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-Be black. -See old, white, male stranger. -… +595 I'm glad Michael J. Fox is able to find steady work as a cameraman. +591
To everyone wondering why Canada hates Quebec so much... … +555 >Wrong color by accident +551
The before picture looks like young JB from Pick Of Destiny +526 Picture +451
> on funnyjunk > not gay really bro? +405 That marriage was ruined long before hentai entered the picture. +399
A little biology The definition of meat is: "The… +397 When she's your girlfriend W… +393
>stop spending all day watching anime and playing video gam… +382 I am an engineer, and i do have to agree that it definately Sh… +380
Bill Gates is 58. Next year he's going to be 60 +352 Picture +324
> Gamergate/anti-feminist content > Sound arguments … +323 That's fine. Gamers will be fine without gaming journalism. Th… +323
Purposely intimidating old racist white men being a huge cunt +304 Hey sometimes it happens. What can you do? +294
Fallout 4 +291 Picture +286
Found the hidden message OP +285 (Continued2) But even after things calmed down it st… +273
This is what actual trolling is. +271 Don't be ridiculous, this is how the Japanese view the world +271
******* idiots, dood, don't they know you can get… +263 (Continued) But is this enough? OF COURSE NOT! Why w… +262
On the list of things I did not need to see.... This is one of them +261 great plot amazing actors killing suspense 10/10 w… +259
> People Commenting without reading the last two +257 >fleshlight wow, thats a new level of sad +255
When some assclown sets the fire alarm off trying to make cake… +251 As a Canadian I can confirm this is 100% accurate +232
Picture +232 we all know why he wants his pen back, he needs to beat his hi… +225
Are magpies just aggressive or is that one just an asshole? +223 This was actually a quote from Eminem being interviewed. … +222
>gaming journalism >nobody cares +219 Let's see her without the 2 pounds of makeup. +219
Picture +212 Old grumps was best grumps. God how i miss Jon +210
More like this, really... +207 TWO WHOLE DIFFERENT ANGLES? +206
I see you're pretty gangster I'm pretty gangster myself +203 Picture +200
The only reason I find this to be good bait is because of how … +200 No one got hurt, no one was an asshole to anybody. 10/10 Would… +198
i dont have the phone one +195 This may sound crazy, but it's almost as if people have differ… +193
until it's your ass that he will make bad +192 Getting pizza in school. +189
it has begun +184 while i agree with what your post says, I have a great hate fo… +184
Picture +182 Why is everyone freaking out? They just forgot to clear their … +182
Picture +181 Speaking as a Canadian; **** Quebec. +179
Counting to 10 with Gabe 1, 2, 2 episode 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,… +177 Picture +177
you want to be removed from society? +175 The guy in the back +170
Some creatures just have too much faith in their jumping abilities. +168 I dont think so. I live out on a farm. I was taking a nap last… +167
>it only works when all the little cogs mesh together +166 2/10 only 3 moves +165
Picture +163 This is phanact, you're being far too generous. +162
ok. +161 I don't want to think about what's gonna happen when they have… +156
that dog is ******* ripped +156 yeap, same thought. SnowWhite's blue cuffs and hairdo do l… +150
Picture +150 If gaming is dead as gaming journalism says, wouldn't gaming j… +150
You must dance. It's simple. +149 oh my god, she chipped her nails ! +149
Picture +147 How girls flirt with me +147
**peyko rolled image ** +145 >Russia people is like black but wrong color by accident … +144
What a ******* throw. +143 Picture +142

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