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Go to hell, we're family here. It isn't funny and it isn't tro… +1031 Picture +821
FJ's fw +600 "penis no penis" +576
or, you know, the dad may not have been hurt in the accident +565 I did the best I could and lightened the picture overall. I'm … +463
He ******* guessed it The absolute madman +459 I honestly think this is okay. Her skin looks fine and she do… +402
dude you went way to ******* far. +386 Did you just Kanye a Funnyjunk post?? +370
As usual, some advice for those who are not experienced at ste… +367 When getting the the surgeon said: Jesus ***… +364
because quebec wants to be the most pretentious thing in reali… +360 Hi everyone. I have spent most of the morning ( I'm from the U… +343
Picture +340 Sorry for your loss. +325
It's called Paris Syndrome. To begin to understand why Ja… +321 PLEASE GOD HELP ME +319
PRESIDENT JOHNSON WHT DO WE HAVE TROOPS IN VIETNAM &q… +313 ... what is this? Did a 12 year atheist just watch the Avengers? +310
I really thought that it was just going to be a whole chunk of… +298 Did some contrast work and edge smoothing: gives illusion of h… +288
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog +287 Picture +270
Don't throw that coat hanger yet, you might need it later. +266 ... and my balls are blue +263
I, for one, welcome our fuzzy overlords. +256 Yes, but whales are known to swim up to 100 miles a day. +241
a psychic dwarf? more like a small medium, +241 She sounds so disappointed at the end. He could've given her t… +240
At least he found out on his own instead as a prank. +231 so ur with ur sonny and driving round wen ur car crash. u go t… +220
I think OP lives in Ohio +219 They aren't gods, Asgardians are aliens that were considered g… +207
Picture +202 Picture +197
When he gets to his mom. +195 It goes to the timing and everything +192
Way to leave out the punchline OP "You must have… +192 I'm German and I've never bought a Wurstkoffer +190
Picture +187 Title is "___ no ___" I'm not nearly awa… +182
No, please don't. What is with people turning deadpool int… +180 I remember this one time, Bioshock Infinite was on sale for li… +179
Time traveler talks to his Dad, ends up taking up too much of … +178 >buyer looking for air guitars on eBay and seeing the description +177
I guess Hitler did something wrong guys... +174 That's nothing. Nicolas Cage was so scared that he turned HIMS… +174
We have enough ****** pro-feminism trolls. Try somethin… +174 he asked if a robot can do it, as a whole not him as an indivi… +171
This show is the best. If you're taking requests, you should p… +170 BUT HE WAS STILL HUNGRY! +170
**anonymous rolled user phanact ** eats boners +167 Gave it a shot, but comment #22 and #24 seems to be some of th… +166
Picture +166 Countless researchers and scientists couldn't figure out how t… +164
Picture +163 <-- this. +161
Would bang just cause of their eyes. Lemme **** you… +158 Sounds like Ouran High School Host Club, except reversed. +158
Admin could you take this off the front page please? I have b… +157 You give a compliment, she accepts it, then you be an ass abou… +157
She kept putting it back because there's not enugh fat on it. +157 Picture +154
send nudes +153 How to get banned from editing wikipedia articles 101 +153
do you know what forego means bra? +151 clicking the green "funny" thumb but seriously… +149
Everyone calling trap yet honestly; like many of you here, I c… +148 I am prepared for the hate mail Bring it on ******* +148
he said only passenger not only one on the plane +146 butwhy.gif +142
what the **** is wrong with you +142 Had a little too much fun with this. +141
hfw he was actually trying to make her fall +140 Picture +140
There is only one Iggy relevant to music. +140 Gee, uh. I don't know . +140
I am so sorry for your loss, OP. Here, I tried my best. +138 Picture +137

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