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And this years smartest henchmen award goes to! +644 Picture +575
Both people get drunk. Race to the police station in the morni… +528 wow thats probably the first time ive ever been really tricked… +514
Farfegnugen'd. +513 You keep saying dumb **** like that and you'll end up i… +509
Picture +497 Picture +433
Ah, the angry British viner +394 Picture +381
And that henchman was able to go on to have a successful post-… +369 Picture +355
I can't believe I fell for this twice +355 Picture +327
henchman: "you need anything, some snacks, a condom maybe? +320 Picture +314
Oh god, MDMA. That **** does not let you think straight… +314 What a croc. +302
Picture +287 Picture +281
Picture +258 An entire self revelation in one instant.......damn........ +258
BUT... BUT... MUH GENETICS! MUH SOGGY KNEES! +250 This guy could convert Stalin to objectivism. 9001/9000. +246
well, that certainly explains this +241 9 want pepperoni, 11 want cheese. 9 pepperoni, 11 cheese. … +239
the real problem here is you bought Hardline. +233 **magnonymous used "*roll picture*"** **magnonymous rolled … +230
What? Cheese and Pepperoni are usually on the same Pizza +230 A couple months after 9/11 I was on a flight from San Diego to… +229
Picture +229 Picture +224
2nd movie, Batman asks Lucious to adapt his armour to be more … +219 **** ******* **** 11/9 +215
source? +213 #stoppiratingrarepe... +212
C&H tag erased, MemeCenter tag put in its place. Whoev… +212 YOU ARE TEARING ME APART SHULK! +208
Picture +205 No because the basic principle is that your decisions made whi… +196
Has to be female? Alright. A sexy pin up of … +193 >be me 57 >never have any health problems because i … +192
What the **** does that have to do with anything? … +188 Picture +182
When I had my wisdom teeth out, my memory was intact but my re… +181 yeah but he doesn't lift like a crossfitter.....which is the p… +180
Picture +179 i died at "PULL OVER.... SUCK ME OFF" +178
Saw this ages ago and still makes me laugh. 10/10 +177 That's sasha from attack on titan. She ate a potato once. +177
"oh no i walked into a rack of sunglasses this bitch is t… +170 Let's get building. +169
these brits are just too much fun +166 Valve and Bethesda will take 75% of the cut. Payouts will not… +165
This was cringier than a cringe comp +163 wut +159
Gotta admit. I'd do the same thing. Maybe ask hi… +159 W-what if that's actually an alligator? +158
**royrogersmcfreely used "*roll picture*"** **royrogersmcfr… +158 PRAISE THE SUN YOU HERETICS! +157
Alas, poor Ice Climbers! I knew them, Shulk, a pair of infinit… +157 No you wouldn't. How can you commit to killing somebody if… +155
You son of a bitch. +154 Theres only one thing you need to ask for in an Asian McDonald's +154
Apparently Snape +153 Sometimes, supermarkets have stores like McDonalds or Burger K… +153
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +152 Does that make Han Solo a Disney prince? +152
batman +151 Picture +148
It lays eggs containing random objects just like the packages … +146 But neither of them have that... pzaz . +146
it's like a big cat +145 I don't even know why, but I was expecting that to be George B… +141
What the **** ... +139 MFW Nagato. +138
Picture +137 Picture +135
The ceo also stated the protest only increased sales as a sort… +133 GabeN is answering some question on reddit right now. They st… +131

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