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cant fool me admin +696 What the **** is going on there Look at the lo… +541
I think I did okay. +518 "Please dont have the monkey ride the flying phallus"… +469
In a real fire, that ************ is getting thrown the… +448 thumbnail....... +444
You forgot one +444 You don't have to blow up like that... +438
good boy +428 bodybuilding on a budget: 20 lbs of chicken legs = 5… +428
you ******* NORMIIIEEE REEEEEE +399 As much as I appreciate the joke factor...poor thing probably … +383
Picture +380 Stop trying to turn everything into a goddamn gender argument.… +379
Picture +375 ********* example ever, because in poes books they real… +363
Not worth it you cunt! 18 minutes late! +362 Why have you got your asshole out? +356
Picture +343 Even though it's a repost it's good to finally see a good repr… +340
Picture +329 I'd say my form is pretty flawless +328
Picture +316 Yeah, I probably would. +304
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. +257 and here i was expecting a Robin Williams impersonation, and s… +244
Picture +243 They never get a "bad" picture of him, even though t… +238
dear diary, today op told a good story it was a good day +237 the CEO of nestle (company which owns about 90-95% of the tota… +237
You can afford a fancy ass watch but can't afford better than … +233 Picture +232
Picture +232 They're also great singers +226
BY AZURA, BY AZURA, BY AZURA IT'S REALLY YOU, THE HER… +226 11/10 Would pay money to see this guy perform +224
You should never drink to try to prove something. You should d… +220 Hockey players always seem to have a hard time with bottles. +217
YOU ******* LIAR +215 Like a chimp* +215
*something, something, normies* +214 in a real fire, jump kick him in the back so he falls over, sl… +207
Picture +203 ''Are you a spy?'' ''No'' ''Alright, you're in.'' +202
The "Deez nuts" joke has been around for a lot longe… +199 Picture +189
I'll just take the empty box and go +188 why is avatar korra fighting zombies? pls no ban +187
This was a cute story. But that cat was totally Predator. +186 Picture +185
It's okay to like things. You shouldn't try and make people fe… +178 I saw this episode. This man cooked fantastic meals for he… +177
Aaahhh that trademark "Look at me, I'm a ******* d… +171 It also works with tigers! +171
Otherwise. +169 Holy **** , you caught me off guard. 10/10 op +167
Picture +165 >only 4 wolves >died i only date princess that c… +165
gotta love fire emblem +165 I do hope the person who thought. "You know what will mak… +165
*fixes +159 "Battlefield is so realistic" +158
Picture +157 What? Can't stand the sight of a strong nord woman? +157
**** that sounds rough, raised from birth to fight, exp… +156 I've missed those behind the gif comics +156
Honestly, while today's graphics are certainly beautiful, the … +155 me now, lost about 100 pounds and gettin swoller every day +154
It happens sometimes when I drink... +153 Only retards open chests without attacking them first. Git gud. +149
Picture +147 Picture +146
Someone who doesn't want their cat to smell like feces maybe? +146 Picture +143
I kinda feel bad for that Germany character. He seems like tha… +141 You hand is plenty real +140
My best friend killed himself last night so I'm spending my ti… +140 Picture +140
> Implying that airborne feces is not amusing +139 ***** he aint pepsi. Thats Kevin Richardson a.k.a Mr … +138

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