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**mrdudeface used "*roll picture*"** **mrdudeface rolled i… +594 i thought it was spelled with no L +567
Jesus, this is the kind of art I aspired and gave up to ever g… +551 For real though, I would buy that mug in a heartbeat. +463
am i doing it right? +440 Picture +434
Can we just enjoy the fact that this was a Facebook post, post… +421 never forget where we came from, FJ +418
The superior caucasian genetics on show yet again +394 The internet taught me a lot about myself. One of those … +348
"We have technology +347 Save me from this dog and I'll hold your oath fulfilled +327
Now there's a cool concept for a game... ****… +322 mfw only 1 more comp to go +316
Which one +315 Picture +312
here, guys, have this +297 Hi, My name is affix, and i'm addicted to black tweets. +290
Picture +284 There, NOW it's art. +278
Picture +274 The cat has a clip on his scruff. Supposedly they go still whe… +271
But you don't know OP like I do. +267 I once started flirting with a teacher during a presentation b… +263
"It'll be just like a sleepover! Only we'll be sweaty and… +259 Picture +258
We'll need bigger trashcans... +247 pretty sure the little girl is wendy too +243
The original +237 This is just one humble Christians opinion, but I thi… +226
Picture +224 Picture +221
You probably smell like weed and hospital sheets. +212 Picture +211
The problem is those people then go out into public and start … +208 Picture +206
In Soviet Russia, bear feed you! +199 Can confirm that's what euro buses are like +199
I love making these. +196 IM DEFINITELY NOT JEALOUS. +195
Im not very competitive But I am the best waifu of … +193 das ghey +190
not holding the door +185 I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was headed in a completely d… +184
Picture +182 That's absolutely disgusting. What a ******* … +179
I though the dog was abused or something and that's why he fea… +178 Picture +178
"Aaaaaaand pelvic thrust!" +177 Man, comments like these fill me with so much nostalgia for my… +176
Picture +175 You mean Yik Yak? +175
What an anti-climactic story this was. +171 teach you kids how to play GW wargames they won't have mon… +168
You know, I hear there's a mythical user out there you can sum… +165 Another ****** comic +165
best pic of admin i've seen in a while 10/10 +164 Do you kill women? +164
then insert it in a models vagina +163 I told Harris to sleep while doing his Presentation. He did it… +159
Download a car +159 Picture +157
Picture +157 Picture +156
Picture +155 yep. +153
By the nine! Anyone but her. +153 Picture +153
why...why do you remind me of this? +150 WHAT NOSE? +149
Looks like he went to the Prometheus school of running away fr… +148 I am consumed by Black Tweets. +146
because who really needs context +145 You're the first person I've seen that uses descriptions like … +143
Picture +143 After you, OP, I incest +143
Repeat steps, gain hobo army, rule world. +142 Lord have mercy on my soul +140
behindthegif +138 Reminder that Haruhi had eight consecutive swimsuit episodes. +138

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