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Hitler was right. +1013 >TFW when you realize you aren't a Liberal anymore +960
WHAT THE **** DO YOU GUYS WANT?! +951 I just checked the twitter. Someone else made and posted the p… +666
Finally, the counter-assault has begun.... +572 Picture +503
I didn't realize you were such an expert on the flavor of urine. +407 God damn I wish my parents had offered me that, I'm 21 and I h… +391
formula 1 by the looks of it +386 Out of the thousands upon millions of people, out of the thous… +367
I've been blind for all my life and i must say that watching t… +364 When we compare the two, the justgirlythings seem rather whiny… +358
First graders are actually called CP... France WTF! +341 "Farfegnugen'd" +329
The problem with that is, given that they are just asshole fre… +326 With a body like that, they really are beach ready. +318
why do they have to sound this way man why. +317 I could hear her shifting gears. +305
whoa, you almost got me there... +290 As an American i elect that we name americans that travel 'Oil… +286
ive never done drugs no reward other than good heath +271 Those protests are less about Garner and more about black peop… +269
Picture +257 cropped for future use +257
If the internet has taught me anything, it's that movies do no… +252 Sikh and Destroy +244
**** man, These feels, +238 it looks just like the one i wear out in public, same fit and … +237
If a man cannot suck dildos in public without being judged tha… +227 But if any other website like tumblr or facebook did this, it … +224
I love messing things up. +222 Picture +216
Picture +215 real FJ pride right here +214
Can you not see he's black? +213 if i'm having to pay more than $0.50 then i'm joining to the d… +212
damn thats smoother than the skin of a baby. +211 Beef goblin? +209
"Gary, go away, can't you see I'm trying to forget you?" +195 That's ******* disgusting, but if people go around pick… +184
any more questions? +183 Picture +183
to think, that all this could have been prevented if only … +177 i'm a sick person.... +172
Picture +170 Beginning of video: "Is it feels?" Minute in: &q… +168
If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys +163 Yeah, last time they went travelling they got accused of genoc… +161
Picture +160 > Not breaking these "oppressive" scales by just … +160
Originally, students were given the summer and early autumn se… +159 Companies are going to gradually start realizing that submitti… +152
Picture +152 Yeah, they are in hurry because they have a job. +151
That's not even a burn +150 butter i cant believe its not butter microscope +148
“a five letter word for happiness…money” +147 I'm the #1 guy +146
Picture +143 not to mention that the modders get the 25% IF the mod can com… +141
guy speaks german. She surrenders the booty. +139 Just cause you like dick doesnt mean you have to like the thin… +139
Picture +137 so what you gonna do with all that money. im gonna go… +136
>fact #3 I get injured a lot if that's true. … +134 Picture +134
R.I.P Edd, you glorious bastard. +133 Picture +132
Dindu nuffin +132 NOW, it's art. +131
>Parking on a handicap spot. +131 I wish +131
'asshole blocked' we don't need to know about your constipation +130 Picture +129
>frank >asian girl >boobs See you in… +128 I'm not sure if I should thumb this up because I liked it, or … +128
" I'm not allowed to say that word" "What w… +128 At first i was like "oh **** ****** what ar… +127
Aw jeez, which dumbass black kid got all dead this time to sen… +127 The birth of the grand dragon of the KKK +125

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