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**tharoon rolled user admin ** This fucking faggot. Nobody… +2192 **rossthomson rolled image ** this faggot +846
Game Of The Year Edition 2012 I bet you are try… +704 Knowing FJ, this'll probably make it to the front page +677
at birth i was assigned by my oppressors to be a male and whit… +529 biebersgotswag +414
Wow quality content, 10/10 upvoted to the heavens +411 Kagura should watch out, there's a snake right next to her. +409
I am so horribly bored +393 >ignore just getting an image link >Real cause is th… +339
Gosh she looks really happy, is she dancing at a party with he… +337 **preboo rolled user joshlol ** i would ban ! +334
Thoroughly disappointed this didn't happen. +329 You make awesome comps +323
I'd ban myself so I can escape this nightmare. +316 Fake. You can't end your life if you never had one to start with. +313
brb suicide +311 why +307
I'm beginning to see why dickbutt was banned. +289 Black people don't just laugh, they relocate - Chris D'Elia +284
You threatened to nuke America once or twice +283 Dangerously trans but with no plans. +281
Want me to buy you some mouthwash? +266 'what the fuck did you put in this juice' +258
joshlol you're fucking useless... here is source: +255 Wait... We can suck Israels dick? When is the next plane leaving? +238
*tips fedora* +236 Picture +232
Did he have 12 Audi-postles? Im so sorry +230 It's the pinnacle of humanity's attempts at humour. … +226
The ball is not going in … +223 Really OP. You had the easiest job for the last frame. +219
Fear of the moon, if anyone was curious. +218 after the first handjob +217
Picture +217 Do a flip +209
To a teacher that threatens students with violence for not sha… +207 >Jesus Chrysler +203
i would fucking find you and rape your face 20 times +200 Boyfriend sounds like a bitch. Take the good job and tell him … +199
MFW I played Shadow of Colossus. +192 Did you hear about the mexican train killer? I hear h… +192
MFW I have 2 A's and no grade below a C, and people still deci… +191 Picture +189
Picture +186 not the gif 0/10 +185
21 (22 soon) Male Rotterdam (Netherlands) The fact… +185 White, fussy, fuck her right in the pussy +180
M'jora's mask +178 >joshlol >sex choose one +177
Picture +176 A log in the toilet standing so tall, only to fall and scrape … +172
do a flip +169 Cis scum, ready to cum +169
his instinct to slap a ho was too strong to overcome. +169 Picture +168
It's like the "Your in a room with no windows or doors an… +166 getting offended by jokes +166
"Hey, are you seeing this shit?" +161 Picture +160
Let me try TOY BOAT! TOY BOAT! TOY BOAT! TOY B… +160 I dont know anyone on here. I just come here for the nsfw sect… +156
Finishing Spec Ops: The Line +152 Age: 18 Sex: male yes Location: Leicester, En… +150
**amusingusername rolls 10** +148 >brb +147
Picture +146 Picture +144
I'll post porn on some moderators profile and then ban him for… +144 If you've ever been to a city with a military military base, y… +144
Selling cheap viagra +141 Picture +141
>Have Sims 3 Supernatural and Late Night. >Be a Wiza… +134 >m'laysian >tips aircraft +134
School Military protection Government Infrastructu… +131 Picture +131
obligatory +128 Picture +126
MFW im a dude and i dont gotta do that shit +125 god i hope not +124

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