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Picture +647 chair girl: + bigger boobs + glasses + probably st… +556
"We just checked and it tastes like plastic." … +464 Picture +457
**kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +456 Picture +455
Jack Sparrow is best princess. +426 As the ancient hawaiians once said; "He who acts like… +381
Picture +376 God the fedora in this comment section is so bad... … +371
At an exploding golf ball store +347 hit too close to home +345
Like i wouldn´t find the swastika +284 No one will remember him because even tho he tried to help, he… +280
It's like you ****** aren't even trying smh +280 Picture +278
I can imagine it now, we spend trillions building a ship to ma… +270 I'd go for chair girl, she has bigger boobs +270
Point-and-click adventure games in a nutshell +258 Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees this. +253
and the oscar winner for best dildo goes to: Not Leo DiC… +251 well it actually looks like a condom but whatever. +239
what in the unfathomable **** +237 Picture +231
Awww, that was adorable. +226 Picture +223
Destroying evil +217 this one weird trick +217
It's because when you have a steady programming job, they work… +216 I normally thumb your comments up, but you went too far this t… +209
******** ! Ladies and Gentlemen, Hot Shots Part Deux. +204 Picture +193
I'm a 20 year old cis male. Privilege is my weapon. +190 TFW no ps4 to play bloodborne +187
Earth will slowly get untrashed. Problem solved +184 Winter master race. Spring and Summer can go **** thems… +181
I... never thought of it that way +181 The groupon employee needs a ******* raise. B… +179
any "pure breed" is a bad idea. pure bred just means… +177 Picture +176
Picture +169 That Pocahontas. I'll poke her hontas if you know what I mean +168
I had to learn how to write like a guy. This happened to me al… +166 Picture +165
shove that 8-bit wizard up your ass. +164 really? cuz i saw a 4chan thread where theyd become the missin… +161
m'lady +160 I ******* love these comps but they make me feel so worthless +157
The disappointment she's talking about is the fact that she tr… +157 haven't we been over this one before? where she had some stran… +155
Picture +153 Picture +152
Mine is art. +148 Picture +145
I used to have that problem, so I trained myself to reflexivel… +139 This is the first post I've been called to in a while that did… +138
This man is threatening our safety +137 Here's the gist of it, from what I've heard. -German … +136
beautiful +135 Picture +134
Not really. The bones and tendons in girls hands develop quick… +133 Funny how the cat was more observant than the observer. +133
**kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +133 Sweet trade, bro +128
I'd never be able to do that. I suffer from a severe phobia of… +128 What do the Irish do? I mean, my boobs are plenty big, but my… +126
I was telling them "Aight I'll be at my cave if you need … +126 Oi, Japan wants to throw stones now? You realize what happene… +125
crazy how nature do dat +124 MRW i read your name +124
You could also say hitler was being himself ya' know. … +123 Like I know this is a thread on hating the fatties, but that g… +123
If we based identity on handwriting, I'd be a doctor. +122 Picture +118
**kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +117 Picture +117
When you feelin classy, but you also horny af +115 Best princess +115

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