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Navi seal copypasta +1043 ITSTHETIE FINALY PUT ME IN A COMIC +662
Picture +642 read my favorite greentext admin-senpai +548
Go ask africa. +427 Picture +392
Now there's only one thing left to do... +386 >Meninism Guys the word is feminism because it… +362
I prefer European American. +352 I've decided that I'm giantkin, my preferred pronouns are Fe, … +324
Read 50 Shades of Gay Grey +313 >not getting rock hard from tackling another man to the gro… +312
will someone explain to me by what inconcei… +308 THEY SAY HE DROPPED THE SOAP JUST ONCE.. AND SINCE THAT DAY … +302
Picture +293 Old joke is old, I know... +291
Picture +281 you're welcome +275
>Europe >Keeping their history and culture … +274 Whoever you are, however drunk you were... Be proud +258
Read the terms and conditions of iTunes. +250 Get Rekt +246
Picture +240 We've had one, yes. But what about second Steam Sale? +239
The US is married to Canada. Mexico is the side bitch. And we … +238 Today was a good day. +220
If the site ever has to close down to lack of funds, please ju… +219 But you gotta admit that wikihow really knows how to deal with… +217
Why the question mark on the second line? That should be a sta… +216 Aww yeah +211
Picture +208 Who thought it would be a good idea to put a share button on p… +207
>wearing a corset >designed_ primarily_ to make a pe… +203 The cancer is aggressive. +199
when your ice-cream is about to melt +197 Oh shut the **** up, you deserve every punch you get. +195
I feel my Songbird rising +190 God, it's like that scene from Idioracacy. "Your… +187
Picture +185 Picture +181
Picture +180 Y-you know what astronomy is right? +178
fixed +177 >on FJ >has wife >mfw +175
yea sure whatever i do it tomorrow +174 Pls do this, i miss masturbating listening while you talk. +172
Dress codes are to teach responsibility and pride in self upke… +169 don't forget this one +167
If you aren't willing to take risks for freedom of speech, you… +164 But in the NY case, the guy was selling cigarettes. A far cry … +164
Picture +163 I actually saw this episode. He didn't get all "… +162
Picture +154 1. Season 14, Episode 17, "Three Gays of the Condo" … +153
You have gone past the levels of betas that can't even ask gir… +152 False the Stig was originally black. +151
Picture +148 >Tribute to his life More like taunting the stupid … +148
How the **** did you escape the horror that is &q… +147 he's right guy's, we have to be more culturally sensative, the… +145
when I try it and have to pretend I like it so I don't insult … +139 You ****** it up, Megan +139
Yes but their poor judgement can only come from excessive woma… +137 Afterwards +137
Well, god didnt gave you hands to not slap your kids... +137 I dont need meninism because im not a little bitch. go eat… +135
What did I just roll? +134 gimme a minute, I think I got an adapter around here somewhere...... +133
ADMIN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!! +132 Picture +132
Picture +130 Hey Joshlol +129
yeah seven inches deep in your MOM +126 they're also prone to spontaneous combustion. +124
>Implying flaccid dick length is a reliable measurement of … +124 Picture +123
Picture +122 thing is he could probably read it all out without telling a lie. +120

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