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7.8/10 too much water +786 Dry eyballs. +728
**yourinvisiblegf rolled image ** i was born like this … +526 "Don't chu' steal nothin' boy" +509
At least Activison is concerned about the environment... +462 Here you go +380
I demand more +364 Naughty Dog "When we make a game... We make the … +339
Picture +333 Mint? I'd say more of a chartreuse green +311
h . . . u . … +302 Timon, do the thing! +298
"Kiss your life goodbye for the next 3 months" +289 Here, I fixed it. The Native Americans didn't believe in owner… +259
Coming here all day everyday is pretty much like this … +255 Well it's in England so it's actually about $21935 +252
mfw they are already broken because they are submerged in wate… +249 somewhere in that can is 1 cold ravioli +243
I'm not the very manliest man ever to breathe and I never will… +230 MFW the last one. +227
" khajiit knows you have hot wears, sell khajiit wears" +225 <-- Proper steam vacuum +225
i had a beer once in 2014 +223 "I should be in FJ..." +218
If I saw some headphones in ******* water, im buy… +212 holy **** I didn't know there was more past the d… +199
I think this is a problem with politician being a job. … +191 My oldest brother was the same way. He bottled things up and n… +189
**Anetheril rolled image ** A fag +177 Picture +175
no +173 For anyone wondering what this is, the material he's pulling f… +171
... and no warranty for water damage. +170 There is ONE number that does no contribute to the equation! … +160
Back in the days all women were housewives they were oppressed… +155 dang ... i miss those +155
ITT faggots who never heard of hibernate option +154 The people with anime as their profile picture. +153
Picture +152 HFW he goes to the principal's office. +152
that attitude is how talentless modern art came to be. +151 watch the full thing... just watch it +151
Like i would kill a dog , to cover up the 4 hookers i just mur… +150 WHY DO I ******* LOVE THIS!? The thought of a… +148
The only time he has two eyebrows is in the last picture. +147 Picture +145
Picture +143 If you're strong enough to hit somebody, you are strong enough… +142
Picture +139 You want to make cash quickly? My friend makes up to $$2000$$ … +138
Picture +136 Picture +134
Dobby? +134 Picture +129
ahahahaha you can see the person samefagging hahahah +127 This made me feel fuzzy and nice +125
First "too much water" joke that I found entertaining +125 " :3 " +122
The worst Ive seen is this chick on tumblr who's a squirrel-ki… +121 Picture +117
Well then paint my nails and call me Jennifer cause i had a giggle. +117 No +116
''unpopular opinion'' +113 not gonna argue with that, they seem pretty happy +112
**troopermk rolled image ** mfw girl gamer +110 it actually makes it worse +110
disgusting. being obese is a problem and if you dont wanna cha… +110 <--- Loser +109
I think its cooked now +107 MFW Apple +107
Anything anyone says about this here is a gross oversimplifica… +106 I can't even +106
"being the troll I am" +105 She's got a friend in her, apparently. +103
you can never have to many mangos +103 I still don't get why this is a thing. Didn't this joke die out? +103
**zacoren rolled image ** MFW no lube +102 Picture +100
1 universe 9 planets +100 "Poverty does not exist because I got payed today" +100

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