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This is the kid you want to strive for when you're in school +472 Picture +446
more like +430 And the Sex Ed teacher +416
The shower mic is just a sponge. +393 >Be 9 at the time >Skinny kid, probably skinniest in… +386
Desperate times require desperate measures... +384 Taped the bottle to the ******* car +348
But my mommy always told me toasters and water together is a b… +346 He also serves well as a music teacher +339
Picture +336 **stefangan rolled image ** MFW playing Dead Space +329
This is a great comp. I think it requires applause... +316 "And that being said I want to make a citizens arrest." +315
One of these guys had sex in less than 10 total messages. That… +292 the term deadkin offends me, it is way too specific to speak f… +288
yeah, because politicians who discuss science are not negligen… +284 "Do you feel it now Mr. Krabs?..." +277
hfw +277 Clearly these people don't give a **** . … +268
Did he even graduate? +265 Picture +265
How to make a .jpg +263 Picture +254
Didn't know telling someone they look tired was an insult now. +252 maybe the speed, and perhaps the track o idk maybe the … +247
**hawkmonster rolled image ** I do this all the time +244 or her lunch +244
"Hey guy who founded the company; You can **** … +237 Awesome inventions my ass. Most are **** , some ar… +228
I dunno +225 This guy's on scout level smooth +217
oh look, 3 cancers combined. +216 Picture +214
"Finally, someone who will appreciate the gills I keep hi… +214 Picture +212
When the interviewer was saying it, I'll agree with you. It wa… +205 Picture +204
Picture +202 Its true that the rapist is always at fault, but the rapist is… +199
God saw +199 looks like someone isn't tough enough to get into the salty sp… +199
Ok I got bored 1 day and started reading The Bible yes … +199 I have no clue why this one hit me so hard but I can't stop la… +198
Picture +196 You're retarded. You cant corrupt chaos. +194
Picture +191 So thin. So long. So satisfying. +190
Looks like he was the Root of all Stan Lee's characters. … +190 Yes lets talk about the flying water WHILE WE'RE IN A FLYING A… +186
we'll get chipotle ;) +186 And to think All this is happening just because some girl … +181
Picture +180 I do like a Big Meaty Comp +177
The taxi has a door opening while in the road lane, it is supp… +176 I would just use the bench to rotate to the side the homeless … +176
She's like a very mild superhero +176 How the **** is that even possible? I´ve never s… +174
Whoever needs siri to call em an ambulance deserves to bleed t… +167 Picture +167
Love it +166 Why does Batman have a moustache? +164
**anonymous rolled image ** Instructions not clear enou… +159 > 2014 > no one ******** on your chest … +159
this guy overacted too much to be true +155 Mfw she doesn't cover her whore face +154
This... was staged... r-right? +154 Poor man's Natalie Portman. +152
stair drawer = broken neck +151 Picture +151
Man, filthy frank become weirder and weirder with every video. +150 Picture +150
**anonymous rolled comment #2179703 ** : >Video is 9:1… +148 **iewallyloverainbow... rolled image ** What I have deep th… +145
1. FunnyJunk 2. Handball ITS NOT GAY, I SWEAR … +144 no. **** you. get your **** together… +141
uh oh! would you look at what I found!! +139 **** I would watch the hell out of that … +138

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