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The cat's name is weird enough, but who the hell names their k… +771 Didn't make her eat all the eggs 0/10 +764
I only watched like 7 episodes of GOT and this situation baffl… +677 Picture +666
admin story: my mom had gestational diabetes when she had me. … +644 This is actually pretty sad when you're reading injustice +577
Picture +564 > pick up girl hitchhiker > she faints that… +473
A lady came into the store one day asking for a birthday cake.… +455 that's covered up because work was being done on it. here's a … +435
I never asked for this... +401 Yes it was. Don't even ******* pretend it wasn't. +397
Well everything else is right, except Kakashi +391 And the award for worst mom of all ******* time goes to.... +370
I hate you so much, but the pussy game ridiculous. +366 What +346
Mein shaft was pretty clever +343 No, you're just thumb-banned. Didn't know mods could still do that. +334
Maybe useful? +324 the absolute madman ! +323
Picture +315 I think you mean Dadpool. +310
Cmon and slam and welcome to detention +302 Except zoos aren't 'holding animals captive.' Those animals ar… +297
Well I think it worked out pretty well for Cory +287 I looked it up, apparently his son's name is Mingus. Mingu… +281
"Oh yeah, do you like my orange peelers baby?" +280 Those aren't mountains... +279
I used to work in hawaii in the department store, I used t… +278 "Who the **** cares what she got" +277
Picture +268 My father put a poster of this over my bed...wonder why? +261
well, you cant have taken it when you were older +259 Picture +254
IT'S ******* RAW +248 It was always cancer. +243
Picture +242 I want to punch that guy in the face so bad. +241
If things like this are so easy to get away with because what … +239 Picture +238
Of course they are proud of you. I mean, who wouldn't lov… +234 Picture +230
you got me good. i guess that's what i deserve for assumin… +228 actually no, the sentence needs it to make scents +217
NORMIES! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE +213 Damn I cant even jerk off more than 40-50 times a day. +212
The non fan made unmasked kakashi +211 >Men tend to wear shirts more often >Men tend to ha… +210
Where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +203 **lollar used "*roll picture*"** **lollar rolled image ** … +202
that's cause it is. +199 I want A disney film where you can't just make up some special… +198
Looks like Arianna blew up, and acted like she didn't know him. +197 *drops spaghetti* +189
Picture +188 I would love to do this for my parents +186
Picture +181 Seriously, Danerys was pretty much raped in like... what was i… +177
Happy dog stories are best stories +177 I made an attempt. +175
I asked for this. +175 Picture +175
Picture +173 Done. Now what? +173
did he unbutton her shirt and she changed into wood at the end? +172 "Get your hands of my penis" +171
FInn's glorious hair +171 I expected it and I still laughed. Nice. +171
Picture +170 Philly Fanatic is best mascot +169
I want this dude doing nature documentaries. "An… +168 I really hate these 1 second gifs Like what's the poi… +166
To run free once. +166 Its a fantasy that we seem to overadvertise. Girls have the sa… +163
I'm a simple man. I've spent my entire life's fortune in pepe … +163 Picture +163
Well doesn't everybody? I always feel like "why can't… +160 I was gonna say something about this post.... +155
Picture +155 Randy, absolute madman and giver of no ***** +154

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