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"penis no penis" +780 I am prepared for the hate mail Bring it on ******* +747
What the **** , man? I had like 2 MSPaints open +433 "Don't wasp, open inside" Well that's some … +429
<-- ProteinWorld Company +375 Honestly, with the excuses. It's not difficult to get a girlfr… +362
Hi everyone. I have spent most of the morning ( I'm from the U… +355 Picture +341
Picture +309 What is even the point in spoilering that? You didn't even bri… +297
For all you saying she's attractive.... She's a black and whit… +291 "Played the wii u display for 30 ******* minutes. … +284
For u bby +271 anyone remember when notch went HAM at yogscast on twitter? … +263
I can already hear their cries in the distance +256 Picture +252
for those who don't know who senpai kush is he made this +249 It was a joke +247
FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT +245 Isn't Mexico the USA's Mexico? +243
Except that'd be out of character as **** . Deadpool doe… +237 For those that don't get the refference from the note Its from… +237
they say that about everyone on the internet who is rich +233 Picture +228
You're right, english can be very strange when you deliberatel… +218 let him in. The Ramirezes must fight to the death. The winner … +215
Picture +214 **** man, i thought that cat pepsi. +214
>Offered anything I wanted by the flight attendants +203 "And earn a damn good job as an English Major" +200
....that's actually really cool +198 Everyone calling trap yet honestly; like many of you here, I c… +198
And let me clear some **** up for you guys: 1)… +194 basically animu fans +190
not ok man +187 Some guy did a pretty good summary of this roughly two weeks ago: +185
I genuinely think I could fap to that. What the … +181 The kid must have more insight. +179
arent you not supposed to take my dick out of your mouth? +178 If you had a good title I would see you on the front page. +178
hfw he told them he wasnt a terrorist +173 By far the worst guide i've ever seen for it in my life. +173
Picture +172 >no aloha snackbar 5/10 +172
but when you are done playing you can take out your graphics c… +167 Now is not the time to post that. +166
As an American, I'd like to get offended, but really, I can't. +164 Admin could you take this off the front page please? I have b… +164
Oh really, every comment on posts like this? You think it's at… +163 SINCE WE'RE ON THE ******* SUBJECT >16, first jo… +162
The Hills Have Pies +158 Some sort of rare pepe +156
Can we get a good Deadpool that's funny rather than a lol so r… +156 I had an idea for a comedy movie the other night. I really lik… +155
Picture +154 >Working at toys r us express seasonal for winter. >… +149
The charlie charlie thing is complete ******** , but I'm… +149 Yay, finally something I'm good at! +146
>quality animation >no "aloha snakbar xdddd&quo… +145 Tackle from behind Studs out No contact with ball … +144
stuck stuck under the mounting pressure of exams and … +141 My favorite episode +138
How to post on tumblr: 1. watch/read something funn somewh… +135 Is it freezing on anyone else? +133
**afroforeginer used "*roll picture*"** **afroforeginer rol… +132 >Have sex with girl doggy style >Tell her you're abo… +127
Only Gamestop related thing I have +126 Picture +124
Groot's FW +123 [Insert special eyes comment] +123
The Arabic text makes your iphone go all "Allahu Akbar" +123 Release.....Me..... +121
Don't take from my pile +120 it would be from guys so invested into their relationship with… +119
that eyebrow raise at the end +118 Picture +116
a simple google search says it was back in the 1890s when pink… +116 Look at all that funny. +115

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