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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````… +945 Picture +727
What are cops doing carrying BB guns? +673 Incorrect. The richest superhero is Carnickle Man, seen here, … +591
Oh god do I try +528 cops face when he accidentally holsters the BB gun and then tr… +526
Picture +522 Picture +451
Picture +392 Picture +390
no homework +389 do me or i'll pull the race card +384
Picture +380 You think feminism is your ally? You merely culled the weak. I… +372
>hubble telescope >german reunification >rwan… +361 "Lootcrate" +340
Picture +337 Soldier 1:Hey Greg you see that mime over there? Soldier 2… +308
Picture +301 Picture +296
Hahaha, did anyone else go: "UGH WHATS WRONG WIT… +284 Picture +280
boobs are nothing compared to asses and legs +274 extended version +273
Picture +263 >bb gun >9mm i dont see the difference +262
Since your roomy wants to be called Kell, call the fridge Kelly +261 I never knew the one about hagrid and tom riddl… +244
Nicolas cage them. +226 I cringed more at you saying your running to FJ with this tbh +226
you will be missed WHY ARE YOU and LOOKING OVER HERE? +225 Wow, a lot of people have been abusing you. I bet you're g… +222
Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough. +214 Great movie, also makes for good reaction gifs. +214
Picture +213 Bro, you look like a chick. +211
Think about the breast implant suicide rate. Its mak… +206 When you're browsing black tweets near your friend +206
I sent her a link to this content as well +203 Picture +202
Girls who claim misogyny are like guys who claim friendzone +197 Confirmed. God is an ass man. +195
My dad has a pair of Elvis Presley's sunglasses. He went to on… +191 I'm sorry. I had to. +190
Picture +190 Are you talking about the fridge or Kell? +189
So this mother ****** gave her a new car, but wou… +188 Chuck E. Cheese: 2spoopy edition +188
>Your mother or father invites you to have sex with them … +185 Are you familiar with popular culture of Islam? +185
Picture +179 Scotland: hey England, can I be free? England: No. S… +176
I'm having way too much fun doing these ***** in … +175 the parasyte movie is looking good +172
Wait... I know you. +167 Yeah, what a face. +167
Slut in English means someone who can't control their whore-mo… +163 Where the **** is the Autistic Faggot option +163
This is why BB guns or rather, airsoft guns - regular ai… +159 Picture +158
calcium - 100 good bones - 100 dooty - 100 +156 Except that Jedi arn't allowed to have happy families. There i… +155
>incorrect use of the meme >made on imgur > … +155 You forgot the best one +154
Picture +154 Made by yours truly +151
Picture +148 Teacher here been teaching for about 6 years but could alw… +148
Picture +147 Picture +145
If anyone's wondering why it was page 711 in the British versi… +142 Amateurs +141
******* weeaboos. +141 Picture +140
The guy that created an account to see what was on **** +136 **fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 69** +136
You should've also pointed out that he bit the head off of a b… +135 Did someone say 34? +133
Picture +132 blood test anyone? +132

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