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>tumblr >reputation >boyfriend +514 It's 5:30 AM, I'm the only one awake here and I'm desperately … +457
I thought they looked like this out of water? +445 >unfortunately +444
The worst part is, the asshole just keeps doing it. +391 "9.7/10 - IGN" +344
I wasn't aware being a little bitch on the internet was one of… +306 20 years later +287
I feel this should be shared with FJ +287 Picture +285
c +281 Picture +273
Wear expensive clothes get called a douche. Wear plain clo… +271 Finally i get to post this +259
Picture +249 Picture +240
I hate that hedgehog! +238 Humans have much larger brains and higher intelligence, which … +236
Implying Mexicans are real. +231 Still weighs less than le american plane lololol +223
...this is the most hipster comment I've ever read on FJ +220 Obligatory +202
Picture +200 Knowing that the new writers aren't doing as well as the old o… +194
Picture +194 This nigga looks just like me, I can't even wtf dude +191
Picture +187 mfw webms look like they're smoother than real life +185
Picture +183 Picture +178
>implying i need clothes to fit in >mah triggers … +177 They're supposed to be corn? +168
Isn't it weird that kids these days are born in a different Mi… +168 are you kidding me +166
I laughed WAY too hard at this +164 Picture +161
The machines are truly taking over. They know what we do for a… +159 Because none of those people were actually wed? +159
sigh - yes, I'm a fucking Viking God / thumb-whore +157 natural lube +154
Are you new or something OP? Boobs will get you anything on th… +154 ayyy lmao +153
This is scarrily accurate. +150 101 Damnations +150
looks like you ate pussy at the wrong time of the month there, mate +149 Picture +147
For anyone wondering, yes, there was a laugh track after every… +146 1 Broken condom out of 2 disappointed parents. +143
I never asked for this... +142 that girl made a fool of herself. I recommend the same treatme… +142
Picture +141 Also there was a time where I had some of the toy cops and rob… +141
misty's feet look like an ass +140 So prutty +138
The age of the centaur is upon us. Mythical times are… +136 Picture +134
statistically speaking, it's retarded not to believe in aliens +134 a fawn learns to walk right after it is born, yet a baby would… +133
I bet he Ashtags his instagram photos. +133 This is nothing man. One harry potter fan decided to rewrite t… +129
>Mutual first time with girl > super nervous as a r… +129 im not completely sure, but i dont think thats how intercourse… +128
Picture +128 Hey, Have you ever tried frying bacon without your daedric arm… +128
or you could just ask for money to make a potato salad +126 Let it go, dude. +125
Okay everyone, the game is Trackmania 2 Canyon +124 Then there're these fuckers. +123
Fixed. +122 i've seen this a bunch, yet its still a surprise somehow. +121
My version +120 Average tumblr user +118
scary movie 4 +117 and then there's me... +116
I didn't laugh till i had left the page. It struck me how abso… +116 Invented literally everything. God these people are deluded. +115
"But I put tits in it!" +114 That cat's better than me. +113

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