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"You do not have permission to share a public blog on the… +1001 Picture +520
It's legal. You're allowed to break into cars to help a child … +442 Who sent it her ? Who amoung us is the spy? +409
Picture +400 Picture +373
Picture +341 **thurah rolled image ** i cry evertim +340
I call shenanigans seeing as charizard is both black and present +317 What she really fears is my superior intelligence. +314
I'm sorry. next time I post something I'll be sure to run it b… +311 Games like elder scrolls, fallout, generally games that have a… +310
Loved her work in Grey's Anatomy. +279 Can I just say that I find those long nails to be disgusting a… +279
That water is fucking green +278 funnyjunk makes fun of everyone including funnyjunk especi… +272
It's a crime to leave a dog to die in a hot car... Also it's, … +270 wow I bet after that ride he was wheelie tired +258
Picture +255 because she's a whore. +252
The only time we all worked together was when Richard Griffith… +251 Picture +250
In case anyone was curious where The Rock's picture came from.… +245 Picture +244
He gay though. +241 To be fair, it's a pretty damn accurate copy. Give or take a c… +228
No he was a heretic, no one can be more than the emperor. Not … +223 thank god my daughter is 4 +221
use this one for family guy +215 It would be even smaller than it is now. +212
That is not something I want to see galloping towards me while… +211 I thought Funnyjunk shamed fat people every day of the week? Y… +211
Quote from wikipedia: "A decade and a half older than the… +204 holy shit im a fucking retard +199
Jesus christ my fucking ear. +196 south carolina +189
Hey guys, we're doing that thing where we pick on Tumblr and t… +187 WHAT THEY DID WAS WRONG! They should have broken all of the w… +186
Well, did they like her? +185 Where's cubone's fami.....wait, it's on his head. Nevermind. +184
part 2, cats revenge +177 Picture +174
>you will never fuck a girl with seven vaganias +169 But what if it's the old man keeping the machine alive? +165
i have to have my heart rate checked alot one time the nur… +162 France is both and least arrogant, according to France? +161
The progression of reading this sign +158 Love these guys. If everybody treated racism and stereotypes t… +158
Picture +148 they left one out +148
Other websites know we exist? Aren't we just supposed to be 4c… +148 lel GIMP skills off the charts +147
Picture +146 He wears Patrick's shorts pattern as a shirt +143
Let's be real here; Army of Darkness. Nice tho. +142 Picture +141
*alligator leaves the screen* See ya later, alligator! +139 Sir bearington get down from there! That's no place for a pers… +138
I use Google Ultron, it's what NASA uses. +135 >not using poison infused whips / caestus instead of the sp… +134
Picture +134 Who the hell would not choose BONK every single time. +134
I love how the woman in front starts clapping again. +133 That pirate ship sure is carrying a lot of booty +131
Damn I love special effects +129 Let me sum it up for you +129
for the purpose of the prank? +128 Picture +124
Picture +123 Rhydon was the first pokemon designed. +122
Picture +122 I didn't see it friend. So sorry. +121
Picture +118 schnizel, this is just my opinion but deleting someone elses c… +118
Picture +118 Picture +117
Picture +117 Even the bed tried to rape me +116
How adorable. It has a name tag. +116 Ash first visit to the new pokemon gym +115

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