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This may seem insensitive, but if you're going to name a cat a… +886 She thirsty +705
I dunno why people are saying it doesn't matter It ma… +549 oh fuq. +545
Getting hit in the face by a dick doesn't count. +538 I picked my two +526
**ryjed rolled image ** well did you? +494 ENTER THE CAPTCHA ***** +393
Yeah, splattered across (the road) +391 Shes just mad because her chin has a nicer ass than she does. +377
Picture +363 This trend of having multiple gifs running simultaneously need… +362
I want this to happen in more pranks. Then society will unders… +351 WOO HOO! DEATH! +334
I'm too black to go to any year before the last 2 decades. +330 Picture +325
Picture +319 you could say they caught him on tape +319
Gettin' real tired of your **** , Fred. +317 The original and in my opinion the better version. reloa… +315
UP NEXT: Alien ghost loggers VS nazi sasquatch gold miners +302 You're not short, you're fun sized. +295
she's commenting on how many sjw's react to the games, they ar… +279 I'm so scared of accidentally clicking on the "share on G… +277
So Pokemon predicted Modern Day Feminism. It all make… +267 If Sasuke is so ******* great, why is the show c… +255
What a nice douche bag; he made sure his girl got out. +247 ***** have you even read the manga +243
First episode was released in 1969 so now he's 45. +243 > Grampa wants to spare > Don't want to hurt grampa … +239
I had a cute girl once desperately tring to flirt with me. … +237 I work at a hotel that has those locks.. people somehow get th… +237
Picture +230 Except you don't breast feed something with teeth. +230
what can i say, success breeds jealousy +223 Picture +221
YFW +221 Holy **** , what a ******* tool. … +214
What he said in return to her complaining about it to toys r us +213 you're not even the real deadlydong +198
Geckosandcheerios was truly the greatest spammer this site ever had. +197 Picture +196
going from squinty ching chong to squinty ching chong in 3 seconds +195 What's from the internet, STAYS ON THE INTERNET How… +195
"Hey!" "What the **** ??!?!&quo… +194 Picture +185
How does he not have his own asteroid belt with the sheer size… +177 When I was five, I would ride up front in the car with my pare… +177
get some pussy on ya dick +175 **smartassassin rolls 55** +173
no **** i called him out on it once and i got lik… +172 Best part of her story was when new students came to the grou… +172
< new worker at pizza place wanting to deliver there vs. al… +172 It's very insensitive but damn it if it's not funny +170
**** , i'm so glad i decided to watch it with the … +169 AVENGE MEEE EEEE EEEE EEEEE EEEE ... +169
**technicalknockout rolled image ** Moms face +166 That cat is firmly pressed up against that man's genital. +166
Picture +166 When I hear my favorite song playing in the other room. +164
Imagine falling over, getting wrapped up, and suffocating to d… +162 Picture +161
Picture +161 Inspect Element ( Q ) +159
Picture +159 >find semi attractive girl who is single >she seems … +157
Well that's what happens when you do stupid **** .… +157 If I was a police officer, I'd laugh. And also take the do… +155
He looks like a completely different person 10 years … +149 No. +147
And then she bitched about it on Tumblr and the man was accuse… +146 I've never seen this type of lock in my life. +146
*Boop* +145 Kill the ****** who hit your cat. My cat… +144
Picture +141 Breaking news: **** is **** when you… +141
To think I defended this guy.. I'm sorry teoyuppie +138 Picture +138
I really do hate Teen Titans Go! It's nowhere near as good as … +137 Steve Urkel (the black kid) is a character from Family Matters… +132

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