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FJ Right now +1619 YOU SEE! >Admin cares about our physical & mental h… +827
that is ******* awesome +700 Four score and seven threads ago our mods brought forth on th… +671
that ******* arm +626 The Face of Internet Freedom is Kim Jong-Un... Who could'v… +570
>Roll down ice >Break window +544 you are now +541
Not only are we still here we were here first +539 **anonymous rolled image ** +531
You promised. +522 I MISS RAGE COMICS. THERE I SAID IT. +486
Coming from a psychology major.... +480 "let's not become a huge circlejerk" Oh Adm… +472
So you're a surgeon on welfare? +469 lol welcome +451
Picture +435 **economic rolled image ** ******* immigrants,… +425
May i come in? +417 I wonder when mentioning funnyjunk will become bannable. +408
That desc. +401 pepsi max +392
The Funnyjunk Herald Frontline Report. +369 poor little guys +363
**anonymous rolls 66** :3 +359 Teenagers as biased, selfish, lack basic human insight, never … +343
dis 4 u baws +330 Go outside and actually walk around for once. The amount of ma… +327
Picture +317 Picture +310
FJ is one of the 3 websites i visit... +304 **anonymous rolled image ** +299
well, mostly because she was raised by deer didn't you pay… +297 I've been to London Rome Los Angeles N… +294
if we are banning SJWs for voicing their opinion, then we are … +287 AHAHAH OMG THEY JUST DELETED IT! +283
silly 4chan, EVERYTHING ends up here. +274 >moot is traitor >4chan is kill +266
Too lazy to put finger, rather use cursor +266 That arm at the end was a nice touch. +258
Quit glorifying that slut to start with. She was a pawn in a b… +254 thank mr edmin +252
Wow, what a gentleman. +242 Our quality is **** ? But our quality often comes … +238
thumb down is still a thumb necrophilia please +229 I didn't study! +226
Picture +223 Picture +222
Yeah everything is going as normal. 1. Something big … +222 Okay so there's this crazy thing in **** called R… +214
I love Bumi, Kya and Tenzin. After Korra I'd totally… +214 this is a lie, that person is much less ripped than admin +212
What's up with all those ultra low ress screenshots. If you ha… +212 "These devout religious people don't know anything about … +209
Picture +207 **sixtyfourxgamer rolled image ** not if youre a pimp +207
DO NOT ******* SIGN THIS James, quit harvesti… +204 I'll take two. +204
I start my Physics degree on Monday. From what I've been … +198 Am I the only one who finds america impressive? German-Fag he… +194
Picture +194 SJW are mad because some people are white and heterosexual +191
admins fw past week +190 Meanwhile in the comment section: Teenagers defendin… +190
Picture +189 Hi leonhardt +187
Guy making an anti-SJW/feminist game: His Youtube: +186 **oddbird rolled image ** FJ screencaps being posted to 4ch… +185
**robztergames rolled image ** 4chan FW +184 FJ leads the fight against SJW says FJ +184
>This week >1993 Well **** I haven'… +181 Jenni Herd.. More like JENNI NERD! +179
I always wanted the rest of you to come here, but not like this. +179 2 years. 2 years I've had it active. Now it lays ther… +176
" Where u lookin at? " +175 Actually, that's 22 letters +169
is he pregnant with an ipad or something +167 wise words. +166
Psychology major here. I know so many people who go to my coll… +164 Picture +163

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