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**graboidzero rolled image ** what it really was +582 Fool called the suicide delivery hotline. +572
Picture +542 Wait... I can get amazing wifi AND break an addiction? cool! +513
Oh, it was a white person on a troll account, I was wondering … +469 **ryjed rolled image ** hahaha for a second i thought it wa… +440
Pretty sure this could also be a plot for a porno. +434 The gods were massive dicks in Greek mythology, I dunno if I'd… +420
But, Death gives nothing back... And a healthy relationshi… +398 congrats +356
Have you read all the stories about what Zeus did? You mig… +351 only cowards have fears, sasuke sama don't fear anything +340
**nufull rolled image ** there are no brakes on the ra… +339 Earth patch 35.1.5 released: -nerfed broken Jew class … +338
Ahh, I remember when Call of Duty was THE thing to hate on whe… +292 10/10 did not hear Velcro. +287
I have an Iraqi bakery in my part of town, the head baker (pic… +283 It's because they look like ******* kernels. … +281
Picture +280 Picture +274
uchihalover comment with a bieber pic. +273 Picture +273
Damn. This hits too close to home, OP. +268 "Wait, did you hear something Mikhail?" "I … +257
and that is when you ask her if she wants to earn some extra money +244 No, people of funnyjunk, no! Do not give in to the desires o… +242
>brake >brake >BRAKE >BRAKE +241 People tend to leave this episode out when mentioning feely fu… +238
You must be the hottest bitch on the block. +236 dat twist +233
He said number eleven +232 You have unleashed hell, ISIS. Not only have you pissed off C… +221
Removes nipples from people on fit, "I don't want to get … +218 What did you buy in the last cart? jesus **** … +208
wheels +208 Picture +206
this kid's on 2 separate planes of existence +201 Revised for FJ +196
Picture +190 If he finishes her off with an atomic leg drop I'd watch that … +189
Picture +185 "But I also want someone I can have sex with." &… +183
Only the 1 gives the right spacing, if it was a 0,2,3,4 or 5, … +179 Picture +179
so if im argentinian, and im speaking spanish, a european lang… +174 Picture +172
for those who want it +167 SUCCESS +167
this is not OC OP +160 Can you sit down yet? +156
he meets his wife and within 2 episodes she dies and he … +154 So what if we use sex... TO GET MORE SEX!? +153
Biebergotswag did you forget which account you were on? +153 Dumb arse ******* sand monkeys. +151
Picture +150 Ah, FJ memories.... +146
When you are trying out new type of porn +142 Picture +141
can we stop pretending inflation hasn't outstripped minimum wa… +141 that's badass most women have their babies in a hospital +139
I didn't need those feels dude. Really... +135 Picture +133
**alena rolls 998,896,090** +133 You made me think something awful was going to happen. Glad I'… +132
Kinder Downfall, Derbyshire Peak District, near Hayfield, the … +129 Woo, dance threads +129
Everyone upvotes boobs and butts... What about the humble … +129 Picture +128
Town I moved to, I can get booze delivered. I feel spoiled. +128 Well I tried +127
As a delivery driver myself, there's no way I'd follow instruc… +125 I hate taking a **** because of this. +125
when a white chick smokes weed once +125 ***** you can't plant basil and then expect a … +124
**becefalus rolled image ** No Let me show him +123 To be fair, that computer does belong in trash +123
Wonder Loli +122 OP makes this seem very one-sided. Supposedly, the gu… +122
obligatory +121 They come into Ontario and expect everyone to speak French. Th… +117

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