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As written by a 15 year old +580 this is literally a male version of tits thumbwhoring. t… +536
No whiney complaint about the "cultural appropriation&quo… +531 Local police officer faces first degree murder charges for bu… +502
Hilary Duff +469 Now's not the time. +454
MFW I'm about to lose to a foolish samurai with a magic sword … +450 >Abortendo +438
And if they've fallen far and are trying to lose weight? That … +434 How is an ad for a helpline A ******* HELPLINE … +423
Looks familiar +403 jackson and bieber. you should have two black eyes. +387
Picture +364 **** off and die, no one gives a **** if it happ… +361
Like I wouldn't find out +357 Picture +349
You poor bastard. +347 eh +340
>Kid: Dad why is the kid's face bruised? >Dad: Well … +338 Picture +336
You didn't even ******* save it you filthy casual +322 This is satire. The girl is Shoe0nHead. Its a joke. +309
Nothing to do with equality. She was a bitch and the only thin… +292 Funnyjunk in a nutshell. +291
mcdonalds spaghetti +285 Jesse Eisenberg was in Zombieland he also played Mark Zuke… +279
i miss my cats id skype with them but the stupid … +274 i heard that in a hospital that provides abortions once every … +262
Dude's so creeped out, he's phasing into another dimension. +261 Still my favourite insult. +248
ah the good 'ol bait with food strategy +246 you liked that smile and you know it +237
Also accurate, as women are the primary abusers of children. +235 "the camera adds 10 pounds" +233
but shaggy didn't care for being popular or technology, he car… +222 "Did you know that 1 state is bigger than all these europ… +219
63 years +218 That horse looks amazing. +216
That little wiggle/taunt that he gives at the end is *****… +200 Cuz people want stuff but are not willing to give +200
pretty sure he just put a yellow condom on. +194 Picture +190
joshlol you dont have a wife +187 flip it around there sport +186
mr rogers was metal as **** , he only ate orphan meat +178 **ohthreeeleven used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **ohthreeeleven ro… +176
Ali's face at the end. +174 i always thumb jack. +174
But that's a juggernaut from MW2. He has "get su… +172 Picture +172
yes he can +171 Compelling story, beautifully written, lovable characters, it … +171
This ******* game man, it was like GTA for kids +171 "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions." +169
Bonus protip: need to warm your hands for a handshake? Quickly… +168 Well... Since the ghost can tuck the guy in, I suppose he wasn… +168
shiny mega gengar however.... +167 Dat mullet tho Business in the front, party in t… +163
Picture +158 You mean just in pools? No.. It can happen anywhere! +156
Picture +156 Picture +156
Man, seeing Ron laughing is one of the best things ever +153 You know Deadpool is emotional and serious when his Yellow Box… +153
"Why is hooman in tiny box?" +153 nice try op +152
Why do ************* have to assume that everything tha… +151 If "losing your will to live" killed you, than me an… +147
Picture +146 In the end, nothing. They were concerned he was a queer but in… +145
>Be 18 >Semi-fluent in French at this point (forgot … +144 ******* pleb. i'd replace her with myself so i can rail… +142
This is why I want to learn Arabic... I live in Sweden +140 there you go OP +140
There are many different ways people perform surgical abortion… +139 Picture +138
I'd punch her as well. +136 * ******* girl for the first time* "omg anon wh… +135
That jabba impression caught me off guard! +135 She's got some goddamn hilarious tweets tbh. +134

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