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He cooked meth +1594 what did he do? +560
Picture +444 Question is, can they out-law bullet? +355
Orange guy's FW after getting up +354 Gods damn, those calf muscles +353
im not a loser my mommy says im a special pony +343 >look up chris evans on wikipedia >see info about hi… +326
breaking bad is trash compared to malcolm in the middle +317 Yeah, but what if one of your ancestors, the one who's genes y… +298
A 16 year old who chooses not to smoke is somehow dumber then … +280 I always carry logs in my trunk for just such an occasion +273
Just install a mod that gives you text instead of map markers.… +272 **derpityhurr rolls 99,977,746** +272
When it clicked in his head, oh god. +266 yes +263
Picture +256 Picture +256
and proud son +255 hah, my bad, didn't mean to be unclear. I meant to say I mastu… +251
I am a faggot and I approve this message. +246 how to get a worse ticket 101. +233
To be honest, I'd rather have the markers if that means I don'… +231 *Rapist gets arrested, goes to trial* Judge: Do you have a… +228
YFW you and your bf see someone making fun of Apple. +226 1. Kinder eggs are legal in the US 2. Guns like that are l… +226
best description ever. +223 Picture +213
Picture +212 reminds me of this +208
That moment of "oh **** " realization he… +207 Picture +206
Picture +202 Militant Atheism +199
I'm guessing ancient aliens brought machine guns there +196 They were going on a date and she had a dress and he burned th… +191
never forget +190 You should wait a little while before posting more of these. T… +188
No knock warrants should be outlawed. There are countless stor… +186 I like how you can pinpoint the exact moment he realized what … +186
Picture +185 A no-knock warrant in Texas is the very definition of a bad idea. +184
-2 pairs of sunglasses May God have mercy on their souls. +182 "Right... There!" poorly edited ._. +178
would you look at that, there aren't any studded horse cocks, … +173 Picture +171
Great work admin +166 In this season, the contestants have to go to Detroit. +166
Picture +165 Picture +163
Yes +160 Or you could just- +159
Picture +157 You have startled the witch. +155
Picture +154 Black people don't just laugh, they relocate. S… +152
never heard of the drumb, what type of instrument is that? +151 Saved for any Dave related issues +151
not on my FJ they won't +151 Picture +151
I looked but couldn't find one. +151 I smoke cigarettes, and I know it's pointless and a terrible h… +149
What it looks like when I'm having sex. +148 I swear there is more hate for these guy's familys than for Islam +144
Picture +142 im glad you posted this ive been looking fro this for a while +140
Pics or it didn't happen, which it probably didn't. +138 Picture +138
Picture +137 To be fair... the master sword is designed to inflict maximum … +137
Picture +135 Picture +133
**nagafever rolls 12** heard u leik 12 +131 Picture +131
I wanna say that's inappropriate but it's too funny +130 better than getting all the d in highschool, like herself +127
Ayyy lmao +127 Well done everyone for ignoring this obvious bait fag. +127
Earth queen did get the air ripped from her lungs and suffocat… +126 It use to be immoral for men to be shirtless at the beach? som… +125

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