Like I care what Colonel Sanders has to say about anime. +1114 **** , she's very well behaved, knowing me as chil… +965
Picture +756 Picture +675
>Good >Dies several times on normal +576 Good ol' common sense, nothing beats common sense. +507
wow this 4chan person is such a troublemaker. +440 Picture +416
Picture +413 EASTSIDE *********** +401
Everyday is fat shaming Friday. +384 It is true though, the otaku's are the ones who mainly give an… +377
Picture +356 I can name several: Black Gold Indigo Fuchsia … +352
OH **** YOU CAN CUT SOMETHING INTO EQUAL PIEC… +346 It is isn't it... +341
If you guys are interested in me starting a series on how to g… +332 You know, when you have a chance of being the first comment on… +315
Picture +312 Picture +294
Picture +294 You're suppose to get them, not give them. +293
That's really impressive in the fact a dog can do that. Th… +283 That's the point +262
>Even though I'm good at them No you're not. Just admit it +262 NOT JOSHLOL. +261
gay +261 Faggots +256
Spec Ops: The Line . That's the game you're thinking of. +250 An interview with Hayao Miyazaki, one of the founders of Studi… +250
Look at these top notch quality cunts, scrap that. Top notch l… +248 Picture +247
Picture +246 Getting thumbed by girlfriend +244
Exactly the point of the add.. +239 Smoked Reindeer pizza ****** gimmie +234
No, he did not. Always pisses me off to see this one posted. B… +230 Picture +228
AS LONG AS YOU DON'T SUCK HER DICK +225 Well yeah apart from the violence and often vicious beatin… +220
Implying he's good enough to star in the seminal masterpiece f… +219 Carly srsly Carly tell ppl Carly … +216
Everything is better when it's red, white and blue +215 Everyone who just is getting here: I recorded the entire show … +212
watching peanutbitter's anus fall out +212 Oh come on, like a crying baby in parliament would stick out. +208
"The ability to taste broccoli." Mmm, yes, … +208 Picture +207
"doing this is absolutely meaningless, let's do it!"… +204 Picture +201
SLAVES TO FJ +201 God this feels like initiation to a cult +198
Since no one else posted it yet. +193 I can't see **** +192
being first +188 >stole bike, uses word fam - black >returns it, mois… +188
When you stopped being a dick. +188 meanwhile +185
Blanks are lethal if fired at close range. +184 Picture +183
Thumbs on FJ bruh +182 There's nothing to get, it's just peta +180
when beat sonicshall getting first +179 Picture +179
You will like this one addy. +178 We're all Wizard Virgin s on FJ +177
Picture +176 Picture +175
What it actually looks like. +174 When Admin wished me happy borthday and called me a faggot +173
Weirdly enough, the dinosaur on the second panel seems to be a… +171 Picture +171
MELEE +171 Yeah, being a snake sucks cause the pay is almost non-existant… +170
yeah, get to post this again +168 Otaku pandering is what made SAO go from "look at this ki… +168
to become a master wizard +166 Now bite its head off? +166

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