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look on the bright side, you'll never have to deal with this. +554 there is no second package. it was only in the note so it will… +522
Picture +491 The worst part? she "got PTSD" from being called &qu… +465
Better than nothing. You get a clean landscape and some money … +461 Picture +456
Picture +450 They've admitted to ******* up, they feel bad, they are… +416
Can you people stop arguing if a story is fake and just laugh?… +414 I come with sauce: 1) naruto 2) tokyo ghoul 3) ble… +405
G-Gouda-kun... +398 Everybody put the statues back up. Mission accomplished. +373
Picture +333 **secondfunction used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **secondfunction r… +317
I hope I'm like that when I'm a dad +315 Picture +307
wrong. glass squid, it can either be clear, or brown. +301 How the **** do you lose an Anime eye's lens? You c… +289
Picture +287 Picture +284
mfw +282 you're Hiored? +266
i'll never have to deal with this +261 'Doesn't afraid of anything' ...okay then... +259
Another version +258 Picture +257
they are if you boil them. +255 i ******* love this show +253
I like how he just lays there for a second accepting his fate +249 Picture +247
I hate people who don't respect things/hobbies that other peop… +232 Obligatory +226
Good. Someone has to keep the animals at bay, and it doesn't s… +223 Im not the one who put the text over it. It's a *… +211
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +209 WOLOLO! +204
Pain skills of the charts, i know +203 A fox gets rekt +202
HFW he wins with a very simple song +201 Well, when I help myself masturbate nobody stop and helps me. … +197
good +192 I can show you the world +192
the **** happened to your image bruh? +192 Everyone remember when the presidential limo got stuck in ireland. +189
How about my butthole? +183 I hate the westboro baptist church. They came to my hometown b… +178
He's pouring out grape soda and burning ******* KFC … +178 Picture +177
Picture +177 if they can turn transparent, why bother even camouflaging then? +176
im really getting tired of this dindu nuffin crap for a n… +172 **** man if I was 84 I'd **** around on national… +166
There are two types of people in this world: those who use the… +166 >Bury self in dirt >Pretend you're a tree like a ret… +160
Why is everyone so angry? I smoke pot but I don't pretend it's… +158 Just broke up with my girl, the accuracy of this post is painful. +156
Picture +156 wow he looks like his grandfather a **** ton +155
Just play it cool. No one will notice. +154 Picture +152
Picture +151 they ****** wish they were that organized +150
I can actually understand this. Hear me out before you ra… +150 It's understandable, since Peggy was probably the worst charac… +149
Ok but consider this Women are people, not locks +149 A black girl at my work said me calling our black cart pusher … +147
Ebony man in uniform takes hot load all down his back and squirms. +147 Yea you stop caring what you wear when it's just gonna get spl… +146
10/10 would hench for. +144 HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL +142
what now +140 off to NSWF +138
I don't think that's scripturally accurate, sadly. +138 But holy **** does this show get deep sometimes. Fo… +137
you need to let your misty mature a little bit... +137 >Tumblr doing the very thing they hate that men do oh h… +137
Picture +137 i have no skills whatsoever when it comes to editing images … +136
jesus +136 Picture +135

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