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It still remains to be seen which fate is worst +778 Picture +606
out of so many greentexts i've read, i really ******* … +564 I won't lie, a Game-of-Thrones style Star Wars TV show would b… +496
no you won't +492 'then on every line add the 'greater than' sign' 'the what… +473
"laughing my ass off my ass off" +453 ** madcoww rolls 99** +446
This one never gets old +401 Picture +401
had to do it, sorry +374 Do with several bees to make the ultimate mummy costume +340
**shakeitthreetimes rolled image ** what was on the phone. +337 Here, have a ******** version of it. +326
Picture +318 Picture +315
Picture +296 This one is pretty bad, even for 4chan +289
MY GOD she must be stopped +283 this joke is so old my grandfather fought beside it in ww2 +271
Admin, Don't lie. Everyone knows you don't have 25 dollars. +262 You all realize she's making fun off feminazis in the actual v… +258
Picture +241 Fire emblem comes to mind. +235
Huh, Angelica does have a shred of decency +230 If I wanted kinda OC I would've gone to Gearboy. +230
Picture +225 i have that cup on my desk right this second +211
Picture +208 This is so useful you wouldn't believe. I like taking pictures… +206
If ignoring a problem and expecting it to go away would actual… +204 Kidnap is not cool. +204
its was night time. ***** dark. Good luck escapin… +201 The jelly school is the channel for posting ****** … +199
Then you must sing: "Don't worry, Bee, happy". +198 Picture +196
**madcoww rolls 29** +195 Picture +195
Multiple Man. +194 Picture +190
What kind of pleb would need to use the glass on the last one?… +186 Best part of her story was when new students came to the grou… +186
"There were too many spanish people there. The receptioni… +186 And, most importantly, how in **** is that a poem? +184
and so starts the fj week where no one will thumb anyone … +182 I accidentally called a female "miss" when she ident… +178
>DAT ***** Sylvia Palacios +175 Alright kyle now just type this out: "Hitler did nothing … +170
I still like Family Guy, though American Dad is way better +170 Thmash that thilverbackth thnotboxth +169
Fallout in a nutshell +169 Its a thing you only get when you're in in the shoes of the father +169
Picture +168 Picture +167
all I can think about is how easily it would be to suffocate +166 If that were indeed anatomically correct, the anus would be ju… +165
"lol" +164 Picture +163
Found the boring guy at the party. +162 take away any oc awards gearboy has +155
make-up artist? +153 Picture +152
why do everyone still care about tumblr. +152 pugs are a cruel joke. humans twisted their gene so badly that… +150
**rogaa rolled image ** allah ackbar +148 I'm pretty sure if you haven't seen this gif, you would think … +148
This makes me very uncomfortable +147 the last post though. WHO THE **** … +147
Yeah I'd like to report a robbery. Yes, this man stol… +147 then you have no choice but to **** yourself +146
Picture +145 considering how strong silverback gorillas are i don't think h… +145
Picture +140 Picture +140
Foxigon had suggested that hopefully we can get Christina Somm… +139 at least D&D is fun with FRIENDS oh wait... thats why you … +137
Based mom is right. Just went to her twitter and holy *… +137 so original XD +135
Picture +133 Here's another neat phone hack! +133

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