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I guess he accidentally clicked on of the preset movements +893 Chill out +697
Seems to be working as intended. +526 fake. but at least his other arm is real +479
that's pretty adorable +406 Considering how old that guy is, he probably was a witch. +365
It was the 1930s - 40s Last I checked, the majority … +346 this is just as autistic +345
This kids going places! Mostly places that start with St. or e… +343 send help +335
This ****** pretty old +331 tfw no house +327
Beiber Got Swag. +326 > Not enjoying the booty Gay > Enjoying the boot… +321
As a man I can say this is 110% accurate +291 Handling it like an 18 years old is overrated, I prefer lookin… +284
Picture +281 Muslims raided Europe for centuries before the first crusade w… +281
I don't know what you're trying to achieve here but remember t… +273 Picture +262
>Please no ban +257 "there are people like me with PTSD due to being forced t… +251
**quackyquack rolls 945,401,941** That is one *******… +243 I see they come with the most important functions preinstalled. +240
Picture +239 For every athiest who credits flying spaghetti monster for the… +229
Clerk: I didn't say stop bitch. +221 Picture +214
ISIS smart bomb +213 Necks are a sign that you aren't committed to the gains. +208
God it feels good to be a white, cis Male +206 Picture +204
In ten years, this picture would be about $100 +203 Picture +202
Holy **** users are actually doing it +196 Anyone notice how google search is changing it's results to wh… +194
Or alternatively thank Him for the loss because you become a b… +194 >Later... +191
I think a lot of people could if they had any sort of training… +190 that man was just raped +190
Picture +188 I like the one with the icecream more. +182
pro tip: be naked. +181 john Fairfax sound like a drama queen and i bet he didn't do a… +181
Picture +181 "Can't you figure that out from my birthday?" &q… +181
******* **** posters +180 "Look at these kids, trying to do my job with their fancy… +174
Picture +173 You're not postingloudly, get the **** out of here. +167
I like how the other team actually helped him put the guy down… +166 Picture +166
I'm surprised that there are still people who are so stupid li… +165 >EA Buys Valve >President Anita Sarkeesian … +164
Picture +163 Check your privilege +162
Because swallowing is gay. +160 Picture +159
"anon" +152 So he should have let her go and hope she made it with such a … +151
that top one is so impressive! i'm so glad the guy caught … +146 What? +145
I still use my dad's +144 "Everything is Hon Hon. Nothing is Fromage." +143
Picture +142 It's a parody of this video for anyone wondering +139
>using cup of tea as unit of weight +136 some people will want to look at 14 yo in underwear +134
Under Quarantine +133 >when you reach down to lift the cover but it isn't there +133
Somebody give that man some pussy. Jesus christ this is genious +132 Picture +130
xvideos for hentai +130 the king part turned it from a 7/10 to a 9/10 +129
If only he had Ark Block Plus. Yes, I know that's no… +129 this is like funnyjunk vs 9gag vs Facebook +127
that just made me aroused :/ +126 tfw +122
**** me. I had my dog put down recently and this … +121 Assassin's Creed 5: White Flag +121

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