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I just checked the twitter. Someone else made and posted the p… +1573 With a body like that, they really are beach ready. +869
Picture +539 Picture +500
Farfegnugen'd. +493 Yes. +468
Picture +431 10/10 +417
And this years smartest henchmen award goes to! +383 You keep saying dumb **** like that and you'll end up i… +364
wow thats probably the first time ive ever been really tricked… +353 Both people get drunk. Race to the police station in the morni… +346
Picture +337 cropped for future use +336
Oh god, MDMA. That **** does not let you think straight… +314 Picture +292
Picture +285 But you can exchange bitcoins for real money And a single … +279
at first i thought he was aiming for the pool way off in the d… +276 How the **** do you even have a girlfriend, you asshole? +274
Picture +272 Picture +263
I can't believe I fell for this twice +241 Picture +234
the real problem here is you bought Hardline. +233 Picture +230
That actually hit me... that what you just posted could potent… +219 Picture +218
#stoppiratingrarepe... +212 Lets get down to business To outbid the Hun Here i hav… +210
Picture +209 Picture +196
And that henchman was able to go on to have a successful post-… +195 >be me 57 >never have any health problems because i … +192
Ah, the angry British viner +186 The "Cheeky cunt" smile +184
When I had my wisdom teeth out, my memory was intact but my re… +180 What a croc. +180
Picture +178 "Get the **** out of my house" +176
I've almost said ****** in public a few times, so I hav… +173 So damn smooth +172
Picture +170 "oh no i walked into a rack of sunglasses this bitch is t… +169
Picture +168 Picture +166
Has the new gaming messiah come? +166 Picture +163
What? Cheese and Pepperoni are usually on the same Pizza +163 **** ******* **** 11/9 +158
henchman: "you need anything, some snacks, a condom maybe? +157 Sometimes, supermarkets have stores like McDonalds or Burger K… +153
Picture +153 9 want pepperoni, 11 want cheese. 9 pepperoni, 11 cheese. … +151
It's amazing how Christian Bale can transform himself but it c… +149 This guy could convert Stalin to objectivism. 9001/9000. +148
Picture +146 Yeah that's a load of ********* +145
**royrogersmcfreely used "*roll picture*"** **royrogersmcfr… +144 2nd movie, Batman asks Lucious to adapt his armour to be more … +139
DAMNIT! Not aga- HNNNNNNG +139 My roommate is a model and she constantly gets openly insulted… +136
It can't be Sub-Zero... He's a good guy I mean look at the… +135 Picture +134
The ceo also stated the protest only increased sales as a sort… +133 **confusedasian used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **confusedasian rol… +131
Picture +130 GabeN is answering some question on reddit right now. They st… +130
I don't even know why, but I was expecting that to be George B… +128 No because the basic principle is that your decisions made whi… +128
That anesthetic they use really mess you up +128 Picture +127
If I saw this in public +127 Blue Exorcist was the **** ! God damn it, I want my Seas… +126
Picture +126 well, that certainly explains this +123
i have a strange addiction +120 Saw this ages ago and still makes me laugh. 10/10 +117
Are you trying to provoke anger with your title? If so, yo… +116 I remember this show it was pretty ''dope.'' +116

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