "glass of juice". +159 They were being retired from military service and it was liter… +159
Picture +157 That's a chinchilla you uncultured swine +156
And I call myself a Pokemon trainer... +154 Picture +154
I once took change from the couch and added it to my own piggy… +154 The original. +150
Picture +150 "I knew i left my oven on" +147
this one took a bit of a stretch to relate it to Gaben. … +147 The attack on sudan is going to happen again, sooner or later.… +142
cute AND destructive +142 It's almost as if agencies should all work together... Instead… +142
"oh god"? that's it? he doesn't deserve m'lady +136 Picture +132
That's a great idea. +132 **** yeah fallout +131
Go dig a hole through your own damn town! +131 Picture +131
Smooth as **** . +129 Whenever Dave Grohl laughs, he becomes Dave Lol. Also… +128
Wait... What the **** is going on? Is Mic… +128 Picture +127
"Long Hair Yuppie-Scum" +127 Picture +126
You'd pick the one who'd experiment on his kids, over the one … +126 I hate how many American girls think that all British boys are… +126
There's no stopping this train now. +126 Love the content guys, you do good work. +125
Putin stealing **** . +120 Picture +116
Picture +114 it makes me feel bad for you. you should wear protective gear +113
when Jim realized he couldn't mess with Andy like he could wit… +113 thank mr skeltal +113

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