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I cant tell, he's wearing a mask. +937 "Does this look like the face of mercy?" +587
goddamn cosplayers.... +486 Picture +421
Looks like he smashed the competition. +401 Picture +399
Picture +390 "why do drive through ATMs have braille on them?" +388
If this isn't an example of bad script writing, I don't know w… +370 Even more amazingly, if a robot makes 180 degrees turns... ! +370
him later +356 It feels like somebody... Wants to SELL ME SOMETHING!!! +318
father's fw talking to his daughter +306 Picture +286
A white phantom only leaves when his duty is done. +272 >be me, business man with aspergers >on bluetooth ca… +272
im sorry, "korra"? KORRA?! +268 Time to unveil this monster. +267
N is for no survivors +267 sort by thumbs, ascending +264
The very simple but creative halloween costumes are the best +253 “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I… +250
oh **** ****** wat r u doing +249 Don't tell me you guys actually like this show. +244
Picture +240 Always good to see people get rekt +233
it had to be done. +232 "Careful spongebob... Careful spongebob... CAREFUL SPONGEBOB +229
What if he took off the mask and he was Masahiro Sakurai, the … +227 There's even a mod for realistic horse genitals. Not even kidding. +225
Guess that steroids also affect the brain. They'd better use n… +211 Supah Hot Fire +202
"You may eat me, but let this be known, puny human. … +201 So much later, that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and… +200
The guy doesn't have a daughter. Turns out he was daughter all… +199 Picture +190
Picture +185 I miss the days when knuckles was just gullible instead of leg… +181
-unfinished game - recycled material - glitches -u… +181 Do you still hang out with Ferris Bueller? +181
As someone who haven't seen the series at all and only the pos… +178 And now we wait for her to be labeled a misogynist too. +177
Picture +171 Why did they put their shop name on the item bigger than the p… +167
Severed connection to the rest of the avatars ***… +167 Picture +165
I had the opposite luck >be outside stealing wifi … +164 1.Pick observer 2.Go back in time and pick cheater 3.G… +159
This **** is completely illogical. Just you … +156 This ain't somebody's car, it's a screenshot from the Half Lif… +151
Don't black out from an overdose. +150 They degrade everything around them +150
Very mature, OP +149 **clamweb rolled image ** +147
yes i too love injecting 5 melonjuanas +147 *goes to phanact* >Suck joshlol's dick. >>I l… +147
Not when I shift into maximum overdrive. +146 Comedy is the solution to mundane advertising. **** … +146
If I don't lie then how will I hide the surprise birthday party? +144 **martinfreeman rolled image ** this is how it feels like +138
Picture +137 As glorious as this badge looks, I don't deserve it. This … +137
I reckon he just thinks of financial inequality He doesn't… +137 If anyone wants to know who he is, he's Isai (pronounced Isaia… +137
Picture +137 "I wonder if a fall from this height will kill me" +135
no, but the ant did +135 I am glad at least the ******** is being adressed +134
He looks like a Mega man villan +134 "I was expecting you, Mr. Bond" +133
Jesse Y are you saying like that pls stop or i will eXit this ship +132 Nope +126
Picture +126 Faces of Lonk +126
I hated when people didn't rewind the tape. +125 I watched the movies because of her and the plots. Wonderful R… +125
Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly t… +125 "We’ve been smeckledorfed!” +125
he gave up his sanity for the muscles +124 Is that Paul Walker Simulator 2014? +123

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