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** That horrible bastard! How dare he punch a woman!? This… +465 Picture +455
you still have your FJ family +448 Both of them are fucking retards +447
she wanted a belly rub.... +422 Picture +412
I don't think she would notice him stealing something if she d… +382 There comes a point in life when it's no longer mommy's fault … +358
Seems like the one guy with the bandaid on his hand would have… +350 Yeah, it really caught my eye. I wonder if his actions were an… +347
Picture +308 stupid question. can someone tell me what its like to have a c… +298
Every fucking second was a heart pounding momen… +292 Cherry blossom = anime. OK then +289
You'll notice she was always surrounded by food while followin… +254 RUN, RALPH! RUN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER! +253
Picture +252 I like how everybody is trying to write without mistakes in th… +250
Most 8 year olds just like the affection I guess. +248 Picture +248
Maybe our ads have always been just as japanese as japanese ads. +239 There might even be 300,000 left but species are disappearing … +237
>Take out condom >She says "What for? We are al… +228 how the fuck do you think im gonna abandon this blind pers… +223
Picture +221 someone has learned well. +215
Picture +214 Oh... watch other people masturbate... +213
Do that without breaking your legs without parkour training. +212 But one of them survived and although severly crippled, plotte… +211
Picture +210 That's a very astute observation with someone of that name... +208
>HL3 >Not using this +203 i had to watch that 5 times to read everything +202
dear ponyfag kill yourself +195 'Murica is so lovely in so many ways. Last semester my grade d… +192
HOW ABOUT SOME PORKOUR? +187 Grab all the money and do do whatever I want with it. +187
Thanks OP. I made this for you as a thank you. +184 doesnt really matter but still i need to know +179
what a dick +178 It's funny how a monkey when trained wel can perform his job b… +176
Picture +175 blind people are people too +175
I don't understand, they both look the same +174 Picture +172
Well, at least this time D-Day might be fun. +169 THAT JUST RAISES FURTHER QUESTIONS +168
this is the most internet thing to every go on the internet. +167 Nigga is rich as fuck already. +166
He's a US motherfucking Marine that's how. +165 I'd say this +163
wtf +160 >The ring has been destroyed +160
Picture +160 **drgilby rolled image ** Where mine is concealed +158
Picture +158 this gif is so perfect i can't even tell if this is just some … +158
God, that was so fucking tense. +158 mf the whole time +157
i'm looking to buy tf2 is the campaign any good? +156 My first bait comment! +155
"Rub it" +155 AhAH AH ! No you don't. +154
Picture +153 Picture +148
>Mass Murderer >Prison >Ps2 >Ps3 &… +147 Picture +145
Small breasts are actually more sensitive than large ones. … +145 Picture +145
hard mode +141 Alberta is mentioned, swell with shitty drivers and alcoholism +140
Picture +139 Picture +139
I was so excited, then my heart sank a bit. +137 That wasn't a pun. That was something so bad it's a c… +135
Favorite joke about that game I've ever heard is this one. +133 Picture +132
OPs moms concealed weapon. I know you… +131 What if I told you everything filled with air was at least 78%… +129

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