Two rooms are in front of you. You must enter one. … +1358 My mom refused to vaccinate me to prevent autism. Then I ended… +887
>Be me >have friend over >"Hey anon, whi… +719 Picture +399
Picture +382 "I sleep in the attic and like it warm." "C… +369
"Most retail workers know what'll be on sale next week. A… +368 hue +366
this is reason, not "fedora" how'd you like… +352 Picture +335
I played this game once, every time my government ran into sev… +331 I remember when this was just a 4chan greentext. +301
They said I could be anything, so i became a decorative rug. +299 The thing about the show was that it actually helped me realiz… +283
You have no idea how psychological abuse works. +276 I have it too +275
anonexplains +271 Apparently Mozart is a new ******* meme… +260
Picture +260 Slowing down time is useful in sports +252
I did a great job, didn't I. +252 yfw your dogs like you a little too much +250
>implying that would stop him from fapping +250 YOUR NAME. WHAT YOU WATCH ALL DAY. THIS PICTURE. SI… +249
Picture +237 lol I can just imagine some cunt calling the WalMart CEO over … +226
Man that some 2005 great flash here +220 She looks like her mind exploded so hard that she went into &q… +210
They said it couldn't be done. They said I couldn't party whil… +209 not first +200
believe it or not i actually saved an amateur pot grower in my… +198 We had ebola and missed the chance. +191
Picture +190 I almost tried it before I realized what I was about to do +190
so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute omg +186 I had a verbally abusive girlfriend. Made me feel like … +185
Not to be a downer, but I've come to FJ casually for a few yea… +185 Shut the **** up +179
joshlol s face when he realises me mentioning him everywhere i… +179 I'm a chef if 30% of your meal is butter you done gone … +177
Till you get someone queueing behind you... *heavy br… +176 Employees have no ******* clue what goes on sale … +175
Picture +173 The email of this account already exists. +172
Girls at the front desk +166 I made a thing for this, enjoy. +164
forever my favorite one +163 I'll just leave this here Miss universe pageant… +162
I made this. +159 ADMIN I LOVE YOU, PLEASE PLAY MY SONG +158
Could be of use to anyone but me +157 Same guy? +154
Pitbulls are amazing dogs you **** , pitbulls are … +152 Yeah **** the man! +148
I'm a Christian, and I now know the reasoning behind Atheism. … +146 I have kept my brothers phone activated for that reason... … +146
So that's why my neighbour was decapitated and thrown into the… +142 By the looks of this pic she could be cast as a Sith lord in … +139
Because it wound up not being cheaper like the sales pitch bas… +139 Come on and slam, and do the jellyfish jam! +136
ha, this is good +134 what the **** is this and why am I only now readi… +133
The context doesn't ******* matter, he's not Moza… +132 Name them first +130
The only thing going faster than those cars were my feels. +129 Once charles get the throne he is gonna abdicate and give it t… +129
MFW animal shelter ever takes my dog +126 Picture +125
I always hate this kind of art. It creates an attitude that we… +124 >Black >Successful +123
the girls... +123 xskullgirlsx has been here for a month and shes been in two of… +122
Sadly that doesn't apply tp their logic. Their logic is claimi… +122 Plot armor +122
The Plot of every FPS ever.gif +121 Picture +120
So basically a FJ party is just listening to music while scrol… +118 Well it's realistic i'll give them that +118
ftfy +118 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽… +117

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