Isn't it obvious? To rule them all. +859 Picture +557
When you jokingly talk **** in the chat right bef… +552 It's the principle of the thing. +428
"Oh my god, I'm getting such a raging clue right now." +420 He also have a video where he says something along the lines o… +402
You should tell your friend to be careful around lava pits and… +382 Remastered ish +362
Just because I'm a themed account doesn't mean that I will act… +356 The "correct" guy is going to drop it, the incorrect… +340
The option to report people for hate speech is probably just t… +328 Picture +308
Rare candies are a good way to get a level 100's ass kicked by… +294 Picture +285
Anyone? +280 Their fathers will hear about this. +278
Picture +269 i can hear it +259
**sirstupidpanda used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **sirstupidpanda … +255 Picture +255
**ppheadbuttface used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **ppheadbuttface … +254 Picture +252
no stick RPG? c'mon man +251 I ******* hate ducks +250
Screw curing cancer and turning people into dinosaurs, create … +247 Infomercial! +243
Someone, somewhere, will find a use for this. +229 Trying to get to level 100 Hotdogging +228
You stop that I don't wanna be a furry +228 See this is the problem and its NOT that simple ... as anyone … +226
I was born in it, moulded by it +220 Picture +219
I got a pair as a gift and to be honest they have good sound q… +211 Picture +211
good +210 Or... yeno... why you should just not cheat on people in the f… +210
Picture +209 Smithing increased to 4 +208
>Putting themselves and other people at risk due to their a… +204 Picture +204
hfw he realizes it's his own. +191 WHO THE **** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! +191
Everyone knows THIS is the real Thor +188 "hey guys look at this argument I had lol" +183
>Americans >Saving others from evil God da… +182 sokka's fw he discovers his incest fetish +180
The flying snake has glided 336 feet in the air. Th… +179 Oh gee I'm so clever, gee, gee, so intelligent, gee … +177
The mobile industry is obsessed with games where you run fast … +177 Nobody try this! It's been proven to be fetal. +175
Picture +173 Picture +172
Picture +167 >Bird not mentioned Triggered +161
Go back to Tumblr, pic relevant. +161 And then there's TROGDOOORRRR!!!!!! +160
They didn't have to ******* ban him pricks +158 Talk **** , get hit +157
Most special requests I got from girls when I delivered pizzas… +157 Picture +157
replace don't chase +155 >Plastic sole sneakers >Poor lifting technique &… +154
They won't allow peanut butter in a classroom if a student is … +152 How can alligators be around for 150 million years if the Eart… +150
Here is the real one for those that want it +148 Where's his belly button? +147
Alright you guys i did the math It starts in roughly 9 and… +144 if computer is close then who was comment? +144
Picture +143 I like Ellen Page, my favorite movie she did was Beyond Two Souls +142
This is more like a demographic census than a charity survey +142 when you're playing elder scrolls for the first time and you h… +138
looking at old **** like +137 I ******* lost it when i saw "Related intere… +135
Picture +134 Good Guy Graffiti. +133
Memories... +131 Insinuating I as a 22 year old man wouldn't play in that ball … +131

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