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Picture +1017 I thought Funnyjunk shamed fat people every day of the week? Y… +958
Other websites know we exist? Aren't we just supposed to be 4c… +755 Picture +623
**thurah rolled image ** i cry evertim +553 funnyjunk makes fun of everyone including funnyjunk especi… +542
The only time we all worked together was when Richard Griffith… +524 Picture +505
It's a crime to leave a dog to die in a hot car... Also it's, … +341 we're not organized or clever enough to raid a pantry let alon… +337
I got it all taken care of I called her a retard from… +324 Reading the comments on the video people are saying she's bein… +280
the dangers of skipping leg day +279 Who the fuck is eating liquid chocolate and thinks that its … +276
Picture +275 dr doppler has a vajayjay? that catwoman has a dick?! … +273
I don't have a B so I would just stand there being Sony and stuff... +265 This post is 2 hours old. How many nipples did Hitler have? 2.… +261
Picture +253 He gay though. +241
Please, just let the puns die. Don't take this any fuhrer. +238 Made it more relatable for FJ Paint master race +237
Picture +236 A gif if you need it. +222
Thanks big brother admin +216 >order in the voice of jabba the hutt >Il yabba… +215
A hot dog coated in cornmeal batter. +201 holy shit im a fucking retard +199
as good as this joke is, the person who filmed this has ei… +197 Being a fat dude, I don't rightly care. If I didn't … +196
Picture +193 Hey guys, we're doing that thing where we pick on Tumblr and t… +191
Where's cubone's fami.....wait, it's on his head. Nevermind. +185 "I have completely stopped going on the site and have del… +185
You're gonna have a terrible time against a ghost type +184 So that's how North Korea is so much more advanced than the re… +179
Picture +178 <----------- One step closer to this +176
*alligator leaves the screen* See ya later, alligator! +174 fuck you, goth chicks are hot! +174
we do? +173 Picture +173
Picture +169 Picture +168
Picture +164 i have to have my heart rate checked alot one time the nur… +163
She's right, but it's pretty rich getting fashion advice from … +158 >drunk >have fire on your face >expected to t… +157
The reason critics didn't like it was because it didn't have a… +146 Didn't know Hitler had abs +146
Luv u 2 bb. +145 He wears Patrick's shorts pattern as a shirt +144
Poor preformance!?! I fucking loved that movie +144 >Content lasts longers >webm and mp4s can be posted … +143
kinda stumbled here, almost (if not definitely) gave away he/s… +143 One day i have an ambition to just dress up as Pikachu and fin… +142
Picture +142 According to Google this is a long lost video of Sara Jessica … +141
"What do you call a jewish pokemon trainer?" Ash +140 Who the hell would not choose BONK every single time. +135
I think this MAY have been a pun on female dogs being bitches … +134 That pirate ship sure is carrying a lot of booty +131
I have the weirdest boner s +131 if spongebob can show this than korra is fine, +129
BUT....Hitler was way more ripped. +128 I propose a weekly shaming schedule: Slut-shaming Sun… +126
Especially bees. +124 Picture +123
Rhydon was the first pokemon designed. +122 Crash course. "This is our holy, land" "No this… +121
Although we Australians did get a censored version of the game… +120 Picture +120
Picture +120 Damn, Zelda's lookin' pretty good +119
That's not a very Tiny Tina. +119 Picture +117
Picture +115 Some say hes still going +112

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