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If this gets top 3 and he doesn't make a video doing it Admin … +918 At least he isn't injecting marijuanas +669
This kills the baby +612 **admin used "*roll picture*"** **admin rolled image ** +493
Read it backwards for a different story +395 I had a friend name Santiago who had trained in MMA his whole … +375
he should also get a restraining order. +364 I tired a little bit +359
Ricky Gervais is the worst kind of athiest he's the t… +335 Picture +332
PLAY ****** GOLF INSTEAD +318 I mean, the books were already over 3,000+ pages long … +315
**** that's easy, I'll post a video of myself doing it … +307 Picture +297
>turkey mentioned swell with ignorance 'cause I dunno j… +277 of course tumblr would think that mrs. incredible would think … +274
When it's the end of the Blowey Joey but she keeps on Goey +266 I just ate. +259
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) +257 daughter rides mother while son motorboats +255
Now make a John Cena edit. +251 also don't tell people your goal so that when you never reach … +240
**majordegree used "*roll picture*"** **majordegree rolled … +234 Picture +234
Complaining about beards being considered unprofessional, then… +229 Ancestors, smiling, Imperials, etc. +216
MFW I remember how good knuckles smell +215 Lost it at " cause you'll beat me up?" +208
**paludan used "*roll picture*"** **paludan rolled image *… +202 Russia kinda liked it but then you told them they couldn't have any. +200
Love me some medusa +198 Damn, you sperm is so strong it got both of you pregnant +197
Thanks for spoiler asshole! +194 Remind me not to look at any of your Non-Gob content +194
**rollingpicture used "*roll picture*"** **rollingpicture r… +193 Exactly what people said back than. +187
Ah **** , I can't believe you've done this +186 Picture +184
holy **** , this guy is so oblivious, she could probably… +183 He broke RP +183
Picture +179 300 thumbs gets Op molested. Let's go. +179
I need sauce. +178 you can tell they're fake because the person always has a whol… +172
Picture +170 I'll remember this +170
When you tell the banks that the government will bail them out… +169 Yanet Garcia. Oh hot damn. +167
he is going to have an "accident" very soon. +165 And so the Prophecy foretold +163
this upvote number is way too high already +162 MFW about half way through the movie and I realise what is goi… +162
The thumbs say it's funnier than you +160 <mfw the entire screen was nothing but colors +159
The champ just wants to ensure you take care of your hygiene +159 **youhaveshamedyofam...... used "*roll picture*"** **youhav… +154
"You look pretty strong, can you help us carry this very … +151 Picture +151
Picture +147 Let's be honest for a second: EVERYTHING except for b… +145
Picture +145 Friendly reminder not to refer to fat people as landwhales bec… +145
Ah, yes, now I remember where this came from. +142 HA new fag +140
well ill be damned. if you really want to see a guy scream … +136 And? +135
Someone needs to put a stop to me, I've gone too far. +134 **yuuji used "*roll picture*"** **yuuji rolled image ** +134
that's my fetish +133 Holy **** is this cringy and edgy as feels like a high… +133
**** +133 Hello darkness, my old friend... +132
You're welcome +130 >Kronos >Hyperion >Prometheus >Menoeti… +129
He should try to collect his own life insurance. See how that … +126 Why do I do these things? +126
I would like to thank absolutely everyone for the birthday wis… +123 relevent +123

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