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good boy +878 Picture +719
I'd say my form is pretty flawless +556 My best friend killed himself last night so I'm spending my ti… +528
and here i was expecting a Robin Williams impersonation, and s… +525 dear diary, today op told a good story it was a good day +494
the CEO of nestle (company which owns about 90-95% of the tota… +482 11/10 Would pay money to see this guy perform +456
I do hope the person who thought. "You know what will mak… +451 thumbnail....... +447
The "Deez nuts" joke has been around for a lot longe… +420 **itsapie used "*roll picture*"** **itsapie rolled image ** +415
This was a cute story. But that cat was totally Predator. +409 Picture +376
Picture +354 Picture +354
Damn, looks like HE was the danger all along +350 Picture +330
the wii u conroller doesnt seem so dumb now, huh? +325 I thought they were going to cut a hole in the ice, but then... +324
And I just now realized that the windows are open. I … +323 Picture +320
I tried to like the Dads comment. +311 japanese guy here, literally no facial hair except tiny mustac… +305
Picture +288 mfw the last one +276
Picture +274 Like a chimp* +269
i can see everything +268 I am become bait, master of Deez Nuts +265
Cuz last description box. Re-uploading cuz I fi… +255 Lol, BLACK widow... +249
Picture +241 the fact that they put these bloopers in made it seem like the… +239
trying to run in a dream when you're being chased +235 Picture +232
Lets wait for half life 3 in a submarine +231 It's heart rate rose when it saw chinese people, gee I wonder why. +230
that's cool and all, but can you teach us how to do the sponge? +229 Only retards open chests without attacking them first. Git gud. +225
Definitely not what I expected from a man in a suit, hot dang +222 If Rigby's hand isn't behind.... +217
Picture +216 seriously, teach us how to do the sponge +216
When he joins the bunny clan. +214 in a real fire, jump kick him in the back so he falls over, sl… +207
**pedestrianx used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **pedestrianx rolls 99** +206 Too bad glass blocks UV light. +206
how is this fat shaming? its just a sign saying make room for … +205 Apparently the same camera was put on a cat....This was the on… +201
Pretty sure this one was the last straw +198 Obligatory +195
glad to see it didnt end sadly. +194 I'm all for fat shaming when it comes to people who deserve it… +191
Picture +185 i have no chest hair, no back hair, and moderate arm-pit hair … +177
I am the danger. +177 Loki Loki Loki what we have here.. +176
Someone who doesn't want their cat to smell like feces maybe? +175 Even better knowing that these aren't filmed actors, this … +175
This content +174 ***** he aint pepsi. Thats Kevin Richardson a.k.a Mr … +174
Picture +172 mfw the first nut-crushing ladder slip +171
The lions are walking towards him, because they're being pulle… +170 Picture +170
The replacement baby just isn't the same... +166 well i'll say the same thing i said to him to you I hope y… +162
Surprise! +162 **hoeschy rolled user isradam ** +160
Picture +158 This wil be Leo at the next Oscars +158
Picture +157 Could you make a bit more clear? I accidentally went to Mars +157
**** that sounds rough, raised from birth to fight, exp… +156 "Go Outside" +153
Get rekt kid +153 > **** you dad **** man if I said tha… +151
i was always pro-pc-masterrace and ive never seen the situatio… +151 When I was a dungeon master, I sent my party into a room full … +151

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