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1st time on funnyjunk +914 101st time on funnyjunk +642
1,000 years? Jesus that makes the death penalty seem human… +539 I'm not English so is this a shots fired situation? Sounds like one. +465
Later that night while using it: "Wow this feels just lik… +460 Picture +439
Picture +433 >HFW +380
Man, this **** got old FAST. +372 Picture +371
*4. Wait for your nieces and nephews to slam their rolls into … +370 Just put them back in school. Same thing. +344
yeah mozart was a pretty cool guy, too bad i'm dead right now,… +311 Picture +307
oh it is here already +303 despite the day of sorrow I endured over the realization it wa… +299
FOX: Man shot CNN: Man shot MSNBC: Unnarmed black man … +282 Y'know, I'm more disturbed at the sheer number of these pictur… +278
the bullet train has operated with zero ACCIDENT-CAUSED fatali… +262 I hope all you bastards get sick.. +259
scientists are calling this technology "High School" +258 inb4 +252
"How come he don't want me man?" +251 I don't know what I expected. +242
I've never been first. +233 Listen. Little birds flying onto people's arms is no basis for… +233
Oh my god do I try +230 Picture +230
>nidalee main Just lost all respect i never had for you. +225 Dadmin +222
when he falls too far and ends up on the other side of the world +218 Picture +215
this is amazing +212 yo that last one +196
"Dad... what are memes?" *Dad looks up slowly fr… +196 ibf4 that one gif of an elephant eating **** from anoth… +192
that **** sucks woudnt recommend +192 Elephants are such majestic creatures +185
What's with all the thumb whoring this week? +180 They be like " Its muh genetics" while shoving 12 mc… +179
NEXT TIME ON THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z! +172 more dicks than holes. That must have been a handful. +172
Picture +171 That's one hell of a good pick up line. +169
anonymous +168 you better deliever +167
Eh. Appararently the true story is just kinda a vague… +164 cheeki breeki +161
To the Rapemobile! +159 Picture +158
They call it Tsukuyomi animu is trash +153 Don't tell me what to do. +151
i agree. +149 'Oh, man, that really sucked. So, Jean, just how fast is elect… +149
>posting good booty Now, that just isn't fair. +146 KEEP HIM AT ZERO DUMBASSES +145
>Implying Scooby Doo and John Cena aren't the greatest crim… +144 Getting ready for dinner. +140
I tried Kindda +140 Picture +138
Picture +138 fedoralover +137
Picture +134 MFW I finally get all the oreos +132
don't think i don't see through ur **** , mozart +132 hfw she gets the text +130
looks like a college humor parody of scooby doo +129 Picture +129
looked up bagged milk, found porn of a milk carton *******… +128 The memes aren't dank enough lately. +127
"Grandpa, what's a meme?" "you ******* … +125 Nailed it. +124
Picture +121 Picture +121
The one thing I take the most issue with, in regards to femini… +119 Just like the actual game +118
what if I thumb down? +117 Picture +117

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