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It took me way too long +873 "He will make us proud." -Joshlol's Mom +697
"Underrated brother" "heh, like Luigi"… +601 It's okay to be wrong sometimes +473
"Please disable Adblock" -Admin +468 Until the yoshi part this went over my head +448
Picture +447 "Source is japanese pron." +440
Picture +436 Easy mistake. +428
Some tumblr users should be banned from using computers honestly. +417 there, now i can finally play pandemic +397
That's the face of a broken man literally +369 Say Cheese Addy +357
Picture +348 I am ashamed of how long it took me to get the reference. +328
Now THAT, landwhales, is what you can call genetics. … +325 When I broke up with my ex she took my cat and sold it as reve… +306
Picture +305 Not really, I am not anti-gay, but the fact is that, even in n… +297
That's one weird Stand. +289 "...what's wrong in Cruella's pic-- oh... OH" +286
They do, but like most mammals (and unlike humans), they have … +285 "H-haha, another great joke uncle. N-no no, that didn't h… +277
Picture +276 that dude has the gayest face in the history of gay faces +274
That's really, really, nice +271 ******* crossfit +268
I bet this faggot only eats three dozen eggs +262 Picture +262
how is this one stupid? if your power comes from a nuclear pla… +259 "These are kinda boring, I mean they don't really have an… +256
>Get into Mental Hospital > Be declared insane even … +251 Where is woman Have you checked her appartment No … +249
Mindblowing fact +248 Don't do this to me OP +245
Picture +239 Where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +237
It was australia. It was lethal +232 I would date someone as ugly as me, the problem is nobody is a… +232
Picture +227 **aizeinstein used "*roll picture*"** **aizeinstein rolled … +225
Here you ******* idiot. If you're American th… +219 Picture +218
Picture +214 **** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAKE … +214
damn +212 What +211
nightmare fuel right there m8 +210 Yeah, his real name was Taka, meaning trash +210
it means she's a special snowflake +206 >Calling this guy fat +204
Why is this edgy? I'd be a bit insulted too if someone patroni… +200 I'm fairly ******* certain at age 20 I have already eat… +196
Krepo being the good guy who knows what to bring to classes +196 Hello Darkness my old friend +194
Picture +188 Picture +178
it's like how we got swedes from vikings +178 Ayy lmao +177
"Wang Dong" "Massive" +176 It's directing hatred towards race baiters, not people of any race. +175
Where did that "nooormiee" bit come from? +175 mfw im a laptop gamer who can't afford to run any game smoothe… +174
HERE COMES THAT GOOD OLD WHITE-GUILT ! +173 You obviously don't have retarded liberal family that posts on… +165
Picture +164 Picture +163
It's almost as if you're misrepresenting the truth in a way th… +161 wow, do you realize how many little children this is going to … +160
Sorry, you wanted that in burgers and fries? +160 "We will never lose the war!" -Adolf Hitler +159
this guy is in for one heck of a surprise when he finds out ab… +159 I saw this as click bait on Facebook so I didn't bother openin… +159
Picture +158 Picture +158
Picture +157 They wanted me to do a trial to use electricity to make my mus… +156
>Gaston >Villain How the **** is Gas… +156 Throwing someone into an incinerator isnt really a jojo reference +154

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