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Picture +1425 oh thanks dude +774
you'd all **** her you lying ***** +633 "Racist, dude I'm black" Yeah, because blac… +549
It's payback time. +517 That ***** that can't read yet always volunteers … +512
**creepyfapper rolls 8,888** +504 i dunno mate me and my friends once cleaned 5 whole fish bowls… +428
I use adblock on this site +420 On my birthday, around 50 people on FJ said happy birthday to… +378
Honestly FJ can be just as bad, every day it's the same recycl… +363 they should really just stop trying to make it a family show a… +352
I haven't cringed like this since the Beta Cringe God stories +349 related +341
.... WOW As much as I despise both places, this is t… +330 My head right now +327
uh...what? +297 He's called 'Gaucho da Copa' and he followed the Brazilian nat… +283
**okone rolled image ** +267 02 - mow the lawn +266
**youlikeme rolled image ** superman's true weakness +265 "Gonna harvest some dicks" +263
Picture +257 I remember when internet was all about cat gifs and demotivat… +251
No, don't talk like that. +249 Picture +241
I pour milk into the bowl before the cereal. +240 " I don't wanna be a dick," Well, you tried. +239
wow this has 4chan vs tumblr and the GER vs BR in one post? ju… +238 Picture +235
Picture +233 That's my job. +232
i dont think this is the site for you +231 Picture +224
Picture +223 I know a lot of ex-military people through my fiancee. The … +221
**senseofpurpose rolled user admin ** is OP +221 I ********** to dragon porn on a regular basis. +216
Picture +215 Picture +212
And the people watching your games had a good sleep. +212 **blancka rolled image ** Look's like they've had some.… +202
**Orc rolls 607,735,400** I'm rolling, but you should still … +200 >Assault rifle: any rifle belonging to the AR class … +200
Oh, we're not doing that on this one.. +199 Cookie in a milk cup +198
Hey, hot stuff How about I insert my penis into… +196 Shut the **** Up Sincerely, Everyone on FJ +192
Average 4Chan user right about now +192 I just injected 3 washed cars +188
i'm a ******* idiot +185 The new hobbit movie looks great. +179
scrolled back up to look at the sunglasses and was dissapointed +176 Picture +170
P.E. coach +168 Luigi's fw +167
Semi automatic assault rifle is an oxymoron you *******… +166 ..... come on. She's like 14! She's way too old for you +165
It's actually Obama's fault that happened. "In e… +164 "Oh whats this fog wall doing here?" +163
Picture +161 I found that to be both hilariously adorable and mildly distur… +160
Here you go everyone. +157 Picture +156
I missed the first half of the game and turn on the channel to… +156 gotta go fast +155
Part of me wishes they explained more about the generation bef… +153 Picture +152
thats fine man, there are other fish in the sea. high five? +151 He's so adorable though. +149
Your life is a commercial for a pro-abortion campaign. … +147 thats a sexual reference +146
First few posts were pretty funny... Then I hit the n… +144 This isn't the first or last time I'll be doing this **… +143
Picture +142 Picture +141
Picture +139 That was so smooth, I almost forgot it was written by a profes… +139
sorcery +138 that's a dolphin +138

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