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Mate, thats a ******* trebuchet. +485 The one that survived. +463
Except... Isn't the Pentagon CIA turf? +418 $70 in England +393
better with sound +357 It's informative and interesting, but sorry I couldn't resist. +331
Well, for one thing, you ignorant ********* , the pictur… +320 I always love shows where both the antagonist and the protagon… +320
Cool, so only white people are racist? ok.... +319 there is no second package. it was only in the note so it will… +302
You're a prime example. +299 Because I can +296
TLDR, Pot can be harmful, but who the **** car… +285 Better than nothing. You get a clean landscape and some money … +281
Won't be long now until we can explore the dark corners of the… +277 My sides have went to Japan +273
military kickassfact be like +265 Delete this immediately +265
look on the bright side, you'll never have to deal with this. +264 Can you people stop arguing if a story is fake and just laugh?… +253
Loyal to the end. +248 story is probably fake. but stuff like this has happened. … +245
I come with sauce: 1) naruto 2) tokyo ghoul 3) ble… +241 Picture +237
For anyone who wants to see James "Captain Slow" May… +237 Picture +236
i ******* love this show +233 JUST ******* SAY IT +229
Picture +227 Was this the reason they wanted him to testify? +225
**secondfunction used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **secondfunction r… +215 We have that in Norwegian folklore too, we call it Nøkken. It… +212
double twist the quilladin is a girl +212 This is exactly how I have become a fat adult. My month's … +211
I noticed that he was black, first. Because I was scrolling do… +210 now how long before they invent ludicrous speed? +207
Obligatory +201 Fox: "Holy **** dude did you see that thing attack… +193
With a shirt like that? Pretty sure "evil" is on his… +191 And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name… +189
A fox gets rekt +188 >Being the medic on a 3 Zerker team Seriously, … +182
Sauce because OP's a fgt. also the… +179 what is believed to be Pier Donia's sword is kept in Fries mue… +177
Am I colorblind? These all look red. And what is my child that… +169 lord of the rings +167
I tried +166 There are two types of people in this world: those who use the… +164
Picture +163 good +161
Picture +161 Sandy doesn't have the bottom part of her skirt in the 3rd shot. +160
Sounds awesome +152 when he stick it in too fast +150
But the second mouse gets the cheese. +148 To anyone wondering, this is Pete Rose, I'd say this is a pret… +147
Look, I know my farts are loud, but my ass does not have a lung. +147 Potatoes, eggs... All are equal in the arse. +146
WOLOLO! +146 Candy +144
Picture +143 Villain's FW he realises Tony Stark is only temporary disabled +142
This took a really long time to find in my pictures +141 The confidence boost I get from seeing these people means more… +141
what now +140 here's the rest of it +137
My names Ken, I'm 21 and I haven't gotten pussy in 3 years. +137 Picture +135
Big white dicks? YAY +134 Why hasn't anyone posted him yet? +133
Silently +133 G-Gouda-kun... +132
"Now to annoy the mother in law" *Right in the dick* +130 But holy **** does this show get deep sometimes. Fo… +129
and did the spice girls tell them which part they want, they r… +125 See, in my head, I was thinking "Weeeeeeeee!" and th… +123
That's like, the worst comparison in the history of videogame … +123 that second comment, man. +122
I'll never meat any of you and I'm glad, because I want to pun… +121 How the **** do you lose an Anime eye's lens? You c… +121

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