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Because of my recent education, I can now correctly identify t… +644 Picture +609
"Will it be about food?" >No, it will be abou… +497 but did she mad? +477
Just gotta ask your mom +428 Depends on the level of the cleric in question. I think Bless … +403
great funny guy +382 Everyone knows you can't cast bless on salty water. 0/10 w… +381
mix tape game was weak +367 Your name has a small blue tint. You should know how thing… +364
**toastiewaffles used "*roll picture*"** **toastiewaffles r… +344 "Where did we go wrong?" +338
That's what you get for having another god damn weed profile pic. +331 If countries were people, Japan would have been someone who go… +326
Fixed +322 YFW the first result ends up being a piss fetish. … +318
Weird Al Shreds +315 Knowing me, I'd never come out. Decades later, people will be … +297
Unless youre muslim +296 I said alive cows. +282
******* plebs +278 Your on the side of the criminal domestic abuser, bugler, and … +275
im not racist, but my dick sure is +264 **fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 66** +261
jump in the waterfall and swim up it +257 Seriously though this is Harrison Bergeron levels of dystopian… +246
Picture +236 Picture +234
He Rolls 20. +233 To be fair, there were probably hundreds of people with PhDs g… +232
anime starter pack +232 I can only get hard to interracial porn if its a white man doi… +225
I hate it when there is 5 minutes of the guy asking the chick … +223 Keep going? +220
*Seat offering intesifies* +219 Must be pretty damn rich to be able to not regret spending $90… +218
Bro we're the choir. It's supposed to be an unpopular opin… +214 Picture +214
When does holy water lose its blessed properties? If holy wate… +207 Picture +203
this is probably the most normal comic i've seen from this guy +202 Just imagine if they actually blessed the entire ocean and the… +195
flash was making a point to supes that you cant just take away… +189 if I wanted to drench a hearty italian in fanta I'd call psych… +188
Picture +188 Better ? +180
**ministermax used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **ministermax rolls 7… +180 Give her 20 years. +179
Picture +176 I'm more mad at this than i care to admit +174
Picture +170 I remember a time I was watching something, and I sk… +167
Picture +166 But.... but MY name is Robert. +166
Picture +164 Here's a screenshot from her Facebook. Pretty funny she made … +162
yeah until he becomes this this is actually him now +160 Ah, yes, a doughbag. +160
>Food company wants to make money >Implying they wou… +157 ***** hot yo +150
Who the hell would want to eat three hundred grams of broccoli… +148 Just use the steel in the jet to make a jet pack then use the … +147
>Making pun guide without making a single pun. +144 good god, can you imagine how awkward it would be to ask Kanye… +142
Dude, you've been *********** for so long your na… +140 Techniquelly yes, but they got hundreds of teams working on se… +137
My suitcase full of bees should do the trick! +137 Picture +136
Basically, after they failed military victory, they decided to… +136 Shut the **** up +133
can't wait for all those people going out of their way to just… +133 Don't steal my **** you lil **** +132
Oh my god, I've always called her Ellen Degenerate. +129 obligatory +127
*to. And also no. Parody law. +127 how your bitch ass eats the pussy compared to how you're suppo… +126
Picture +126 Why would they place a dinosaur in a movie like Jurassic Park? +126
blacks steal things box is black box steals health +126 iCarly started running in 2007. That's 8 years. If you're 20 n… +126

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