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To the two soldiers +763 Thumb this comment up for gif Thumb fedoralover's comment … +637
Picture +617 "How to rape someone" +598
But getting upset over tiny things is basically all they do +530 OC, funny AND about Hitler 10/10 would thumb again +448
inb4 jokeexplain +445 When someone capitalizes every word it makes me imagine they t… +408
Picture +394 gif +390
**thehumblebraggart used "*roll picture*"** **thehumblebrag… +344 Picture +326
he got quads +326 I'm the oldest brother. +323
The 9Gag watermark completes the post. +314 Picture +313
They knew this was coming +304 **mrsnowballs rolled user twofreegerbils ** +288
No one cared who I was until I locked that door +287 I guess you could say... they took out the trash. +287
''12 year old sex'' You know what time it is. +274 For real, name something that won't cause a SJW outrage. +269
The next spiderman should NOT be black They SHOULD be… +261 **hoophooted used "*roll picture*"** **hoophooted rolled i… +252
I love the casual "quads" +244 The 2 people, Louis C.K. and I believe it is Robin Williams, a… +238
>tfw you dont cosmetoligize your hair >tfw you will … +236 David Draiman shouts wisdom +229
i had fun with this +222 **karvarausku used "*roll picture*"** **karvarausku rolled … +202
Well that was an adventure +201 It's like she was born this way. +196
**mrpotatofudge used "*roll picture*"** **mrpotatofudge rol… +195 Picture +195
Sound advice. +185 Picture +177
We have to dumb ourselves down in order to communicate with you. +173 How the **** is this become so relevant +172
So it is. +169 When they hear the first mixtape ever +168
**jonjohn used "*roll picture*"** **jonjohn rolled image *… +166 So he's attractive and he has good values? What a keeper. +165
>asian >not reading minds +165 >Ugly ass waifu >Fat >In public >Resp… +164
I can almost hear the wilhelm scream. +161 Picture +158
Here it's illegal to posses any item with the intent of being … +156 that can be changed soon enough +155
For a second there i thought the Hitler part was translated too. +155 Between the "12 year old sex" and "how to rape … +150
"b..but it was my sister!" "sure pal, … +147 Picture +147
Gel Gym Gem Gyp Germ There's a few more bu… +145 Picture +144
The .gif that made me join the Soviet Union +143 "Well actually our trades work off of supply and demand, … +142
Picture +141 MMM look at all that sexy anorexia! +137
Probably because two-party systems are ******* awful. +137 what +137
> greates vocalist to EVER LIVE > Freddy Mercury … +136 A functional healthcare system would be pretty nice. … +136
Weird Al does a song called Albuquerque and it has NOTHING to … +135 Kind of normal logic honestly If you don't say **** … +135
Picture +134 **** , I actually remember that episode. They warned us … +132
whats your e-mail +131 you should have studied +130
I didn't even notice that, goddamn cold blooded **** ri… +130 You must be of efficiency, Ivan! +127
I feel for the guy at stanford. I was waitlisted for several c… +124 Funny? Check! Sexy? Check! Hitler? Check! 8/8 +122
HFW +120 Picture +120
fixed +120 But...I didn't scroll down. +120
It's possible. +119 Picture +119
''quads'' and he got them impressive +119 Picture +118

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