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Picture +1774 super old anyway even reddit hates reddit cuz that f… +659
faggot +644 admin approved +617
Yall are fukken weird +553 Picture +526
The perfect loop of the bottle... +500 some time later... +493
these people are so fat so when they see a fit person they thi… +468 Man I was expecting his head to pop like a watermelon, safety … +450
[Just do it intensifies] +450 The arrow one is actually a true story. During battle an e… +413
Those are Japanese Hornets, they come into honeybee nests and … +405 what the **** +402
That ancient temple one... Jesus christ only humans a… +398 Sometimes you have the deepest conversations with people who a… +397
Reddit doesn't have this. +385 Picture +379
Picture +374 MFW +374
Don't forget whose voice to read the baby's text in. +370 nice cringe comp +369
Picture +364 The mighty white whale hath been slain +352
Brad! +345 He wouldn't have let her get that big in the first place. +342
A perfect flip! +340 wait a minute youre not a tunnel snake you most c… +334
Getting real tired of your **** john +302 that's not fun at all +299
Earth's mightiest hero is without a doubt, Banana Head Fartman +294 Thor isnt a silver tounged bastard +294
*hello alchol my old friend* +279 >dishes dishes dishes try and make it a little more bel… +275
Picture +271 south park +271
You knew this picture was here when you scrolled down. +269 Picture +259
yes. +254 How would being a NASCAR driver make you a good getaway driver… +252
Our lady and saviour Anita wouldn't be pleased with this content. +249 like this? +238
Picture +234 i thought it was an asshole at first im ashamed of myself +230
Picture +226 why do you have an intercom in everyone's room +221
SS soldiers fw they are supposed to die for some jews +221 Why does this happen they both have basically the same joke +216
what a lovable response +214 my friend told me this movie wasn't funny. Needless to say, we… +213
Adios Demon Hornet +212 i'd love to punch every user who ask me to ban someone … +212
"German handbrakes" refers to engineering (brands li… +210 Yeah, and it's not her DNA you ******* . 'There's one ki… +210
Can we please stop with these 2 second gifs? +209 Picture +209
Imagine it reaches the end and the big annoucement is somethin… +204 honestly I respect him even more knowing this. I can compl… +202
I've had many a conversation with people like this in the midd… +200 tfw tried that with my cat +199
And then theres this moment... +198 yesh fit girls +195
Picture +191 Yaaaaaaay! Yet another comic which takes a show we all love an… +190
Eh, it actually does. What made you start doing this man… +189 no +183
this guy knows whats up, props to him, i hope things work out … +178 "when bae is ready for round two but you're not." +171
This is some actually pretty heavy **** . Guys … +169 Picture +169
>they pay the money >college still costs the same … +169 -Hey Ahcmad, I found another twins we can destroy. -Oh swe… +169
how's the eighth grade going? +167 And then it's Fallout Online : Free to play Edition +167
Picture +165 "Making my way downtribe, walking fast, zebra's pass and … +155
Picture +155 The person that drew this did more, has the old villains from … +154
This looks like a sega master system game +154 it took me until the fourth picture to realize it wasnt a cat +154

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