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You know, I hear there's a mythical user out there you can sum… +744 Can we just enjoy the fact that this was a Facebook post, post… +605
Picture +596 That's absolutely disgusting. What a ******* … +495
Picture +452 Picture +434
simple but effective. nice. +407 Picture +379
best pic of admin i've seen in a while 10/10 +367 Personally I like this one better +360
you knew this was coming +338 for that long range silent kill +337
there are two things in this world I can't stand. Peo… +330 If there's anything worse than being a blogger it's being a ch… +318
I love making these. +317 Picture +314
Picture +305 Looks like he went to the Prometheus school of running away fr… +293
because who really needs context +271 Picture +262
>BFW +261 Another ****** comic +240
Picture +238 In Soviet Russia, bear feed you! +238
Picture +232 Hey America, want to buy some churros? +226
Picture +222 I had a really great Psychology teacher when I was in High Sch… +222
Dat feel when you need to cite literary sources in your Thesis… +221 Picture +212
Picture +211 been saving this for number 50 +210
In Germany, Holocaust denial is a crime. In Japan, the ent… +206 No They are totally homo +203
How don't care how good the story is, but those *******… +201 justin bieber's breakthough single +200
Picture +197 Picture +191
never change, brazil +190 Obligatory +189
3,000 mg/kg +187 not holding the door +185
Picture +183 Haven't heard this one before +181
I though the dog was abused or something and that's why he fea… +178 Picture +176
Picture +174 Picture +174
Lol, if this faggot isn't on your "Hide All" list yo… +170 Picture +167
Picture +165 And posted on Funnyjunk. +164
I tried to commit suicide, next thing i know/remember, im on f… +162 I told Harris to sleep while doing his Presentation. He did it… +159
Picture +157 Picture +157
Picture +156 Picture +151
>Mom tells me it's time for "the talk" >Kn… +151 Picture +146
Well you should +145 We didn't say that we did not +144
Picture +143 Don't you see what he's doing? He's dicing them. +143
Why did you throw your gun at them private? WAR NEVER… +141 Take a closer look at that crane. +140
Reminder that Haruhi had eight consecutive swimsuit episodes. +139 Picture +139
never had sex, never had any women to take my lawn furniture. … +138 Damn, that really was dank. There is bear cum everywhere +137
But where is his shadow? That would be some sick, twi… +136 Jennifer Aniston's nipples were my favorite characters on that show. +135
founded by immigrants =/= immigrants. Everywhere in t… +134 He didn't request a sharpie in the pooper +133
Tell her to git gud or it's over +132 Here we are... #50 It's been quite the journey...So this i… +132
That's some pretty intense **** he's into. +128 Picture +127
Billionaire and sexy and has super cheep games +126 Jesusraptor come to help! +126

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