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You have a fetish that wrecks the purpose of the Hijab. +614 And did you know that Cap's penis could talk? +555
**zetsuboukamina used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **zetsuboukamina r… +495 Put your dick on it +425
Could you be more vague, please? +362 I have an interview for a job on Friday that would pay $12/hou… +353
When you asleep but you forgot to text your gf back, but then … +348 HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA HOT … +341
yeah, don't. +338 You are correct, but also a furfag and wrong because of it. +335
OP: posts poorly spelled question. 1: tries to be witty bu… +312 I did this in Boston a few years ago. My sign said &q… +310
Damn, that's commitment. She used to have a license plate. +309 She actually did it! What an absolute madwoman! +303
a mix between hitler and an abortion +302 Now this is Pod racing! +295
"I'm pretty much ok with this" +291 Have you ever been such a massive faggot that you didn't even … +290
Real talk? That's creepy as **** , yo. +276 shut the hell up you damn ass whore +270
As a dog person, this makes me sad because my people are being… +267 i need a how to +262
Your sisters are hot. +260 Picture +253
Swells with British pride +247 Picture +247
How else would we know how big it was? +247 To add on the Marilyn Manson one, the girl who died was Keanu … +236
Picture +234 "I've never seen so much salt in one place" - Me whe… +224
Picture +224 Picture +215
Jesus ******* Christ +212 And still no Sasuke... +211
plot twist +209 Birds have a very good sense for avoiding obstacles. +200
I don't trust those hoes, so I ride my own dick. +199 Picture +197
I earned $580 a month from home! ------> Click he… +197 What the **** is going on in this thread? Keye… +196
>adult swim >kids show +194 Hell yeah, can't wait +194
Picture +193 Just cuz you asked nicelly ad-man. +190
This is probably the most humble troll I've seen on fj +186 **scarcrow used "*roll picture*"** **scarcrow rolled image… +184
More suicidal people, less suicuidal people. +184 Later that day +177
**evilhomer used "*roll picture*"** **evilhomer rolled ima… +176 Hey handsome, you're from ANONYMOUS PROXY too? We should meet! +175
Picture +174 Fixed +172
Lil' Drac Part 1. Because everyone needs some cute. +171 I have accepted my fate +170
I got you guys. +168 God damn that was smooth. +164
I like ponies. There isn't a robot that could get this autistic. +163 Picture +161
i like hijabs on women, they look kind of exotic. +159 This guy calls in sick to work, YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! +159
Witcher 3 kinda sorta kinda a little bit not realy in a sense … +155 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA… +152
In the end, nothing. They were concerned he was a queer but in… +152 I am 89% sure OP isn't a stunt man and that he copied text and… +144
B-but that means there are 15 million Americans out there- WIT… +144 imagine having sex on that thing or having sex at all +139
She's got some goddamn hilarious tweets tbh. +137 Picture +137
good god man, use protection +136 * ******* girl for the first time* "omg anon wh… +135
It's not about that, it's about keeping it off the streets fir… +135 I couldn't find this specific part, but I found the e… +133
******** . Men would be made fun of for having an aborti… +133 The comments are so salty. He's just joking. +132
That's a piggly wiggly, a grocery chain that tries for that &q… +132 DogsFW +132
"You can read?! SILENTLY?!!" +129 what did you expect the daughter of kanye to smile or something +128
It's official. Pepe is now a cancerous normie trashmeme +125 I applaud The Sims for their realism sometimes. I've made 4 si… +124

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